My Back

My back is sending me a message

it says I'm getting old

That's why I don’t like the winter

My back doesn’t like the cold.


It’s not as if I’m in agony

And the pain is under control.

But my back could do with a massage;

Not reminders that I’m getting old.


I need to send back a message

I need to be rather bold

There’s no bloody need to remind me


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wake up! BALL!

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Time maker

before Time taker

closes the plot

loan me the keys

to free important needs

we have not

allow my unlocking

Templed treasures

of all inner selves

Aladdinesque vaults

where precious truths

too long have lingered

on  dust coated shelves.

Books of loves purities.

The needs of hearts freedom flights

to where they need to be

where dark has no...

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Empty Space

Give me your space

Your empty space

The one you have discarded

Abandoned and abused

Wrung out, painted black

Locked, drapes shut.

The space you once filled with me

My name, my voice, my song

Our promises, hopes, plans.

As you retrace your steps

Turning back, turning your back

On me, forgetting that

We were once we


I need that space

I need to fill t...

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Also by Pete Slater:


The Lines

entry picture

I stand and admire the lines,

not always so straight.

The concrete veins through the places of old

we once walked,

through to the quagmire paths

where you first found my arm after stumbling.

The burrows, dark and secret, where lips pressed

against the soft feel of ripe naked fruit.

Canals, rivers, brooks, streams we have strolled along,

flowing the only way the valleys a...

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Gateway to Hell

entry picture

Gateway to Hell

Turn yourself inside out
to change your ways
Just don't expect
to change the world in a day
Step back in time
to where it all began
Take a look through
the gateway to hell

It's time to make
the decision you fear
Your chance has come
the time is near
Will you stand up
and be counted
And take a look through
the gateway to hell

It’s the gateway to hell,
are y...

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Self Control

Self Control
i keep thinking about us and how things went unnoticed, like when i gave you my heart and how you would never hold it, shit i thought it was my fault we never were the closest, i just figured time would heal everything you weren’t showing like picturing me cheating on you reliving that moment. if i can go back to that day i would have been less faded off the weed off the dr...

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Let Not The Ink Run Dry

Let Not The Ink Run Dry



     I share because I care

And dare to say words

That some find ill at ease,

     But one thing

I’ve found within

The realms of poetry,

We’re all as daring as each,

We all open our minds our

Hearts our soul and speak,

     And yes,

I see we’re all hankering

For change,

     I see many

Who care just...

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Tags: Don't Give Up,Poets,War,Writing

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The leaves fall

Tumbling to the ground

Each branch of the tree

Getting bare and brittle

Some leaves fall straight down

Some leaves get carried by the wind

I sit and watch

Each leave on an adventure

Some broken

Some cracked

Some gone from view

Each one leaving a memory

On the big tree

That is now nude

And pure

My heart was once pure

And covered in a g...

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Tags: fall,heartbreak,love,memories,time

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If you dance to the music, you’ll find yourself…

Had a prompt from our writing group last time of "

If you dance to the music, you’ll find yourself…" so I thought I'd give it a go, although I've not mentioned the prompt anywhere in the piece!


If you dance to the music, you’ll find yourself…


I can’t dance.

Anyone that takes a glance

Will see me prance and realise

That I can’t dance.


My Macarena i...

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Tags: bear,dance,dancing,funny poem

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We sailed our ships across the sea,

looking for a new place to be.

We were not satisfied with what we had,

We knew there was more in the world.

The seas were mighty, with waves as tall as the sky,

men fell over board and drowned,

I felt as if Thor was mad at us.

Still, we fought through the waves,

To a new land we called Vinland.

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Waiting for Nancy (III)

entry picture
Waiting for the third time
Hints at problems getting
Out of work
Or a flat tyre
On your bike
Which banged like a bullet
Down Oxford Road
And got oil
Up and down you
Almost changing the
Colour of the your pants.
A half hour asleep doze
After a early finish
Which turned into two hours
Your neighbours cat
You are looking after
That decided it wanted
Feeding yo...

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I don't need a title I don't need some papers to show my skills or proof of purpose I know they now require this but I'm a women of truth and bliss I don't need to shout I don't want to be seen I just want to help those who have lost everything I'll show them how to regain strength and teach them what's good for others is a priceless test and giving to the helpless and lost souls to guide the ...

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Tags: #need #want #truth


And the joke


Is on us
With our tin hats
In the rain 
We all like
The poison 
Too much 
You see
We all like
The damage
And it fascinates us
An impossible knot
And the more
We pull at it
The tighter 
It gets
Yet what we don't see
Is that we strangle
Admiring the tiger
Fearing the stripes

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welcome majesty



(The poem no one is going to ask me to write

celebrating the next royal visit of her majesty

to my home city of Liverpool).



We`re citizens, Ma`am, of our particular city,

Our own beloved mass of masonry,

And though the stranger may not think it pretty,

We are glad to be


We live up here beside our windy river

(The sea drives in and scours us twi...

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LASSITUDE. (More of the same old dross.)

When evil entities are trying to control you, body and soul,

on the whole it's difficult to keep the vital spark of your

inner core alive, like a red hot glowing coal; it's more of a

dying ember.

Being severely sight impaired is the absolute pits; I'm not

sight impaired enough to need a white stick, yet in airports,

even with my thick-lens specs on I can't pick out my flight deta...

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Tags: dying embers,p*****ses,snarf,snigger,snort (not coke)

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The Costa Coffee

I lingered at the door,

What the hell do I do?

I’d never found it complicated to buy myself a brew.


In I went,

hell bent on doing this thing.


I queued by the food and stewed.


I reached the altar, the man in black addressed me.




I think his name was Ed.

 I said

‘Can I have a pot of tea?’

In a foreign twang...

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Also by dazzzer:



-the ramblings of another young girl-

written: 9/27/14

 I watched as you curled up into your own little cocoon.

I watched as you emerged with new colors and two beautiful wings..

  that carried you away from me.

and I am stuck here, 

forced to stay put on this lonesome ground

as I watch you, and your brilliant colors,

fly high into the sky..

  and away from the mem...

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When tyrants and their bile emerge

The rest of us must face the scourge

And neutralise the bitter gall

That threatens to engulf us all

When a body is ill-treated

Prompt action sees disease defeated

We have to help ourselves at times

To confront Mother Nature's crimes

The same with tyrants' base infections:

Attack them hard from all directions

Until disease departs fro...

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A poetic object - Starry Clock by Jesse Glass

entry picture

My latest poetry review is published:

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Flawless blush

Roses to be


to explore

and culminate

in pinnacles

of scarlet profusions.


to taste

the dewy dawn

of first day.



interlacing lattices




seeking fullness

of honey toned light.


by the guidance

of heart shaped hands

to conspire

with secrets

of the sun.


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entry picture
Poem 57 of 230:  MANCHESTER - A GIST

Sports, large warehouses and merchants are the gist -
    A centre for distribution and trade,
Plus making goods and services for this list;
    Well placed, in these, it seems, the future’s laid.

Oh - I should note the entertainment trade,
And that, from fruit and grain, fine foods are made.

(C) David Franks 2003; from - 

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Greedy Ink

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Also by vincent berquez:

Drawing |


You’re a literary lion!
Yet you’re invariably sighing
as you prowl round the page
lines escape from the cage
and the herd run off trumpeting.

Or was that I heard a siren?
You’ve been out clubbing with Lord Byron,
I’m digging your deeds done abroad
with a pen and a sword,
at least that’s what I thought –
now I’m strangely discomfited.

There’s been a local...

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Also by Ray Miller:

Eastnor Castle Easter Monday |


entry picture



a hundred miles away, 

an autumn sun is rising.


When its fire warms your shoulders,

just imagine I am holding you,

with golden glitter dappling your eyes.



little minx, who will sing and roar with me

around tables stained with all the wine we’ll never drink,

and rooms in which the sun will set on one of us too soon?




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Corridor of Song |

In The Time It Takes

entry picture

In the time it takes to turn a corner
In the going of that moment
The rain
In the time it takes to close your eyes
In the waking dread of darkness
Spiral deepest down and down
Wherein long cold fingers claw
Wherein the night grows ever darker
In the time it takes to turn a corner
In the going of that moment
The rain
In the time it takes to root and tangle
Blood red fruits await the win...

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No Paragon

In aspiration, grace and virtue would my credo be,
With measured thought and action in all contexts there to see.
I'd be held up as one at peace,
No evidence of wild caprice;

A paragon in time of stress,
A bloody good all round success …
Confronted by some grand melee, I’d keep my inner calm.
As things kick off, my presence works as would a soothing balm.
A cool head when the sh...

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Hi everyone!
LOADS of gigs coming up including a tour all over England and Germany with my band Barnstormer celebrating our 20th anniversary...
Hope to see you somewhere :)
Cheers Attila

 26 BRADFORD 1 in 12 Protag Fest - at a celebration of the life of my old mate
27  LEEDS  Seacroft Village Hall for proper socialist Labour PPC Richard Burgon http://ww...

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Lost in the Supermarket |

A diffrent View

A scratch on the back that send chills down your back

A smile that lit the darkside of the moon

No cares in the world

She whirled, twirled her hands till noon

   Falling into the sand

    Keeping the angel



BAck now aches with pain and regret

Moon is shaded with darkness and now seeking vengeance

More worried filled the world 

Now standing ...

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Poem: Draw Closer to God

entry picture

Draw closer to God
and He will draw nigh unto thee,
provided you’re willing to…
demonstrate actual honesty.

For He can always see
intentions written upon one’s heart.
Stop playing games and come clean;
otherwise, His Spirit may soon depart.

Jehovah transcends the boundaries of time;
So to Him, there is nothing new under the sun.
Start by freely accepting Salvation’s gift,

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Tags: breunig,christian poetry,Draw Closer to God,faith,poetry

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Train window

entry picture

I thought I knew someone

standing accross the road,

she was waiting for a gap in traffic...

Then, there was another time,

alighting from a cab

and carrying fancy bags...

There she was again

-I think-

seated opposite me

on that train from Liverpool,

but that was just a reflection...

There was one time at a party 

when she smiled

my way, I thought, but it...

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In Père Lachaise Cemetery

entry picture

It takes time and focus to make your way

around this star-studded necropolis.

Without a convenient plan or a guide

– pedantic, wry, and always affable –

you'll wander in vain its endless pathways.

Unable to spot the names you’ve heard of,

you will feel deceived and none the wiser.


Lured by bones, or the dubious remains

of two mythic lovers, what do we seek


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It's raining

It was pissing down when I left home today

Clouds the darkest shade of grey

The blackest of the black

The rain at full force of attack

None of the comforting

Soft pitter pat

But a diving crescendo

Bursting on the earth

Bouncing off brollies

Bouncing off cars

Wiper blades moving quickly

Swishing back and forth


Arriving at my place of work

The day has bee...

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Also by Martin Elder:

Tall tales |


Other people’s borrowed books
are lodgers on my crowded shelves.
Their broken spines, when spotted, speak
of characters beyond themselves;
of people I no longer see.

Time and distance intervene
but each is proof of some intent
to render joy or furnish truths.
I think about the books I’ve lent
and wonder if they speak of me.

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Also by Travis Brow:


My Whole Heart

entry picture

You have my whole heart
Will till the day that I die
And forever more

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Tags: forever,heart,Love

Also by Shirley Smothers:

I Think About You | My Dad |

The Auld Drunk

'Git tae fuck!"

The auld drunk said

As he swigged back the Tennent's


So I went

Back on my way

As the sun began to set


Now I think

Of the auld drunk

From time to time in passing


I care not if I grow old

Still less to be a drunkard

But to be too bitter

Or too afraid

Should I have one

To tell my tale

To the bent and weary faces

Of thos...

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entry picture

The dirty dark blue overcoat

Had long since seen a better day

A hard life, over sixty years

Has him set in his own way

Guardian of suburban parkland

Where all the Children play


The eyesight of a shithouse rat

From the days when he wore khaki

Remembers Dunkirk and it’s beach

Queuing up still makes him narky

The Kids know not to mess with him

Because He’s t...

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Tags: childhood,old soldier,parks,working class men

Also by Daniel Dwyran:


Nine Diamonds

Nine Diamonds

We are the keepers of the green
The blue, the gold, the sienna blood
We are the makers of royal love
Upon crystal clouds of daydreams

We seek the handicapped in humanity
To shift, to ally, to share the weight
We strip the pretense, no time for that
For the humanity is our handicap

We are equals, right down the line
In our interest we choose no hate
We find meaning ...

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Walls Within the Madhouse

Only the walls know

What the goings on are,

Inside this glorious madhouse.

They see, and remember,

Remember by holding in the evidence,

In their structure, in their bones, in the paint smeared upon them.

They can recall the way your tears were like pearls.

And the dark that bloomed on your pale neck

Where I kissed and you moaned.

They know the shy way your tentative fing...

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Passing of the past.

entry picture

Stood tall and strong and proud they had

been with him though each year

become akin to family,

through plough and drill and shear

sheltered and protected him

held off weather's assails

comforted him at times of rest

guided his hard travails

As friends, they kept their counsel closed

whilst provoking contemplation

they stripped him as they too laid bare

exposing al...

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Must touch one, twice, thrice!

Otherwise I must pay the price!

Penetrating thoughts that won’t go away,

Compulsions that haunt me day by day;

Anxiety comes, anxiety goes,

Got guilt, depression and so much obsession.




Please leave me!

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Tags: anxiety,life,Mental Illness,Reflection

Seaside 4x4

Gulls wheel and squeal and spin

like dirty handkerchiefs in the wash,

one settles to rape a discarded bag of sodden chips

before the inevitable vicious pecking war begins.


Circling cleverly around this dawning scene

an urban wind unfolds the day,

unwrapping the present before

purchasing the future.


Beachside, a traffic cone King Canute

unsteadily enthroned, s...

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Also by Graham Sherwood:

Pain(less) |


The long cold walk from the car to the stone, the grass soaking wet because the sun hasn’t shown. 

The flowers have all died because we’ve been forgotten, this once cold flesh has decayed and is rotten.

I’m surrounded by ones who are all the same, but they have countless stories, countless reasons, countless names. 

Some like to disguise the pain with celebration, hiding behind a ...

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I told you


I told you
In 1982
Deacdes ago now 
But you'd have none of it
When I said I knew what Eartha meant
When she growled
"I Love men
I love men
I love men"

Didn't you think it was strange
That I enthused so much over Dynasty?
And Joan Collins
In all her finery
Strutting around like the cat 
Who'd clearly got the cream
Stiletto heels leaving a bloody trail
Of th...

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Also by Jon:

(untitled) |


Born in black
I squeezed for the white milk
From an unknown Breast
On the streets
I was a month old as a feast (0-1)
I balanced my feat
Raised my hands for a treat
But nobody was there
To give me a warm great
She left me alone
With my future on the streets
But three year old was least (1-3)

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entry picture

Mosh : autobiographical. (dead long)
Mosh is a word I first heard in the last town I had at go at settling down in. I d given up writing. In those days there were no computers. Not in my posession.Id only just got to think they might be handy for typing on. I wrote chapters for the year 1994, a most significant time but tis was 1999. I wrote them in the flat in Waltamstow, on a big old word process...

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In my own community, the very streets run hot with envy

They look at me, peers and enemies alike

Looking like they always want to fight, out of spite

I sometimes wonder what they see when they look at me with envy

Is it my sexiness that offends, does my Blackness cause you dismay?

Are you mad because I choose to smile anyway

Does my skin tone upset you?

Because it high...

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The Mirror of Me |

Cute Cat Picture and Poetry Book giveaway

Here is a cute cat picture and a poetry book giveaway in conjunction with this. 

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Also by Andy N:

Unsaid (for the children abused in Rotherham) |

Things Can Only Get Bitter

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entry picture


You’ve had your vote

You’ve had your say

You spoke up for

The Forth and Tay


Would you reject

The status quo?


But you said “No”


I’m sad to say

For our UK

The whole debate

Won’t go away


The nationalists

Will just want more

We’ve opened up

A running sore


Things can only get bitter

Can only bit...

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Also by John Coopey:

School Record |

Daphnis and Chloé

Daphnis and Chloé

at dawn
broke the glass case
and went to bleed
on the sheepskin

turned over
his wife's photograph
drank his coffee hot
looked nervously
at the reel of seconds

the day was young
light creeping
between thin letters
buds burst open
at the crossing
the traffic jammed
honked like mad
with the twisting of bodies
and the virgin ...

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