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We didn’t have much money but none of us did then;

I hope we never see those austere times come back again.

But Mam and Dad both did their best for Linda and for me

So once a year we’d take the train for Skeggie-by-the-Sea.

We packed our sheets and blankets and put-ups for our bunks

But worst of all embarrassments we packed the woolly trunks.


The woolly trunks were legend; m...

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Also by John Coopey:


Keyboard Vomit





Full up




Over into








A feast





Is irrelevant

And no


To any




Fit to












To the 


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With a nod to Edward Thomas.


Yes - I remember Derek Hatton...the name

Because one political summer of heat

The media drew up there interestedly.

The Party hissed.  Many votes left and few votes came

To that bare platform

What I recall is Hatton...just the name.


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Also by M.C. Newberry:


world war 3

World War 3

And now as the generation that remembers how bloody

a world war is, and how many millions suffered and died,

is forgotten a distant past and again the black winged

Bird of war is flapping its wings.

I will go to Papua New Guinea, buy a big piece of forest

and plant more trees when needed, I will keep pigs that

soon will be wild and invite people to kill them with a...

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Also by jan oskar hansen :

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She should have moved on a few winters ago

Warmth spreads, like a slow fire

Little embers of coal, gasping to warm her cold fingers

Hardened nails, rough hands familiar only with washing dishes

Which should have been soaked by unfeeling

Unthinking assholes

Which never felt the warmth of salon heated water

Pampered and polished

Buffed, pink soft fingers.

Sorry, Ma

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Also by Preeti:

Money Talks |

Balancing act

I should find

some way to combine

the lightness of these giggles

and earnest, loaded questions,

this freedom, ropes of light,

my sorrow, pounded wisdom.


I should move

between the child who wants

just to be fickle, tickling, gaping,

and this silent, throbbing person

whose torments are my own.

Red leaves are rotting under too much care.


Can we tilt


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Agape and gasping

as a freshly caught fish

flung roughly to the grassy bank

comfortable but nonetheless dying

my sweating skin dries,

a sickly sweet pungency

organic, rotting

my crucial atmosphere so close,

parallel, but

a fathomless chasm distant.


I lose my precious sense of self,

dirt and decay seeps into pores

then my path appears,

but palpable confus...

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queen nicotine

Nicotine is my queen,
She will be with me allways ,
But she treats me so mean,
Shes wot i want allways,
My freedom i want to redeem,
But im her prisoner allways.

She stands there with her hand on her hip, and licking her lip
I cant refuse a kiss.
Im calling out mayday,
I cant keep this
bitch at bay.

She stole my soul,
Now im stuck
in this tobacco hell hole.
Shes between my finger...

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Also by Robyn Valentine:

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The trouble with Derek

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The trouble with Derek

was that he was a socialist

The trouble with Derek

was that he was working class

that he was from Liverpool



The trouble with Derek

was that he thought quickly

that he spoke quickly

that he had a sense of humour


The trouble with Derek

was that he had the support

of those that elected him

that he had a mandate


The trou...

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

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Virtual Morality


I wrote this many years ago in response to a newspaper article covering a party in celebration of an arms deal.

The company involved had been sponsoring a town council

and it was also acting as a registered charity sponsoring schools. http://www.scotsman....

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Tags: arms trade,bullets,camouflage,champagne,collateral damage,missiles

Also by Lancashire County Palatine Tourist Bard:

Luimneach Numero Un: Death By a Thousand Cuts | Charade | Haiku numero un |


life is but a dance,

from the fast to the slow 

from the heartbreaking to the breath taking

we live a dance


work is merely  the box step

going round and round again

ralationships are like the conga

kick a leg out only to bring it back again

life is just a dance


prosicution of the steps are key

if you fail you need to get back into the rythm of success


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Tags: life

Also by Gypno:

once in a dream | friends | rivers | alone | push on |

A short inspired by M C Newberry

Upon the broken machine I looked 

And thought" It's well and trully..." .

Feel free to add the last word yourselves

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Also by Trev the Road Poet::

The Little Guy (For Louie) |

A stone can't

Only on grounds of seniority
By default
You try to assume authority
But mind that
Though for a century
Under water comfortably sat,
Swim like a fish
A stone can't!//


With no effort to acquire knowledge, at times  some members of the old staff undermine the young staff !

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Tags: Arrogance conceit

Also by Alem Hailu G/Kristos:

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The Snowflake

The Snowflake Poem


A form of infinite beauty

A creation unlike any other,

Every crystal a masterpiece

Of design never to be repeated,

Crafted in the greatest architecture

But so transiently and fleetingly seen.


One flake of individual beauty

Made to melt and be lost forever,

Every frosted fern just gone

With no trace left behind,

One of nature’s greatest ...

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C-R-A-P World Holidays

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I’m looking for a holiday. 
I’m surfing on the internet. 
I want a little getaway, 
a place I haven’t been yet. 
I hit on this site 
-‘s got lovely colour photos, 
the prices are all right, 
there’s lotsa countries you can go. 
It’s called: 
That’s C-R-A-P-World dot com. 

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Tags: climate change,extinction,holidays,Pollution

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Ecoute L’Indifference

Mister Watts and I are struggling to persuade
the venerable ladies of Cottingham Library
to let us loose on the good book borrowers
of Cottingham and Mister Watts and I

are so very dedicated to our craft. That 
of poetry and our recitals even though I say 
so myself are very entertaining. We have that
Pizzazz. But the esteemed ladies pass on our

details to anot...

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Bluff amongst the olives (For Ted Hughes and J.R.Hartley)

Green serene,

but in-between

runs the blue

of the Greta,

running fast for May,

tinted bronze with replenished stock.


Down by the weeping willows,

where wagtails ponder with a need for insects,

underneath the canopies draping with lavish plenty,

in a dub, deeper by a foot -

he transpires in the brook,

about roughly two foot long,


Salmo Trutta,

alias ...

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Poems That I Do Not Like

I don’t like poems
springing lambs
or the way
a flickering candle
lights Emily Bronte’s face.

Especially after
you have just
smashed my glass heart
into shards
that you will
then randomly
cut me with
until I’m a bleeding



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Also by Ralph Dartford:

Columbia Road |

lost compass magnet (11/22/2015)

sunlight breather, 
gills for success
high on cold moon ether
blue ribbons tie the best
Marked and made for slaughter
Picked and packed for dollhouse daughters
I have known captivity in my escape

living in fleshy detritus (if you'd call me alive)
Paralyzing empty flashing printer lights
terror tears would carry us (abandoned by our tribe)
beacons on a sea of fast food bags and cowardice


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Tags: not sure where i was going with this

Also by Zach Dafoe:

4300 (11/15/2015) | John Wayne 1613 (11/05/2015) |



Crimson, shining, wet.

It pools around my feet, 

Weaving through the valleys of my toes.

Warm to the touch.

Beauty found in the form of creation:

I created this. I brought this to the surface. 

Allowed it to travel my hills and valleys;

Emotions running over my knees

Hate dripping off my thigh

Love contouring my wrists.

Power found in the smallest of object...

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Also by MusicPoet:

Stabbed | absence |

Travelling light

entry picture

So long




Travelling light

With heavy heart

The heaviest baggage

Weighs naught


Allowance 30kg


My words I leave to you

Please carry them for me

They are all that might be left


Of me


My love is light

I’ll keep it for now

But if I leave

Its all for you


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Tags: Leaving,Travel,Work

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Bordering On The Rediculous

Bordering On The Ridiculous.


We’re leading up to Christmas,

The season of goodwill,

The bombings and the shootings,

There’s someone there to kill.


The global situation,

The terror is the street.

And half a million refugees,

Are voting with their feet.


You can’t equate our village life,

With Syria or worse,

Our lives must seem like heaven,

And thei...

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Savour the Fall

entry picture

Outside a warm room

In some middle-class place


Tramps starve

Children drown

Economies crumble

Nations arm

Wars rage

Powers fall

People mourn

Debts mount

Rapists prowl

Fools pray

Cars crash

Victims weep

Wounds bleed

Madmen rage


The kettle clicks.

A steaming latte

Warms contented lips.

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Tags: Latte,savour the fall

Also by J F Keane:

Atlas Shrugged |

Poor Old Alfie

Poor Old Alfie,

was so un'ealthy,

'e never watched 'is 'ealth,

'e buys dogfood,

for 'is doggie,

But 'e eats it all 'imself.


So 'is doggie,

'e gets 'ungry,

An' 'e eats Alfie's bed,

Now when Alfie,

gets un'ealthy,

'e got nowhere to lay 'is 'ead.

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Also by Ledger de la Bald:

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Modern Science

(Another Limerick-rant)


Their behaviour was quite idiotic

Concerning the antibiotic

Jabbing swig after swig

Into fattening pig

Leaving future bug-battling chaotic

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Also by Harry O`N eill:

Anything they can do we can do.....? |


Soft murmurings 

Carried on the wings of a breeze, 

Lost in space 

Not knowing 


Breeze turns to gale 

Murmurings become screams and 



Only God knows! 


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Also by Anita Connor:

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So blissfully free

A mind liberated from

The future yet unravelled


These the days of splendour

Days of measured wealth

They are reference points

In later years


They become the thing we strive for

When dreams have woken

When mortality is realised

And with it the true value 

Of what it means to be free


This is youth


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Also by Joyti:

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It ends when it comes

A weakened soul replicates an owl 

concerned this delicate branch will fail

lay still, perturbed to retrace

today's shift a far off place

eventually will arrive in its own time 

if one awakens to save face


A constant sorrow known too well

frequently isolated constant spell

not to mention that fateful word

down in the dungeon unheard

way down where the brave men g...

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Not Really ...

There's nothing I like more

Than standing in a queue

And watching all the other tills speed up to get folk through.

Or walking with the dog

And throwing him a ball

Which he ignores to chase some sheep by leaping o'er a wall.

I take delight, you know,

In ev'ry crowded place

Where strange assorted weirdos meet to fill my personal space.

And my idea of fun

Is listening t...

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From Facebook came a Croc of Shit

To read and click and share

No longer I'll put up with it

Accused that I 'don't care'


"Share this if you have a heart"

"If you 'like' please type 'Amen'"

It stinks more than a day old fart

To read this shit again.. again.. again


I don't care if you send a curse

Wrath of God and all his might

One Direction would be worse


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Tags: facebook,shit,shite,Social media,spammers

Also by Daniel Dwyran:


Lantern Lane

It’s okay
in our own ways
we all break
apart sometimes

when we’re apart
I break

I saw the light one evening
walking home
what was I doing 
lost, there
when I should have been 
with you
just you

It’s okay
in our own ways
we all break
apart sometimes

Walking home
I face myself fully
face all I’ve done

And tell myself
it’s okay
it’s alright
we all break

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Tags: self reflection

Chant Down the common enemy


We’ll never rest after stating: we can’t

We need a short common word composite

Let’s make a global one love people’s chant

Not big media but the opposite


They want our minds to stay in their big box

They’re kind of good at scaring everyone

What they can really do good is kick rocks

They want to make sure to sell every gun


They’ll have us think Bill, young wo...

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Also by brandon sproule:

Old News for my Gen. X |



I get drunk among no company

and use a pithy pen

to inadequately dress

the dot to dot;


searching for a parable                                                           

I try to sketch it out

while himself is falling softly

through the cogs.


Salty dog all grey and grief,

half a life and all his love

lie dusty in three pots

upon the sideboard.



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A Hard Line

I think

Fear and Religion

are close bedfellows,

one to attack -

the other to protect

basic Sanity;

that the softer aspects 

of Love and Joy

are really side effects.

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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

Reflections on 'Aristotle's Poetics' |

Summers End Turvin Moor to Cragg Vale

Summer’s End, Turvin Moor to Cragg Vale

The long dry spell affects me

Peat desiccated and dusty taking the shine off my boots

White sand blown and banked at the path sides into small dunes

Quartz scoured from rock outcrops peppers the peat hags

Heather flowers faded from purple to brown husks clinging to clothing

Collon Bobs with ash coloured stems petrified by last winter’s burn


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Also by Graham Ramsden:

Picking snails by moonlight |

The Yearning - Broken

The Yearning - Broken


     A headline,

Breaking news to a breaking people,


Three rungs up he were it seems,

Three rungs up for a three foot fall and only if,

Did I want to emulate his fame.


     Names of celebrities graced my

Paper of international worth,

Someone new had made it to the top,

Someone blue had...

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It is the darkest of dark                              

An inky black of Carbon Sea

Where sky and water are of one

Where hell in its fury is unleashed

As it sweeps and swaggers

Upon all it surveys

Fury set ablaze

Its shadow cast upon sea and land

Every man, woman or child that falls

Beneath its breath

Beneath its gaze that witness

The spark and crackle of r...

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Also by Martin Elder:

Summers such as these |

“If you turn off the light in there will you be able to see me?”

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I wanted to share this dialogue from the movie Paris, Texas


"He just left her there
and went back to bed
and lay there listening to her scream
and he listened to his son scream

and he was surprised at himself
because he didn't feel anything any more
all he wanted to do was sleep
and for the first time
he wished he were far away
lost in a deep vast country
where nobody knew him

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Answer to a Prayer

I was kind of hoping,
That you would come along,
Like the answer to a prayer,
And the music to a song.

Like the kind of thing that happens,
At a special place and time,
That will change our lives forever,
Like a fantasy of mine.

The fantasy was there before,
I ever knew your name,
And now that I have found you,
We will never be the same.

So, pardon, if I look at you,
Forgive me if I s...

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Tags: along,always,answer,before,change,fantasy,forever,Forgive,found,hoping,I,me,music,never,pardon,place,prayer,song,special,standing,stare,time,you

Also by Allen Jo Mathews:

A Dream Come True | My Baby Boo |

Paris, 13 November 2015

Paris, 13 November 2015


I weep for you, Paris,

Every beautiful boulevard,

Every humble street

Whose pavements so often have welcomed my feet –


Every drop of blood shed;

Every beating heart dead;

Every au revoir said –


Your heart-beat is mine, too:

Paris, I weep for you –


And WE say to hate: you will never destroy

Good. And we SHALL sing for joy ...

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Sob Story

I’m not sure if anyone feel like this,

Like you wanted to sleep for a thousand years.

Or just not exist,

Or just not be aware that you do exist.


I am Happy.

I as Sad.

And I can’t still figure out why.


It's so strange because sometimes,

I think you need both to find peace

Like light and dark,

One can not exist without the other.


It’s much easier not t...

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Also by Keebler The Elf:

Lost Smile |

Horror Story

entry picture

Full moon.

A wolf turned human

Is given papers,

A leather carrying case,

A chair and desk

At which to gnaw

His new chains.

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Also by Tom Harding:

November | Cat | Late Night |

Death at the Bataclan - Not in Our Name!

entry picture

Death at the Bataclan - Not in Our Name!

Flowers now fill your bullet holes
A tribute to the victims who perished
A city on the edge but not on it’s own
Beirut, Mali and Ankara, to name but a few
But they’re not on our door step
So they’re not as well known
And of course Tunisia
Where we lost a lot of our own

Hanging from windows 
Dodging bullets and bombs
They only went to a concer...

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21st c. enlightenment blues

Rattling through the low hills

in the darkness and the endless endless rain
the train is overcrowded
because the train is overcrowded
because the train is always overcrowded
and the conductor’s now a manager
a voice we never see
mumbling something through the tannoy
about weather and delays.
We used to have seats
now we stand
and this is progress.

the airwaves are full bey...

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Tags: extremism,hope,paris,racism,tolerance

But soon, he will be free

You can't hurt the boy
Who wished himself dead,
And he can't silence the thoughts
Inside of his head.

Haunted by his memories,
His thoughts clouded by sadness,
he sinking into depression,
Falling into madness.

He needs a change of scenery,
Something has to give,
Before he lets up
And forgets how to live

This town had killed his happiness,
He once seemed to glow.
The pain he hid...

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Also by Eric:

The heartless child wanders | I just don't know what to do anymore | My soul seeks to be free | Grow together | Back into my mind I go | Move With the World's Flow |


As i convincingly arch my back and pretend that you have adequately pleased me

     you politely stick around a while 

                      and pretend that you'll call me.


A peerless moment of precise clarity as the door closes behind you.

                                                                                         Next time just do it yourself Jade.


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Also by Jade Johannsen:

(untitled) |

Kite Flying

Take the freedom of fields
And the spirit of youth
Share it - let go of your cares
Fly your kite with a passion
and ignore the dull fashion
to stay indoors – Get some fresh air
Take hold of the reins
Make freedom your aim
Gape in awe as it sails in the breeze
Allow a smile to your face
And give daydreams some space
Just watch out for lightning and trees

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entry picture

Tear off my guilt,
tie me to your salvation,
innocence will fall,
at your feet of vindication.


Katypoetess 2015


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Tags: Katypoetess,love,love poetry

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