The Voiceless

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When you are silent
The voiceless become hopeless
Speak up for others

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Tags: Haiku, silent, voiceless

Haiku's a different format?

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Chilled air
Scatters leaves

A Mime
Make a rhyme
Hear it?

Consumes me
Inflicts hell

Sea of life
God's there

You bring
Out the best
In me

Come from heart
Speaks soul

Turn eyes
I'm not here

With Jesus
Find rest

Share love

White H...

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Tags: different, format, Haiku

The Scales of Unjustice

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Held accountable
For my actions although those
Were not my actions

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Tags: Accountable, Haiku, Justice

My Words

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My words sometimes flow
Like a torrent, Like a sieve
Hope to inspire


Spring weather
It's not too cold, it's not to hot
It's January

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Tags: Haiku, Poems, senyru

Depressed Haiku, sort of

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Is something I rarely feel
Told how much I screw up

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Tags: Depressed, Haiku, unappreciated

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