food and love sonnet

Food and Love Sonnet

Today is my day off I’m not writing anything so I’m

free to think of the time I fell in love with the woman

In the cake shop, I was only twelve and a half and

often she gave me a hug and an extra cocoa macron 

I had plans and knew who I was going to marry, alas

I should have kept the plans to myself and not told

mother who in turn told my aunt and soon eve...

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I had a choice which I didn’t make

Along the way I tried to shake

Forget that I didn’t make a choice

Tried not to hear that little voice

Inside my head it’s telling me

I can’t evade what it should be

That not to choose is still a choice

In endless cycle says the voice

Ignoring it with all my might

Kept going on through day and night

Now I am lost I had to ask,


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If Only

If only they could see your beauty,

If only they could see your worth, 

If only they could understand that,

South Carolina is the loveliest state on Earth. 


If only they could appreciate you,

And everything you will ever do,

From giving them a home forever,

Or even just a helping hand or two.


There is not one thing I would do to change you,

Or alter you in any ...

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Tags: Change,Classic,History,South Carolina

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Diamond Days

There are moments
I'd love to keep
forever, they sparkle
like sunshine
on water, dazzling
and glittered, precious
in their rarity, perfect
point in time.

Late night walks
through velvet darkness,
wrapped in air warm
as melted chocolate,
colours faded
to monochrome, white
daisies glowing.
Every sound magnified,
crystal clear, the sky
a riot
of pyrotechnics

An afternoon laying

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He Inhales

He inhales,

Yet again he finds himself feeling six feet under,

covered by life bearing soil

The life in which he ponders how he missed.

He inhales,

This time,

His sorrow and self loathing are lifted away

Into the clouds

This is where they remain

For a time that seems ever too short.

He inhales,

Hoping to never return

To his sad reality.

He can't escape.



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Tags: depression,Drugs,escape

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Let’s make a pact
let the shadows hold us…
swaddled in secrecy
and breathing quickly
I see you draw in close to me
I sense those lips loosening
feel my whole foundation questioning
the force field of your sly grin
and the delicacy of those fingers
upon me…

Let’s make a pact
let this moment be our blueprint
don’t accept a fading
or a softening of the urgency
I feel this ...

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Tags: affair,breathing,breathless,love,lust,passion

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You Turned the Corner

entry picture

You Turned the Corner



Turned the corner,

Broke the cord

Put 150 bodies on the floor


Now each depressive

Will be asked and put through the mill

I wonder if Jane or Paul could

Well you know....


You turned

The corner...

And placed your hands calmly on the control



And now I fear it will spiral...

And your actions will hurt ..


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And in her arms a baby

bright as a daffodil.

Rays of light


from this child.


He remembers a game -

“do you like butter?”

and thinks he sees

a golden glow reflected

on his young wife’s throat…



the baby has

a smile that gleams

audacious as the sun!



undeniable demands

as a full breast is nuzzled


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Tags: baby,jealousy,love

The Day In the Sun

I remember the day I met Christ.
It was in death, and not only I,
For I mourned the death of us,
How our love turned tragedy,
And I crumbled at the thought
That we had wasted our youth.
Tears came. I buried my face 
In my hands for their shelter.
But, letting up for a moment, 
I looked at the tears on my hands
And saw an old scar on my wrist,
And it was then I saw the nail-wounds.

I ...

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Tags: christian poetry

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entry picture
Poem 102 of 230:  CONGESTION 

The waxing view;
And the taboo:

Increasingly now, for congestion,
Leaders make this sort of suggestion -


Bon...but (through dread of accusation -
    “They don’t care about our children” -
And of losing the next election)
    Most politicians never mention -
Promote a lower populatio...

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The terrible air crash tragedy in the French Alps was a salutary reminder of the fragility of the human

mind and the catastrophic effects on others that it can inflict it undetected, untreated and out of

(self) control.


Who knows what filled that pilot's mind

So high in Earth's bright air

Or if he even sought to fi...

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My Only Friend (the end)

Now it really feels like autumn,

warm sun 
chill breeze 
senses dimmed
slow lazy haze.
we chose this time of year
 to wed,
not that I regret I'm with you, 
but why did we think we needed 
someone else's god 
to make us true?
I'll not do that again
(unless of course we go to Vegas
renew our vows in front of Elvis)
See, you're ...

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Deep poetry

Deep poetry, dark poetry, meaningful poetry

words that are dug out,

from the deepest abyss of your dark mind

dark matter

squealing, screaming, tortured into

sentences, lines upon lines

angst, anger, confusion, debate


Such fine poetry beats me,

I feel I've sneaked a dekko

at the transcripts,

carelessly left in the open, on the table

by the inept psychi...

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In the calm of darkness

I find great peace

The whirring of my head begins to cease


For in my everyday

I so struggle with just being me

Speaking my wants doesn’t come easily


There is conflict

In every decision I make

Trying to act for everyone’s sake


Often I forget myself

In that moment I’m not important

As old beliefs still h...

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Tags: depression,lonely

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(untitled) |


I am a child. You bring out the child in me.

I am vulnerable, out of control involuntarily.

I cringe. I hide. I panic. I chide myself. I plead.

Please don’t make me show this shame. Please

don’t make me bleed. I do not want to own this

part so please don’t make me name it. I’d rather

cut it out or find some hopeless way to tame it.

But its shrillness in my chest is like my hea...

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Shit brained angel

entry picture

Ploughing oily fingers

through unkempt hair.

Two fingering a quiff

down to eye level.


the mirror tells me

how cool I look,

and that is all American.

Leather and sneering lipped


thats me,bike boy

delivering thunder

into one horse towns

Harley style.


A dick loving chick

eyes me up outside the diner.

Takes quite a while

before I make her sor...

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suffer little chldren

suffer little children

it is always the slightly gritty scrape of clarkes shoes on stone
    mixed with the lingered perfume of candle wax and brasso
    and a subtle hint of incense from the high church vicar
         long departed
         to tend richer flocks in greener pastures
which strikes me upon return

at school christmas service we would squeeze into dark wooden pews
    nudging ...

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Would you, Brother?

Would you, Brother?

 Brother do I cast a shadow
 Over your boat
 Whilst you reel in your catch
 And gloat?

 Brother, would you break
 Your female reflection
 And sentence her to
 Another seven years
 Of loss and rejection?

 Brother, would you threaten
 Your maternal bearer
 Your unconditional carer
 Exposing her tears
 Whilst jangling her fears?

 Would you brother, would you...

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Dockery Plantation Blues

entry picture

Dockery Plantation Blues

In a Mississippi graveyard,
as the midnight hour crawls,
sits a young boy and his guitar
wailing tunes at the moon.
He prays his fingers faster
as they dance across the frets,
weeping at his inability
to speak in tongues from the strings.

He is lost in a fugue
of chaotic chords and strumming,
as the Delta Blues pour muddy,
like the churning brown river,

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Tags: clarksdale,crossroads,delta blues,devil,myth,robert johnson

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stark organic matter

excreting tastes of life

tied to a cycle

destined to a path

seen by none

the rules of competition

forever consumed by the glory

light to light

de come possed


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Tags: death,familyloss,life,love,reality,reallife

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I need a holiday.

I need a holiday of sorts,
See, recently I've been stuck in court,
Persecuted by my own thoughts,
Where I must justify my existence?
With evidence of my resistance?
You see I've been put on trial- 
By demons so vile,
And I need a break... Just for a little while,

Listen I need a mental holiday,
A conversation to take me away,
A defence to keep the demons at bay,
But as the accused,
Can I please be excused...

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Tags: holiday,mental health

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Eye-Toothed (03/26/2015)

Hipbones are wishbones;
Pulled apart and laid out
Torn and flipped and splayed out
Left in entemology rapture
Pins and pleasure
Night terror capture.

A familiar weight sinks
Touching my adrenaline
Stop--oh god dont let it stop
Torso bruised like carrion
Picked apart, left dizzy; panting
Staring a thousand miles past this ceiling
Letting you take everything and loving it
Swallowed ...

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Tags: like you fucking know my name say it anyways

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Where do we go from here, I feel the uncertainty in the air, Or is it just me, it's always just me, Convincing myself of finalized emotions that haven't even begun, I don't know how to be what you need, when in reality all you may need is this me, The problem is mine to create and solve, and never remain satisfied with the solution, Strive to create this well articulated illusion, to s...

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Sailor's Hymn to a Friend

entry picture

Eyes watery as the vista yonder,

salt sting tears scouring this face.

A month from shore and time to ponder

how whalers live with Davy Jones’ grace.


Inside pocket, oilskin pouch, old familiar,

though faceless friend. Sanity’s saviour.

Oh calabash of burn-baked briar,

grant me moments in your favour.


Skipper of this ship I be,

through oceans furious black and pe...

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Dear Roger |

Tiempo de reaparición para el merecido

On the wall of silence

Came cracks of air

Came holes of light

Came smashes fire

Fire on fire on fire

Fire burning glaring sight

Fire fueling damaged sight

On the crushed bricks of silence

Came rocky steps of mist

Came bridges of height

Came Mountains behind

Comeback for the deseved

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My heart plays a sad symphony
With every note is a blade that cuts deeper and deeper,
Gasping for air and holding back tears
Every breath feels closer and closer to the last,
So I place my hands over heart
And stop conducting for the moment,
Running to you in our final hour
Embracing all that we'll ever be,
With one last kiss
My lips gives you all the secrets of the heart,

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Reckoning Up

Tentatively wheeling and circling

like over cautious predatory birds,

my demons eventually pick their place

and settle at my bedside

to stake their claim and

barter for their treasure.


Without speech

I am nonetheless privy to their deliberations

and visit deathly glances upon their stolid

emotionless faces,

This is the long game then,

a jamboree of addled thou...

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Thinking About Talking in Bed

We have finally settled for the night

Sleep last on the list


The wait is on to find words succinct but sweet

That will settle and soothe us to sleep


A significant silence stretches out before us

It seems to go on for an eternity

I wait, revelling in its poignancy


Not willing for false sentiment

I’ll wait for words that ring true


Finally the wait seems...

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I‘m called a Clarksonite

I know – I’ve read it on a blog;

So it must be right

You too can read it on the blog;

But why on earth should I moan

If every Darby and Joan

Agrees with me that I’m shite?


I’m called a Clarksonite

For my drivel and my tack

Yes, a Clarksonite

(But then only behind my back)

“So who on earth is it, pray?”

“I couldn’t possibly say”


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My Melanin Pleasures

entry picture

My strength resides within in. The arching of my lips will make you cease at utter bliss. Please do not be alarm, for when I speak- I sing a sweet song. Bushing on my melodies. Trust God - my heart beats times three. Divine right or is it the Goddess within. Call me the AFRO-QUEEN or that SISTAR over. Yes i feel free with my bouncy curly hair. My beat my drums for I make my own rhythm. Confine in ...

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We are not who we are

Out those blue eyes

Out the yellow skies

Out the colours of our love

Of whom we’ve become


We never needed them

But in we went

In we discovered

We found what we hated

In we dated

In we believed

-In we lied

In we laughed – we went high

Above all, in we lost ourselves


We lived in pride

We cried in power

A thought of being better

More than the ...

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Forging of firmness in frail frigate

Unision is unlikely to happen

Cranky & cruel words spew at will

Kicking down walls of decency and etiquette

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Tags: happiness,humor,Life,poetry,spring

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digital appreciation 101

entry picture

Fourteen billion ears and not a pair to listen Fourteen billion eyes Ignore the running captions Seven billion tongues Wag 24/7 on worldwide web Still, bosoms burn and burst Ne'er a lack of words to display Keyboard fingers clenching: Cacophonous asphyxiation.

_____________________wsd_________ ✴The Wimpole Street Devils✴ words, words, words, you'd get sick of words from ...

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digital effrontery |


You welcome me into your space
built with careful love
gentle on wounds;
A refuge in the damaged world.

I do not need this shelter.
My credentials
are accepted everywhere.

My wounds
petty, self-inflicted things
accustomed to sympathy.

Be wairy of me.
I will claim this space
with my scent
vomit my shame
at your feet.

I want

Be war...

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What is it like to have a broken mind? Part 2

become a now or never thing. I expected something to happen – maybe the sky would split in two and all the answers would fall upon my head. Maybe someone would listen – maybe now, after all this Therapy I could actually START. I had not been talking about what really mattered, I realised. Maybe this would be the beginning of it that I had been looking for. My last session was with the young woman ...

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What is it like to have a broken mind? |

Build a Fire

entry picture

Build a fire
The rain pours so hard
so hard I struggle to breathe
drowning and suffocating
my breath it tries to steal

Wind pierces my veins
torments us with it’s sound
the earthquake
cracks the shaky ground

A sting on the shroud
of a thundercloud
volcanoes erupt
the world is so corrupt

The tsunami has gone
but I know there’s worse to come
when will we feel

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Maths V English

There's the numbers one to ten

and many equations then



there is only nought to nine

and infinite stories and rhyme

of how there is only them.


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Vase |

Does life really begin on the bog

 Does life really begin on the bog?
A working man's thesis

Beholding this small corner, of our universe from space
you'd be tempted into thinking, what a beautiful place.
  shining in the darkness, blue, indigo, bright green,
 an awe inspiring sight, precious few have seen,
clothed in vegetation enclosed by rolling seas.
Spinning in the blackened void, with Jupiter and Mars,

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World Poetry Day

entry picture

Had I known much earlier than I have , It would most surely have been spent With more intention and purpose. Then again, there is always next year!  __________________________________ Resolved during the 30th UNESCO session to proclaim March 21 as World Poetry Day.

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Faces From Far Away Places

entry picture

Created CSU 2007

Come, take a trip with me
Together on an enlightening journey.
Around the world and across the sea,
We'll seek new faces from faraway places.

Utilizing our time awhile
Discovering ways our new friends
may be speaking to us.
Through a dance, a wave, a gesture or smile.

Similar interests and experiences
bridging the gap, connecting our lives.
A world rich in colorfu...

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Tribute For My Dad

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entry picture

Dedicated to Brian G. Hodgkinson
WWII Hero and a great dad.


"Be alert, they're on the move" Tense,
the squawk-box snapped, "Be warned!"
but onward, through the turbulence,
his Supermarine droned.
October 27th, he feels alone -
above the fray, is he his own?
ominous fear looms all unknown -
on winds of fate, he's blown.


They say, the Spitfire won the war ..
so sleek and agile...

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just me

my heart screams with emotion

 beatting a million miles a min 

going numb with every spoken word 

physicaling here mentally gone to the stars into another plane 

my eyes filled with tears but honestly holding in my hearts greatest desires.

time to set the soul free to fly

free to try

free to become one with ones inner self

what do you see when you look at me 

hopefully y...

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Following your steps...

entry picture

Following your steps I've worn out my thoughts

forgetting and remembering you, forsaking and finding you,

letting you go and desiring you

and I digress in the mountain of my thoughts


Following your steps, I’ve punished my tears;

I look at you and my eyes dilate,

you ignore me, my heart erodes

attempting to give you love’s beauty


Following your steps, I have worn o...

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Tags: sad poem

Also by Noris Roberts:


Above The Skyline

“Above the Skyline”
A Short Story 
By: Alysa Hatcher

“Goodnight mom, I love you” Misty Exclaims as you can hear her mother repeating the sentence, adding in,
“Don't you stay up late again, you've been late for school two days now!”
“Okay!” She barks back slamming and locking her door. She leans against it, reflecting on her thoughts for a split second. “It’s spring break, not that she would remember” S...

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{Broken} | My Love | Bipolar Love |

On the wrong heart

When a kid

I used to put

My boot

On the wrong foot

A grown up

I put trust

On the wrong heart!

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Tags: miss trust,Still making mistakes,wrong turns

Also by Alem Hailu G/Kristos:

Soft Money |


Hi all,

The spoken word troupe that I am part of are doing this. Please, please join in. Here is one of the films and you can send yours to the email address is further below.


The Firm are launching our first political campaign in the run up to the UK General Election. This campaign is called â€ª#‎FirmAgainstApathy‬ and pretty much s...

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Build bridges,
make amends.
Division often

leaves remainders.
Ends aren’t

always ends.

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Also by Travis Brow:


Expect, Assume

entry picture

I expect not to

Expect I assume not to

Assume, Life in words

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Tags: assume,expect,Haiku

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