If the tears of joy you have caused me to shed were stored in a vial 

alongside the bitter tears that I have brought upon myself.

The measure might well be equal, but the lasting delight

in the tears of joy could never be measured nor equalled. 


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Also by Huw Thomas:

...without hope. | If only, if only, if only. | fake. |

After the consultation


I must be away soon
It can`t be long
The old heart
Now going like the clappers
Now missing the odd beat
Blood trickle
At the core
-The crux-
Of the whole - the entire - caboodle
Then The Big Blot

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Also by Harry O`N eill:

Bon Voyage |

A Pint of Bitter, A Pint of Mixed, And Some Change for the Pool Machine Please!

A Pint of Bitter, A Pint of Mixed, And Some

     Change for the Pool Machine Please!


     I will not cry upon your departure –

Hard man,

     I will neither bury my head

In hands or upon her false buxom,

     But I will remember,


     I will not sing praises

And platitudes of honour,

And lie like a bastard –

Perhaps the bastard I am,


     I will r...

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Also by Noetic-fret!:

An Evolution of Attitude |


I was walking

Behind a girl

She was accosted

By a tramp

Who asked her

For some change

The girl stopped

And said to the tramp

To wait there

While she went into the shop

I stood back

Sensing a poem


Like a flower in the rain

The girl emerged

With a pack of biscuits

And a coffee

And gave them to the tramp

Who promptly threw them

On the...

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Also by Stu Buck:

Fed | Luke 10:25 |

The Bung ... or why chimpanzees avoid elephants on trolleys

Come gather round and listen to a tale of yesteryear,

When men were men and went on expeditions without fear,

When handlebar moustaches were in vogue and hearts were true,

When shooting and then stuffing stuff was what we used to do.

The double barrelled brotherhood would travel far and wide

In pith helmet and khaki shorts to cover broad backsides,

As on their way through Africa ...

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Also by Jonathan Humble:

The Ballad Of The Fruit Bowl |


Several times i was around you,

Several times in your heart.

You promised to love me forever,

And i did hold on to that thought.


So love hold me tight now more than ever,

Soon you will be gone and this time will be over.

Again there will be long days and lonely nights,

Without you being there by my side.


You will be far far away in the land of fire and fury,


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waxwood prayer (10/04/2015)

Retired to a place where men die
old and comfortable by their favored brand of cigarettes,
burned themselves down and down into heroic coals 

down and down , the flags of the fathers
ashes reigning benevolence over sons in memoriam 
a tired, doomed sphere in the middle of nowhere,
dandered with bones and renamed home.
It's all just a place with a hearth for hearts
where these earned embers...

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

heather (10/04/2015) | sequels to helena (10/04/2015) |

After the Bomb

The meat landed on a pathway

Between the accommodation and the teaching blocks

Not distinguishable from any other cut

Though it was matted together with fine dark locks


The size of a football I would guess

Still warm, life oozed out

Not knowing who it was troubled me 

My thoughts consumed by doubt


I found myself talking to it

Promising to find the rest

Put i...

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Also by David Moore:

Fishing with words | October | The other kind | Paedophile |

Sunday Morning Love

My legs are still unsteady.
Sticky and shaking.
My body heavy and relaxed.
The sheets are a tangled mess
and so is my hair.
But I don’t have one care.
My To Do list forgotten.
As I lay here catching my breath.
A smile plastered across my lips
and your taste on my tongue.

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Also by R Miller:

xx |

The Launch

entry picture

Found the chords, the riffs are born,
got a front, an axe, a bass, some beats.
The song is written, the group is formed,
what name should the vessel take to the streets?

A mother?  A lover? Seek out a legend?
Symbolic?  Insane? Cast off the vote.
No taking the sis!  Impress my girl-friend
anchor success with a name like a boat.

Think of book; of a pub, of a film script;
see the soft s...

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Cardboard Protest

You’ve peeled off

the label


Want to stick

It on me


Reduced, damaged

Used goods

With no



Label edges


Barcode won’t






The repeated


Of your nob

On the


Of porn


You won’t

Shut the


On this




You've put

Me In 



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Also by Lynn Hamilton:

Fragile |

You're not right in the head if you think I want to fit in

No offence I have my reasons

Blooming moody poetry

I got 5 out of 10 for performing in Didsbury the crowd loved it

F the haters they may dislike my face but at least I dispise them aswell

Mmm money lovers should remember not everyone's had a sheltered childhood soz

I've said too much its never enough

You make me feel l...

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word letting


sometimes the words escape outside

released like prisoners from their jail

sometimes the words stay locked inside

all my useless pleas ignored and failed

sometimes the words fall in slanted rain

running tear stained ink across my page

sometimes the words are mostly pain

bloodletting hurt in a sudden rage

sometimes the words speak for themselves

they don’t even bothe...

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Also by Colsibabes:

Southern BBQ Sauce | perpetual desk calendar |

Dumb Destiny

I cannot speak to you anymore.

Though over these clay hearted years,

we never really spoke at all.


So now it finally must end

as I am taken once again

by collared, artistic agenda.


I cut languid love loose

re-tie dumb, devoted knots

that only he will now render.


Forbidden of fruitful verse

which may wistfully introduce

play on words of mourning.


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The following is a personal view.

To my mind, producing poetry can be like the art of cuisine.

Content of poetry (like food) can be varied - to be entertaining, pleasing, able to stimulate

interest and debate beyond the reach of safe and sacrosanct expectations.  Sassoon and

Owen used content powerfully and it survived the forms they used to reach the public

palate.  Not always easy...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:



Grandpa was a jolly old man,

With rheumatics in his knees, 

When we were small, though he was kind,

With us he always liked to tease.


We had to be very careful when,

He gave us some pocket money,

He would heat the coins up with his lighter,

(He seemed to find this awfully funny).


As we howled and clutched at blistered fingers,

Grandpa would cackle insane,


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Also by Ledger de la Bald:

A Viking Non-Saga | Sweet Nellie Dean |


Loading the player…

entry picture

(My own personal humiliation from schooldays. As it happens, green and gold were our school colours and a try was worth 3 points then.  A re-post with a nod to Pam Ayres)


I’d made the team – my dad he was so proud

He didn’t know the rules but cheered out loud

Though I was only 12 years old

I’d made the shirt of green and gold

But then the plan began to fold



I r...

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My blood is kept in a capsule in which she carries
She uncorks the top and it dribbles into the ground
Sinking below me, in the roots I stand over
And it devours me like quicksand as well her screams

My body is cold.

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Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

She looks at me with those mesmerizing eyes
And tells me, "Love, this is goodbye."
Her sweet lips draws up a smile and she blows me a kiss
Whispering, "I love you and I'll see you in a bit."
She close her eyes and rest her soul
Her love is all that I want to know
Her breathing, steady and quiet
Her body, soundly asleep
Therefore, I quietly kiss her on the cheek
And sile...

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Also by Smash Lee:

The Lover's Plight | Crush | The Lover's Truth | Sliver of the Moon | The Hurricane |


Noggin the nog

and muffin the mule

will ...... you .......

... .. ....... ... drool?



words and foto Tommy Carroll

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

One hour poem |

If we

If we had made it

Beyond the fleeting few days

Like a lightly scented cool breeze

Initial euphoria, strong like whiskey

Down a gullet used to wine

Pale rose,

Where we breathed in love

Lost in clouds, white and serene

Like your brown brow, uncreased and smooth

If we had made it beyond those days

We would have broken up by now

And have been breaking in

New faces.


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A time, I knew death; and birth.
With belief I will be
an Autumn leaf
looking for Spring.

Winter is not the season
for foolish gravediggers
who await the journey to warmth.


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Poem 17 of 230:  THROUGH WHAT WAS

During Europe’s summer, ‘88,
    At a wall my bag was checked:
A brief smile at what gave it weight...
    Sun-cream lid back - mood not wrecked.
I walked past plain buildings and cars,
    And entered a small food-store.
Its goods were plain, also: no sweet bars;
    The essentials - not much more.
As I bought crispbread with money changed,
    A row be...

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The Ghost That Flitters

The ghost that flitters through your night

may be fully alive in another’s  sight,

for the dimensions where they appear as a wisp

may not be the same as that where they’re kissed…


Imagine if your mind is ready for this notion yet

that the ghosts you see are not dead for I bet,

what you see is merely a slim projection from

another dimension of this world where they bel...

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Tags: fantasy,fear,ghosts

Numb Too

Certain situations you become numb too

Just certain things ain’t what it use too

My language is disguise it what it said too

Even though my heart is against you

Left for dead made for two

Living life not youth too

Forgiving past that aren’t truthful

Giving life to people who use you

Is this what it’s about?

I can’t give a concern

Yearning for idealism in realism


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9 to 5 hell.

On the surface, I look calm and steady,
But inside it feels that I'm not at all ready,
These expectations of being someone that they have from me,
Are not my aspirations, its not who I ought to be.

Do what you love, it's what they once said,
But then you job coz you need to get paid,
I killed the child inside me a long time ago,
Creativity at it's finest is what I craved for.

Then came...

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Looking something in the mirror of life
I found  a image so aright
Was it eternal ,or a ephemeral, I had seen
A hope it was ,that has kept me alive  

Endeavouring a new chapter of courage 
Aiming right at the euphoric  season 
Happiness and prosperity at my door
Looking for the vivacious voyage 

Quietness showed a new meaning then
Words became silent in there sleeves
Action was a new...

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Canyon Bates


Life is complicated, but would

be so simple if all we had to do

was put a coin in, twist a knob,

then expect a result.

Life is complicated, but I know

that if I make the right moves,

I can expect a crinkly bag of goods,

something small to help me through.

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To hide a bloodstined hand

"To hide a wood
Plant it in a forest
One could! "
Practise that
Is what we should
To save our neck
When different courses
Time and history take.

Unless a circular we pass
For a handshake with us
How else and where else
Could we hide
Our blood stained hand!// 

To make a living citizens have to work but despots and their henchmen contravening the aforementioned right coerce them to fo...

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Tags: despots,henchmen,right violation,Tyrrany

Also by Alem Hailu G/Kristos:

What shall I be ? |

I Walk Out of My Door and It is Here.

entry picture

The time has come when my sweaters don't seem so strange.

I appreciate this time greatly. 

My littlelest boy in his tiny, long-sleeved frog pajamas. 

My littlelest girl in her plaid and sweatshirt. 

In my mind that song plays over and over.

The leaves fall in the sound. 

My happiness returns with the colder weather. 

My anticipation of excitement expounds.

They in their war...

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Tags: autumn,fall,sweaters


One man's in, another drinking

sharing a recent story


thousandth hand across the land

such is the speed of news we share


 another molecule of bonding

the drinking opening up the scene


into the time they have to spare

give us this day our daily bread


before the rising yeast goes slack

another way to move the human spirit on.



Just out of si...

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Wandering, aimless, blameless but blind
Searching for something you’ll never find
A wanderer, a squanderer of time...
A nomad, placeless, faceless,
Just like the rest. Eyes firmly set
On what you can get from today.
Ignoring the voices in your head
Carping, “What about tomorrow?”
Harping, “Consider the past.”
Is it the end? Has the dice been cast?
Seeing the world t...

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