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Damn you-Freeview!

The thought of T.V. holds no appeal this evening, so,for a change I try to strike up an unusual conversation w'it  wife.   I ask do you think Martians have ever walked down our street? she answers- Dunno love,I,ll ask Mrs Scroggins in the morning- she knows everything!   Although my attempts at conversing were inadvertantly derailed at...

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  The past of his love life closes,like a book sadly read which,when first opened displayed such an indulgence in loves aspects the kind only to be found in the hearts hallucinations   But his eyes read differently now and he hears only silence menacing more frighteningly than his own trembling shadow mocking him with whispers of the b...

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Half truths

I don't  exactly lie in order to attract beautiful women it is just that  I forget to tell them the whole truth   for example, I told my latest conquest to be   I own a brand new Ferrari (but forgot to say) poster. I know Tom Cruise,George Clooney,Bruce Willis (but forgot to say) are film stars. I have loads of money (but forgot to say) sp...

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Sky and sea

two blues.

Each spinning

its own fabric of dreams

to fill the wanting heart

and closed eyes

and make this day feel

like the wearing

of a most beautiful garment

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Practising the art of self possession

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  I need to find guidance to rearrange my life not just reshuffle the old repetitions but make my body and soul do as I ask once and for all.   I have been for far too long now like a river flowing away from the sea I must speak words that give shape to my world words that emit fragrances able to carry me through time and space.   ____________...

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Could it be that the World is changing? or just that my unavoidable birthday has added to its ruination.

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Before I went jogging.....

entry picture asked, is everything a waste of time? I said not really but I will say, time is a waste of everything.   Then  of something else you ask what are the spaces in between seconds? I said they are neither one thing or the other and neither one thing or the other is exactly what they are.   Continuing to pester you ask why do we ru...

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The need to hold something back


If I love you I,ll tell you. If I hate you I,ll tell you. If you get on my nerves I,ll tell you. If you do anything that gets to me I,ll tell you.   Now I,m thinking what it is I won,t tell you. 


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Having played his part

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I could hardly make him out -in the early morning light, ugly in his uselessness but pitiful amongst the tide-line rubble.   His wings which once graced the air with careless freedom now sprawled wildly.   As if he'd desperately refused to acknowledge defeat, his feathers windblown, as though trying to lift him from death,s hold.   ...

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  It was after your final call that the music of unknown sorrow gradually became unendingly orchestrated   _________________   Patricia Wilde

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  Now has come a silence to claim the stilled air as it floats sullenly,oilily about the condemned machinery enforced into uselessness.   No more the sounds of metal battling against metal no more the shouted chatter. Clocked off for the last time, the grimed band of the old breed the old skills,the old contented happinesses.   The last li...

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Me versus I

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  I had the usual fight with myself today and as usual I won again unfortunately

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Autumns last leaf

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  Lady of Winter pale. As though born of the Moon, descends down the chilling paths of wind.   Her breath of ice permeates beyond the window of my Soul coldly blurring my hearts memory of Summer.   Subterraneously the Spring awaiting greenery surrenders to sleep beneath the unrolling white cascade   While in sterile pallidi...

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Last return

  A thickening darkness enfolds the derelict house near claimed by the invisible cloaking of snowfall. It is a place burdened with sorrow deserving of its own emptiness.   What am I doing here,why did I return, was this my home or my prison?   Even now it still reeks with the memories of my trials and tribulations. No-one dares to come here anymor...

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From my days

as a self employed

removals man,

I often look back

to the time

Dad and I

attempted to fool my wife

into believing the following,

somewhat, exaggerated tale.


Father and I were carrying out

the usual task of a removal

when we were presented with an unforeseen problem.

Overnight the lonely aged householder

had taken ill and was...

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  Tidal. coming to me through me carries me to where I came in.     ____________________   Patricia Wilde

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Aurora shimmers like a kaleidosopic dream high,clear and cold, a taut ringing cold that says there is nothing between me and the infinite depth of space.   Looking upwards send,s me dizzy I am walking a precarious path. Nothing is in my control.   The sky yawns like an abyss there is nothing to stop me falling except the transfixion of my ...

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