Happy Spring!

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Tenderly stepping on the last snow

The first of March is coming.

Spring will release the love arrow,

Beautiful songs of love humming.


The feeling of spring is known to all,

It happens every coming year.

My loving spring has no wall,

Its sounds I can clearly hear.


March is a harbinger of changes.

It smiles happily together with me.

Its grace has the wid...

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'Thats one small step for man

one giant leap for mankind'


Oh really?


Should lunar inhabitance

come about

will she also

receive the same damage as Earth?


Man needs to deal

with the far more important conquest first.


That of his self.

His REAL self.





© Stef Wilde 2015 

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Looking back in Anger

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Shorter and shorter
my poems fall out
less obviously nowadays

spelling out their messages
less clearer

more mysteries
and less obvious

freelancing through

no longer
looking back at things
in anger.



(For Sarah)

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Tartan Beret

Fat raindrops tumbling into slate-slick puddles

like dropped pennies, splashing.

Holding out your hat, upside down

the tartan beret,

you comically try to catch them

laughing, as if you could win a prize,

before emptying them out with a flippant shake,

all interest gone.

I watch you as your body floats,

perfectly, a sculpture brought to life,

moving through my astonish...

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early morning sonnet

Early Morning Sonnet

Woke up at four, no moon or stars, stygian the night.

I switched on the tablet to read the papers, but

the light disturbed my wife who objected, I switched

it off. Then I thought about sex and if there was

a position i had never tried....could not think of any.

 And what should I do if i met a woman who showed

sexual interest in me? I could carry an artifi...

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Out of the ordinary

Will it ever be revealed

for all time?


This 'what else'


I know it does exist somewhere

I hear it


constantly seizing my attention away

from monotony.


Searching for it is'nt neccessary.

It seems not wanting to hide

or at the same time be seen too early

or be heard more voluminous

than a whisper

but certainly needs listening out ...

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There are 
No words
We get swallowed up
Gobbled down
Pretend everything 
Is ok
And that 
It's not us
Who have buried
Our heads
But that 
The world 
Has somehow 
Improved itself
And then
A man is killed  
No one in particular 
Just any man 
An ordinary man 
Or woman
It matters not 
To the dead 
And a yo...

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Sky Writing

What flights of fancy
Captivate my reverie.
Fathomless blue, etched
With lines, straight as arrows,
Criss-crossing as if fired
In a frenzy.
Blaze their path in silence,
Trailing fragile lifelines
Insubstantial as vapour;
Whilst clouds obey the wind,
And build castles.

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It takes

It takes the sun and the rain
to make the flowers grow
It takes the moon and the stars
to make the dark skies glow
It takes a wish and lots of hard work
to make a dream come true
And to make my life worth wild for
it takes a sweet and loving girl like 
you to make it happen

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Dexteram Patris

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Dexteram Patris

seeing him that way,
and she,
ever supportive,
gently touching
his arm
for reassurance.

but there is a failing,
something not the same,
although in looks
we are so similar.

The Prodigal returns
and sees his father,
straight of back
and stern of countenance,
falling to pieces.

The once proud frame -

and she,
as beautiful as always,

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I Think I Know You

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I think I know you, you was their plaything
 for too long you coped alone with the pain
 they'd only hurt you more if you spoke out...
 Never invited to parties or their camping trips
 for hours you would sit alone in your room,
 your safe haven where nobody could harm you

You tried so hard to fit in, changing yourself
only to be hurt more, to be abused constantly,
You wanted to be part ...

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Overcoming Fear

-Caught in vague phobias

of all future may present


Riddled with ambiguity

 it might never represent


A fear of ensuing failure

 logic gets to wear a veil


Inhibiting valid outcome

it otherwise would entail


Unless strange tried out

not known if be achieved


Nothing stays impossible

what’s earnestly believed


However much be darkest


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The liberation

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Trapped in a small cocoon,
Long have I been waiting
During many a moon
For this second coming.
I was wrapped up all warm
In a shroud of cotton
I was merely a worm,
In a land all forgotten,
A changeling, in this hold,
The cosiest of jails.
My wings were in a fold,
A mesh of tangled sails,
Hidden from all to see,
Colours of vibrant blue.
Now is the time for me
To arise and be true.

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18 years

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This poem today is a tribute to my late departed father, whom left this world 18 year ago. 

18 Years

18 years
a lifetime of tears shed for a controversial hero, now
reduced to a photo on marble stone
here in the cemetery
you can't be alone

surrounded by others
taken before their time
some young, some old, and some new
but in this place of rest
all that matters to me is you

a faded ...

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Random access memory is my good and my bad,
Random access memory is my launching pad.
It makes me smile at the oddest of times,
Then at the worst moment tells me of my past crimes.
Hiding my words when I need them the most,
Throwing me glimpses of unlooked for ghosts.
Telling me truths’,
Whispering lies,
Random access memory, my life, my demise.

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THE FAMILY - an Acrostic poem

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There’s one word that everyone should know and treasure

Hold in reverence for life long companionship and pleasure

Even on the darkest days when pain and distress abound

Family is the one word that can bring a comforting sound

All can benefit if they simply recall their sister & brother

Maybe they are distant people they have yet to discover

In this world there is but o...

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(a jaunty form called an anacreontic)


Raise your voices; sisters speak!

International Women’s Week.

Banish weakness.  Let’s be strong.

Time to right what has been wrong.

Linking arms in sisterhood,

Pledged to Justice, pledged to Good.

Standing proud and standing tall,

The worth of one the strength of all

Yellow, brown or black or white

Joined together in the figh...

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The Tree House

Last day of summer

and our golden nearly-double-digits fairy flute child

is giggling with her almost-first-best-friend

sharing silly secrets

in amongst the branches of the tree house,

whilst beneath them

our deep dark ancient little man

is lurking in the shadows, as he does,

revelling in the role of villain,

plotting their demise.


On days like this I have to shad...

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Ray Charles 0553 (02/28/2015)

11 hours ago
>totally overdid it


>drank way way way way
>too much

uh oh
lil puki?

>not right now
>i was passed ou...

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In The End

-the ramblings of another young girl-

written: 2/14/15


I know I love you now.

But my mother once loved my father

and the ocean claims to love the shore,

but in the end who always ends up

washing back out to sea?


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