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in ruins by the river Bollin

one handfull and i am gone here

looking into the water to check for messages

baptised by the waterside i nearly fell in

out of my depth

the trees are waving come over here

find something within

too busy watching everything

writing letters from the overgrowth

doing press ups on a fallen tree

just a dream

birds chat mad

butterflies dance clever

and the river flows...

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not this

how do i feel ? why do i write ? ,

it got so dark i'd imagine my self scream

felt death so gladly

did'nt mind being late ,

could be dead

what i said , did i mean ?

you could sence some hurt involved

i grew in the dark

wrote in secret

feelings swept thru me

one day we will not be alive

dear death will kill me

i found childhood difficult

it was my fault

i di...

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help a friend climb a wall when it's cold

in to the foggy dew for a fast one

noted , fer being usual

heading te paradice beside myself

passed walkers of the flags and dinny wana be eye balled

slang talk grimey up north

got a plan to get lost

read along the floor and got let on tee

workers asking me where i am going sounds like i am being told

and funny enough i'm not up for back chat

so i went mad ways blasting ...

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and Plank is singing Tim Evens under the rail bridge

and i wander of never getting home

buildings well built still standing

rabbits on the riverside of  Leeds

available to carry bricks and all sorts of things

Willie told stories of sleeping wild

telling me to be weary of what happens in my sleep

me ,knowing i have not told them anything

must o heard me when i was screaming


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no one's home anymore

up early for a Hutchence type party

locked in the cubboard up to no good

the devil makes work for idle hands inside

all lights off no shadows exposed and

g g gasping for breath

she know's i am in here

he noticed

i had been wondering sick again with a pen

she had left her mark on me

i stayed inside of the cubboard

sexual ? mixed up ? messed about ?

darling love


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der dar

yes babe sing to me in your native language
i want to remember how it felt to have had become lost ,
in the very well named Devils Kitchen section of the mountain
planing a swim in the lake of Sucat's snakes
i had 3 heads - so said the shadow
i found a cave
and cried like a child for a long time
the wind got poetic in the mist
i can feel the maggots in my mind
i knew if i made it off i wo...

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she has gone from me / she wants a river to die

we kept reality to ourself's

where the truth hurt more than i would care to admit


so i am here now with me , unexplained

cybor control set up borders like professionals

are dangerous to know so i never get too close

and perform as well as the others

asking for the time is a horrid sign of weakness

she has gone from me  so i took a bus to Stranraer

she wanted a river ...

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a day out looking for a well

Up and over Carn Ingli dreaming of what life is like down in the Gwaun Valley

though your sweet common land where the ticks live

and i had not seen anyone all day ,

just looking for the nearest Holy Well

hours i had walked and hours more i had to go

i could not stop

6pm arrived and the bells rang but still i proceeded to go on

getting myself mentaly ready for spending the nigh...

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the terror's involved in looking for work

there is no one like me

but everyone else are themself's aswell

putting on a C.V by mistake of course

i am cold and calculated and as per usual

my personal statements tend to turn into pathetic bits of writing

a blotch of words : For Sale

please fucking help me i am saying but do they listen ?

and is being deep ,good ? ,or bad ?


when feeling anxious

you want s...

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Reporting Live From A Sinking Boat featuring Frank Tower and Owen Coffin

watch the violated become the violators

they say what goes around comes back worse

only God knows of our past

and we doubt he will be telling anyone

and most of us are ready for anything

we love reality waiting to hear official information

and need to be told how we are doing

climbing the ropes biting a hold of the knife

some things i can't leave the house without


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Reddish Women and the boys of the H.G Divishion of nutters

she caught me off guard and i was shocked

head sick of the dark clouds

polluted in the city

and can be dangerous out around H.G

its nearly lovely here but its not Romiley but not that far from it

not understanding nothing

but once when i lived accross the road from Tameside

i seen a photo in the local paper

of a lad who had been battered badly down by the river in the T...

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Them Field's Of Brabyn

they are still fields yes

the sky was so bright it was mad

i did'nt enjoy much using bridges but faced the sun more and more

running to the top of the hill to act as lookout

and thank god that you found me because i didnt realise how missing i was

living up to expectations inside of the darkness that is ..

..i want everyone to be o.kay and why should they not be already.

here ...

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i split up

want to show off the nothingness i came for

deep isolation takes hold

i split up

another day in life heading further forward

thinking that possitive feelings are the greatest gifts of all

and if i can do much what must happen ?

it's not for the faint of heart or for those who like to look away

too late

i surrender everything anyway

alone with myself in the darkness


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Underground Buildings And Things

and learn there

that alchemy involves union between the spirit, self and soul

not turning stone to gold even through that was a fine joke

let us read Thoth together

......and on the 8 th step everything changed

conducting the lucifer experiment in the closed room of a mystery school

thinking things exsist and trying for ages to understand a bit.

" once in a long time forgoten ...

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orchard of robots

think i am on a certain path

that is what i thought

touching stone , feeling stone

hearing voices

the mist is cool

the sun is delighted

the reflection dances

we tell each other stories at the fireside

vibrant packed full of emotion

have a sign in the window saying


i heard about who built Newgrange before the Pyramids

and walked arou...

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drink tank

in a good pub your money becomes beer tokens

you dont know whats going on

and all you have is time to waist

seperate versions banging

each to their own

i am out looking to at least numb the pain

and at bedtime got ready to visit a plane crash

must be pissed cause and effect sat by myself

singing sad one for the road , one for the floor

one of the loners here and there is...

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Wave One

Wave One Triumphant

Water Of Life have us giftwraped , soggy , messed up

visiting the sea front as it gets owned , sorted

Find Me Awaiting Judgement

the greatest master of all becons us

violently it hits the coast

walls of waves in coming

get get getting freaky with my soaking bodie

dripping mess in an empty car park unafraid of God and demons

i know already i am going t...

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sometimes i get paranoid

but if you love any one of the many Gods

you want all out war do ya ?, and control over others ?

and in work i have a namebadge and get called welsh

until they get corrected

and then i bloom into a  pile of shit

English is not my first lanuage

i have never been ladies and gentlemen where ....

( lines deleated at this time due to the writer not want...

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spiders freak me out

the fear turned me evil

but i am frightend

so what am i supposed to do ?

       ( said in tears )

made me laugh

theres something in my head

but i am keeping it for the death bed

this is something hard to remember

i do not want to

but will

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4.45pm 18th Feb on a Didsbury side road

YOU ! Going into the Didsbury Post Office ,


Why did'nt i say hello , what are you on ?

i mean we looked at each other twice

it felt alright

I wished for more

she said thanks for letting her past

then gave me a smile on her way out


without you

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Man Of Kilcornan

and what can i say

at this time and place

about him and what he was doing

or the power of the thing he did will last years

and more than he knows have become emotionaly involved



to the men dangling on their buried ropes

did you get frostbite ?

was you snowblind ?

You was the first Limerick man on K2

fuck in hell you knew what you ...

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you what i go up mountains for this

100 miles per hour winds

'Aving it ,

Flipping trees Falling

puddles the size of fields

filling metal cabins with stones

the moon got hurt

in cycles of  7 years

i was dead at 21 and born again when i was 28

these things that came from the heart

erosion of the mind

i never thought of not being wanted

i watched woodworm at work


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what is the world coming to when...

Man United beat bottom of the league 2-0 at home and everyone's making a big deal about it

Spider's that have been here for years suddenly become killers

Jim Davidson " From Zero to Hero "

People find out a lot of beef was horse meat really but still buy ready meals

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Fobbed Off ?

is there something i am not telling me ?

pray to Nimrod right about now

and if you was ever lucky enough to live be greatful

i can still remember being 8 at the window

where the sunlight screams and i feel hated

wasp nests are warning signs

and i find it difficult to say what i mean

an ancestors spark inside set to ignite


hide it well

this celebration is p...

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Just a bit of mountain fun

on the east face of Tryfan and you have never heard of me

keeping 3 points of contact at all times during this

just a bit of mountain fun

damned if i do , damned if i don't

but i will , and alone

at the summit jumping from Adam to Eve

mind the gap or it will take care of you

Darting up Helvellyn in a mad rush

it will be dark soon

think like a warrior and act like your no...

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i will tell you what is amazing... Living

no one is here,its in the back of the day

and wonder who pussed the standing stones over

why would they do that ?

why are humans intent on fucking up places

yes indeed fracking sounds fucking frightening

but i think of 4 things just as worse

i reply to most things with "so this is how im treated ?"

i will tell you what for when we hugged you felt cold

so i alone walked the ...

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i listen to Kool Keith , it does'nt matter that you dumped me

No , no , no , NNNNNNNNN Not that bothered yeah ,

do what you want , move on ,

let your friends and family influence your decisions

they don't know me

babe remember when we was together, back then i use to listen to Kool Keith

and imagine us not lasting forever

and the good thing about getting dumped is;

the excitement of meeting someone new

you like me in red underpants an...

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unfinished business

Last year i was so troubled i know change had to happen ,

then realised it'd soon be christmas , so started planning what to buy ,

forgot about my woes for a short time whilst i enjoyed the festive period ,

2 months of nothing to do and then it's the 6 nations

for entertainment folks we've got birthdays and world cups ,

its cut throat out here dog eat dog , see whats on offer ,


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in the air

so long sad sad poet so long

Sad Sad Clown hugging a pillow , swollowing the pill

being so forward , running away with scissors

and someones fashion magazine in love with the wind ,

Hungry as fuck what on earth is hell if not a playground

the ocean i have heard looks great when it breaks things

i am certain i feel something but really inside buildings i am a outsider ,


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The Cottage Of Wild Horse's

Got sidetracked .... 

when i noticed a light flickering on the hillside

seen it dancing down in the valley

made our way towards the place

in a state of hope , joy and amazed

we flooded right for the cottage

realised i was in a field of wild horses

doing alright

but i don't think like that about things

made a beast of a fire and began lighting candles

Outside Roar...

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on a spinning object of saints and amnesia ,

should remember when the Gods get bored they generate floods for some fun

love the moment , dramaticly clinging onto a tree

suffering from shock and don't wana sream and shout about it

center of a forest happy new year ,

getting located happy new year

nuff love , eat shamrocks


i legged it from woodhouse park lifestyle center...

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