CHRISTMAS SNOW - a song for those far away from home

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This published material was written primarily for all those - but especially the men and women in our

armed forces - who have found themselves far from home at Christmas and whose minds go back

to those wonderful times in childhood when waking up to Christmas snow on the ground was magic!


At home the Christmas...

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Even as a child

I leaned this body against the truck door

Full weight, eyes glued to the pane

Watching the world fly

But what if I opened this door and flew too?

If I bled into the blur of the trees that whip by?

This feeling of my belly botton kissing my spine

Finally satisfied 

Even as a child 

Would I lift the handle?

to die

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Guiding Star

It’s really starting to grate

I’m really starting to hate

These motivational people.


I used to try to be one

But now I know that I’m done

With sitting on a steeple.


None of us know the answer

We’re all just one more chancer

Doing what we think’s best.


I don’t know more than you do

Or how it feels to be you

So I’ll not pass that test.


Rely on ...

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You swap
Your socks
For your shoes
You swap 
Your shoes 
For the pavement
You move 
Your heart
To your 
To the gutter
To the stars
You walk
On egg shells
Through the 
On the thorns
The spikes
Are a 
Pivotal change
In your life
You do
What you
Have to do
And sometimes 
You mak...

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We crept down
in the dead of night
and crouched before
the open fridge, and
in the chill and sallow light
we drank Carnation milk.
We sipped in hungry silence
at the crusty metal teat
and nothing since has tasted
as forbidden, or as sweet.

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Also by Travis Brow:



Opinions, sadly, are just that,

opinions, not facts.

Tact, on the other hand,

does the job better than

cold-tongued bludgeoning.

The devil is not in the details


the delivery of facts, the how

drop-ships the goods

more profitably, productively.



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No regrets

The lover I gave up

Not through choice!!

Not through being fed up

not wanting to give up


So we delt friendship

Into the deal

some say "not ideal"

At the time it seemed right


I shifted out

Times pulled tight


for the girl

I worried

For the girl

I thought hard

but not fought hard


10k away

Months drift by

they say

"times a h...

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Also by Quiet Comet:

Just another day |


I sit mesmerized

a white cog, spinning

on grey space

so I stare gormless, vacant.

I am surprised

it’s all I can do

with a million-and-one

other jobs queuing impatiently.

I wait,

the anticipation of roulette

cacophony of lottery balls

but I wait, holding breath.

My LAN is flashing

my dark-eyed LINK, lost

my world offline.

Jilted, disconnected.


© ...

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Wake up at dawn

Listen to your gentle breathing

Can’t bear the thought

That fate should be so cruel

Let me live after you,







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What borders do

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We came upon slowing traffic.

And stopped to stare at

the sun.

Ignoring the traffic

we looked towards the dancing distance

of a baked road.

The sun stared back.


Our eyes were wet and stung.

Hope offered a blaze of silence.

The border's gaze was silent.

We crossed the border.

We blinked and released our pent breath.

The border had done what most borders do-

shrugged ...

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Poem published on poetry24

My poem on the Scottish referendum result, published on Poetry 24.  Big thanks to Laura Taylor for switching me on to the blog.. 

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Also by Gary Smillie:

The Hill Runners (A New Poem) |

Colour me back stabbed

It is

when having poured

the everything

of my heart

into yours

only to have it abused

that I turn

to a new love.

The love

of hatred!

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Waiting for Nancy (XIII)

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Protecting their own
At least 100 of them
Cycled off from St Peters Square
Like a goose leading their flock
Away from water
But instead dressed up
Like ghouls


And zombies

Working in tandem
Shaping each wheel
With a burp
Instead of a beep
Across a river
Of closed shops
And boat like trams

Waiting in a different way
For the current to drop

And your text to 
Say ...

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An eloquent visage placed upon a pedestal of mosaic stones, 

Creamy white snow shimmering, 

Glistening freshly cut phernomes sit eloquently upon your chest. 

"They will die!," you say. 

"They will die!," you say. 

Erogenous plains outline your temporal landscapes,

An infinite glaze of still-life sunflowers,

Procreating infants breadth, 

Hypnotizing Adriatic oils,


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Tags: blind,blinded,flowers,intense,love,pain

Winter writing blues

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How to combat seasonal writing latest blog post:

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Tags: creative writing output,seasonal affective disorder,winter writing blues

Also by Leilanie Stewart:

Survival Skills - my poem in The Commonline Journal |


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Blanched death throes of the year.

All about slowly being locked down

being made to await Springs key.


I can walk on water,see through trees.

In these coming glare white mornings

my mistily yawning away of dreams.


Christmas will soon present itself

in all the colours of a childs wishes.

Hearts will merge as one

and beneath the angel topped tree


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Any place we drove to it seemed that Dad

could always show us the roundabouts, roads,

or paving he had once had a hand in,

back in the days he had worked much harder.


When he’d made his money and packed work in

he lost his sense of what to do with time,

moped around, got grumpy, and sent me out

to the ‘offie’ to refill his flagon.


A ‘man’s man’ my mother said, who...

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The Nomad

Stones weathered by the sea
Lay just beneath me.
A sea so deep, to the brim is full
Swells me with uncertainty.

A nomad travelling I am to see
What each turned stone may speak to me.
Stood upon a dozen as a fool
I shan’t turn them all most certainly.


The first poem in my Streams Collection. Thought it would be a good introduction to my works on this site as this is my first post. ...

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Tags: life,philosophy,sea

humbled and worn

"Why don't you yell back!? Why don't you argue and fight!? I need a man who will challenge my opinion!" I am humbled and worn. The days of playful pleading are passed. The hours of only our company for sustenance have left us. You once begged me to hold you until you slept, but now my presence disturbs your slumber. I will still work tired to...

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Dear Sarah and Samantha

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(This started off as a letter to my kids when they got to that age when they no longer believed in Santa.  10 years later I made it into this poem)

Dear Sarah and Samantha,

It’s been a while I know since I came to Chapel Haddlesey to see you.  Ho ho ho!

I used to drop your presents off on wintry Christmas Eve; I’d scoff a sherry and mince pie then hurriedly we’d leave.  We wouldn’t want t...

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Also by John Coopey:


A Wee Dram

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A Wee Dram

The dancing flames lick gently at the grate,
a bottle splashes amber to the glass,
soft chimes reminding that the hour is late,
aromas drift of peat and harsh deer grass,
the smoky mist of morning, with each pass.
The glow of bonfires as I gently kiss,
letting the rich swelling flavours amass
and burn upon my lips, no thoughts but this –
“how can something so bitter bring suc...

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Tags: good cheer,heat,scottish whisky,sonnet,spenserian sonnet,whisky,winter

Also by Ian Whiteley:

Anti-Christ(mas) |

Cutter 11 (12/01/2014)

Hereafter, we've lived the last few days
none of ours want to touch the shovel nor the spade,
It's best we stay loyal, here in the light brigade.
Six feet is deep enough for anyone, one can hope
signing the cross to pack the dirt to stifle the ticking heartbeats
One hundred hours of bootlaces and worm-tread: we were born to breathe such feats.

We're doing God's worst business.
We are the sausage makers; ...

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How prolific your profundity,

To see what others cannot see,

To relate your divine acuity,

To take the time to talk to me,

To advise advice altruistically,

To lower yourself to charity,

To solicit unsolicited graciously,

To presumably pontificate pompuosly 

To offer two red cents for free.


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Tags: advice,facetious,sarcasm

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In Chain, No

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orginally posted on


In chains, no
Yet freedom eludes
Bonded by no prison
Other than the one created
Following society ways
Mounting debt exudes
In chains, no
But maybe easier
Protected in prison walls
As to escape my own
To easy my worries
To mounting debt, explodes
In chains, no
Other than figuratively.

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Song for a dead gannet

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go back go back

to the salty sea

go back to the salty sea

to the salty sea


gannet gannet on the beach

beak is dry as bone

eye is just a hole


feathers blowing in the wind


gannet on the beach

beak is dry as bone


and you

with your beak so sharp

and your eyes so blue


go back

go back

to the stormy sea


and you


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 Cuffed and collar’d – not entirely wedded n’ bound
 Retaining strength with freedom recently found
 In gallant splendour of posies he dutifully bade
 She became his princess, and nonchalant maid


She washed away his tears with sweat of sin
 An’ hell coloured hair that whipp’d his skin
 Oh scornful mistress! How can you chide and glow?
 Because, she smiled, that’s the way troubadour g...

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Tags: Katypoetess,love,love poetry,Shadows of Magdalene

Pritty Little Boy

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What a pretty little boy!
He was born for love and joy.
Creamy, milky, marmalade,
Out of sweetness he was made.

Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)

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Tags: pet

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Public and Personal

I will be launching a collection of my poetry at the Dead Good Poets in Liverpool on Wednesday 17th December.If you have read and liked any of my stuff on Write Outloud,

please come along at 7:30 this Wednesday.

Stephen Smith

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The cold wind of derangement.

What could be worse than no longer having a clue who you are any more

due to brain disease,

 or being down on your kness in a black hole of depression because 

the vile curse of self persecution won't stop putting the boot into you;

hurling the accusations of 'loser', 'hopeless case', at you, no matter what you do?


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Tags: brain disease,dove cottage,self persecution,Windermere

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..i have this fear

  -the ramblings of another young girl-

written: 11/29/14

  I have this fear.

It keeps me awake when I try to sleep.

It drips into my mind like the rain drips from my window. 

  I have this fear.

I feel like it will never leave me.

I can't remember the last time it wasn't weighing me down.

  I have this fear.

It keeps my heart wrapped in heavy chains.

It makes me scar...

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Feel |

"I want to eat your cancer" - Nirvana

Inspired by Nirvana's song 'heart-shaped box'. The line "I want to eat your cancer" was so strong and powerful, really got me thinking


I want to eat your cancer,

Sip your darkness, your evils,

Drink from your chalice of disease,

Soak up your pain, bathe in it, wash in it...

So that you are dry.

And when you are too dry;

Powdery, breaking, crumbling,

Ill offer you a dri...

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Tags: care,destruction,love,nirvana,pain,relationship,sacrifice,take a bullet,ultimate

Also by Alexandra Parapadakis:

Just fifteen |


I liked the look of you 

unpolished I suppose

and as long as you didn't impose yourself

I was happy to spend some time well

I had repelled so many boarders 

I met each friendly quip

with a curl of my lip 

to make sure this ship sailed on alone

It took a long time to trust you 

to adjust to every day 

yes every day I'd ask myself 

how I felt about you did I love you


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E E D G F# G
E E D G F# G
E E D G F# G

E D G F# G
E D G F# G)

As gospellers have said,
Beneath signalling skies,
On land dusty to tread,
A trough in a stable
Was the strawy first-bed
Of a divine baby -
The forgiving Godhead.

A season for...

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The scarlet of your poison still stains deep 

The girl left stands in the corner weeping

Hiding her face so you can't see the shame

You've left

Love lame and passions undermined 


From nowhere you appeared as if by fate 

Your face awake and bright you teased and won 

You stole the light and toyed with me all night 

Your intentions unknown to me that night...


SP ...

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I am singing
Whilst the sea 
Collects prayers
Settles to sleep
Unmoved by grief
I am not waiting 
For it to sweep over me

I sleep whilst the
Sea sings prayers

© David R Mellor 2014

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For An Afternoon

your fingers
shadowed on the grass
the soft
sound of the leaves
in a pass of breath
as it begins
to rain

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Tags: fingers,grass,rain,shadow

Breaking Bad for Christmas

Breaking Bad’s at last run out

Walt and Jess got even

Bodies lying all about

Someone’s finally leavin’

Can’t get by on Game of Thrones?

Not a fan of Dexter?

If you want more Breaking Bad

Here’s a Christmas Extra


Heather Page and Stan Bymee

Lived in Alberquerque

Stan was cooking crystal meth

Heather breeding turkeys

They went on a date or two

But it came ...

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Tags: humour

Wheel of Fortune

Sir Silly Billy

Flushed his fortune

Down the pan

Dealt a card

Joker of jest

High society reject.


Roger the dodger

Took a chance

Slice of luck

Credit card found

Name Billy Silly

Spent it all.

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Just that one moment, when I lost what held us together,

I regret more than anything; that I trusted her.

He did not deserve, my sword of betrayal,

I cannot go back and stay still the same loyal,


The poison has spilled now, won't stop its flow

Through our veins, our hearts, our existence of sorrow

We all just meant to play nice, care one way or other


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A poem youll never hear

Just another drop love, just another glass.

Just another bottle , im sure that this one will last.

Just another day gone , just another week ,

Its only here and there love, its just to help me sleep.

Its just another month where ive felt a little stressed

And ive needed it to get me by and decide on what is best,

Its just another argument , that I cant remember now ….

I know t...

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Tags: alcohol abuse,Love lost,Mothers

Show me to my Sweet, Sick, Dark Cave

Show me to my sick sweet dark cave. The cave where dreams stab at the clumsy waking mind. Where the wounded and forgetful sleep crow is welcome and not mauled, by the growling brown beast of perceived consciousness. In the day I walk- Strut- confident in the ground beneath my feet. Falsely sure of the surrounding wood, predictable and ancient. When I hunger- For nourishment, ple...

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Tags: alone,Cave,dark

It's only that...

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It's only that I lay dying bedridden in darkness

along your sorrowful company and indifference,

sheltered under silence,

a silence that announces oblivion,

oblivion that tortures and suppresses

those cherished moments engraved in my mind


Submerged under brimming thorns of tears,

seeking to find the path into your heart,

finding only a distant and abstract goodbye


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Tags: love passion

Sweeter Than Any Wine

No, I'm not doing a thing tonight

She uttered to her red dress

Carelessly caressing the wind


The man in the pinstripe twisted

Her brown curl with a sly smirk

Then walking down the hill glanced one last time

At the 'v' fold of her skirt

And those chubby knees scarred

By worn nylons


After the dusk had mellowed to black

Twice over and brought up a new morn


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Poem: The Manger Is Still Empty

entry picture

Long ago, a Savior was born
and hidden within a humble birth;
covered with the cloak of humanity,
His presence impacted this earth.

Although we remember His birthday,
know that Christ is no longer a child;
He stopped being an infant, who was…
helpless, quiet, tender and mild.

He grew in strength and wisdom;
He demonstrated His holy authority;
He lived as He divinely taught;
He set t...

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Tags: breunig,christian poetry,faith,poetry,The Manger Is Still Empty

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Writers of the third kind Christmas Workshop

Dear all;

Just a quick message to let you all that the last Writers of the third kind writing workshop for this year will be held next Wednesday 17 December 2014 @ 7pm at the Sweet Green Tavern at 127, Crook Street, Bolton (Near Bolton train station) until 9pm.

Event is free as always and will be split among a read around and the usually specially selected writing exercises.

Mince Pies pr...

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Unfurl your talons from my heart

Black winged serpent

Retreat to your desolate moon

This hatred bitter venom coursing through my soul

Has too long been used to spew your vitriol

I have carved your death wish on me

But will use the blade no more

Rocking, curled around my withered core

The last black red blood bead


a seed

to grow and bloom




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Time blew away like dandelion seed

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A few years ago, I collected 110 of my poems into a book; I'm bringing it back into print for a few months in order to pay bills since my partner and I are both too sick to work. You can buy it from Lulu in the UK, US, and many other countries-- usually it's US$20, about £12, but at present it's discounted to US$17, about £11.

There will also be a numbered and signed proper hardback edition of fi...

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Darkness and Light

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My Mother, Sister, Brother and I

check into a hotel room. When we

enter the room my Dad who had

passed away almost five years

ago is sitting on the bed. He has

a wide smile on his face.


We ask, "Daddy why are you here?"

He says, "I wanted to see my family."

We are overcome with emotion and hug

him. We are all talking at once. Dad

interrupts us, "OK, ok let me say...

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Tags: Darkness,Dream,Light

On the Cards

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Royal Flush:


Prep School

Eton College

Oxford University

Prime Minister.


Busted flush:



Somewhere else

Stockport Jobclub



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Tags: Cards,Destiny,Fate

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Hands |


I have a dream...

A dream to fly, a dream to succeed & run away!

Touch me not, a venom you see;

Forget me not, try till it's possible & you might just turn grey and gone!

A snap of the time & I turn theatrical,

A punch into my stomach & I vomit my happiness...

Vagueness in the wind....I cry for the pigeons!

Don't let them suffocate, don't let them die!

An urge in my e...

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