Taboo sados bat ba bee binit beerter

Wonder if anything interesting is happening in there tonight ?

High on life hope no one minds . am feeling lucky enjoying being me 

Thank God I was invited , I have a reason to go in !

So I went to the bar at the 3minute threater , as you do ,

And asked politely for a cider BUT to be honest 

All I got from them was some seriously negative energy straight away

They made me feel un...

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You're not right in the head if you think I want to fit in

No offence I have my reasons

Blooming moody poetry

I got 5 out of 10 for performing in Didsbury the crowd loved it

F the haters they may dislike my face but at least I dispise them aswell

Mmm money lovers should remember not everyone's had a sheltered childhood soz

I've said too much its never enough

You make me feel l...

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Almost Impossible Forest

Enchanted scenes running for my life

Lost horrible in the creepy mist of the strange dark woods

Think that I may very be well and truly gone good and proper

I have been in the water so my phone is broke

Acting absurd like there's no tomorrow.

I met two of my mates, it was weird, the one with the axe, I didn't really look at him,

I focused on the other man witness me dribbling mag...

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Wave One

Feel the tide breathing tremendously sneaking in  heavyweight water laughing 

Unforgettable nightmare whirlpools having a field day 

Triumphant shifty liquid moving in rapid 

Hugging the seafront

Water of life giftwraps soggy buildings

Making clocktowers become sick waterslides overnight

Turning the city to soup

Floods are off their heads deep dark loughs are seriously strange...

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