Imagine a world of love and laughter
Of fun filled days and freedom till after
The tea time call or the playtime bell
Get back into line or you'll catch some hell

Imagine a world of wildness and wonder, of fun and jest
Of questions and answers and adventurous quest
When time was your own and life was a whim
To walk, to run through grass so long, to swim

Imagine a world ...

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Only Once the Spring Comes

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Only once in a year the spring comes,
Only once all gardens blossom
And all around looks awesome.

That was in the blooming spring,
In the delightful evening,
When my love was singing.

His words were just priceless,
I believed him with lightness,
I thought it was my happiness.

Only once we meet our spring,
Only once our love bells ding,
A sweet breeze in the air sing.

The stars fell...

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Diamonds & Oil & Love

Diamonds & Dirt

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend
But at the cost my dear, at the cost
Of never boring them, you are their
Entertainment, they are your love.

Diamonds if they could talk would tell
A causatory tale of distance and dirt
You, a perfect diamond, a pure light
In the compressed dirt of their lives.

Diamonds reflect the compression
Which is the brevity of our lives

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A page in the book.

If seeing is believing
than I had believed,
on that fine morning
was I so relieved,
to see you and talk
no idea where my ship will dock,
never was I so daring
to come to you in first place,
never was I so stupid
to ever fall for your grace.
But who am I after all
when all the greats couldn't save their fall,
to this pit called love
then how could I be any above.
Pull you had on me

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Tags: love,spirit,Spirit. survive,strength

black watch

the black watch in the earth’s high rafters provide

covering fire

offering new beginnings for old ends

dropping love stones

that I may cast them at your window

cheering me on from their

high tension purlins, filling the gaps
of naked iron halls to swaddle
the shivered, brittle, steel

as if peripatetic coal dust shawls

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steam asylum

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steam asylum

clockwork heart
beats and whirs
scalpel fingers
titanium spurs
tiffany lenses
rainbow eyes
steaming valves
sulphur skies

arabesque is brittle
she collects his spittle
in bell jars of ancient glass
sealed with valves of brass
he reciprocates
storing her tears of hate
in little silvers vials
that power system dials

lubricated slick
old joints rust
creaking slowl...

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Tags: angel of death,artificial intelligence,azrael,love,machinery,mechanical love,steampunk

The Secret of Happiness

I was happy and never knew it,

Sad and knew it so well.

Love slipped by but I never noticed,

though love has marked me well.


Winter passed and summer came

yet I was living in the cold.

My lover has turned and passed me by

and outside the world grows old.


Happiness is trapped for me

When love had cast its spell

I was happy and never knew it

Sad and knew...

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The Love of a Madman

Murderous daggers of madness shoot from his eyes.
Eyes hollow, dark revenge.
Skin blue, his shape shifting.
Turning into a form I know not who.
I search desperately for any hint of the man I thought I knew so well,
Nothing but a slippery cold creature who has no love to give.
Scurrying back into his black hole, to fester with dark satanic demons. 

Howl to the moon
Howl to the sun
Howl ...

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Tags: despair,hate,love,madness

love like a bullet in the face

you are ticking the subscription of a shotgun smile

the restless reminder, the stranger behind you,

twice barrelled quarantine of lush glories

tar fingered around the ringed copper, broken and unworthy,

smoking in the buttoned up knowledge of hereditary tracts,

winter tracks and the plastic penance of a youthful slaver

“x” shan't mark the spot where we shall bury you

a sha...

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Tags: guilt,hate,love,revenge

Love At First Sight

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If you don’t believe in love at first sight
Look at me once more
From another side, on the light.
This you'll surely love and adore.

Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)
February 14th, 2014

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Of Lilith and Anthony - front cover preview...

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Here’s a preview of the front cover for Of Lilith and Anthony.  It’s a collection of narrative poetry, a story of possession and sexual obsession told through verse and photography.

I’ve been posting poems from the collection but soon it will be available on amazon as an e-book to begin with.  Will keep you posted on when this will happen…

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The Hierophant's Castle

The Hierophant guards. He guards and feeds from pack of thieves
that are drawn forlorn to his treasures. To rule, to hold, to perfect –
he placates and facilitates pretty carousel that spins flinging their
demons against pillars of law and liberty. A conservative duality of
white knight and coyote - unmoving face of majestic monument that never
falls. He covets the treasure, thieves and car...

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Only For You

Life is precious beyond compare

Even though I no longer see you standing there


What couldn’t I help but miss?

Thoughts abound how it’s come to this


Alone and confused

Feeling mentally abused


The twinkle in your eye

That lit up the sky


The smile across your lips

That warmed me to my finger tips


The look you gave to me

That set my he...

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Love Has Burned

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Love has blurned. My heart is no longer paining.
Sitting opposite, I am laughing and joking.
- How are you? – he asked.
- I am fine, thank you.

 And how about you?

- I am happy too.
Come on! Let’s drink for our meeting!
- Ok, but just a bit.
- And… Are you married?

- Well, yes. Why not?
- Well, of course. Do you remember? ...
- I do…
- And I remember too.
- Then, it’s oka...

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