Abstract anxiety eats at razor thinned shins,

Anguish engulfs lost and last,

Previous pretenses portray pessimistic pain,

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Tags: abstract,change,life,lost,love,surreal

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Tamla Motown

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Before my approach to life grew earnest

I was all ears for Tamla: the sweet sounds

of soul as far removed from its roots

as I am now from The Motor City.


In the days when I was thirteen

the change a-coming

was an awkwardness with girls

and a biblical plague of spots,

as I tuned in on a cheap transistor

or played the vinyl

I’d bought from Woolworths.



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Also by David Cooke:

Paying the Price | Cities | Bamboo |


I’m unsettled while I’m out;
my whiskers twitch. I dare not doubt
some threat awaits my every turn.
So I hasten my return and
get done what I need to do
as quickly as I’m able to.

Washed and fed I then repair to
my lamp-lit and book-strewn chair;
one I built with wood and foam
and made the focus of my home.
Once ensconced I might begin
to think my stock of pleasures thin.

I m...

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Also by Travis Brow:


Psychic surgery and me.

What is this inexplicable mystery called ESP?

I know that certain individuals can read my mind, remotely,

like a book; they let me know this telepathically. Recently

I researched 'psychic surgery'; a 'psychic surgeon' reckons

he can rid me of this (in)human trash by doing a 'clearing' for 40 quid;

I didn't want to part with the cash. He too could do this 'remotely.'


It's ba...

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Tags: contumaciousness,ESP,psychic surgery. inner private space

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Our Gert She's Not a Drinker

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Our Gert she’s not a drinker

To speak of any more

Just a glass at dinner time

She says that it’s the law.


Sometimes she’ll go for days on end

And never touch a drop

Apart from pints of lemonade

All with a lager top.


And if she’s doing Weightwatchers

Where booze counts as a “Sin”

She drinks that slim-line tonic

With just a splash of gin...

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I read, in a newspaper, with following black white &  photo 

of children used as slave labourers many years ago, I was

one of them, but I didn’t share the misery described.

I was sat with my little suitcase on a bus that trundled through

a flat landscape, told to sit there until a man called my name.

It was a small farm and the farmer’s wife gave me a thick slice


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On one blank piece of paper

I really cared I swear I did I try to relive all of the happiness we were so true. I hope he takes care of everything I couldn’t grasp like the way your hair would flash i know he sees it too. The flowers i never sent are locked away with repent where did I spend my time. Looking back words i hate it the past keeps evading my eraser I wish you could mend my mind. Around this time last year you s...

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All good things must come to an end

entry picture

As we continue to grow
we will learn many things
and one of them is that
every good thing
will come to an end.

Whether it's by a choice of mind,
by a decision made between two,
or by a lost loved one.

But, as these things come and go
remember to make each moment count
because you'll never know just when it'll go
and a new will start;letting the cycle repeat.

Because, every hello ...

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Tags: come to an end,good things

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What’s your life worth? What’s it really worth in monetary value? Maybe, you’re thinking ‘my life is worth more than money!’ Well let me put you straight on that, it isn’t. It isn’t worth any high ideals, nor is it what we term priceless in monetary value. I will tell you what your life is worth and that is……….nothing! Your family and friends, now they may differ, they may say,...

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Our Life is Short

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It seems you forgot:
Our life is short.
There is no time to beg or…
Extort for support.
Learn how to live yourself.
Take a book from the shelf 
And…delicately leafing page after page
You will find a wood sage:
People are like books,
With different outlooks.
Some of them are good,
Some of them are bad,
Some of them are just mad,
Some of them are not sassy,

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Tags: real life


Binded by words

letters on paper

I signed my life over

no joy or caper.

Contracted to fight

for all of your rights

rights unapprerciated

"rights of life."

Stability  guaranteed,

sanity gone

money and material

livleyhood wrong.


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There is a rawness to us all we fight and fall just to have it all painting a picture for the world to see not what we are but who we want to be beauty and terror all in one we don't want our flaws to be seen by none we live our lives but most of the time we forget and allow harsh words inside to control how broken we really are only time will tell if it leaves a scar forever searching to please t...

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Poem: True Contentment

entry picture

Know God and know peace,
leaning not on your own understanding.
Earthly troubles will never cease -
Use faith to quell the inner longing.

Regardless of your circumstance,
you are empowered to be an overcomer.
Rejoice in the midst of difficulties;
in His Presence, find holy favor.

He has promised to supply our needs!
Things can not fill the hole of one’s heart.
Cleanse your mind wit...

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Tags: breunig,christian poetry,faith,poetry,True Contentment

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We Delight in the Beauty of the Butterfly

but rarely admit
what it has gone through -
the long nights
spent wrapped up
in some rusted bag of past,
days before when
walked on stomach,
mornings fresh fat
on the rug,
wriggling under
some menaced robin head.
We delight in its bijou,
its glass head of colour,
how the little bob to
the flower
gives us safety.
On your shoulder,
it is a good rest,
sweet and sleepy velvet,

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Dabs not dibs

If I could write poetry

by simply placing

lines of

my fingerprints

on a sheet of paper,

how much more easier

and self rewarding

it would be.

And no other way

could be more original.


In the meantime-

wheres that fucking

shit pouring

modern day quill?


Damn you!

you fucking

ball pointed

let down!

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Is this my truth

Is this my truth

The saying goes its the things 
we don't mean to say that
hurt the most
an accident of word play
can ignite the fire of lies
but the water of apology 
can extinguish the fire
of lies

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Dead Flowers

She’s the kind of girl that gathers withered wildflowers, and sticks them in her hair even though their beauty has gone. There is a broken beauty is something such as flowers without life. Their crumpled petals and weak stems remind her of herself, and almost like looking in a shattered mirror the reflection seen is all too familiar. Is it wrong to collect the things that remind us so much of ou...

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Tags: heartbreak,loss,sad

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Thats Love

A feeling unknown surrounds my aching bones,


A feeling felt before but on a totally different course,


A good, bad, happy, sad, feeling of confusion,


An autopsy needed to look at my heart before these feelings stop,


All this makes no since and writing it out in inconvenient,


As I try to separate words from feeling I end up lost,


There are no wor...

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Tags: love

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I had an MRI scan just the other day

They wanted a look at my pelvis

But there's one thing that I have to say

They wouldn't let me wriggle like Elvis.


They put me on a moving tray

And fed me into a  tube

Once inside there was no getting away

So snug I thought they'd need lube!


I lay there reciting while all around

Came hums and screeches and clicks

You ne...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Winter Belly Love Poem


Ah Winter, you beast!

With your frosticle mornings,

your quiversome evenings,

your sod-it-let’s-whack-on-the-old-central-heating’s,

how I do dread your draughty blue fingers.

I shiver from Autumn to Spring.




my belly?

She loves you,

so much, so munch.

My fill-me-quick,


multi-carb monster-meal


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Quiet Compere Tour Dates 2015

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~~The Quiet Compere Tour is 'Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England'

~~Quiet Compere National Tour 2015 – Confirmed Schedule 

Date    City  Venue

Thursday 5th March  Halifax  Bar Up –
(co-host Spoken Weird)
Address: Princess Street, 5 Union Cross Yard, Halifax, West Yorkshire, HX1 1TS

Friday 27th March  Durham The Old Cinem...

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Tags: Cheltenham,Chesterfield,Durham,Exeter,Halifax,Hull,London,Norwich,Oxford,Ulverston,Worcester

Afraid Of The Dark

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Afraid Of The Dark

what you can’t see
cannot hurt you
ghouls and ghosts
things of the dark
things you don’t understand.
close your eyes go to sleep
think of happy things and places
let your mind move on
be at peace child

the thing that scratches at the window
you know it’s just a branch
the creak of a floorboard
late at night
a cold chill that drifts
through a warm house

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Tags: afraid,darkness,fairy tales,halloween,illness,richpix,white lies

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Struck blind under a brilliant gold spotlight,

an ivory-coloured justice, cowering, shields her plaintive blue eyes

from the jaundiced, septic yellowing cowardice

bowed above her.

There is no black cap for this white star

as crimson garnet stains now dried ochre from brick-red brown

fade grey as a memory

and the avaricious green capital is quenched by a young rose’s life.


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Boat Poems

Several of my poems (Boat Story 1 and 2, River Story) alongside other poems by members of Write Out Loud, Stockport (John, Linda, Nigel and Meschach) about rivers and boats have appeared on the healthwaterystrust website.

These can be read at
and as be seen from the website looking for additional poems too.

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Sunny spells on an October day.

entry picture

It's good to have sunny spells on an October day
Although the clouds are never far away
Time for that worn out fleece from last year
Time for the beanie hat...
Time to put on some winter fat
Time to sort out the winter linen
Time for Halloween and show some willing
But for the moment savour these sunny spells
And send the sunshine one last fond farewell.

17th October 2014.



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Tags: nature Autumn

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A poem simply titled Time and written in 1995. | Autumn, Part 1. | Ground down. |


It's the peoples opiate of choice

Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Chrome

Where one cannot hate or love but 'like'

And relationships are just a game

(Level up)

Can't help but think it's a fucking shame

That the greatest library in all the world

Is no more than a church for the sort

Of vacuous arse I took the piss

Out of at school. Well they're winning now.


But the inte...

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mountains and mole hills


I have
A little thing
It's called
My life
I have a little thing
It's called 
My heart
And within
All of this
I have 
A little place 
It's called 
My world 
And though
I question it
And it confuses me
Every while 
Still I wake
And sometimes
I sleep 
And I know
How small it is
And how big 
It feels 
Yet ...

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Lost Hope

I've lost count of all the drinks I've downed.

So I go at a maddening pace and I pretend that it's taking his place.

But what else can you do when he refuses to face your reality?

My mental state is not secure.

Unrequainted love is a bore.

How can he ignore the pain that he's inflicted?

Fools rush in, so here am I.

I'm so tired of being here, but how can I move on when everyth...

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News from the Eyewear Publishing 20/20 pamphlet series!

entry picture

My debut poetry pamphlet is scheduled for publication in February 2015!

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Tags: 20/20 pamphlet series,Eyewear Publishing,poetry competitions,poetry pamphlets,poetry publications

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The Wake of Dawning

entry picture

Tell to me of true love stirring
Heart cold upon a somewhere stone
Beside the river fast and flowing
Beside the rivers rushes bending
Comes there firefly and sunbeam
Owl and vixen homeward fleeting
Feather and fur that smell of night
Into the early nearly light

In the misting hint of sunlight
Hidden beneath a somewhere stone
So close to true loves calling
Near the river fast...

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Also by Gus Jonsson:

So Far Away So Long Ago | One Day Every Day |

Avoidance of Scotch mist

I take a stand against bullshit and bullshitters

of and of those

who pretend for whatever empty headed  reasons of their own

to see what is neither here,there

or for that matter,any fucking where

vis-a-vis the unknown

inclusive of all invisibilities

things with the same credibility as sweet fuck-all



I'm blood,bone and fleshed passenger

here and now,in thi...

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Also by Patricia and Stefan Wilde:

Mrs.Blahblah | message for the EVIL | No longer on the ball |


Listen -

Do not let your eyes glaze over;

There are hidden messages

Behind the chatter.

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Orange County.


While his hands discovered the matter
of my hair, tangles between,
He closed his eyes and I could see
the focus in his lips, the soft curl,
The cold concentrated precision-
Like sucking on an orange piece.

The sky was peach, the beach bare,
Vibrant horizons each corner that
closed us in and
the dusk hung in time holding it all,
Like my head was held in his hands.


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Also by Charlotte:

Mania |

Waiting for Nancy (VI)

entry picture

Laced in strips of a noir film,
Timewarped into the centre
Of 21st Manchester City Centre,
Our 6th adventure began with
A staring confronation
With a hated ex boss
From a job I won’t even put
On my CV
Across St Peters Square
Who I think would have said something
But realised out of that place
I would have likely lamped him,

Then two policeman trying 
To stop a tramp licking cof...

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Words without plays

entry picture

The clicking, ticking,

precision point picking,

of my far-off days

and wending ways,

my here now look you,

my future and i'm about

to fuck you

have now become

just you

and these words

without plays.


words and foto T  Carroll

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

I never sleep when... | Semi tone | in bits |




I know I’ve been the slave of Lust,

It‘s pleasures lifted me on high,

It gave me joys beyond compare,

Denial just the pointless lie.


Of Gluttony I had my fill,

Expense accounts first saw to that,

I raped the menus, drank the wine,

And misted mellow chewed the fat.


And what of Greed, amassing wealth,

Was that so bad to want for more,

So ...

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When you opened your arm
And held me close that night ,
I didn’t picture calm.
Unfortunately my instinct became right
With a totally red face with tears,
I knelt down beside your casket
Pondering on our beautiful relationship,
It’s hard to hear….
Though I do realize you were
Completely out of this physical basket,
Thy are the cleverest, funniest, and best Granddad
A girl can ever ...

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Also by Manasa Krishnan:

Fantasies of being a teenager |


entry picture

You are the one thing that i can't tame

The one person makes me insane

But i simply can't step away...


Love is sadly fickle in that way...

Even with how you've changed

I can't stop these feelings even to this day

I wish i could close my eyes and not see you there

With an endless never ending stare

That opens my heart and wrenches my soul

Because when i open my eyes...

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Also by Robert Stanley:

Perception |


Cowering in the hills

Distant from your tide

Within your footprint

Camouflaged from your stride

Safety thrives here

Words tell me inside

My head

Cocooned within

these four walls

Im safe here!!

Already thinking

of futuristic chores

With you

"the one"

Saturated in a safety sheet


My life is so neat

Mentally tied up


Hands behind my ...

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entry picture
Poem 91 of 230:  TAX 

The flouting statement is rife -
    How death and taxes are
The two certainties of life.

And both, to be sure, do hold
    Lores of being a shame -
Thus, backing one may seem bold.

But taxes it seems to me -
    When used in proper ways -
Are good for humanity.

It’s natural to compete,
    But cultural to share -
And tax keeps folks off the street.


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-The ramblings of another young girl-

written: 10/17/14


 I fell hard, fast and all at once.

I believed in this thing called


 but now..

after all this pain and misery..

all this hurt and agony I have gone through,

All I can remember about "love" is how much it hurts when it's gone. 

All I remember is how bad I shattered..

  when you took ...

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KS (Emlékére)

Ha apámról csak egy szót mondhatok,
Ezt választom: "gondoskodott".
Szög beveretlen, cipõ befûzetlen nem maradt,
S a szánkba mindig jutott jó falat. 
Hadilábon állt a szóval õ maga, 
Tetteivel üzent inkább: "
Aggodalomra nincs oka
Senkinek, amig engem lát".
A lelke sokunk elõl, mint búvópatak, 
Mely erdõket táplál, rejtve maradt.

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Also by Cecilia Kovacs:

Emerge |


My love, my love,

Coated in thin gold,

Grinning like treasure, rare,

Fanning the flames that burn old.


My rapture, my rapture,

Cordial as my heart beats,

Docile like a child of God,

Reaping, our affection breached.


My light, my light,

We rebirth from fratured domains,

Like pillars, we balance ourselves,

From a wildfire of etched cranes.



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This | Forest Maiden[P2] | Forest maiden[P1] | For rest. | Autumn | Moons Dusk | Together | The Faol's Tale of Forsaken Love | In Screaming Rain(Thoughts in the rain) | Contemplation | Piecing of the Broken Heart | Beauty Unseen | Into Sunset |

Walking through life

The hate keeps fueling the fire,

The sadness in my heart continues to grow.

I need a ray of sunshine melting my hate as a hot sun would with snow.

The darkness over comes the light, but will the light ever shine bright enough?

The laughter of people brings jealousy into my heart.

Why can't I have laughter?

Why can't I have love and happiness?

I hear a whisper in my dreams " Th...

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Tags: norse


entry picture

Snapping twigs beneath my chilled toes

Each pebble each stick pains my bare feet

This forest is rough and it surely knows

Of its unseeable and dangerous defeat


The moon shines weakly throughout the night

Granting a minimal amount of visible light

Dead trees I saw black branches about

There is no sign of life that is no doubt


I continue my journey with great ca...

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Also by Lyra Greene:

Night is blinding | Becoming Alice | Story Time |


I know myself hanging there,
on that windy tree,
whose roots are unknown,
a sacrifice of myself to myself,
Wounded by my spear Gungnir,
for nine long nights and days I hung,
No food nor drink was brought to me,
Sinking into death they appeared,
Reaching out with a scream,
I grasped the runes,
and sunk from the tree,
with a sigh.

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Tags: Knowledge.,Norse Mythology,Odin,Paganism,Runes,Sacrifice,Yggdrasil

Also by Lopt the Treacherous:

For Loki |

My Soldier

entry picture

My Soldier


You see a Soldier

Hard and cold

Willing to destroy

For his country.

You see a man

Suffocated by camouflage

Engulfed in unpleasant and



You see a killer

Unable to re-adjust;

A man of no value.


I see My Soldier

A man with rough, scarred

 gentle hands.

My Soldier;

Who wears a tidy whities over jeans

A ...

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Also by :

Forever |




Brothers in arms

Brothers in death

Brothers forever

Until their last breath

Believing the lies

They believed the prize

Would be freedom.

They believed it was right,

It was right to fight for freedom.

But it was hard to be true

When the bullets flew

And shells exploded their dreams

Man to man and trench to trench

They couldn’t avoid...

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Her nimble gait  
Makes me think
She could walk 
A tightrope
In heels, 

The only pills
She'd pop
Might be for

I'm through
With my

Since under

We'd grow
The same

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