Sherbet Lemons

Sweetness fills my senses 
As my tongue rolls around you 
Savouring your taste

As my mouth gently engulfs your contours
Relishing every second until 
Finally releasing your zesty finish


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 “All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.” 
― Julian of Norwich - Revelations of Divine Love


we had asked for no visitors for the first few days

and none came

as through colostrum tears 

and showers of gurgling sparks

such a comet that had never been seen before

struck the cold hard ground i walked

bringing orchids

to thr...

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Am                                                                     F

Distance shots or tap-ins from the six-yard box

Am                                                      F

He’s leading from the front as Spurs turn back the clocks

Am                                                      F

We’re heading for the title helped by Alli and Son

Am                                  ...

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Also by John Coopey:



We went east on the Thames

black tunnel of night

into the mysterious pools of night

on the Silver Barracuda

played the songs of Ry Cooder and George Benson


then the dancing took over,

YMCA thundered through the salty hull

as yuppies, ad-men

celebrated their new found culture

Thatcher's spawn.


The roof opened, underbellies of bridges strode by;

for the mus...

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Also by ray pool:


Tell me everything you can't do to us

Awoke troubled from a crazy dream felt so real

Feels like something ain't right here and that's not fine with me 

Clothes shelter food smalls lennon hicks 

Why's does hidden knowledge exist?  

Does reality need saving? 

Amen Ra 

Check you're facts worship false idols 

Act popular. Mod cons. Goodbye nice try 

Spiralling out of control 

Thanks giving in isolation 


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Aussies are so clever!

because they can stand upside down

and still be upright at the same time!





Stef Wilde Feb 2016

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Taste The Wine First

Taps turn

water warm

bottles of

red wine

pour in.


Invite your

lover round

blindfold them

strip naked

bath ready.


Candles lit

vapourized scent

lips touch

softly rub

removes doubt.



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Tags: Not red stains round the bath again!

The Silencer

She whispers an aberration,

with mouth of soot stained metal.

Pointing out deluded self-doubt,

muzzling lies with targeted fire.

Seizing breath without sound,

at least four Turks and a Russian

With little or no repercussion.


Synapsed heart from sharp to steel.

Drinking shots after taking shots,

murdering time as it flies fast home,

past window of his decamped rea...

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Tags: Katypoetess, reservist, special forces

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I Hope it Rains on Valentine's Day

I hope it rains on Valentine's Day.

I hope it rifles down, a drench

like little bullets splitting skulls,

a hammering of hail,

a siling, sleety deluge

to piss on the parade,

douse the day in tears,

like a very strange, wet fire.


Alright. Okay - I take it back.

I hope there's sunshine -

and lots of it -

I hope it cracks the pavements,

spills from skies like ...

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Love in Your Eyes

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I was blinded by the glorious light

My world was surely out of sight

Have no more strength left to fight

Wide  awake in the dead of the night

Screaming in the silence out loud

Entombed in a corpse like shroud

Just want to make you happy and proud

Join you on your heavenly cloud

Together we will watch the sunrise

You are a guardian angel in disguise

Let me dive swim an...

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Since I cannot that lover prove

shall I conspire to villainy?


For in the shadow’s of blinded mirrors

where words I speak are hid,

not one exists who stands un-withered

of whom I could myself not rid.


For all their weak eyed sentiment,

their fawning, 

crouching backbones bent

not one could match the wrath of me,

or reveal to her what lovers see.


But n...

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Tags: love, Tragedy, unrequited love, vow

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I’m gonna be so pretty for you,

She says

As one layer falls off and tumbles to the ground -

Hugging your feet

Like a lash of waves.

I’m gonna be so pretty for you,

Let me be pretty for you,

I will be the prettiest I’ve ever been,

She says

As one layer of flesh peels off, along with her clothes.

One layer of soft lips melts from her features -

Layers and layers till...

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Tags: beauty, destruction, gender, human, insecurity, layers, sex, subconscious, unconscious, unravelling

Also by Alexandra Parapadakis:

Blood Knot | Grisly Girl |


Late in the night

soft kisses,caresses

whispering of silk.

Wholly a lovers occasion.


This,as Cupid launches

one arrow in a golden arc

to signal his cause

of creating paradise.

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Love Is Blind

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Infatuation here behold

A poet with his morning brew,

Compiling lists of similes

To illustrate his love for you.


He brings to mind your haunting face,

That none would say was bland or plain,

Which once observed, is always there;

Forever seared into the brain.


Round casements set below the brow,

Is how he now compares your eyes,

That like two bright celestial...

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Also by Jonathan Humble:

Doris Loves Sid xxx |


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It wasn’t the music that drew him,

not at first, but the shape it made

on a stand and the way it took

the light, staring back at him

from the pawnshop window.


And so he decided then and there

he’d learn to play it, taking

for granted his gift and the right

he’d have to cradle it

once he had mastered the keys.


Those first uncertain months

it yapped and whi...

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Also by David Cooke:

Wolfram | Manganese |

Gravity Waves

It’s so nice to receive your greeting,

From so far away,

I’ve often felt you tickle,

As Earth and Moon do play.


But I suppose cus you’re mostly constant,

And tugging at my feet,

It’s easy to ignore you,

And not feel your heavy beat.


You make such a big impression,

Fine grains in vast clouds you entrap,

And enormous globes entwine and swirl,

At your magic ...

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Tags: gravity, nature, space

Also by Peter Ray:

Aberaeron (after the storm) |


Ward of



Two, again




Doors open


Five and six





Lights lit


Cover up

With my sheet



Placed at

Forty five



Hand down

I start 

To play 


Come on


Look At



Come on


Make a



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Also by Lynn Hamilton:

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entry picture
Poem 65 of 230:  NORTH WALES 

“Hills meeting sea”
    Proclaims to me
“Good scenery.”

And it’s views of North Wales,
    Both sides of the train-rails,
Whereupon this thought hails.
(C) David Franks 2003; from - 

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Also by David Franks: Walkabouts Verse:



Life must be held suspended in a glance

That moves backwards, forwards, holding

Your life together, ceaselessly

Reminding that you are

Something; this thing.


You stop looking: You fall

From a vacant gaze

Into vacant skies

Or even less.


That time is now and truth outside

You can assent to abstractly,


While the watchman in your eyes


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Unpicked-Restitched Exhibition

entry picture

I took a few shots of the Unpicked-Restitched exhibition at St Mary's Stockport on Thusday night.

This one demonstrates the extent of our involvment...!

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Tags: Unpicked-Restitched

Also by Stockport WoL:

February 2016 Collage Poem |

Red Letter Day

The clock
The minute
and the liquid
Vanilla scent
and gentle oak
The nose is pleased
The lips poised
The tongue
Then thirst, palate,
mind and soul are
The nectar and company
shared, valued 
And a birthday

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Tags: birthday, wine

Also by David Lindsay:

Census Report |

Speaking Of Feelings Of Love

My gentle love tends shoots and tender leaves

where she occupies this enchanted mind. 

There her busy hands make her cloth; hear her 

word sprung from her heart to my loving heart!

Of this world I can imagine, my thoughts 

yet linger on black trees cracked in storms. 

And dark floods rising unforseen I fear

while biding clay jars trust they'll not fragment.

So to my stronge...

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Tags: love


Valentine | Haiku | Flowers On The Ground | In The Old Fence-Post Was A Perfectly Round Hole. | Stars |

big rabbit sonnet

Big Rabbit Sonnet

 Giant rabbits are not cute as you think when they

are in a group then they sneer at us and make funny

noises aping human speech, they live in the forest

across the road and frightens hunting dogs.

The small village where I live is almost empty people

have either died or moved to old folks home where

they live three people in each room and get beans and


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So is the unyielding weight of the world,
But a symbol of our own demise,
Binding us to the planet on which we walk,
Keeping us far from the reach of the skies.

Though, if we so choose to drop what we hold,
And see how it's caused us much pain,
The way may be shown, if our spirits were grown,
And we'd let go and dance in the rain.

(If we stay on our path of comfort and ease,
And conti...

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Also by Eric:

The Journey's Just Begun |

Take it Back

Another one of those nights

It's 3am and we're still screaming

I try to hold them back

But the tears they just keep streaming


We hurt each other for no reason

Just to be the last to get a dig in

I don't want to do this anymore

But refuse to be the one who gives in


Until I can't take it anymore and cry...

Baby take that back

I know you don't mean it

But it...

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Also by Nicole:

Time | Richard |

Isla Vista

Isla Vista 


Life by the beach 

students on fire 

chicks with tattoos 

streets filled with hope and crank 

the guy from Hawaii is the coolest 

away from mom and dad 

high school was so yesterday 

party at the Bob Marley house 

after party in the morning 

beer belly and whiskey dick 

fake tits and nipple rings 

warm beer and cold pizza 

mac and cheese fill...

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Tags: beach, California, College, Social Observations, society alcohol, Student

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Expect us not to believe

Expect us not to believe
You could miraculously fetch
Water with a sieve!

Till we return to dust
You, nothing better than a rust,
Could not quench our thirst.

Collecting taxes
Without combing out lechers
That spare not even the broke
Or the stone to siphon
Rather has an impact adverse,
For it is allowing few
Nation's wealth unfairly amass
At a cost of harm to
The credulous and       ...

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Tags: corruption, tax

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My Words

entry picture

My words sometimes flow
Like a torrent, Like a sieve
Hope to inspire


Spring weather
It's not too cold, it's not to hot
It's January

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Tags: Haiku, Poems, senyru

Also by Shirley Smothers:

Depressed Haiku, sort of |

There Is No Enemy

There Is No Enemy


     Don’t surround yourself with negative people!

They say,

     Tones of propaganda and brainwashing

Committed to the none committed


Let’s take a good look at what

This cliché known as Earth expects,

Expects of each and every citizen,

Citizens born upholding compassion,

Now trained in each and every kind

Of killing.



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Children's Mental Health Week (8th - 15th Feb)

In order to mark Children’s Mental Health Week (8th – 15th Feb. 2016) I have gathered together my personal collection of pieces related to depression et al in the hope that some crumbs of comfort can be gleaned and passed on. Please see the SAMPLES section of my profile.

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Nods are due to K. Mellanby for inspiring the tune, Marcie Summers for the vocal,

and Pete Dymond for the arrangement of my song.

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Also by M.C. Newberry:


When I went to America

entry picture

Like a fish outa water a were

When I went to America

Strollin down the Walk of Fame

Tryin not tu step ont Stars' Names

When a went to America


Meetin Charlie Chaplin

Oh wot a to do

An im from Batman

Cant remember is name; can you?

When a went to America


Oh that massage parlour; wot a palarva

Think ad teken a wrong turnin somehow

A was such a silly cow


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the nightmare of the spray (01/02/2016)

And as I ran, as I kept running, I noticed that the wave that had crested over the hill was made of deeper and deeper water. Every time I look forward, the beach seemed longer, so I would try to run closer to the outside edge of the rocks. I looked back, and the water was getting closer, deeper, more powerful in its white spray -- a swirling, leaping, downwards pull that, if it didn't drown me, wo...

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Tags: white water fear

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Junior Doctors

Junior doctors we are very proud of you . You give us the strength and the will to battle through . Never turn your backs on us , never say not now . Without your help , where would we be . We have to let you know . Your dedication is so needed , your caring so intense  . You cannot care for others , if your tired you need your strength . You cannot switch off like others can do , nor can you ever...

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Also by Wendy Higson:

Paying Our Way |

sads file

 I saw a video image of myself today

Making recordings of readings and I creatively

Design the whole affair

But I saw myself sitting there

And I saw It

Like the answer to a sadist prayer

Sitting there on my face

I saw the discomfort and the pain

That was promised was not written


That couldn’t be seen

In my eyes

The frown

The fear

Come out like hate an...

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Also by Rachel Bond :

miracle |


Mind is on a journey

Seeking no destination

But to be comfortable with where it lands.

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This chanteuse

This woman in black

This flitty bitty girl

With bouffant mad hair

Spindly legs

Eye shadow and lips

This long lost soul

Always, always on the go

No luck in love

No luck with drugs

Cracked up on smack

Booze and fags

This little girl

Who had every thing

But not enough to be her saving grace


Burned out

With little choice

The gi...

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Also by Martin Elder:

Drowned |

Eden's Loss

Where yesterday, they lay unbound within
that pit of joy: skipping pleasure's eye shone:
processing o'er the virgin stars of night.
Uncleaved, the fruit, no cloven star reveals
but split between it's equal parts, seen
in critical comprehension; what perfect
in created form: forms patterns accidental.
As the bud yields to the bee, craving the light
it opens fully in it's natural innocence: ...

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Walking Home at Dusk

entry picture

A moment,

a ripple in time

in the muddy waters of life.

Grey faces standing at the bus stop,


A watery sunset glows, pinkly golden,


I walk past and breath life into the scene

with a vapour of hope

escaping from my mouth,

lips stretching in a smile.

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Tags: Dusk, happiness, life, sunset

Also by Jill Ashforth:

The Waiting Room by Tindersticks |


A brightly guttering light draws me to the window.

Raindrops rebound from the sputtering street,

As a solitary, hunching figure runs, splashing, towards a waiting car,

Clutching a coat collar at the neck.

A grumbling bass growls in the darkness.

I look up again as the sky is slashed

With a streaking, silvery laceration.

A dissonant dull roaring again rolls across the sky,


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Also by Trevor Alexander:

Of Starlings | Poets Anonymous | They Are Not Gone | Event Horizon |

Black Lines

black lines under her eyes

tear stained pillow by the end of the night

and the smell of his cologne

lingering in the air for only a fraction of a second longer

she waits 


for the day that she can let go and run

out of the dark mass some call heartbreak

when she can faithfully proclaim

that she will start the next day

and end it with a dry pillow in sight


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Tags: breakups, love, sadness



Can You Smile

While Eyes Still Groggy

No One
Not One

Ever Been
This Close
Still Smiling


Was Your Signature
Beauty Mark
Lingering Fragrantly
 About You


Set Clocks Back
Once Again
Seemed They Were Done
For Good
This Time Ticking


Wind Whispers Memories
Your Smile


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Also by GeeProcessor:


4:45's horn

4:45 in the morning

a distant freight’s horn is blowing

at every street as a warning

get out of the way it’s saying

the market's wheels are still turning

I’m eating but still worrying

like hamsters waiting to be sold

to pad the pet store’s bank’s billfold

but I’m not valuable to hold

because I’m on my way to old

and my mind’s rebelliously bold

and I don’t believe w...

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A Prayer For Him

Lay him on an ocean
Rock him on a wave
Cradle his sweet head
against the tempests and the raves
He’s the one who lifts me up
When I am going down
Give him peace and paradise
Or I will surely drown
Cover him with love
To keep him dry and warm
Look down from above
Behold the angel in my storm

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I can't take my eyes off those silver boots

entry picture

I went window shopping a couple of weeks ago, not planning on parting with any cash, but then, I saw these beauties.  Three thoughts flashed in a state of instant wild excitement: 1. Starman.  2. Noel Fielding.  3. Give them to me nowwwwww!  And then I thought of this - ENJOY!

I will wear them down the pub
I will shop in them at Sainsburys
I went to a book launch in them last week
I hoovered...

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Tags: fashion, new boots, noel fielding, school, starman

Also by Anna Ghislena:

Feedback |

The Psychopath

Unknown Mime Type: audio/x-ms-wma

The demons swim where no one sees,

But no one hear their ill-lighted screams,

Instructions so inlawful and oblique,

Heard by no one except from me.

I see the word guilt but what does it mean?

Seems like a fictional desire that I won't feel,

No conscience to stop me from doing wrong,

A knife in my hand as they sing their twisted song.

Is it too late to say sorry now that the...

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Tags: child murder, cold blooded, dark, Death row, Execution, free verse, mur, Psychology, psychopath

Also by Bethany Mae:

The Psychopath | The Psychopath | The Psychopath | The Psychopath |

this hug is for when...


this hug is for when 

the roof caves in
the walls depart 
and the void within
crushes your heart

this hug is for when 

the dark creeps in
you cry at night
and the hurt within
blocks out light

this hug is for when

the day steps in
all exhaustion filled
and the tiredness within
makes you cold and chilled

this hug is for when

the roof caves in
the dark creeps in
and the day ste...

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Also by Colin Hill:

insignificant haiku | McPigeons | come rescue me | I had this dream | On Crwbin | little blonde boy blues | "a pillow of winds" | losing things |

Nonbinary song

entry picture

I've noticed recently how many more people listen to the message of a poem if I put a tune to it, so here's a recording with music.

They told me when I started school
I had to join a line.
There's one for girls and one for boys
I asked them which was mine.
They asked me if my mother raised
A daughter or a son,
They sent me to the corner, where
I made a line of one.
And the line for the gi...

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Truest Wish

Diving in deep
Escaping the estuary
She leaned
On the littoral
Wiping off persona
with the towel of horizon
In the sacred sands

Reflection of her
Pulsating in
Salinity of the Sea
Entangled raven hair-locks
Murmuring moist lips
Bosom hooked in shells
And scaled turquoise tail

Words of wisdom
Learned in the
Kingdom of Marines
Safe from sharks
Familiar fins and gills
Shall not ...

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Tags: poem

Murmuration pier

In a bitter late winter’s light

On a smoggy backdrop of the sun’s goodnight


Score of arcade pop and sirens sound

Cameras clicking and public astound


Consume the scene, they flock, they swarm

The show is now and now they perform


Like cooling tea in morning sun

They stroke the surface then swirl up as one


Tiny fibres, they vibrate the same

The silent mu...

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Also by Isabel Hope:

The Mixture's right |
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