How much is she really worth?

How much is she really worth?

Her beauty is gift and a curse.

A gift to me.

A curse to her. 

Not really knowing why I want her.

Thinking my mind is stuck on lust.

But my mind is the opposite.

Her face is beautiful and her mind is equivalent.

She leaves a mystery after we talk.

Got me wanting to know more.

Exploring her mind besides her pants.

I can't stop over thin...

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Just like a flower

our love 

blooms in the summer

and dies in the winter.

With nothing but memories left to show

what once stood tall,

has now


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entry picture

I touch your cheek,

I'm surprised, it's cold.

I reach for your hand

for I need it to hold.


I look upon your face

that beamed and sparkled

as we loved and laughed,

wrestled and tickled.


Your face is so pallid,

the sparkle is gone,

no more to smile

at the hot summer sun.


Your hair neatly tended,

you lie there so still

as I try, with memories,


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Im sorry

Painful words thrown at my plate. 

Painful words filled with hate. 

No i love yous, i love you too. 

Everything i do bothers you. 

Time heals all wounds. 

Yet my heart was broken way to soon. 

Cant seem to find the way to tell you 

that your breaking me down it feels like hells soon to become.

my life. my world. my thoughts. 


I cannot find it in me to forgive y...

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Prose about Her

 She is a beautiful woman, my mind is taken by her. But this is not the first time I have fallen to fancy. I tend to exaggerate in a longing for romance; yes, I could list many superlatives about her. But what would that say? Really, nothing might happen. She might love someone else. I might love someone else. Then this desire to potray her, as one who is ideal, so as to be poetic, is hopeless. I ...

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I Picked You

as i sit across from her i knew i had to say something, but the only problem was, how do i go about doing so?
i have wanted to tell her for a while now but i get all flustered when i try.
how can it be so difficult to get a few words out i mean its barely even a sentence.
i know that the longer i wait the harder its going to get but shes looking at me, with no idea of what i am about to say.

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The Elevator

i knew that she was the one, i knew it from the moment i looked at her.
she had no idea that i knew and i just stood there and smiled to myself.
I probably looked like an idiot, grinning ear to ear but hey i couldn't help myself.
i had this warm feeling inside of me, feeling rather giddy if you may.
not quite to the point of laughter but enough to keep me entertained in the slightest of ways.

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My Apology

To her, to them, and to the rest

Please know that I did my best

For you though the pain fills my chest

But to have known you, I feel so blessed


To the one who holds my aching heart

It is my fault that we’re apart

Funny, beautiful and oh so smart

But it is I who has been such a tart


The past remains a total blur

Temptations have been my torture, my lure

What ...

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Grief is costly and I was broke, 
Not you or him or any bloke,
Could have filled my pot of casting love,
He pulled my purse-strings from above.
That heavy weight of stress I threw,
I shrunk and stole myself from you.
That constant stream of words that played,
For them, a fortune I'd have paid!
I foraged deep for that sweet tune,
But woeful blues, they filled the room.
You wouldn't know the...

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Tags: balance,emotional-bankruptcy,grief,loss,love,love and loss,relationships


Come to me.

In darkening clouds

and balmy breeze

that boldly bucks

my willow tree

into enlightenment.

Come to me.


Touch me.

Touch me where

I ache the most

show the least

and love you the best.

Touch me.


Stay with me.

Share my twilight

sultry sensual stars

with a shine that

warns off dawn

of atonement.

Stay with me.


© Katypo...

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Colour of Love

My eyes reborn, he gifted them to me
Allowing me to find myself anew,
Surprising me with love to set me free
Then vowing to support me as I flew.

As cloudless skies appeared and all around
The colours changed from muted shades of grey,
Impressing me, new visions they astound
Another life, perfectly on display.

A chance of love, deep red and purest white
With sunshine hues reflecting down ...

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entry picture

The heat of a sultry summers day

and the news wasn’t good,

you were going away.


Vow’s made by the lovers brook

are just trickling memories

of a love that you took.


A heart that once was full of life

is now but an empty shell

on the edge of a knife.


A vignette, closing in on a world,

as into the deep dark abyss

my mind was hurled.


Dreams and g...

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entry picture

If you've ever seen an ant

go whizzing by

faster than his friends and

with goggles on his eye's,

then without a doubt,

skidding through the plants,

you've met my friend Albert,

The skate-boarding ant.


From the day he was born

he was rushing around

hither and thither,

like a spring unwound.

His mum would despair,

“Albert, please stand still.

You need y...

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entry picture

The hands of time tick slowly by

as dawn breaks in a new day.

A nightmare reality of

the receding night lies marked,

like so many fading stars,

in the shattered glass on the floor.


Silken shards of sorry souls,

their lives now trapped

in a dream of what was then,

what is now and

what should never have been.


Each broken image,

a moment in time captured


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Beholden to Behind

A thumb – intently placed on chin

caressing every freckle into a letter

that spells out a story blushing lips

that remand and remade the ending


Forefinger – smoothing the jaw

straight as lines read and re-read

he turns her over like a page

his favourite fable, every inch

a mythology of unreason.


Genteel palm – perfectly placed

on ripened white, depressing sp...

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The Rain Has No Answers

I have all these feelings 
Or is it had?
I don’t even know how to express it. 
Laying in bed wide awake because these thoughts of you just won’t turn off. 
My body tired but my mind is too wired to rest. 
So I went in search of the one who always listens to me,
No matter how stupid or emotional I get.
He just sits up there and listens...
So I sat in the summer rainstorm.
Feeling cold and ...

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When I Sleep

It happens so rarely, 
this feeling of peace--
of tiredness that will surely
finally lead to sleep, 
that I decided to go with it.
To not be wary or cautious--
to just fully embrace where both
my mind and body were dragging me.
And I was pleasantly surprised that as 
my eyes drifted closed
and my body became heavy
My mind wandered into your open arms--
Your warmth spreading throughout ...

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that secret

italic Sundays run with a poisonous doubt

a wronged wash in the what might have been

where we fidget like fleas on a rabbits hide

and verses drafted in the cross stitched sky

cannot disguise the well-practiced curses

with the pre-packed presumption of lilies

and static

abstract amongst the sheets

your limbs offer a confusion of choice

where context is lost

besides the arch and coil


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Tags: longing,love,lust,unobtainable,wishful

Alan (Henning)

Its Saturday night at the taxi rank

street angels are steering girls to the cabs;

legs over tits like a Picasso and

it’s wild, and it’s laughter, and songs are buzzin’.


So can you hear the people weeping?

can you see the children dying?

All you knew was love, Alan, all you knew was love

as you drove your taxi through this world.


And the laughter and the love in t...

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Battered Napkin

I wrote on a napkin the lyrics of my love for you
My intention never being to give them to you
It was only to get them out of me
I just wanted to scribble this madness on this 
 white, disposable paper--
Hoping in time it would break down--
 taking my words into the ground with it
But once they were out--
Once they were written--
Once they became so real and I realized just 
 how a part ...

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I guess I'm afraid to love you

I put on my mask when I woke up in the morning.

The silent grins and the innocent eyes.

Filtering the truth I feared could dry the sea,

I smiled and laughed, they thought I never cry.

Through the reflection, I saw myself.

I stared at those eyes and sometimes I don’t know who it was.

My heart would’ve repel itself from this body, if it has the chance to succeed.

Like a bir...

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You deny the truth that you love.

You deny the truth that you’re insane. 

You deny the truth that you’re murdering your inner self.

You deny the truth that you want the unthinkable, 

cos you know you’re crazy

and you don’t mind.

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Demon I can't live without

Looking at you is like looking at myself in the mirror. Only that you’re the demon in me where I wanted to cast away. But then again, you are also the drugs I can’t live without.

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Tags: addiction,demon,live,love,lust

You came in right after he broke my heart.

You came in right after he broke my heart
The crack was too wide for you to mend 
You came in right after he broke my heart
I dragged you across the yard to feel my pain.

You gave me your all just to make me feel secure
I can see love written all over your eyes
You bathe me in those eyes everyday
And yet all I could give was just a piece of my heart. 

You tried to fill the crack in my ...

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Tags: doubts,heart,love


You’re like a perfect picture of everything
Your mind, your laugh
That genuine smile 
You’re like a breath of fresh air
So pure, curable
It’s insane how you made me feel 
You want me to believe I’m sane. 

I almost lost in all hopes
Love, life, happiness in whole
It was a downfall, endless hole
Somehow you came into my life 
And proved the world isn’t that bad after all.

Your words ...

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Tags: love,poetry,serendipity

Severed Connection

The connection between us
The communicating
The friendship
The love
The joy
It seems entirely gone
Just like our form of communicating
Or the internet
Or soon, my silver chord
Which holds my soul onto this plane of existence
This unbreakable cord
Just like the red string
Just like me
Has been severed

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Tags: confusion,emotional,hate,Love,sad

To Live Dead

The child wasn't abused
No, not abused
That seems like too much
Too harsh a description
More so punished
"Punished" is how they put it
But he didn't know any better
So he kept following along
As blind to his own eyes
As deaf to his own voice
As unfeeling of his own emotions
He couldn't stop the feelings
For he wasn't the one to cause them
No, he could never d...

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Tags: emotional,empowering,Hurt,inspirational,love

A Broken Mind, a Sound Body

My head hurts

My eyes are spinning

My heart lies on the floor
You really really hurt me
I still don't comprehend
Why you walked out the door
Sure I might have been too forward
But you didn't say a thing
All I asked from the very beginning
Was to let me show my wings
But now the joys are hidden
And you left me in a room
Where I've been crying over ...

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entry picture

You say that I'm a dreamer

and so I may well be

but the dreams I have

aren't just for me,

they're for you and all to see.


The dream is of love,

of life free from harm,

a dream of peace and

shelter from the storm.


The dream is the lifeblood

flowing deep in our veins,

the dream will always be

for all to see

and all that remains.


The dream is t...

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Have you ever thought about this girl?

The girl that does her hardest to please you

To go out of her way.

To take a fall to take a shot

But all you do it block her out

Hurt her to the point of no returning.


She decided that being silent is the best way.

No one will bring her to her knees

Making her want someone to see.

What exactly she needs.

The silence t...

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entry picture

"You'll be safe, I promise", reassured his mum.

“But its not you who’ll end up sat on your bum!”

A conversation they’d had most every week

but it didn’t make his knees feel any less weak.


“Now come along, Harry, stop messing about,

go finish your homework whilst I clean up this house.

The show doesn’t start till the end of the week

and all this chatter is making me Squeak...

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Not mine

Different stories 

Different people

haven't you heard of me?

I've heard of you though..

I've seen you smile and cry.

But it seems like you haven't noticed me.

I was there long before.

I was there when you needed held.

I hold your hand in the dark.

But its been so long.

Distance tore us apart.

But it's sad how it came back together.

And now I'm in holding reach.


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Tags: break up,good bye,love


entry picture

There was a man I knew,

not too close, not too far,

as a child he was there

to tend to my scars.


A man with a past,

of that I had no doubt,

a man, when provoked,

who knew how to shout.


A happy man

with a smile for all,

he'd always be there to

pick me up when I'd fall.


And though never far away,

we were never very close,

a sign of those times


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entry picture

How do you say goodbye

to everyone you love,

your family and friends

who you hold high above.


How do you say goodbye

to the one in your heart;

your soul mate, from who

none could tear you apart.


Your night and your day

and in every sweet way,

no words could express

what you're needing to say.


How do you say goodbye

to the child in your hand


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I've became so mad at myself for giving in

To what I want

Thinking it would be the greatest time

In my life

But oh no

What a dissappointment

I should have walked away

For you, to play a game that you hate being played.

Play in on me and my heart

Just to get the saticifaction of your unhealthy habit

Like you enjoy living in your dark habitat.

Like an animal holding ...

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Remember all the times we had?

Holding my hands in the wind

Listening to our music

I did what I could to make you proud

But don't you dare forget

How horrible you made me feel.

I gave you my life and soul

My heart in hand and everything that could be imaginable.

Just to break me on our anniversary.

And lead me on like a little toy of yours.

Remember when I...

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Tags: independance,love,pain,woman

I Love You Like..

entry picture

-the ramblings of another young girl-

written: 4/29/15

I love you like the flames love the wood

that it claims

with its fiery passion.


I love you like the sea loves the shore,

as it kisses the soft sand 

with each passing wave.


I love you like the sun loves the moon,

as it hides its burning beauty just so the moon can shine,

even with all of its imperfectio...

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The ripple of sail 
The movement on water 
The carriage of sound to the shore, 
The stillness of nature not moving 
Just being 
We two 
Not speaking 
Just seeing. 

Silvery reds reflect off the mirror topped estuary 
A kissing breeze brushes our bodies 
We sit, afraid to break this spell
We sink into each other 
Melting into this space 
Willing it to consume us and never let us go 

All moments pass 
All become me...

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entry picture

Our friend, Bob The Bun,

just loved to have fun

and exciting adventures galore,

he’d laugh all day

and jump and play

and roll around on the floor.


Its a very rare sight

to see a bun take flight

but one day he went flying so high,

he held onto a kite

by the tail, so he might

get to see the world from the sky.


Now, whilst he was high,

something low ca...

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Tags: angel cake,baking,bob,bun,butter,children,funny poem,kite,love,marriage,rock bun,scone,toast,twins

Momento Mori




head towards finger, keep going, keep going, there – stop.

Eyes to me.” 


Sequestered devotion to bemused muse.

She stares back digressive, dictated expression.

Seeing now not the man, but the Brady stand.


© Katypoetess  2015

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Tags: love,love poetry,photography


I run my fastest

But still get beat.

I land on my head

When I should be on my feet.

I try to move forward

But I am stuck in rewind.

Why do I keep at it?

I wont be left behind. 

The harder I am thrown 

The higher I bounce. 

I give it my all

and thats all that counts. 

In first place

Myself, I seldom find. 

So I push to the limit

I wont be left behind. 


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Tags: finish,love,nevergiveup,sports,winning

10 Down to 1


Shaky fingesr slide over my 


New wounds and my 


Scars of hatred, with 


Pills. I long my


Horrible hours of


Screaming death wishes and


Shots to my head would make


Tears fall down from my


Eyes, hurting me still!


More day and I would of been swept away. 

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Tags: it gets better,love,pain,recovery,self harm,suffering

What is an alcoholic?

What is an alcoholic?

When I was 2 you were all I knew

I had no idea what the bubbly juice was

But I knew it was good and it came from you

At 3 I can only remember seeing you hyper

Never understood your words were you speaking proper?

I don’t know what happened but mommy had to go

Now im just left here no soul 3 years old.

Grandma and Grandpa are extremely nice

Spent 10 ...

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Tags: daughter,lost,love,mother,never loved,what is an alcoholic

The Poetry Bug

I’m in need of no doctor;
no need of a prescription drug,
something exciting has happened,
I’ve caught the poetry bug.

Awake to see the sunrise,
vomiting words onto a pad,
hot in a fever of passion ,
but I’m actually rather glad.

My teeth chatter the rhythm,
as I sweat personification,
similes and metaphors,
no wonder I have dehydration.

There can only be one cure,
I’ll go to th...

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Tags: love,passion,poetry

Fearful and Trembling

entry picture

I slide down a rope
     into the empty chasm 
          which is your cold heart. 
I light a fire 
          in the depths of your despair. 
You hate me anyway. 
It rains. 
An ocean is born; 
          it swallows me whole. 
Darkness engulfs me. 
Surrounded by other misguided souls. 
I feel their cages; 
     I discover mine. 

NOTE: I wrote this at age 15. I have edited it since, but I think it'...

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Tags: cage,despair,destined,fate,heart,love,sorrow

Why Do You Not See Me Burning?

Hoarsely screaming down the barrelled street
night digests the wails I birth
this urgent drive pumps wildly
from crotch through chest to cranium
tears me clean in half
in flames for your name tattooed upon my lungs

Why do you not see me here
burning like this
why do you choose not to see me
burning for you like this

Barely able to draw breath between
the overwhelming thud of my hear...

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Tags: burning,clarity,love,Moments of Clarity,unrequited

Sex and Cigarettes

The smell of sex and stale cigarettes, Two bodies connected in life and death, Chapped lips meet between the sheets, Lust in our bones, the Reaper in the air. How rare an oxymoron, neither with clothes on, We follow recreation with deadly inhalation, Skin touching skin, lips wrapped around uncertainty, Two separate entities leaned inwards somehow gently, Feeling so alive, ...

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Tags: cigarettes,death,life,love,lust,meaning,oxymoron,reflection,sex

Ever since I met him

entry picture


I dreamt of a place to wander

A far off isle in the south

Days & nights naively ponder

Ever since I met him...


Soul drenched in reveries

Though sands were never mine

He walked some other hands

Ever since I met him…


I should have known his love

It was of time being kind

Gulping venom of a dove

Ever since I met him...


Neither did anyone glean


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Learning to live, without loving you

You confessed your love for me so soon
Brought light into my dark seedy life 
You had my heart, as the stars have the moon 
But you've ripped it apart like paper to a knife 

I cannot continue this path much longer 
For my efforts are always dismissed 
I'm weakening where you are stronger 
I've been at my knees since we kissed 

I beg of you to loosen your grip 
Let me go and tend to my...

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Tags: love,Love lost,romanticism

Learning to live, without loving you

You confessed your love for me so soon
Brought light into my dark seedy life 
You had my heart, as the stars have the moon 
But you've ripped it apart like paper to a knife 

I cannot continue this path much longer 
For my efforts are always dismissed 
I'm weakening where you are stronger 
I've been at my knees since we kissed 

I beg of you to loosen your grip 
Let me go and tend to my...

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