Daphnis and Chloé

Daphnis and Chloé

at dawn
broke the glass case
and went to bleed
on the sheepskin

turned over
his wife's photograph
drank his coffee hot
looked nervously
at the reel of seconds

the day was young
light creeping
between thin letters
buds burst open
at the crossing
the traffic jammed
honked like mad
with the twisting of bodies
and the virgin ...

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Years snuck by

while I abused fun

by having fun.

The gradual mishaping

of my contours

covertly converged

and how I

became slower

in ascending

even the slightest of gradients.

How my energy wound down

as my age wound up.

I recall

battling  against

the slightest breeze.

A stoop

even tried

to make

itself at home

on my back!


the s...

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Lillie's Coffee Bar

entry picture

It's a place that illuminates the freest forms of me

A few pumps on my pedals, turns of my handles, and I'm already there

Tall palms twirled in lights line the way to my imagination

Tiny bells ding against the glass door as I glide inside

Freshly roasted beans percolate through anticipation to perfection

Burlap coffee sacks hang as window shades

Handiwork of local artists accents the walls

Sandy scenes o...

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Swallow Silence | Crime of Comfort |


entry picture


rusty bones
supporting hide
of rotting wood
the pungent smell
of seaweed

long dead things
its aged frame
crawls ashore
clicking like
fighting crabs

sand sloughing
from its skin

grey skies
clinging mist
clothing it
in gloom

a thousand
scrabbling legs
gripping claws
taking root
heaving carcass
to the shore


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Tags: kraken,pier,richpix,sea,sea monster,sexual awakening

Also by Ian Whiteley:

Snipers |

Wake up and smell 'em

With our rings
Of gold 
And our hearts
Of silver
And our lead boots
To trudge 
Out to sea 
We pour through
The gaps
Spill through 
The fissures
Spitting and
And bleeding
We glare 
At the pirates
As we shuffle
To collect 
Our pieces of 
And we punch 
Our drunkeness 
Into the faulty 
Mechanically logging in 
To the clo...

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Blessed boredom.
Gateway gift.
May your slow, hidden grace
nurture new, all that is new.
The goad, pricking lumbering imagination
into action, reluctant cow. 
Blessed boredom.
Value of the other.
Distraction-hungry homo sapiens
on the ropes.
Drudgery and silence eroding spirit. 
But if you're bored enough
you move. 
There is a winner 
in the frantic little creativity Olympics

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Anthology on Addiction

entry picture

The Whole Desolate Day, an anthology on addiction, is currently seeking submissions.

Send one to five poems/prose on addiction Deadline January 15, 2015 Reading fee:  $3 Publisher:  Little Lark Press

Please find full guidelines at:  http://littlelarkpress.wordpress.com/about/


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Numb Lines

Blood swells into pearls of claret

So much from so little.

      Thin red lines, imperceptible

Yet my head tips.

Nothing more beautiful than a smudge of crimson

      A pair of green eyes

I wanted you

But through it all you overthought and worried

      Planned yourself into anxiety

Words should flow

Like lips

Like love

I wanted to sleep with you


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I Think About You

entry picture









I think about

you every day.


I may not

write or

I may not

say, "Hey"!


But I think

about you

every day.

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My Dad |

Who let this happen?


Just think

Up North

A majority of

Four million odd



Pieces of paper

Into slots

May be

Pulling up


By electoral


Three hundred


Of union.


(For a full explanation apply to David Cameron)

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I Am An Ocean

I am an ocean - swilling calmly; wrecking ships and shore.

I am a hurricane - outer parts and eye and more.

I am an avalanche - speaking softly to me I'll be still;

But bellow loudly, stomp about on me I'll spill.


I am the weather - sunny, clear but fit to burst

When a thousand droplets are absorbed in thirst;

I filter out all dross downland, upland and over hills


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To a Dying Star

When the day comes,

full of red nimbus skies

and black pronounced

against the bodies of - they will say it was

not outside of any plan.


Like, too, my foolish way

of thinking it is here, holding hands;

some real and loving thing,

they will say that everything

united is - universe after universe.


I could have most if it:

the blue and white eye delights,


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Also by Marianne Daniels:

Print |

Significance of the Nineteenth Autumn

entry picture

As the nineteenth autumn has come upon me,
It’s a whole new world I see.
Treacherous creatures, so often, hush and hide,
And it seemeth to me, a change in tide.

The poetry of soothing sensation has gone,
The glimmering golden glow of the sun is now none.
Some say,’ The Head is battling with the Heart’.
Well ! All Logic has been torn apart.

As I gaze into the vast emptiness
The d...

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Tags: angst,change,dejection,desire,life,loss,love,nature,passion,resignation,romance,seclusion,serenity,spirit,youth

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Kept convincing myself

 end would turn out fine


Fazed but withstanding

implore for a visible sign


Trudge turned Incessant

with reserves at very last


Stretched to the optimum

leaving me plainly aghast


Events turned divergent

 expectations got belied


Means while just perfect

 but to end never applied


Resolve nearly exhausted...

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Tags: determination,patience,Resolve

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Don't Write Hungry

A really good sandwich,

Has two pieces of bread,

(we all know the club is compensating)

Is void of mayonnaise,

But has in its stead,

(Mayonnaise is for the self-deprecating)

A nice bit of mustard,

And a sharp slice of Ched…dar.

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Tags: fun,sandwich,silly

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Eastnor Castle Easter Monday

~~Eastnor Castle Easter Monday

The bluebells, he decides, are a slide made of sky
lying over the hill where I’d like to decline
his interrogation fired ad infinitum
until all the eggs have been counted and eaten.
The Question-Master needs instant answers
and a database big as The Bible.
The family might call it repartee -
for me it’s a case of survival.

Dandelions can be yellow or...

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Drunken fool

Chasing bottles of Gin

Instead of You

You Think of you 

So thinking of Gin


Blind drunk

Only with Gin

Maybe the wine started it

But finished by Gin

Agreeing with the senseless

Being defenceless

Maybe the wine started it

But ended

with the Gin

Solve the world in a rant

barely sufficient...scant

The wine started this

now need a ppp... we...

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Your touch still lingers on my skin like the warm yet cold breeze of the wind,


Your kiss heavy leaves an imprint on my lips like the moist rain that steadily drips,


Your laugh still gives me the bees in my gut like hiding from the storm in that little hut,


Your body close to mine in a gentle embrace like the love surrounding our little space,


Your voice calmin...

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Tags: Happiness,Love,Memories,Remembrance

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YOU SMILED - a song of renewed love

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Nearly never made it to that dance the other night

Nearly stayed at home again - alone and out of sight

So glad I went and found you there

And found again that I could care

This loser's heart was stil so sore from all the hurt it had before


You looked at me and in your eyes I saw a stare of wild surprise

Everything stood still and then - you smiled and love began again


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Status Update

entry picture

There are those who check the obituary

In the local paper, be it the Hull Daily Mail

Or the Huddersfield Daily Examiner

Before they decide to get up on a morning

(In T S Eliot’s day, it was the Boston Evening Transcript.)


These winter mornings, I know how they feel

Waking cold, to a grey dawn smeared across my window

But I have a technological solution:

I check my F...

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I Never Made Promises Lightly | Sentry Duty |

Garbled thoughts

Let me pour forth

my garbled thoughts

cloaked in clever words

scattered cleverly, following

no pattern or coherence.

My ideas squirming

swimming in a sea of words.

But my word, they seem so clever!

They shame the reader

into appreciation

As one outdoes another

in praise of gobbledygook.

I smirk as you analyze

my near schizophrenic verse.

If I spoke like t...

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posh avenue

Posh Avenue


Beautiful avenue big trees on both sides lend dignity to palatial homes,

tall walls with broken glass on top and silence. Yet it is the wrong kind

of hush like a solid melancholy that April days are unable moderate.

This wide avenue has little traffic except for patrol cars driving up and

 down protecting the values of houses that are empty and gloomy.

These dw...

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Like blue/grey muddy silt

weighing anchor within my stomach’s bilious cavern

this unwelcome malaise,

a life-sapping churn and swash, that

stirs at the thought of your departure,

leaves me crippled.


I must purge

the lascivious thoughts of your soft skin,

gouge out my  prying eyes

to redact the mesmeric chaos of your smile,

fracture, hungry fingers, chain eager...

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Will I ever..

-the ramblings of another young girl-

written: 9/16/14

  I wonder..

will I ever see past the mass of tears, that restrict me from seeing anything but you..

will I ever smell anything other than your delightful scent again..

will I ever hear your name without thinking of how badly I want you here with me..

will I ever be able to..live again?

   I wonder..


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Baby, I think I might be falling..catch me? |

I hate over thinking. I hate staying up late in my room.. alone. The silence gets so loud. A million and one thoughts escape from the Pandora box inside of my mind. Clever enough to kill each and every one of my emotions. Brilliant enough to create more and more problems. Feeding off of my fears. Feeding off of insecurities. Feeding off of all my worries. I cant escape it. I cant run. Heart poun...

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This is how I nearly died

entry picture
or (Blood on the Neuro X- Ray Department Dance floor)

In memory of the anniveresary of my memory


Words without issue


(on the floor I reached for the stairs)

Thoughts fork:

Thinks blink:

(at this point i thought i was dead)

A primordial head-scape-

A brilliant zink.

Making Thoughts


From this addled lexicon

And silly thinking

A ...

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My love

of your love

you have.

My love

of your life

you have.

Your lifes


I shall have

for all

of my life.




© Stef Wilde 2014 

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No more

will I tolerate

your gentle storm

smudging its way

across my sky


It sits 

over the sun

and hardly

seems to care

where it is.


I wait for it

to blow over,

to dissapate,

to fade-

or move on.


But still

it lingers-

like that kiss

you gave me-

full and heavy.












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Writers of the third kind workshop (First in a new season)

Hi all;

Little reminder that Writers of the third kind workshop, the free poetry writing workshop that me (Andy N) co runs is back 2moro nite for the first in a new season of poetry writing workshops.

As normal, it is a 7pm meet up at the sweet green tavern, near sainsburys in the centre of bolton and near bolton train station.

hope to see a few of you there.

Andy N 



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TO THE LOVE OF MY LIFE [Mary Cassie Sekonyela]

I'll always think of you through much darker days, You are my friend. My Beloved star,that sparkle through the black cloud hovering over the moon to make my nights darker. Yes,you are my life...my lilly that sprung out of the rich soil on the shores of the river of my life. You bring joy to my soul,like the magnificent pebbles that rest in the shallows of the shimmering rapids. You ar...

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New Summer

I lived a life
That was not mine
But now I have returned
To fear of fucking up,
Withholding all my burns.

I think of it as heaven, no time to think of me
Everyone's accepted, whoever they may be

Not just another cog, I was a friend or extra arm
I did whatever they could not
The whole summer, keeping calm

I could manage anything
A new challenge every day
Reason for exhaustion

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The Sweetest Drug

I know I say things that make your jaw drop

Then I'll flash you a smile that'll make your heart stop

I'll get under your skin just because I know I can

Because when it comes to being sane, I guess I'm not a fan

I know I drive you crazy and you want to wring my neck

I came off so innocent and now you never know what to expect

We go from screaming at each other to waking up togethe...

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Tags: addiction,free verse poetry,love,Romance

Also by Cassandra Lupi:

Trouble |

gilded cages

Gilded cages are not for me, I want my freedom, I want to breathe, Love a man no matter the cast of creed. Masks and facades are not for me, I am who I am and will always be, No one can dictate to me my needs, To hide my desires is not in me. To make love to a man before wearing a ring. Papers and contracts are not for me, I am a woman not an object to be traded, No papers decide the ma...

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The handle to raise and lower Kent

(early draft, may change)

Oh, I was down in Maidstone,
I called at County Hall,
And in the council chamber there's
A handle on the wall.
They said, "Don't touch that lever!"
I asked them what they meant.
They told me, that's the handle
To raise and lower Kent.

Up, up if we pull!
Down, down if we press!
Our goals are Kent's
Controlled ascents
From here to near Sheerness.

We made...

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Magic spun
that long weekend in the sun
Walled in by barking mad
hip-hop slinging
fairy lighted
sprightly spun
oak aged treetop conductors of fun.
The grass we lay upon
be our blanket
The songs we sung
Need no rhythm. Rhyme       nor reason
As rules are broken 
and hedonism reigns all.
Tranquil, serene, only to be seen by eyes who w...

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Tags: Festival,freedom,fun,the wild

Free verse: The Poetry Book Fair 2014

entry picture

Here's my latest write - up on last Saturday's Free Verse Fair at Conway Hall, Holborn. http://leilaniestewart.wordpress.com/2014/09/12/free-verse-the-poetry-book-fair-2014/

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Shop Doorways.

When I was a young man and never been kissed

I used to go out and get pissed as a consequence;

beer was around 10 pence a pint when decimilisation came in.

Some nights on the weekend I could do ten of these large pots

of amber liquid in. One Saturday night in a drunken haze I got arrested

for attempting to urinate in a very public shop doorway. It was 4:a.m.

Sunday before I was ...

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Tags: 19th century,LSD,poetic licence,refuse disposal,shop doorways

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Propinquity. (Sounds a bit rude doesn't it?) | THE WRONG KIND OF SILENCE. |


entry picture

Tap, tap, tap

Is there anybody there

Making movement

Making love cos its not fair

Making Gospel so the sheep can bleat

Whats the problem guys

Its only war


Its only fear

Its only death

It will pass

Not too slowly

Not too fast


There.s bucks to be made

So lets all hate

Lets all plunder

Great News friends

There is someone  there

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China Town

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entry picture

love made in hollywood might badly fall apart

dance around the fairy lamps down in china town

begging god for mercy but she's busy just right now...


just like when i need you tonight
beauty from the east will cool down all the lit up hearts
burn inside the church despite you suffered all your life
searching for the peace deep in caves but not your mi...

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Tags: begging,china,god,needs,someone,town,you


entry picture
With just days to go before Scotland votes on independence, my...

Poem 76 of 230: LAND RIGHTS

If there is a good thing,
From the Second World War,
It’s that most peoples learnt
To conquer lands no more.

In Africa, Asia,
And the Pacific, too:
Post-war independence -
Steps only bigots rue.

But, for some indigenes
(Outnumbered much-too-much),
It has all come too late
For liberty, as s...

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Actions vs Words

(I've been struggling to show anyone this poem for a long time but I've been inspired to let it free. These feelings are behind me now and it turns out writing was to thank for that afterall)


How does someone stop cutting?
Do they cut into the paper instead?
Replace flesh and blood with diaries and ink,
Replace physicality with mentality,
Replace actions with words,

It isn’t enou...

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entry picture

A native American, Hawkeye the Noo

Emigrated to Scotland in '72

He loved deep fried Mars bars and the odd Irn Bru

But now he knows not what to do


The mountains and plains were a wonderful yardstick

As his ancestors populated desert to Arctic

But Hawkeye he settled for a wigwam in Partick

But now he knows not what to do


He's always been proud to call Scotland his...

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Tags: lampoon,native american,referendum,satire,scotland

Also by Daniel Dwyran:


Corridor of Song

entry picture


In this corridor of song,

invocations colour space

now devoid of human voice,

as spirits whisper here

of hysterical imprisonment;

of torture painted pink and blue

and baa baa black sheep have you any


                                                              Hail Mary full of grace


Supplications resonate

in hidden mout...

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Also by Laura Taylor:

Kaleidoscope |

Then Not Now

3 o’clock in the morning,

tired and absent from bed,

trawling Facebook pages,

waltzing demons in my head.


Smiling familiar stranger,

see how far we fell,

fate knows what she’s doing,

I want you then… not now.

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Coat of Snow | My Mum | Northern Soul |

7 Poems for Valentine's Day 2014

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Poetry and Valentine's Day are embrionic.  So this year, on my blog I posted 7 poems on each day of the week leading up to the 14th. They were popular.  I also recorded audio francesmacaulayforde.wordpress.com files.  

Unfortunately they were recorded with the sound down low and you need to turn up the volume to hear them.  One of my jobs is to re-record them as soon as I have time...  


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Pissing Against The Wind

Pissing Against The Wind


     We know it’s bad,

We know within and without

Till our core screams for clemency –

The taking of another’s life,

     But we never let peace

Never seem to want peace to evolve,

We’re clinging on to both

The rifle and the bible,

The sabre and the Koran,

Teaching children – it’s okay

To kill in the name of deiti...

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The Ballad of Jack McGee

The Ballad of Jack McGee (based on the TV show "The Incredible Hulk")
by Alain English

My name is Mr Jack McGee
I'm a journalist by trade

The paper that I write for
Is very widely read

We've published many stories
Of a controversial slant

But the story that I have to tell
Is one we couldn't print

I was in Culver, years ago
Writing up a robbery

The locals had some stories

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entry picture


who could have known it?
terrorists taking no stock
would trade in futures

who could have known it? 
those towers were autumns bridge
tiers coming to fall

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Tall tales


Tall tales told on barstools

Are often dangerous

To those who tell them

As to those who pretend to listen


Tall tales told that won’t stand up

On their own

Needing supporting

Oohs and aahs

And gratified applause


Tall tales told

By those who really should know better

 And hold as much water

As a holy French letter


Tall tales told


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Evenings, when in love with an artist.

Whilst he unfolds the meaning
of it all, with colour,
I find it all in him.
But watch and
(of course) grasp and consume
with bare palms,
pockets of his pondering exhale,
that lay wondering in the air.
Just to taste
for a moment, what it is like
to unfold the meaning of it
all with colour.

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Just the three of us. |

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