The Farming of Innocense

The Farming of Innocense


     You know me God,

After all you’ve done,

After all that makes no sense,

      You’re circling right above

Each time I leave the house,


It’s not much of a house,

Not like the houses that state

Pageantry and jolly hockey sticks at dawn,

Still, what the fuck would you know,

Or perhaps Princess Anne,


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The Habitable Zone |

Dead Men's Boots

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Dead Men’s Boots

tough as old leather
their souls worn down
eyes vacant of lace
collected by the door
the day they swapped
their pit-boots
for the Kings shilling
and donned their shiny
new military issue

there they stayed
gathering dust
and old potatoes
in their safe grasp
neatly lined
waiting for the return
of father and two sons
to the safety
of their hearth

day after ...

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There was a fight down at the beach today

Much to my horror and surprise

A large crowd stood there watching it

I could not believe my eyes


I saw a man who had a stick

Proceed to beat his wife

Blow on blow and on her head

To an inch within her life


The frenzied crowd just screamed for more

With a loud and raucous din

I got there as the Police turned up


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(Played on my home-made 3-string petrol can guitar)


Well I’d bought my ticket and I’d paid my fare

I’m flying to Almeira and its beaches there

Yes, I’d bought my ticket and I’d paid my fare

It cost me just a tenner – that’s good old Ryan Air.


I paid another 50 as an Admin Fee

I’d booked online, so that’s another 3

The girl on the check-in says “...

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Better Days

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The Voyeuristic Toaster


I d like to be a toaster

So I could toast you.... a tasty snack

Then watch you from the work top

Take crumpets from the rack


As you feast the buttered crumpets

I will covet in delight

When you apply buttered lipstick with every sexy bite


Jonathan Barnes


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A Prose Poem- the forgotten memory

So we were driving through. Flashes of countryside and monotony. And these little places pop up now and then as they do. Over the brow of a hill, from nothing there are suddenly colours and smells and sounds and life. 

And then they came in swarms. 
And he was sleeping in the back of our transporter, as was his want. And they stared and smiled and danced around the vehicle. They banged their...

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Also by Twilbury Wist:

Honestly Dishonest |

Chestnut Brown Eyes

Hidden behind those chestnut brown eyes

Lost and deceived by the truth that lies

Washed away her true identity

Heart skipped a beat from her exquisite beauty


By her smile in disguise

The nature of her nest

Between the curves of her thighs

The mission to her hips

From her soul to her eyes,

The taste of her lips

Her unconscious mind

Her soulful sexualit...

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The Visitor


The sinful taste of poisoned lips

I'm drunk on him, immerse me

Deserving of his fingertips

Explore me, show no mercy.


Lustful urges, all consuming

In blackness, I await him

The need is overpowering

Will I sink or will I swim?


In midnight light, he comes to me

With wanton hands he captures

Undresses me with savage glee 

Each touch he breaks and ...

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Tags: fantasy,love,power


If tender gods should have us kiss
I would fetch and show you this:
my written witness, sworn and kept
through days my shy desire crept.
You would learn how I became
so fond of you I called your name;
dreaming somehow you might hear,
and having heard, would wish me near.

But tender gods no more exist
than dragons do and if we kissed
it would not be unfolding fate
that led us to that h...

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Poetry Video for August - Belemnite Soup

Here's my latest poetry reading on Youtube - a summery piece with the usual weird metaphysical undertone! 

Via my Wordpress blog:

Via my Youtube channel:

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