Links Between

There's a part of your brain
Yet to be further explained
A beautiful mystery begging for more
You may think not on things such
But scientists admit to as much
There are these matters still to explore

Links between scents, songs and memories
Aroma of fresh popcorn fills the stands
Takes you back to whistle-blowing refs, heckle-howling fans
High-top sneakers squeaking up and down the ...

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Capture your beauty

               Capture your beauty

If I could carve you, it wouldn't be wood
It wouldn't do you justice, it wouldn't be good,
If I were to carve you, only marble would do
To capture that beauty, the beauty in you,
If I was to carve you,  
In the style, of the old roman way
I would carve it to last, I would carve it to stay
I would take my time and I would not rush
I'd be ever s...

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These memories fade into me

Each time I gather

They become seamless


They've woven themselves into the stars


Beauty as they are

It is my past


To the melody of my soul

I caught them dancing

As if they didn't mind the memories that cried

They thought them loveliness


Please watch for when they fall

That is you or I falling to harmonize


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I Feel Fall

I'm in love.  

A soft breeze rustles the leaves on the trees just outside my window.  All is silent save the ocean roaring in the distance at a rhythm too lovely for words.  And the wooden clock in the corner holds his pace, savoring this time of night when his tick tick tick is finally heard.  It's dark now, all around, except some photos sliding in and out on my computer screen.  

I ...

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Sincerely Molly

entry picture

Please don't go, leaving me up here all alone in the cold
Please don't go, no blanket, no hugs because your too "old"
Please don't go, too busy, too good, not childish enough for me to hold
Please don't go, I need you, my mommy, my sunshine my gold
Please don't go, I'm lost now, without you alone and covered in mold

You loved me, you held me until college came
Your boyfriend, your lipstick, you just wer...

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Tags: abandon,doll,love,poem,poetry,ragdoll


Through the darkness of my life I walked a road which led me to you and I knew from the very first moment that you and I would be inseparable,.we exchanged glances across a crowded room, and in that instant I saw paradise, in your eyes I saw all the magic in the world, and I fell hopelessly in love.

I sat perplexed for a moment, pondering on whether I could find the courage deep within to approac...

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Tags: Anthony R M Andrews,Love,True Love

those were the days ..

 deep red eyes tell stories lips are afraid to speak 
 the lies and the worries that everyone's eyes are afraid to see 
 you hurt me 
 I say to myself every night trying to make the pain go away 
 but in reality the pain cuts deeper than a knife and I forget the words to say 
 you liar 
 seems to be better than realizing i had a part to play 
 seeing with my own eyes all of the evil ways 

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what is love ..

It may sound cliché , but I don’t even know what I want from love anymore

Another chance to fall ?

In an attempt to allow someone that I’m not even sure really loved me to be there to catch me in the end ?

Because no matter how hard you fight in the end it’ll never be worth it

People say love is a beautiful thing , but nobody has shown me why

I’ve heard that good things ...

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Evolution of a Domestic Argument (From the Male Perspective)

Nope. Not. No, I won't!
I dare not. Do not. I don't!
Shall? Shan't! Shall I, not!
Can? Can't! Can it sot!
Never. Never. Never again!
 Okay, sorry. I give, you win.

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I’m never going to be thirty,
I’m never going to win,
I’m always going to wonder,
If I’m ready to begin.
I’m never going to be thirty,
My years should always stick,
Beheld at twenty,
With youth a plenty,
And wild hearts fast and thick.
I’m never going to be thirty,
My body cannot change,
So a splendid birthday party,
May you not arrange.

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Tags: doubt,love,youth

The Visitor


The sinful taste of poisoned lips

I'm drunk on him, immerse me

Deserving of his fingertips

Explore me, show no mercy.


Lustful urges, all consuming

In blackness, I await him

The need is overpowering

Will I sink or will I swim?


In midnight light, he comes to me

With wanton hands he captures

Undresses me with savage glee 

Each touch he breaks and ...

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Tags: fantasy,love,power


Casual exterior hides the mind

In restless turmoil can't unwind

Ask the question, take a chance

Would i warrant a second glance,


Could you? Would you? Let me please

Sit beside you, give hugs that squeeze

Kiss, caress and hold you tight

Explore eachother through the night,


Walk along a moonlit shore

Bared feet, bared hearts, souls entwined

The free expressi...

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To Love In The Summer Rain



Dew soaked blades


To the morning rain  


To reveal our bodies

As one

Skin glistening

 A simmering cocktail

Of raindrops and sweat


Bathing in the petrichor

We reached the summit

Closing my eyes in glory

Bottling the scent deep within

Opening them to find you






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Ode To Eva

entry picture

You are sunkissed hair

All seaside skin

The tomboy princess

Scraped knees, bruised shins.


A tree climbing angel

My hide and seek belle

All beauty and promise

Like an old wishing well.


Such a natural leader

As you're learning and growing

You shine like a beacon

So head strong and knowing.


Bringing joy in abundance

As I watch you develop


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Tags: bond,daughter,family,life,love,mother

A Poem Making no Attempt to be Good

Now I know what they sing about.
Love songs, break ups, heart aches, make ups.
Every inch now rings true
Now my blue heart is squeezed and strained through the pain
That I might not end up with you

My body in revulsion.
I want to fall, cry, throw up or I may choke
You've broken
my heart and I've broken it too
But I love you so much and I don't know what to do...
But write bad poetry, d...

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Tags: heartache,love,soppy

Two Trees Bending

Two trees bending,
Heads touching brows
Under starlight,

Beneath; a pool,
Swilling softly into peaks
Of undulating rhythms.

And save for swaying, nothing moves.
Nothing has to.
Sitting on its dewy banks,

Time dancing on tiptoes,
So as not to disturb the hush
Of sunsets watching silent souls sleeping.

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I close my eyes to see you again

I can feel you with every beat of my heart

Can smell you, can taste you

With each breath

My mind takes me back to the start

You had me hook, line and sinker

From the moment we met

As my feet touched your shores for the first

With each passing day, you did blow me away

With your passion, your joy and your thirst

As your culture consumed...

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Amores Perros

There's a famous quote by Billy Bremner that says,
"Every time Leeds concede a goal,
I feel like I've been stabbed in the heart"

Now you don’t need to have stepped much further than your own front door to know what the man was talking about
And you don’t really need to be a football fan either
This is when you’re nothing but a vessel
and nothing in existence compares to that one thin...

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Tags: abuse,alcohol,blyth,love,northumberland,northumbria,poetry,self loathing,unrequited,unrequited love,violence,whitley bay


That delicate way you take me to that distant place
I never really told you because you never asked
And I never really notice until I’m left to chase
I’ve barely stopped to breathe and the moment’s passed
And that delicate way you break me, design my night and day
Devotion soon devours, anxiety would roam
And then I'm scrutinising sentences, every single word you sa...

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Tags: anxiety,insecurity,love,poetry

Maria, Full Of Grace

I saw the beauty in her eyes
And though I searched, I could not recognise a soul
Well she was blind from compromise
And as she talked, I recognised that time had taken toll
And she would stop herself from smiling
But the bottle was beguiling
She’s satisfied in silence as she sits
And she’s satisfied with silence ‘cause it fits
Oh yeah, it fits
I saw the sadness in her sighs

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On the Influences of Love

Love turned me into a circus monkey,
A raving, craving, fiending junkie.
Incessantly nodding, affirming yes,
Consistently giving, despite duress.
Love turned me into a puppet pauper,
A penniless, lack-luck, begging gawper.
Constantly scrounging, loose change sifter,
Tirelessly searching, dime store drifter.
Love turned me into a courtly fool,
A grinning, spinning, ignorant tool.

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Tags: bitter,love,past,rotten,sour

Will you be able to love me...?

entry picture

You make me invoke the liberating pleasure

that radiates on my skin, in unconsummated desires,

as autumn showing lust, with delirium and graciousness...


Will you be able to love me?

Intoxicate me with sex, with nights that uphold me;

there is no greater delight than to sin with the flood of your kisses

and the madness of this moment


I adore to be loved!

I cry fo...

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For you

Her heart beats to the rhythm of a broken tune


Unable to soar

Like an unfinished song

She longs to be complete.


Her heart is gold, yet tarnished

Impacted by the years

Of aching thoughts


Begging in her head.


Her heart is fragility at it's finest

Take it in your hands.


Let her fragments be repaired

Only by you.

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Tags: heartbreak,love,relationships

My Smile Is Not For You

Until the sun is bruised and the birds are gone,

I will be here.

So, if you want rid of surrounding eyes

then it's best you break my heart.

A word of warning before you do,

this smile you see now will never be for you,

not one minute more.

It'll be for the faint azure;

for the innocent laugh of my baby nephew

who doesn't know pain like mine -

I pray he never does.


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Don't love me everyday

For the rest of my life

Don't promise me the world

Or make me your wife

I don't need empty words from you

There's no need to exclaim

No want for explanation

No need to rid the blame

When you say that you don't love me

I feel nothing but relief

It resonates inside of me

Confirms my own belief

Unlovable perhaps, it seems

The way it has to...

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Tags: love,self esteem

Daddy's Girl

As she looks upon the man
Her eyes give her away
And you can see the truth
Of her heart and soul
She loves him, her father
Complete love, innocence
So beautiful and magical
With eyes as bright as the moon
A smile that shines like the sun
Their bond is unbreakable
For her love knows no limits
She will forever be his daughter
Her hero he will be

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Tags: family,Fathers day,love

Wednesday's Child

Wednesday's Child, I kept you

At the length of an arm

I hope I didn't cause you any harm.


Guilt ridden, I look at you now

As brave as a full grown man

But just a child, unflinching

Batting away each challenge

That comes your way.


Wednesday's Child, your spirit

Knows no bounds, full of woe?

I don't think so. No.


Full of resilience and strength


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The Rose opened its heart petal by petal

unfolding its virtues to the naked eye

You opened your heart page by page

unfolding your virtues to my soul

   even sealing it with a loving kiss

   on that fateful day


It was only to last seven weeks

until your gun was pointed at my head

the double barrel between my eyes

you hated the concept of equality

slavery was ...

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Taking The Back Seat.

I look into your eye but their not the same colorful vibrant eyes I once knew. After years of being hurt, used, abused and cheated on, you're only a shadow of who you once were. No more do you trust guys, you've given up hope of all that is love and trust you come to me to vent to, to let your tears out. It seems you can't even trust me. I won't ever leave I will show you what real love is if give...

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Tags: Backseat,love,Lust,Self-esteem,trust

Your lips...

entry picture

I woke up, I dreamt of you, I dreamt of your lips...

those lips that draw my lips with music

and arise as an immense love song


I felt you; lust is consummated...

it secretly opens on my lips,

nocturnal theater of my dreams

making me speechless when caresses and kisses start


Your lips ...

embrace me, invite me to your bed;

that build up metaphors in my soul;


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What makes me love you?

entry picture

What makes me love you,

in this inexplicable connection

while in you sleep I would kidnap your heart?


For one of your kisses I would die if necessary...

a warm kiss on the thin thread of dawn,

there close to your soul


What makes me love you,

without offering me anything,

just these nights of memories,

leaving your footprints in the most quiet way?



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I Want You Now

Loading the player…

I want you now - in a cool woodland glade where a tinkling stream 

lends it’s soft percussion to the bird songs that drift through the trees…


I want you now - on the soft shimmering beach where coral sands 

make a warm bed for our glowing bodies under the soaring palms…


I want you now - by the campfire, our silhouettes showing outside the tent

while our voices ri...

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Tags: love,passion,romance

Day & Night

You have the power to excite me with a smile, 

and occupy my mind and heart all the while 

this picture I see here and now is pure delight 

and I yearn to share your life every day & night...


Can Rosario move to England by some magic deed,

or Spalding fly to Argentina to fulfil our loving need

miracles are never easy for us mere mortals to arrange,

if I woke up in the...

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What I've been missing

entry picture

What I've been missing my whole life was something that could not be touched,

only something that could have been felt.

What i've been missing my whole life was that one thing,

and all alone i have been without it.

What i've been missing my whole life was that one thing that could've taken me farther,

can you guess what that one thing is beyond the yonder?

What i've been missing ...

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Posters – depicting your attraction
were long ago hollered and rolled up
into human curiosity of loquacity.
Sights and signs remain crystal bright.
The fortune teller sees to that.


How I strip teased round ribboned pole
winding that prize in disguise was the yow
I knew. Then not chosen to be May queen,
I helter skeltered to hate, heal, redeem
tortured by silence amongst the crow...

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My Darling Psychopath

If all you told were lies,

I heard only truth.

If manipulative were your motives,

I was putty in your hands.

If you used me for excitement,

I was thrilled for you.

If your emotions were all feigned,

I was your audience, suspended by the fiction.

If love you never felt,

I loved it for you,

And if conscience, you had none,

I was moral for us both.


Do you hid...

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entry picture

You are the tree that grew inside me
when I swallowed your stone whole.

When I spoon-fed you with silvern words
you rooted in my deep.

Each morning I’m reborn by you
polishing the dawn till it blossoms in pink.

Exchanging moss coated whispers
our rain softened glances trickle between us.

I am grafted to the notches on your spine.
Spiralling together, we reach for the light.


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Tags: love,nature


There's a boy
In a house
In a room
Thinking of you.

There's a girl 
In a house
In a room
Thinking of you.

There's a boy
There's a girl
Who believe
They are in the same room.

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My parents laugh from the other room,

Their happiness makes me sad.

I wonder if they are aware

Of my broken heart

Or if they have ever experienced

An ache like mine.


His face is everywhere:

In a building with a million corridors 

I can't ignore,

The feeling of a ghost

Lurking sore in the pathways of my mind

There is nothing to be said or done.


A sou...

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Tags: ache,heartbreak,lonliness,loss,love



You are back finally

It's been dull around here

Without you

When you said goodbye

It marred my soul

But, let's forget the past

You are here now.

She has broken my hearing

With her high velocity screams

I built a wall.

Now that you are here,

She can't bring it down.

You light my insides

On fire.

Let go, see me fly;

See me young.

I'm craving...

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Tags: craving,love,summer,sun,youth

We Can Escape

entry picture

The photo is the poem, and it is called we can escape. It is about love and adventure.

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Imagine a world of love and laughter
Of fun filled days and freedom till after
The tea time call or the playtime bell
Get back into line or you'll catch some hell

Imagine a world of wildness and wonder, of fun and jest
Of questions and answers and adventurous quest
When time was your own and life was a whim
To walk, to run through grass so long, to swim

Imagine a world ...

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Tags: childhood,children,life,love,memories,world

Only Once the Spring Comes

entry picture
Only once in a year the spring comes,
Only once all gardens blossom
And all around looks awesome.

That was in the blooming spring,
In the delightful evening,
When my love was singing.

His words were just priceless,
I believed him with lightness,
I thought it was my happiness.

Only once we meet our spring,
Only once our love bells ding,
A sweet breeze in the air sing.

The stars fell...

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Diamonds & Oil & Love

Diamonds & Dirt

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend
But at the cost my dear, at the cost
Of never boring them, you are their
Entertainment, they are your love.

Diamonds if they could talk would tell
A causatory tale of distance and dirt
You, a perfect diamond, a pure light
In the compressed dirt of their lives.

Diamonds reflect the compression
Which is the brevity of our lives

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Tags: Diamonds,dirt,hold,love,oil,water

A page in the book.

If seeing is believing
than I had believed,
on that fine morning
was I so relieved,
to see you and talk
no idea where my ship will dock,
never was I so daring
to come to you in first place,
never was I so stupid
to ever fall for your grace.
But who am I after all
when all the greats couldn't save their fall,
to this pit called love
then how could I be any above.
Pull you had on me

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Tags: love,spirit,Spirit. survive,strength

black watch

the black watch in the earth’s high rafters provide

covering fire

offering new beginnings for old ends

dropping love stones

that I may cast them at your window

cheering me on from their

high tension purlins, filling the gaps
of naked iron halls to swaddle
the shivered, brittle, steel

as if peripatetic coal dust shawls

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Tags: love,nature,rooks

steam asylum

entry picture

steam asylum

clockwork heart
beats and whirs
scalpel fingers
titanium spurs
tiffany lenses
rainbow eyes
steaming valves
sulphur skies

arabesque is brittle
she collects his spittle
in bell jars of ancient glass
sealed with valves of brass
he reciprocates
storing her tears of hate
in little silvers vials
that power system dials

lubricated slick
old joints rust
creaking slowl...

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Tags: angel of death,artificial intelligence,azrael,love,machinery,mechanical love,steampunk

The Secret of Happiness

I was happy and never knew it,

Sad and knew it so well.

Love slipped by but I never noticed,

though love has marked me well.


Winter passed and summer came

yet I was living in the cold.

My lover has turned and passed me by

and outside the world grows old.


Happiness is trapped for me

When love had cast its spell

I was happy and never knew it

Sad and knew...

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Tags: life,love

The Love of a Madman

Murderous daggers of madness shoot from his eyes.
Eyes hollow, dark revenge.
Skin blue, his shape shifting.
Turning into a form I know not who.
I search desperately for any hint of the man I thought I knew so well,
Nothing but a slippery cold creature who has no love to give.
Scurrying back into his black hole, to fester with dark satanic demons. 

Howl to the moon
Howl to the sun
Howl ...

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Tags: despair,hate,love,madness

love like a bullet in the face

you are ticking the subscription of a shotgun smile

the restless reminder, the stranger behind you,

twice barrelled quarantine of lush glories

tar fingered around the ringed copper, broken and unworthy,

smoking in the buttoned up knowledge of hereditary tracts,

winter tracks and the plastic penance of a youthful slaver

“x” shan't mark the spot where we shall bury you

a sha...

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Tags: guilt,hate,love,revenge

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