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 trailing in my wake

 like unwanted creatures

 searching for a home

 they have sought me out

 once more


 and each time

 arising more darkly reincarnated

 seeking to tear to pieces

 all I have fought to be


 continually attacking

 the phoenix of hope within

 trying so hard to rise


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gushing,hastily ascending

gains full glittering height

greets heaven,then

like clenching fists,

thumps into the first basin.

from thence on as foam,briefly lingers

before falling again,slower,more raggedly

into lower receptacles.


how alike to human thoughts,this process

they,blandly arising,seeking the bright rewards

of agreed negotiations with wit,...

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Mrs. Nofear


she does,nt

and never did fold.

she faces truth with truth.

I can easily believe

she never once let pain cross her face

despite many a battle raging inside.

always stood defending the ramparts of home was she

no doubt alone there many times.

thank heaven she and victory knew well of each other.

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after switch on

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the night

veils as usual.

yet its cloaking intrusion

cannot penetrate

where little clouds of neon

squat under each streetlight

like chinese lanterns.

allowing flittering insects

to enjoy their own synthetic suns

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upon discovering paradise

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as I stand in the everywhere

of your magnificence

arms outstretched,praising heaven

the world spins around me

clouds descend

and lay themselves beneath my feet.

soft blown are the petals filling the air

as angels smile down from gleaming houses

guilding moreso, the sunrays with beautiful idyllic refrains,

hallowed sounds,blessed orchestrations

drifting ea...

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when I first touched upon your heart

little did I realise

I had found an oasis

of innocence.

a place of unconditional love,

bearing all I needed

to fill my soul with a living dream



Patricia Wilde.

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rewind and delete

if he could,

the brawling and bawling

caveman noises

his history rang to.

the clatter of his stupid

stupified feet

staggering down one too many Loser Streets.

there is no more comfortable role

he can slip into.

no Mr.Fuckingperfect costume to wear.

no choclate box cottage of ecstatic happiness

to stand at the rose surrounded door...

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dazzled or dulled

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from the summer sphere

spearing through tree,s

goldenly pooling the ground.

bringing more than is enough

to please grateful eyes.

but nothing

to those preferring to dwell

in the darkness

of ingratitude 

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hard,easy target

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they besiege him mostly

because he can,t retaliate.

but god help the gutless wonders

if he could!


the helplessness inflicted upon him

by worthier enemies

now leaves him wide open

to a daily reign of abuse



nothing like the reign

he and his eighth army comrades

battled against in North Africa.


when these present day fuckhead...

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of an ending

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close exchange of sighs,


haunted by abandonment

intoxicated with sadness.

a song of the heart broken into

innumerable irreparable pieces of lamentation

a dirge indeed to a precious conspiracy

now returned

without the hope of redemption

to the most beautiful of dust.





Patricia Wilde


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high jinx?

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had I been better camouflaged

and less noisier

then the Kestrel would have had no cause

to relocate his beauty

and ethereally stalk further down the valley


while in my slow stumbling pursuit to further my adorations

I wonder...

is he, the aerobatic artiste,the drummer of air

not actually hunting,but

taunting my clumsiness?  

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all for one-and one for none

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finding places

where white collar criminals

get white-washed is easy,

there are signs saying

'bankers and politicians are now and forever welcome here'


while debt and despair pours through the roofs of lesser mortals

the very nice man at number ten, sits at his desk

frantically writing.

the floor is strewn with crumpled papers bearing crumpled promises.


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tilting and rolling.

like sea-going spiders

having long spun their sunken webs

the trawlers are about to haul in

their silvery prizes

from beneath the high folding sea


and in the salty dark air

rigging lights dance above the tumult

mirroring themselves on the face of the swell


with piratical bullishness

he bellows commands above the nois...

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pitying of a lost soul

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he lives quite close too close for comfort in fact, and has determined that most people are less than he, most people it turns out that he has never even met! sadly for him in his flailing and thrashing accusations he too readily overlooks real worth I and others have learned to accept his droning criticisms as parts of everyday noises,like road drills or...

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a warning to death

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age, epicentre of all denials. the final momentum of your destruction infuses her and depletes the sheltering power of my arms. caused by your ultimate inflictions I shall be an eternal raging voice in your enigmatic gloom

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Evie looking back

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after Christmas

there is always the dull

lingering aftermath of January,

albeit the beginning of the next countdown

to what the manufacturers

of fluffy,battery consuming

magically moulded plastic must haves

would come up with.

Mum had always softly advised me

never to expect too much.

so the thought of owning a rocking horse

was going to continue elud...

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on the way upstairs

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 in Gods green room

someone coughed.

cough turned into a splutter.

splutter turned into a laugh

in which they all

were unable to do anything else

but join in.

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