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a short but very real thank you

thanks for not asking me to leave

you could'nt imagine how much things mean to me

thanks for exsisting in the first place

i heard another human say 2 words today

' Day One'

i seem to feel better about things

47 leaders met up and admit they have had enough

afew weeks ago Liberia wanted gold as payment for oil from now on

basicly now they don't

don't turn your...

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st julitta's tragic life

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Waving to coaches with a big smile on my face

thats what im on

the reader tells the writer to carry on

friend of st julitta

im telling ghost storys up a flameing tree

the bell is dated 1623

i wonder if the dead are able to hold hands when they sleep

st curig the blessed boy martyr

st julitta was his mother

pray for the soul of the dead child cyricus


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Looking Upwards

Hit me with the cold hurtfull facts

i hoped i'd feel nothing

knowledge of self is worthless

im useless

now i just need to put the time in

between relationships wash my face in a stream

head in hands not doing anything

i could stare at my reflection all day and not reconise its me

A Storm Roams In Uninvited

and i am only now looking upwards

im not a loser ...

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super fury animal land

The wind calls my name as i walk along the river

the waterfall speaks my language

we talk for hours until i get sad

i reminisce inside an old brick factory

i stand still on a powerfull rock

and stare into the irish sea

Super Fury Animal Land HERE I COME READY OR NOT

and when i leave people can often be heard saying "THERE HE GOES"

back soon folks

to venture ...

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now what?

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none of my  teachers ever liked me infact they'd tell my younger sister that im thick


not everyones parents had a sheltered childhood

"Money In Here" written on mancunian bin



the lost generation are looting on the high street

DON'T pretend your shocked


pure kids active in new trainners playstation 3 ...

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rush hour

flash floods ruined us

the stock markets crashed

with my banished sovenieres i move on

an ex girlfriend calls

as soon as i heard her voice i hang up and laugh out loud on the chorlton bus and i thought

you have never been here for me

no one has heard me scream

face spotted in clouds during a storm

they are powerfull

make time fuck off

stop the clock rip...

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clare sorrow OR the day i found a pen

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i lost my girlfriend but i found a pen i was proper buzzing it was my pleasure to get dumped i couldnt wait to tell a certain someone ive well and truely moved on

spiritualy twisted and turning into something with a want to be pole dancer in the making im dead meat and its nice to be me abit i think my thoughts remember my dreadfull memorys i know im really like this

reversing into gr...

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