THE FAMILY - an Acrostic poem

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There’s one word that everyone should know and treasure

Hold in reverence for life long companionship and pleasure

Even on the darkest days when pain and distress abound

Family is the one word that can bring a comforting sound

All can benefit if they simply recall their sister & brother

Maybe they are distant people they have yet to discover

In this world there is but o...

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wish you were here

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wish you were here .....

 baby dont leave me

 u r d happist part of ma sadest life...

 even u own ma borin life

u r d cutest part of ma

 tired life ...

even ua haterd can please me

 u wer d cure of ma injury....

now left me back wid same pain

u wer d sweetness of sour life .

. y did u leave me in sorrow ..

 if ma smile makes u sad

 i swear ill neva smile

 if ...

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The Story of my Daydreams

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They came back
But the fantasy was gone

They were alive only at night
Frightened of daylight
Moon captured them as the stars

If you saw the stars tonight
Then know
They were my dreams once
Now all I have is ashes
Not from smoked cigarettes or burned houses
But from my bones
What became broken
While my heart was trying to escape.

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~the Day i Fell for You

the day i fell for you, i know i will never forget..

well it was more of a weekend but still time well spent. âŒš

i had no one around, but you were always there..

it made me depend on you, because i knew you really cared.. 

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Kindly Here

what is real? is it love?
We know for we see,
and sense,
and existence hands us ample space
to be, and learn,
and understand life,
that, without you and me,
would be pointless;
o' how important it is
to ponder intentions...
In love we're assembled;
in comfort,
and kind shelter.

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Belong To You

When, whatever you want

I'm here for you, always near

In any circumstance.

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My Heart

When I had first laid eyes on you days after we first met

I felt i had finally found someone I could call my own.

Knew you were different than the other women.

As months went on, I'd grown to appreciate everything about you

from your radiant smile that lights up my day

to your warm embrace when our bodies become one.

As well as your bubbly sense of humor.

It shouldn't be hard ...

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Promise Me

When my hands begin to tremble

You’ll place your hand in mine

When my eyes become hollow

That you’ll gaze into them

When I’m at a loss for words

You’ll kiss me so the silence

Can speak for the both of us.

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Did you ever really love me?

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Did you ever really love me?

If you're told you're worthless so many times you start to believe it

I believed it

I am ashamed that I let it go on for so long

The snide remarks

The insults

The oppressive atmosphere


I couldn't go out on my own

Couldn't be trusted you said

I had never done anything to justify this


It's the small things that add up

We never h...

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My aching heart

My heart It aches

Engulfed by emptiness


Drowning me with loneliness

Moments apart feel like a lifetime

No idea how to cope

Don't want to cope

Just want to be with you


Yet I know I'm loved

I feel your love

It surrounds me

Protects me

My happiest times are when we're together

Side by side In bed





Why can't t...

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Only You

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Only you hold the key to my heart

Only you make me wish to never part

Only you can illuminate my darkest days

Only you will always find me in the maze


Time was when that key had no owner

Time was when I was merely another loner

Time was when light was never to be seen

Time was when I was lost in one long scream


Only you have shown you can always understand 


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By The Edge Of Water

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By the waters edge we rest and play, 

toes in the water, feeling quite gay,

celebrating the warmth of the dancing air 

and the restful peace of that place we share.


A loving time with never once a worry, 

soft sounds of ripples that won’t ever hurry

and when the wind changes to a cooler breeze, 

we'll head on home for some warming teas.


We’ll spend the evenin...

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I don't know where I am I don't know what to do  All I know is I'm lost I'm simply lost in you Although there's nothing simple about you There's nothing simple with what I feel A current in my heart A shock through my veins The touch of you would be the end of things I feel the closeness descend Yet there's nothing we do I'm ready to give you my all But I'm scar...

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Saint Valentine's Day Mascara

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Saint Valentine’s Day Mascara

She cried when I forgot.
She cried when I remembered,
her tears like silver arrows
to my heart,
her eyes black-lined with sorrow.

The ink, barely dried,
smudged with liquid joy.
A big wet splash on the ‘o’
turning ‘love’ into ‘live’
and crowning my name
like a liquid tiara
for a princess
in a cruel land.

Granting wishes
like kisses.
So I wished s...

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Tags: crying,death,lost love,love,st valentines day,tears,valentine

It Feels So Far Away This Evening...

October shed its skin across these pavements
now November does its best to wash the mess away
as we glide down the lonely streets of night

Lost in appreciation for the subtle light that guides us
you carry such a heavy heart this season
what was taken brought you this blackness in exchange
I do whatever I can to lift it up for you

My dance of conversation, jig of gentle humour
all my a...

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Love life

The way your hands attach themselves to my body

The way your lips stick to mine

That breif moment we stop and look deep into eachothers eyes

Trying to find forever

Love is mixed

Along with friendship



Together it made a clear view of our future

Take my hand

Take a risk

Lets start off our life

Somewhere new

Repopulate the world

Make it our ow...

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The Picture

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My son has drawn the Sun circles

And all the land with the white dove.

The rays of the Sun had different  referrals,

But  they all appeared  in  everyone’s love.

©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)

The 19th of January, 2015

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Indian Summer

Indian Summer


An Indian summer in October

A non uniform day in the dirge of dreariness

In you swept unannounced

A hurling hurricane

A sea of calm

A pocket of promises waiting to be unearthed 

You found me in the dearth of my moldy life

You scalpel scraped the pallet clean

Sprouted taste buds where once before lay some withered woes

Alas, you’re an avocado!


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Sepulchral Body.

I forget how once
I recited your name.
Frayed blossom spent
seven thorns from seven wounds
of loving you.

Sepulchral body
rhythmic dancing
rupturing those vessels
 from the  pungent flesh of servitude
The garden – my garden
 now barren and prickly
a dessert cactus
gouging the flesh
cold and bare rock faced.

I observe those migratory birds
soaring their temperate destination
as pe...

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-the ramblings of another young girl-


  It's three words,

eight letters..

but i still stutter and slur them together

until its a big mess of 


Perhaps one day it will have

eight letters,

and three seperate words 

that won't be so mashed together.

but until then,

you'll just have to deal with 

my stuttering and slurring 

and the bi...

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I Saw You

I saw you~

In colors of vibrant gold

Glowing from your pores

Seeping into my heart

I saw you~

Your eyes held the ocean

Seas of blue and fresh air

Breeze through my senses 

Sweeping me away

I saw you~

As you laughed

Your voice rang in vibrations

Which traveled through my body

And shook my core

I saw you - as you saw my soul

My being , my whole - It was t...

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