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A Reading from Tomás Ó Cárthaigh

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Video: "To Be, or Not to Be A Bee"

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Some Seasonal Poems for Halloween

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Here are some seasonal poems for Halloween, all true, as told by my family from North Longford...

"Old Clonbroney" is the story of a man who met a headless horseman when calling on a neighbour after moving into the area.

(left) Irish famine victim with children
(right) A black dog, thought of as a damned soul or personification of Satan

Apperantly this is actually true, the miller ...

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An Cailín Bocht Marbh / The Poor Dead Girl

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An Cailín Bocht Marbh


Áileann a bhí a h-aghaidh,
Agus dathúil soiléir a bhí a tón,
Bhí airgead go leor ina póca,
Agus cóicéain suas a srón.
D’fhéach daoine uirthi,
Cailín óg d’fhiche bliain d’aois,
Bhí a pictiúr sna nuachtáin,
Agus ar an teilifís
Bhí soal breá ós a cóir,
Bhí gach rud ceart go leor,
Agus nuair a fua...

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My Website update

I have added some new sections to my website and also some poems have been added to the site. Fopr those who like foreign language poems, I have some in Irish, French and German, and also a couple of Haikus in Serbian, and a poem translated to Filipino... just to cap things off.

If anyone wants to translate a poem for me, email me to let me know of it, and Ill post ...

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The Unseen Shadow

Nothing but a shadow now
That cannot be seen by the eye
And others that never knew her
See not she passes by
And walks the fields of her youth
So different in her day
Where she lost in war the one she loved
And afterwords pined away.

Yes, a lovely corpse she made
Dead when young and in her prime
How cruel is it that God He says
That now it is their time.
But did she not upon her death
Meet her love on the ot...

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Whose Heart Does She Make Beat Faster?

Whose Heart Does She Make Beat Faster?

Whose heart does she make beat faster
As she once did to mine?
She of the smile that won my heart
She was to me divine
And as all angels do
She flew away from me
And I the fool the love I had
I never let her see
But someone somewhere has a beating heart
That she makes beat faster still
As mine did then when her I knew
And always will until
Upon my deathbed when of ag...

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Fight Prostitution with Poetry

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A Smile Unseen At Night

A smile by us unseen
In the darkness of night
A stranger greets a stranger
Who has come into sight
But the stranger he stops not
Or dallies for a while
He knows unless he has money
There no point in returning the smile
And a few yards behind him
Another man by walks
At whom the lady smiles
And him, he stops and talks
A moment from life on the city

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The Devil Quoting Scripture

Here is a little poem I wrote condemning all the self righteous craw thumping anti-immigrant anti-socialist so called Catholics and Protestant who run to church on Sunday, and spend the rest of the week sinning.

The Devil on the street stood trying to temp men to sin
So he opened up a whorehouse and invited all men in
He set himself up as a fair man, in whom both the lady's and their Johns could t...

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Barking Dogs and Iraq

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Barking Dogs and Iraq

Two dogs were fighting on the street
Barking and biting over a piece of meat
That a third dog, passing, gobbled and ran
As dogs do because they can
As a child onthe pavement walking by
Stood before them and started to cry
Saying she feared such dogs biting, with their teeth bared
Was told they are just squabbling and not to be scared.

And you dear reader, I know well
Ask: what d...

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Shall Another Read My Words

Shall Another Read My Words

Shall another read my words
In a far off distant day
I hope that they enjoy the rhymes
That I on paper lay.

And if they look in wonder
At the world that through my eyes is seen
Then, I the writer will have known
My life as a writer: a waste has not been

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Verses on Economics

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Verses on Economics

The workers pain is for the employers gain
As to do his work de does strive
Who from the harvest gets barely a grain
Enough just to let him survive
 The employer merely for sitting and for work setting
And investing money, thereby risking all
The weight of the profit he is getting
To lose as much should the venture fall.


Is this right that this is so?
That this state of ...

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The Workers of the World

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They made a system to liberate the worker
Then told us how it would operate
The Republic of and owned by the worker
The Ultimate Utopic state...
They told us then how to think,
What we could do, where we could go,
After freeing us from churches brainwashing,
Showed what politics and faith to show...
And to be thankful that the freed us
From that Capitalist slavery
So that a...

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The Turn of Luck - An Irish Good Luck Story

The Ballad of the Turn of Luck

Life throws men such hardship
And misfortune, having no job or work to do,
It seems that its unbeatable,
And its going to beat you.
But a tale we tell of Vice Kearney
Who had children three
A poor house with a leaking roof
Seemingly no hope could there be...

Each week at the dole office
His name hed sign for his dole
A ritual for survical
That tore at his very soul
As it tea...

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Error in poem "Hound for Iraq"

The figure of Irish mythology featured in the poem Hound for Iraq, should have been Setanta, not Finn Mac Cool, it has been pointed out to me.

Shame on me!!!

I will edit it to suit, and now have to change a rhyme on one of the verses to suit :-(

Must be more careful in future!!!

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Poems in the Irish Language with English Translations

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Irish Language Poems

Brionglóideanna de Bhaldraithe

Brionglóideanna de Bhaldraithe



Tá sé folamh, an bóthar anocht,

Níl aon cheol, níl aon spraoi,

Na cailíní óga ,

Ní go maith ag damhsa a bhfuil siad.


Níl na buachaillí móra ag imirt,

Peil agus iomáiníocht i rith an lae,

Agus ní raibh siad ag casadh poirt,,

Níl éi...

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The Banishment From the Garden

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The Banishment from the Garden

The Garden of Eden and the Fall of Man,


The Lord looked down and saw man
The man who could not see
That he was naked as when born
And that neither was she.

And after eating the apple,
They saw, and to thier shame
They hid from view ...

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For Sale: A Soul and A Body Whole

For Sale A Soul and A Body Whole

Ladys of the night offering solace to lonely men
Giving meaning to thier sad and lonely lives
Some who otherwise would have never known a womans touch
Other who no longer enjoy life with their wives.

Ladies of the night with hungry children
Offering themselves, their souls, out of need
To unthankful strangers who use and abuse them
The women only think that now...

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Ah, begob... another bleedin blog!!! Im useless at them, also keeping lists of spending, income etc. So Ill use this one for posting some of my work!!! :-)

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