Grisly Girl

Someone's sowed pins and needles into her lips.

To kiss her now will pierce your tongue and numb your mouth.
This is the smile that cuts,
Tears deep, tears the tears apart
The eyes that fixate on her lips,
The ears that listen to her voice.
This is the mouth that eats.
It eats, eats, eats away at your flesh
Till there's nothing left,

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Tags: blood, broken, dark, destructive, emotional torment, enigma, girl, love, mysterous

Black Lines

black lines under her eyes

tear stained pillow by the end of the night

and the smell of his cologne

lingering in the air for only a fraction of a second longer

she waits 


for the day that she can let go and run

out of the dark mass some call heartbreak

when she can faithfully proclaim

that she will start the next day

and end it with a dry pillow in sight


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Tags: breakups, love, sadness


Be thankful,

for love letters 

“returned to sender”

with you the target,

and they the vendor.


And the rejected advance

the subtle cold shoulder,

you kept on your pants

and will live to be older.


The betrayal of love

best dealt with whilst younger,

starve out the lust

to banish the hunger.


The gentle entrapment,

of desires knowing pull,


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Tags: Abstinence, Cynicism, Love

Las Vegas

Violation and depravity,
within isolation of this valley,
an extravagant medicine to take.


We pace the boulevard,
with no moral compass, neither
north or south in strip-sleazed haze.


Rolling violent dice
of drunken incomprehension,
morning sirens sing out my sin.


but the more I kneel before you,
the more you raise me to my feet.


What happens with us, st...

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Tags: Katypoetess, love, love poetry

The Waiting Room by Tindersticks

The fear of emptiness.

Drink to the future, not to forget the past.

I'm your second chance, last chance man.

Time is running out.

Don't let me suffer.

It's the caring that is killing me.

Don't make me fall.

We are planting holes.

We are planting holes in the waiting room.

We are dreamers.

Dont wake me.

We will only hurt each other,

the way only lovers can.


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She hurts


I tell myself to let her go

Is it her I miss?

just the idea?

just the company?

actually i miss them all

they all still hurt

soft skin

sweet thoughts

kindness to strangers

weaker creatures

makes a man comfy 

just for a little while

then they hurt

they tear my gut space

suddenly I’m the Sunday funnies

and they lose weigh...

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Tags: heartbreak, love, social commentary, Social Observations

What Are the Different Types of Love Poetry?

entry picture

We generally write love poetry to convey love which is experienced in different relationships. This includes romantic love, both unrequited and enduring, and love for a sibling or a parent can be expressed with love poems. Great poets have also used short true love quotes and poetry to express their emotion towards the great outdoors or a lovely pet. Love poems also might include a sonnet or rhyme...

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Tags: love, poems, poetry, quotes

The Temptation of St Anthony II

From Emperor to Vampire, then a journey to resting place of amoral monk.

Dwelling in ruined fort, living in a sin of retired idleness. Momentary desires

to follow the birds south, he spends his days tending a garden of lilies in the desert.


Anthony holds his poetess captive for too long without his hands, she now writhes

naked and tied to column of lost temple. Tresses burnt dark ...

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Tags: Katypoetess, love, love poetry



There is a girl I know I love as sugar and spice

and if I count my lucky stars she'll be twice as nice,

I count the stars, my lucky stars, for her every night

it's when I look into her eyes they shine twice as bright.

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Tags: love

In her dreams

Why has the bitter taste of life
Brought nothing but despair?
Has she quit and renounced her will to live?
The octaves will split and she'll claim absence to her name.
Have you found what you've been looking for?
The citrine was a gift to light your way, but the pentagram on your chest guides you straight to the graves..
Can you smell the rotting flesh?!
Can you feel my anguish?
In between...

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Tags: Dark, love

Bedtime stories

entry picture

Shrouded beauty framed by silken black,

hazel eyes like english oak, 

flesh white as purest smack.

And when you breach their bloodstream,


                they’ll never draw you back.


A mind, as sharp as nettle,

could blister wildlife’s skin.

That thought infused, would settle

then release its spell within.


Your voice like choral angels

an addictive hymn...

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Tags: blind, love, Predators, victims

Japan love affair 1990

Where are yu?

Ezaki sweet love,

Japanese venture,

Exotic treat for a young man

Back in his prime.


Hair dark as coal

And even down there.

Paps the right handful size.

How our bodies rhymed and chimed

In knots and tangles on and off the sheets.


28 and 20 – what a great age to be.

You were a woman who shared her wares

As I shared my tears and adolescent d...

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Tags: encounters, love, relatiosnhips, sex

Anthony and Katypatra

I arrive. Quickly turning bedroom from Rome into Alexandria.
Skin up, pop cork to dilute and delight blood with Bollinger.
Determined to mix up a confidence to conquer, my
Goddess summoning up a strip tease of your morality.


“The triple pillar of the world transformed into a strumpet’s fool.”*


Coiling concubine - arabesque around your thighs to
nourish exotic fantasy. Arching p...

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Tags: Katypoetess, love, love poetry

On the death of David Bowie (By Emma/written in 2 minutes when I woke up!)

So I hear from you all that he has died,
the man that touched so many lives.
He has not left you in your heart,
now it's time to do your part,
keep his music alive through the dark.
His shining light will never depart.
He left a legacy to show,
his wishes for those who know.
Never let your creativity die,
From the starman waiting in the sky.

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Tags: creativity, david bowie, grief, love

Happy Day

entry picture

Beside the brook, the doves and rainbows,

Fauns and flowers of rhyme,

You waited, generous and loving,

For them to tell you all that I wanted to say,

And my words just tinsel on a tree,

Sugared and painted gold,

Led on by dappled unicorns,

You smile and hold, securing my happy day,

So steady the gentle candle of your loving gaze,

Your wildfire of passion sweeping the cou...

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entry picture



When love

cuts deep

with grieving,

one immersion

bleeds into

the next.


If she gave


in forgiveness –

would her shadow

follow her?


She unconsciously

weaves threads

of the past

summoning shroud

of the future.


Touched twice

in the laver

submerged in her

saviour’s perdition.


Condemned to

cold is...

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Tags: Katypoetess, love, love poetry

His Presence

we walked.

down the streets with all the crunching leaves

the brisk air tickled my nose

I shivered, but I had his presence beside me.


we laughed.

smelling vanilla in the air

no care to the people passing by

I beamed, and I had his presence beside me.


we stopped.

suddenly my world was quiet.

all I could feel was the electricity and the buzz

of excitement a...

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Tags: kiss, love, presence


He was my blanket, my true source of warmth

safety was found in his touch

and the stitches of love kept me warm on any cold day


and when it was hot outside the blanket was too warm.

It was itchy and I was too hot.

I would fight off its warmth, fighting off

its warm love.


little did I know the blanket was keeping me safe.

Not trying to harm me, but to help me

I ...

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Tags: blanket, love, relationships

My Riposte to Descartes: Es ergo sum...

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I suppose I had better clear the original title was based on a misquotation.

I meant to refer to the biblical (King James) quote:

"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.

This is the first and great commandment.

And the second is like unto it, You shall love your neighbour as yourself.

On these two commandments ...

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Tags: es ergo sum, live, love, to be

Lovers' Ease

The ease I seek I long for

It was before now mine and free

In the glory of a low sun turning 

To gold the cheek of my true love

And through these ornamental gardens 

paths of graceful pattern turn me 

Viewing beauty so well staged

To kiss the cheek of my true love

And may this bridge of curved wood

Turning fields apart to one

Hold me forever above the brook 

For I ...

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Tags: love

First posting

Was feeling emotionl and wrote this, it felt good. 


When your thoughts run away with you,

The thoughts of what could have been run from you,

Regrets, false memories just out of reach,

The power of imagination is pain,

The power of emotion pushed us to change.

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Tags: love, pain, poetry, thoughts

Morning Poem


Lustrous dawn light outside our window


that would hold us as dancers, 


as laughter across the lawn,


blooming must be all the roses


for birds sing ceaseless festival


and a loving warmth has every bee


and butterfly in paradise



I quietly lift the latch to praise the day,


there a few cars sail by unmindful,


quiet then tr...

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Tags: love

missing you

the days have passed by without listening to your voice.
the days have passed by without watching you smile.
even in this unfaithful world i think of you
and that someday you'l accept my love.
i don't have the courage to tell you that your smile
lights up my day and that your eyes just mesmerize me.
i see you have moved on in this world but i still stand
at the place you left us.the dreams ...

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