Poor Alice turned seventeen on the day that she passed away, her funeral was held on a bleak, overcast day in mid-winter, no cards were sent, nobody ever took the time to know her name, the church was isolated, only a small handful of mourners came, her coffin, an old wooden crate which was donated by a local shopkeeper, lay barren of flowers, as barren as the ancient trees in the churchyard, ...

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Also by Tony Kasazkaja:

Through The Eyes Of Innocence | I Think I Know You | Next Year Will Be Different | Memories Of A Soldier | The Hero A Nation Forgot |


compassion is not a virtue but a vice
just as nice isn't pleasant but an amalgam of
                                            neat and precise
and they exactly make a perfect pair
for the empathic to feel superior

oh I know I am heartless
    for daring to say
that I am greatly saddened
    by the knowledge
      most african university graduates
      dream of working for an NGO

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Also by jeremy young:

sonnet of the hanged man | behind the hedge | for a dead child | litter | alernate past | coppery lunch | school disco | please don't say that | spitting in the street | lomographic sound poem | art day | I saw the light - 1 | elliott poems 2 | elliott poems 1 | eli | ennui | dawdling | buxom | bow bell | normal for boys | stonepile | warham fort | dales | paralax | spirits |

Love Me; Let Me Be

I am a complex cocktail of emotions

yet I am simple

let me be.


I am an intricate web of feelings

yet I am easy

accept me.


I am not your puzzle to solve

your answer to give

your logic to prove.


I am not your guilt to absolve

your reason to live

your mountain to move.


Just look and see me

don't try to free me

love me; let me be.

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Also by Natfastic:

You Bore Me | Reravelling | FUN! | My Pretty | On the Lake | A Learning Love | Everything Changes | I Used to be Defensive | Oh, But I Am Not |

Lady in a Royal Telegram

As time takes her forward

to the century-plus next birthday celebration

she verbally,excitedly bridges

the party laden table with brief excerpts

from her journey through ten decades


gesturing intermittently

with shaking age worn hands

that she hopes will help illustrate

the bright peaked and dark troughed stories of her past.


In the glow of so many candles


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Also by Rose Casserley:

Reprieved! | Keeping the 'ME' faith | Drained | Out of the blue | Towards the shoulders of a giant | Them outpacing us | Romancing the Orb | observing grown ups | moi-warts and all! | from looking cool to chemotherapy | oh no! I've fallen for the same old shite-again! | Grave concerns | my give-a-shit just retired | beware the cross hairs | Hanging the gloves up | Remedy | never too late | Using you to use me | La Luna | Westminster Wolf |

Staring at a hoopoe

entry picture

         ilare uccello calunniato


Caught in the moment,

there is no way of knowing

who might have blinked first –

the old man or his visitant,

the bright, crested

ambivalent bird. A few

scattered objects

implying a workspace,

the room is otherwise

unfocused beyond

the reciprocal stare

of two survivors.

The eyes of one are stoical,

but lit by a...

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Also by David Cooke:

Local Music | For Howlin' Wolf in Heaven | The Fly Past | In Loco Parentis | Weisz | Urban | Nothing | The Ice House |

Trading places

entry picture

Being in love is different from loving someone,

One's a familiar, comfortable cocoon

Warm and tucked in, like a glass of

Lukewarm milk.

One's a shot of tequila, followed by others

Pure adrenaline, trailing hot kisses

Till your toes tingle.

One's good to come home to

One's good,



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Also by Preeti:

Obligatory |

Ever since I met him

entry picture


I dreamt of a place to wander

A far off isle in the south

Days & nights naively ponder

Ever since I met him...


Soul drenched in reveries

Though sands were never mine

He walked some other hands

Ever since I met him…


I should have known his love

It was of time being kind

Gulping venom of a dove

Ever since I met him...


Neither did anyone glean


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Tags: love

Also by Juhi Gupte:

Equinox |


entry picture
Poem 42 of 230:  IMPRESSIONS OF LONDON IN 1997


E F# G G A G F# F#
E F# F# F#-G F# E E
E F# F# F#-G F# E E)

Cabs all uniform in their shape.
    Good galleries make one gape.
Hard-going people on the move -
    Things matter much in this groove.

About the weather lots of moans.
    Solicits stuck on pay-phones.
Summer weather - not bad, I’ve felt.
    Lads giving...

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Also by David Franks: Walkabouts Verse:


moon and sun

When Moon blocks the Sun

The sea in the bay is restless slapping over

the pier, salt spray on the dog, she was

not amused and sought shelter behind the car.

She had not been herself for days

the moon blocking the sun I didn’t know it

affected animals.


Perhaps a residue of a disaster that happened

years ago and can easily happen again,

a meteor hitting the earth and ...

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Also by jan oskar hansen :

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Sibling Rivalry


In your designer wallpapered sweet suburbia

You have migrated from just up the road

And round the corner to not very far it seems

Not very ambitious for all your ambitions

Held up before me like a red rag to a bull


Now your china is turning to Lladro

In a middle-class-Mediterranean-diet sort of way

Thank god for dear old Delia’s seasonal selections

You collect the...

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Also by Colsibabes:

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Two Tens

(Prior to becoming the Lancashire Fusiliers the Regiment had been known as the 20th Regiment of Foot often recorded in Roman numerals as: XX Foot. Lancashire Fusiliers often referred to themselves as 'Two Tens' and the old timers still do today).

25 April 1915
World War I – Gallipoli
Lancashire Landing
1st Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers
3 Companies, 1,029 men
1 mission - W Beach
4:00 a.m. shi...

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Tags: Gallipoli,Lancashire Fusiliers

Also by Shirley-Anne Kennedy:

For Fox Sake! |


black crows white sheets,

orange eyes, ivory beaks

grey slabs crimson blood

green spears brown corpse,

yellow puss pink tongue

blue skies gold sun,

black crows white sheets.



© Graham Sherwood 04/2015

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Also by Graham Sherwood:

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Trev does Texas again 2015: Austin

05/04/15 - 24) Disembarkation, then to Customs and Immigration

Scan you passport and four fingers

Answer four questions, it's quick, nobody lingers

Bag collected passport stamped am I'm away

To  "Welcome back sir have a nice day".

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Also by Trev the Road Poet:

Trev does Texas again 2015: Departure Day |

National Poetry Month - Celebrating the Bathroom

In honor of National Poetry Month, the team at The Bath Outlet have let the creative juices flow and unleashed their poetic powers to produce some bathroom-inspired poetry!

Showers in April

By: Jessica Akiya

April is a time for showers

Outside for plants and inside has powers

From the shower head the warm water flows

While outside the warm spring wind comes and goes


We en...

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Tags: bathroom,bathroom poetry,national poetry month

Flesh of my Flesh

Flesh of my Flesh

Leaving  nothing left unsaid
Looking in a mirror is something to dread
Flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone
You are there
In the eyes
The nose
The hair
A shard of glass to pierce the skin
To bleed out the poison from within
But flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone
You are here
In every breath
In every word
In every tear

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Also by Lea:

Thank You Dorothy | Existential Rambling | Whoosh! | Ballad of Cool and Sad |

Learning to live, without loving you

You confessed your love for me so soon
Brought light into my dark seedy life 
You had my heart, as the stars have the moon 
But you've ripped it apart like paper to a knife 

I cannot continue this path much longer 
For my efforts are always dismissed 
I'm weakening where you are stronger 
I've been at my knees since we kissed 

I beg of you to loosen your grip 
Let me go and tend to my...

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Tags: love,Love lost,romanticism

Also by Mike Ligorio:

Learning to live, without loving you |

9teen6ties pill popping pussy hunter

entry picture

Remembering those OHHHHH! times.

My fourty year old collection

of one night stands

great bands,

neon lit lands,

of Manchester night life.


Magnetising devilish blues

belting out from the doorways

of marijuana,sweat smelling

subterranean pleasure caves

great anything goes cellar club all nighters.


Drinking of my own body weight in alcohol

every Southern ...

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Also by Patricia and Stefan Wilde:

Wearer of shit tinted glasses | beer house bust up | Running on empty | Man |



I think too much, I think.
think I think too little too;
too little of myself, perhaps.
I think far more of you. 

I think of you as resolute
adaptable and brave.
I’m about as resolute
as flotsam on a wave. 

I think of you as capable,
adventurous and bold.
I am pressed and starched
in every paralysing fold.

I yoke myself by thinking
there’s no risk I ...

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Also by Travis Brow:




I don’t want to be in a hundred places.
I don’t want to drown in a million faces.
I don’t really know them.
I don’t want to show them who I am.
I just want to dam this increasing flow
Of places, faces I can’t put my finger on.
If I close my eyes they should be gone.
But they linger, hanging on,
Banging on like a spoilt brat.
Droning on about this ‘n’ that,
Like a coll...

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Tags: Poetry

Such Indescribable Hurt

Such Indescribable Hurt


     All human dignity is gone,

Shattered into billions of sharp

Fragmented pieces for her to swallow,

     And the taste of blood and pain

Like metal that cannot be chewed!


     She dreams she has been

Forced through a meat grinder,

Bone and gristle pulped

And oozing contagion

She fears may season all,

     And she longs to touch


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Also by Noetic-fret!:

To Rescue Them All |


In that location existed one junior male person bearing the title James although this was often shortened to an abbreviated form of address, A person lacking in flesh to an extreme degree, This juvenile lost his footing atop a small thin broken branch of a tree, Which caused said adolescent fellow to go head over heels in a perpendicular manner from top to bottom into a gouge within th...

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Also by Jacqueline Phillips:

Sitting On A Chair Arguing About Computing | BRAIN BUGS |


Loading the player…

entry picture

(Dedicated to the behind-my-back tittle tattlers; another "Clarksonite" old song codged up to look like poetry.  And hoping that life mirrors art on May 8th)


Dave don’t live here anymore;

Don’t feel sorry – he’s not so poor;

Though he weasled and he lied

He’s got nowhere left to hide;

Dave don’t live here anymore.


Dave don’t live here anymore

And now George has left ...

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Also by John Coopey:


Vellichor -(The strange wistfulness of used bookshops)


Bookshop owners are in essence collectors,

Word hoarders.

Suspened thoughts encased, ordered

And set in space and time.


Booksellers don’t want to part with their collection.

Sit and drink and lose and hour,

Scouring the dogged edges of

Space and time.

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Also by dazzer:

If Cameron Came To My House (audio) | Deansgate Bridge (audio) |

When I lie.

There is me...lying.
Not lying like you say.
Lying on the floor, lying like I say.
Begging, weeping, asking.
You carnival figure, you.
You war hero, you.
You champion, you.
One leg propped upon my stomach.
Where are your gold stamps, your badges, your medals?
The trophy you stand on is all battered.
You have laid me out on the floor, the doormat
Withholding the welcome sign.
You roll m...

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Tags: apologise,feminism,lie,passive,relationship,sex,sorry,submit,torment,weapon


A heart that brimmed with compassion and love,
waiting to spill out and shower over new life.
Baptise it in happiness.
A woman with the perfect ingredients to be a perfect mother
yet God did not provide her with the recipe.
An empty cot, an empty womb, an empty space in her heart just waiting to be filled.
Waiting for tiny feet to pitter patter along her heart strings and compose a melody.

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Tags: remembrance

Also by Eva Curless:

School. | The Ones We Call Leaders | Rabbit in the Headlights | Heavy Footed | Barbie Doll | Every Day Battles | Flander's Fields. |

Tick Tock

Oh time! how you pass me by

Tick Tocking away by the day

The years fly past even as we lay

But not much we can say


Tick Tocking away as mama begins to shout

Tick Tocking away as things start to pan out

Tick Tocking away as the hourglass runs out


Some despise your perceived cruelty

or could it be a timeless beauty?

Others delight at your ability to heal what we ...

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Also by Grace:

What is? | Changes | Beautiful Chaos | Floating |


Stout is the drink that I savour

A glass full of chocolate flavour,

The glass to my lips  -  What a kiss

Down it goes just like bliss.


The devils liquid I have named it

Joining Camra is to blame - I admit,

I buy one more and then I think

Oh! The consequence of another drink.


Oh dear! empty glasses

My how quickly time passes,

Stout, my love has gone too far


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Also by Hazel Connelly:

A Bow | Ghost 2 | Ghost | A Room With a View |


Have you ever stood on a city street

And watched the pace of passing feet?

How quick they go as if they dare

Not to be seen to linger there.


Their owners trapped in headlong rush

That takes them to another crush

Of hurrying humanity in its need

To avoid attention by its speed.


How different from the village street

When people pause and actually greet

A passe...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:

TICK TOCK | THE VOICE OF SUMMER | THE PRIMROSE - a re-post for the renewal of Spring! | LOVE TAUGHT HIM |

Let me Bleed

Blue sea below stormy skies
No one sees bleeding eyes,
Or the pain and the heartache
That keeps me awake
My dreams, all are shattered
My head truely battered 
This pain that I feel.....
Is surely unreal. Surely unreal.
Pierced my armour 
Down goes my shield
Broken defences
Just let me bleed
Just let me bleed
One day you'll regret
The things that you've left.....

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Tags: heartbreak,love,lyrics,song

Also by Mojooohhh:

Brutal is the Beast |

short n sweet

celebrity, living life
with brevity, fast as catcher's mitts
fleeting as spliffs on fox trails
green as surgical gloves.

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Tags: sierra whiskey echo delta

Also by Zach Dafoe:

shared (aug/sept 2013) | Removed the Silver Ring (04/12/2015) | Tiny Tim 0716 | Kimura 1 | First Laugh, Last Laugh | notes 3 | Let's Talk, WoL | Late Night Acousma | speech oil (03/31/2015) | 14/30 (04/01/2015) |

Natural Addiction

Love is a drug,
One perspective shifting trip,
Unknowingly stumbled upon.
Now you’re consciously falling.

For a splitting second,
You’re suspended in the rush,
A swift inhale,
Heavy eyelids-
Collapse shut in suspense.
One. Last. Relaxing, sigh-
It hits you.

Their tender embrace,
Exhilaration, tumbling acceleration,
Both induced by the physical materialisation-
Of the innate fear of falling.
Into this eup...

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Also by Sharlie:

Silly Mistakes. | How it is |

The Truth

They want

They seek

To scandalise

To brutalise

The truth

To disrespect

Disrupt and corrupt

To take away your youth


How far and

When are not words

 They understand

When is a step

A step to far

To protect

To hide

What’s been said

What’s been done

By whom and when

It’s just another

Cunning ruse

Wrapped up

Carefully packaged


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Also by Martin Elder:

There was a time | There was a time | Die tomorrow |

Song For Jean Duluoz

Little Jack, he’s on his own

In the wild American night

Chasing down the mystic road

Trying to keep his star in sight

He last saw Neal three days ago

When he shot his arrow into the sun

Now his magic shirt is hanging down

His mouth is half undone


And the kids in all the mid west towns

Are hanging on his tongue

Jack yawns and gapes and scratches hard

Says “Jesu...

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every night, the same dream

the stink of diesel and of fear which
everyone’s pretending is not here
because if they do not name it, it will not be real
but in the hot bodies of the strangers pressed
around her she can feel
the tension of a panic only held at bay
like sea-sickness, with iron will, good fortune,
muttered prayers
they rise and fall, jaws clench and clench again

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Tags: Katie Hopkins,Mediterranean,refugees,tragedy

Paragram Chapbook Challenge

entry picture

Paragram continues to offer writers a wide range of publication ventures. Returning the focus to poetry this year, the all new Chapbook Challenge offers two amazing opportunities. The first is for one talented poet to realise an ambition to publish their short collection. The second will see over40 poets published in Paragram Spotlights, the 2015 anthology.

Paragram will add to the short collec...

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Tags: chapbook competition,Poetry competition

Longlisted for the Melita Hume Prize 2015

Poetry collection longlisted for the Melita Hume prize 2015:

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Tags: Eyewear Publishing,Melita Hume prize,poems,poetry,poetry competitions,poetry prizes

Also by Joseph Robert:

A poem in W.I.S.H MAGAZINE |

The Spiritual Battle

entry picture

"The Spiritual Battle"

They say he never stops,

They say the devil does not sleep at night,

That is why we have cops,

A wise man once said to me, "Continue fighting the good fight."


My flesh is weak,

I am distracted from God by beauty and glamour,

When Jesus is with me I reach a spiritual peak,

Only he has the power to remove from me, this worldly clamour.


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Standing there silently
Just having a wee
Staring at the wall
‘Cos there's nothing to see
Just wiggling it about
To alter the stream
Peace and tranquility
Is not what it seems
There’s ying and yang 
And other forces at play
The imps are at work
Set to ruin your day
It starts at that moment
When the bladders half empty
Half ...

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Tags: Bawdy humour,Comedy,Toilet

Also by Chris Briggs:

Put It Away |

Concrete Eyes


I need to shade my eyes

From the grit that’s

On these streets

From dirtying my windows

And setting in my mind


The nine year old

Screaming gutter abuse

At her mother

While she pats her

On the head

Caves in and

Gives her another


The compensation vultures

Circling the pool of claims

Planning their next gain

Picking out riches

From between...

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Also by Lynn Hamilton:

A&E | My God |

Ghost story II update

entry picture

Ghost Story II is still developing along nicely guys and girls.

Currently it is up to Part 19 

See here for more details.

Lots of guest poets on here including Write Out Loud regulars, Hazel Connolly, Tina Ford, Natfastic (Natalie), Ian Whiteley Gray Nicholls and loads of others.

If you are still interested in submitting a guest poem, get in touch.

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Also by Andy N:

Ghost Story Part I |

What if this is all real?

Stumbling with great form,

As ready and stable as any other hungover,

Willfully sick step could be,

I caught a terrifying question 

Posed to no one.

"What if this is all real?"

He was a toothless mess,

Wishing he could feel as bad as me.

Longing for the self defeating luxury of excess,

And stuck with piss stained slacks,

Feeling the true bad I thought I was complainin...

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Is this what borders do?

In Algiers I held a glass

that held a face's stare

In the glass the face that stared

stared back at me in fear.


We came upon slowing traffic.

Inside the ancient bus

the standing passengers

were gently rocked as it edged

along the unfinished road.


We passed the sun-glassed occupants

of cars and busses

and the rolled-up sleeves of lorry drivers.

Tanned a...

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

Is this what borders do? | (untitled) | Licking |


Loading the player…

I’m not a stranger of myself anymore

I am a shadow

That shines bright

In the midst of the darkness

A machine that manufactures

Thought process

In every waking breath

I’m the armor of my heart

As it breaks piece by piece

Like a shredded cloth

I’m broken enough to not feel broken

Dead enough to not feel my spirit

I no longer care for

Unnecessary conversations a...

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entry picture

Beneath this yonder twinkling isle
I laid down for a while;
Amidst this firmamental lea
I saw a pulsar shine with glee.

Soon i ventured into a dream 
and saw the lign aloes gleam ;
a foreigner to this lonesome abyss
I savoured every kiss of bliss.

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Tags: dream,time travel

Smoke Screen - written Sweet Green tavern 2004

Smoke Screen,


Ever had a lover fill your head with lies yet you still cant resist them?


Can't rest tonight

can't settle in my skin

Full moon's out high

the past keeps tellin' lies,

Feels like I am always runnin,

away from somethin'

It's that reoccurin' dream

it's that smokescreen,

fog around my feet,

Keeping me sweet,


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Also by Nicola Beckett:

Snow -2008 | The Moon Watches -2006 | Nowhere - written 2004 Alicante | It' a Secret -2002 written Bury Met |

The Thoughts Inside My Head

Do not presume to know

The secrets of my heart

Neither could you hope to understand

The thoughts inside my head


Don’t expect a welcome

As you try to probe inside

For the thoughts that are mine only

Are the thoughts inside my head.


So don’t be so upset

When your questions are unanswered.

My heart is locked and forged with steel

As are the thoughts inside m...

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Also by Steve:

The Ballad of a Middle Aged Man |

Haiku: Revelation

Brevity of words;

No rhyme within its reason.

Haiku uncovered.

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Also by Rob J Mann:

Haiku: Prelude to a Fall | Haiku: Caught Out | Haiku: Crow | The Crow | Who Are You? |

Springtime Haiku


Waky Waky haiku

Sleep interrupted
by gardeners probing fork
cringing hedgehog stirs.


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Tags: Wakey Wakey

VI. Little Fish

VI. Little Fish

Dive and swim in the pond.

Drift by smoothly, feeling the sun.

Be happy and free with no bond. 

Swim and float by because your journey has begun.


Swim my dear little fish

For this is your granted wish.

The bowl feels too tight

It has grown too small.

So I will set you free

Maybe one day you will come back to me.

Struggle against the ripping cur...

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Also by Camille:

V. The Passing | IV. Coffee | III. Conquer | II. The Night |

Always to Never

Always is a long time

But together its lovely

Constant fighting

Don’t want to be alone

Everyday without you would be pain

Forget about me

Got to move on

Have to forget the memories

I will face what's new

Just move on


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Also by Aly Hatcher:

HAPPY | LOVE | (untitled) | Live Long, Die Old |
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