May It Be

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May it be that you and I
Spend an eternity together
May it be that you and I
Live and Laugh forever
May it be that you and I
Live happily ever after
May it be that you and I
Always start a new chapter
May it be that you and I
Love the way we smile
May it be that you and I
Walk 500 miles
May it be that you and I
Hold each other tight
May it be that you and I
Always know when to fight

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Even the rain

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Even the rain runs away

Soaked at first

Then gone

It evaporates like love

When sun on it is shone


Even the rain runs away

It scrambles for the gutter

Taking with it cast off day

Detritus, junk and clutter


Even the rain runs away

Though some would have it lie

To flood the desert plains

And mirror the sheltering sky


Even the rain does mimic you


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- For my sleeping Savannah.


Sleep my lovely, and dream my lovely.

Close your eyes and see, my lovely.


See the fifth dimension that has formed within you,

See the universe behind your eyes.

See the truth behind the lies, see the world without disguise.


- Stars dance, in a floating sway.

Creating a rip through the milky way.

Black holes begin to turn and swirl,


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My Savy

~~I was to write a poem, to tell you how I feel. But I feel rants are more raw, expressive and real. So here's a rant, just for you. My bubby pumpkin owl, my baby boo. It may rhyme from time to time, but the message of love will remain and you'll always be mine.

Savannah Sienna Rose. Such a name is so deep that it dwells within itself to decipher what it means. A name that is travels beyond two...

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My Love

When I watched up,
Up into the pitch-black sky,
I saw your name written amongst the stars.
For you, my love, are my guiding light
Leading me home into your arms,
Where I am protected from all hurt.
And when I looked around me,
I heard the wind blow through the leaves
and the wind whispered your name.
But, my love, although just a whisper in the wind,
I can feel you coursing through my ve...

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Forgive me as I dip my pen into blood of the past.

Memories.  Hanging bright as the whitest moon

in my blackened, indecorous thoughts.


I was his lover, his muse, his friend,

his counsel over secret canal side walks.

Both sharp suited, professional by day,

we drove fast through boundaries

into love first after taking vows of never.

Towpath widened into world of champagn...

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Just You

Some days the only thing
that can drown out my 
thoughts are crashing
waves and sand.

And other days an 
old, wood rocking chair
and a summer rain.

But most days I just need

-your warmth, your calm
your strength-

to quiet my mind.

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The forgotten land

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Cornered in darkened rooms

Early love clutches and gropes at its discovery

Wet mouthed, hastily hot

Exploring contours and scars yet unknown


The fullness of time will expose the landscape

Hesitation and excitement may melt away

Or endure if lust holds love close enough

If roots bury their memories beyond the familiar

If fragility is celebrated and not broken



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Caring through Silence

I cannot feel your pain.

Your body is numb,

Your mind in hibernation.


For now, let yourself rest

In June’s heat and chatter.

It will take time to be

that knight again

that I cherish so.


But I am there.


Within the silence

I am there.


 ©  Katypoetess 2015

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Consider me as a friend,

A shoulder of support for your unknown cause,

A helping hand in your greatest needs

And seek me for comfort in your loss.

Fight me as your strongest foe.

To strengthen your will, against my will

Diligent to prove my wrong a wrong,

And face my faults with mature skills.

Make me your muse of strength and creed,

And see me as a part of you,


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All Your Dreams Come True

I hope all your dreams come true, even the ones you havent dreamt yet, the ones that maybe dont have me in.
I’ll always have those memories of taking you upstairs to make love, but then laying there frozen not wanting to move, because I’d have to stop staring into your eyes to undress.
I hope all you dreams come true, and that if I’m not the one to love you, then you find someone that loves ...

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The Portrait(0)

The Portrait (0)


-Amit Arjun K.





"For you dear, where shall i start?

Eons have passed, now we meet again.

Yet a fresh zephyr, still a young heart,

Your eternal dew, bestow unto me."



You are still as the master's hand,

Works wonders again, in such as you.

Oh Heavens! I'm indebted, to envision her true,

Now I am drunk, so let me begin.


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Gaze into a persons eyes,

far beyond the mask

and wonder at the questions

that you’re too afraid to ask.


Gloriously gazing

into depths of deep emotion,

currents running deep

within a cool and placid ocean.


Dive into the loving soul

of one who gives their all

and marvel at the feelings

that are waiting for the call.


Deliberately diving

into stro...

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The Crumbling

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The way you look at me
I know you see them... 
the hairline cracks in the shell 
of what is left of me 
The facade is breaking 
NO! I don't need your help. 
There is nothing wrong with me-- 
Oh God...soon they will all see 
 a pile of pieces that used 
to be me 
Tape me up! Get the glue! 
Why are you just standing there?! 
Help Me! 
Get the FUCK away from...

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Residual Haunting

There are these times of the year

that hunt and haunt my soul.

If I am undistracted – unaccompanied

then I become unexpectedly – unnerved.


Whispers on the breeze I cannot hear

catchlights in eyes I cannot see

memories of you I can no longer feel.


You are only 10 miles away

out of my life –

but no distance away

from this

residual haunting.


© Katypo...

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One heartbeat.
Is all it took for
me to fall in love
with you.

One missed heartbeat.
Is all it took for 
me to finally tell

One cold heartbeat.
Is all it took for 
you to walk

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She’s the one we could rely on

when things were sorely scarce,

to always find a way to get by

when it went from bad to worse.


She’s the one true matriarch,

the gel at the center of all,

never too far away from us;

never more than a call.


Sacrificing all she had,

for us, her flesh and blood,

always standing second place

to the family’s common good.



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Ties loosen

eyes now bound

dominance and submission

momentarily forgotten

within their

kismet kiss


© Katypoetess 2015

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A Haiku about a Library

Books Ladder Books Books
Books Ladder Double Window
Books Ladder Books Books

If you didn't understand this: you should have read this like you see a picture in front of your mind's eye. This is more a joke than serious poetry.

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The Silver Chalice

I’m your silver chalice

And every drink you take; you’ll take from me

I’ll cool you with cool water when you’re warm

And in the cold I’ll warm you

And when you crave for me,

Take me to your lips

And smile at me the smile that launched

A thousand ships

Then I’ll gladly quench your thirst.

I’ll do anything that you need,



I’m your silver chalice


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To feel her warm and gentle hand

upon your smiling face,

her tender loving caress is like

a sweet and soothing grace.


Teasing, as your fingers

trace a tantalizing trek

along her silken stockings

as you tenderly kiss her neck.


Gazing into enchanting eyes

so deep with dark desire,

whirling pools of life and lust,

dancing in dangerous fires.


A hint o...

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The child in his arms, such a precious gift,

her sweet little smile would make his heart lift.

Born into a love that none could compare,

baby blue eyes framed with curly blonde hair.


Conceived and born on such love filled days,

from the moment he held her he was blown away.

His heart did a flip and his smile was so wide,

his devotion to his daughter could not be denied.


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Sometimes when life gives you hell.

I wanna give you heaven.

Lettin me into your family and life.

A true sign of love and trust.

I feel I always must tell you...

I love you. 

So the days you feel alone.

I'll be your tree to your lonely stone.

I wanna bring joy to your life.

Like Uncle Phil did to Will in Bel-Air.

I wanna bring you comfort every time we meet. 

Like ...

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Vampiric Chivalry

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I am undone.
I am flayed –
not by a strike of hand
but of gentlemanly politeness.

I am bereft.
I am rejected –
not by a lover’s spurning
but of frustrated licentiousness


Will my vampire ever brave the depravity of reality,
from the enigmatic dark of brutal chivalry?


© Katypoetess 2015

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Take off and never come back.
Feelings left lost in a virtue of lust.
Take me with you, she said.
So far gone how could turn back. Immaculate love that can never be returned to what once was.
Uncanny emotions was all I ever showed.
Run, run, run, please don't come back.
The overwhelming urge to tell what's inside.
How the days go by without her at my side.
Fear for not what is, but fo...

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Tags: lose my mind,love,run

The Butterfly Effect

I lay here cradling my mosaic heart, untwinned in your palms. My naked body and mind no longer intertwined, A fated dualistic death. I gave myself to you unwittingly, unknowingly, punishingly... Sensual, seductive emotions ravenously race through my every pore, One last butterfly kiss, wanting evermore. My heart decadently dances with perpetual palpitation...

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To hold you up

if you start to fall

and fly to your side

whenever you call.


To hold you close

when dark closes in,

I’ll feed your heart

and beat from within.


To feel your warmth

and the glow of your smile,

when the clouds are parted

we can see for miles.


To hold your hand

through life's testing times,

to shield and protect

on those slippe...

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Jumping Into Love

There was something about that 
first look you gave me.
Like you saw every flaw I was trying 
to hide and you loved me anyway.

You saw all the shattered pieces I 
was struggling to keep together
And you didn't try to fix me.

And as your knowing eyes looked
beyond my mask
and you gazed at my true form
in all of it's brokenness
I didn't fall in love with you.
I jumped.

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Tags: acceptance,beneath the mask,feet first,love

Tomorrow is a scary place

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This life can peel away the layers of how I feel
Battling me down wanting my courage to steal
Sometimes I go into my dark place
For my dreams and fantasies I cannot face
Will not let fears of failure take my happiness away
I will have the strength to see the end of this day
What can be done about tomorrow
Maybe your dreams I will borrow
Look into a life that’s not mine
Is your life all ha...

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Tags: intense,lost,love,scared,tomorrow

You are my desire

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Touching your skin feels so intense

Leaves my breath hanging in suspense

Eyes sparkling with a fiery delight

Within me the love does ignite


Thinking about us each and every day

Jenny is so beautiful in every way

Truly she is a wonderful lady

This I know and I don’t mean maybe


With those beautiful lips of desire

My heart races like wildfire

Attraction burning...

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Live your tomorrow

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In the days of chaos when life is a tornado

Looking for some calm and a direction to go

Stand your ground and hold on to what is real

The storm will pass no matter how you feel


Bright skies and sunny days are ahead

Live your life large and get out of bed

Smiling wider that the Akashi Kaikyō Bridge

Go and take your energy drink from the fridge


Be brave and show th...

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lost highways

Later on we walked down to the jazz bar

Where Charles Mingus and Duke Ellington

Threw out wah-wah dreams

The trumpets whispered mysteries

Martini false dawns

Hi-hats leading us through the looking glass

We danced until death

Folding into each other like a deck of cards

Until we could take it no more

And as the saxophone reached its violent crescendo

And the jazz man c...

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Beauty is not seen

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The mirror does not hold your reflection

Commanding instead the need for subjection

Vanity is the rule by which we live

Ruthless without the need to forgive


How long do you take looking for perfection

Beauty is real and also a distraction

Preparing ourselves for the talk of the eyes

Some words are true and others are lies


What point do we stop hiding that which we...

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My parents

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From one end of this life to the other

I will always need my Father and Mother

The roads I have gone and things I have seen

Without them who knows where I would have been

Available to solve anything I don’t understand

Always here to give me a helping hand


For all my years I have always needed them

Giving all their support from AM to PM

Reading awesome bedtime stories t...

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From where we are

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Sometimes in this world we need to be broken

It is only then a new life can be woken

Stripping away all that is damaged and lost

Forgetting the past and what it has cost


Listen to the unspoken words of your soul

Rise from the ashes and aim for your goal

Believing in yourself is a good place to start

Is it time to rip the questions apart?


It is not always the stron...

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The one that got away

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Thinking about her everyday

If she knew what would she say

Beautiful memories will remain

A past that is without stain


Remember the times we had together

They will always be my secret treasure

Under the darkness of daylight

You and I always felt right


The excitement I lived was real

Don’t know if my heart can heal

I know that time moves on

From yesterday ...

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love without laws

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In love there is no law

Just the dreams that you saw

An open mind can be the key

Think wisely and you will see


You cannot run from tomorrow

Happiness is all you need to know

One future to live for another time

Maybe with fewer mountains to climb


The worries of the caring heart

Love that cannot be measured by a chart

Feelings of the unknown trust

Genuine f...

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From the past to the present

Cold as ice or as hot as fire

Words to hurt or to inspire

Loneliness fades into nothingness

Beauty that leaves us helpless


Seeing the possibilities

Planning the journeys

Believing life will not expire

As love does not retire


A solo can be beautifully strong

Duets are also a wonderful song

Choosing who you will be

Not a choice to take lightly


The r...

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Tags: future,helpless,hurt,love,sense

Every sense

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The thoughts I cannot forget

The wonder of when we met

The heart beats faster for every smile

I get excited by messages on my mobile


Dreams in my head like a hurricane

Whirling around all over my brain

Tearing right through the past

A bright future is the forecast


There will be a new life to live

With the one who is attractive

Live the journey with passion


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Tags: excited,joy,love,thrill

Sense of destiny

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The touching of skin can be intense

Left me hanging in suspense

Eyes sparkling with a fiery delight

Within me the desire does ignite


Thoughts of passion and romance

Skin tingling with the possible chance

Bodies together like scones and cream

Let it all lead to a living dream


With those magnetic lips of sapphire

Contact would feel like wildfire

Burning deep w...

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Tags: beautiful,desire,Future,love


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It feels like my heart will just explode 
A peace I cannot find when I'm alone 
A joy that rushes from each pore 
No thoughts of then or when or even now 
With my head against your chest 
With my hair against your face
With your arm around my waist 
You just hold me
I listen to your heart, listen to your breath, so very sweet
 the music of your breathing 
Feeling this delicious chill tha...

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If you see a distant star

in the evening sky

and you shiver from the chill night air,

yet you feel a warmth

in the depth of your heart,

then you know that I am still there.


When your tears have dried,

the bed has grown cold

and you're feeling lost and adrift,

when the days feel empty

and the nights far too long,

just remember, I gave you a gift.


A life...

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Today Too Late

Today I told him how 
 much I love the wicked 
 look in his eyes.
How I love his 
 crazy, unruly hair.
I told him I love his 2 am
 phone calls
And the hugs that crush me.
I told him how much I 
 love his voice
And our inside jokes. 
Today I told him I 
 love cuddling with him 
 watching movies
And that I love his laugh.
Today I told him holding 
  his hand makes me smile 
 more th...

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Tags: death,heartbreak,longing,love,missed chance,too late

Dodging Cupid's Arrow

To say
I don’t think of you
would be a lie
but I dare not pine
As you cross my mind


Do not
ascertain as I close
the bedroom curtains
my wildness is founded
in uncontrollable desire


Ignore that
contented smile
while you hold my gaze
I suggest gently that
you need new glasses


Sipping more  
or less Dom Perignon
I’m sure it won’t be long
Before barman calls time

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in displacement you plait my hair
as we share that moment of imagining
lyric in extreme - you fall as I have before

it is admiration in our jealousy
of that we feel but cannot express
with any of the capacity

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How much is she really worth?

How much is she really worth?

Her beauty is gift and a curse.

A gift to me.

A curse to her. 

Not really knowing why I want her.

Thinking my mind is stuck on lust.

But my mind is the opposite.

Her face is beautiful and her mind is equivalent.

She leaves a mystery after we talk.

Got me wanting to know more.

Exploring her mind besides her pants.

I can't stop over thin...

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Just like a flower

our love 

blooms in the summer

and dies in the winter.

With nothing but memories left to show

what once stood tall,

has now


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I touch your cheek,

I'm surprised, it's cold.

I reach for your hand

for I need it to hold.


I look upon your face

that beamed and sparkled

as we loved and laughed,

wrestled and tickled.


Your face is so pallid,

the sparkle is gone,

no more to smile

at the hot summer sun.


Your hair neatly tended,

you lie there so still

as I try, with memories,


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Im sorry

Painful words thrown at my plate. 

Painful words filled with hate. 

No i love yous, i love you too. 

Everything i do bothers you. 

Time heals all wounds. 

Yet my heart was broken way to soon. 

Cant seem to find the way to tell you 

that your breaking me down it feels like hells soon to become.

my life. my world. my thoughts. 


I cannot find it in me to forgive y...

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Tags: bloodisntfamily,family,hate,hurt,life,love,pain,passion

Prose about Her

 She is a beautiful woman, my mind is taken by her. But this is not the first time I have fallen to fancy. I tend to exaggerate in a longing for romance; yes, I could list many superlatives about her. But what would that say? Really, nothing might happen. She might love someone else. I might love someone else. Then this desire to potray her, as one who is ideal, so as to be poetic, is hopeless. I ...

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