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Self containing

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you are all shapes

and sizes

of thoughts I have


like differences in boxes.

one would have to be huge

for it to contain 'all you are to me'


another filled with'needing you'


wrapped in truth.


a heart shaped one

its contents obvious.


the most important of all

made of  solid gold

and bottomless,


I ca...

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hope above loss


where her soul lies

is it somewhere peaceful?


perhaps as peaceful

as she looks

clasping rosary beads


we are together albeit

in different silences.

mine filled with praying,


that we will speak again

pain aside

in another room


where her pallid face

cannot be insulted

by cigarette smoke and chatter of quick f...

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always looked up to

being resembled

by a pure white cloud-


being resembled

by a dense black cloud-


still unable to blot out his memory.

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genus cervus

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mesh the air

 above his head



His head

above a mountain

of contentiously scarred

mating worthy muscle.


Lord of the rut-


to future enemies.

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no cash'n'hari kari

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fat desk

fat waist


puffing fagsmoke

puffing sighs








window ledged-high



Fur and Feather



apex perched

naturally unnerved

watching each other watching

feline observations.

young cats

old cats-wishing for wings


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like lambs

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kids look up

to shifty idols

that they can,t see

for guns

'wasting' their futures.

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having accompanied our limited rituals

days ghost

steels itself in the wings of night.


Unstoppably to roll in bristling

with new bird flocked sun repetitiously fastened

telling us of space refreshed.


Baiting the inclusion of time

with birth beyond death promises.


Taming-untaming at will the colour of clouds

tangling-untangling at will the ai...

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Night weighs heavily

stars try to overcome the harbour lights

a ships horn mourns through the fog


against the barks of midnights last dog.

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set to lurch.


Visually magnetised

to the crimson cloak,


harbouring the blade

that harbours senseless cruel death.

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bedraggled saint


     unsettling the night,

       dressed in the grimness of hell.


startling the moon

             even the rivers shrouding blackness

runs away.


       shadow plated sky shudders

        hiding,averting heavens eyes

     from the soul seekers

  evilness of form,

                 scattering the guardianship of angels

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The burst!







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She  returns

unexpectedly as always.


She never fails

to penetrate my defences.


Time and again

gets through attempting to reclaim the beloved beauty she once was.


The amazing animal she was

the beautiful creature I have loved to death.


Its ghost shall endure eternal imprisonment

stay a prisoner of my heart.


Until she becomes ...

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your hearts murmurs

my once sweet repose

love seemed assured

deep supposed.


weeping away

with sorrow lies

pooled with tears

lost angels cry


this hallowed place

soft refuge

a tender keep

wounded souls are loved

by the arms of sleep

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money for comments!

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yes dear scam prone reader,absolutely true!

all you need do is send in your bank details

and our lovely people will forward the money

into your account immediately if not sooner.

or if you prefer let us know when you are out

and our stripe jumpered,black masked rep will call

to personally post the cash.

*sorry no Dunlop cheques or homemade credit cards accepted*


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under loves thumb

why does she put me

      on an equal footing with the crowd?

   her love may be balanced

   but it unbalances me

it is burdening


         It is becoming a love I hate

 to love.

             but is it right for me to be without it?

       I,m like Charles Atlas,

      loving the weight I carry

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old friend

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carrying my love

nightly slow slides

into view


Its long hand

ignoring the sixty four year old shadow

but caressing me here

and hopefully in

unascertained somewhere else.



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wars without victory

A left behind skeletal witness to Springs power-


 the coming Victor.

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fair swap?

you want my words to resemble a rose?

you want my heart to resemble Christ

enduring twelve stations?

oh faithless lover

little do you know.

for your love I would gladly

transfigure my Soul.

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oh yeah!

Look at me!

look at me!

I want you to

while you dwell in my pity

while you dwell in non existent youthful immortality


but think on this....

I,m only keeping

your place



you fucking betcha!

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all really is folly

An unnumbered show of the sun

agrees with somebody elses watched clock

the escaping clock continues to waste.

shrugging my bloody bloodless life away-

oh to be him in that passing luxurious car!


instead of being swarmed by shit memories-

my dead Aladdins cave of laughable nothingness

except stimulated laughs

except my kid days

of being the rag arsed eva...

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winters walk

air, thought, move slow as slow as the breezed trees indicate   even this dream of you idles without promise in my wake   in waiting I discover how cold is the caught up breeze   not even bringing a wisp of sympathy   the dream has become just another leaf 

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through again

your last face continually crowds out the killers I have put in my mind to  end loss.

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his life near swallowed but still he starves


he sugars his remaining days with hope and kept desire


his youth unspent inexhaustibly wrapped around the inner being,


resisting shadows of sinless halls, immortal vales.

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sad nav


always on the move

always in the wrong bloody direction!

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you catch me out with WORDS!!!!

thats why you will never catch me out with

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to the highest point climbing in spirals chasing perfumed visions. shapes of desire intoxicate


illogical sunbursts surreally mishape unreal hordes call to me momentarily then die in a single flame   night slips away from wanting repelled by clouds of despairing light I have no weapons of surprise to deter them- the dream is broken. 

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black and white-hip jointed always opposites yet attached paired when comparing prominently different a depiction of death and obvious snow. but never to be separated by tiny minds

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My mind is full of opening and closing windows


enticing words and meanings to fly in or escape

I,m part of a story that can never end

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Utopia of today

Places of worship

all around

in the cathedral of air

in meanings of water


Moves me to my brighter self seeing

the golden attender,s

clean light of spacious time

heavenly ascended


This kingdom thrilled

by the story of flowers

where all beauty cannot  keep its secret

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To whom it may concern  up there or wherever. whilst  I  am grateful for your gift of life you or whoever it was who gave/loaned it I think you may have got it wrong-bigtime!   Surely it would have been better had we all not be born with our heads in the ground? not only to allow more time for our brains to grow and become more familiar with earths workings b...

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Lake lappings tangle with overhanging roots


Flat moon  archipelagos of stars sail on its face


Fish sleep in own shaped beds waiting for the sun,


to quench  its morning self in the depths,


and play warm interspersing games with the land with all life thirsting wild.

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looking for wotsit

what is it? you know... the 'thing' we all want and have,nt got I can,t name it,can you?


its not a singular thing or object can,t be nailed down or named its beyond peace,fame,sex,happiness,wealth-even health!


they,those,them whoever aint got it if I ever bump into me I shall ask- unlikely to get an answer though we just never get on w...

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nothing at all and everything  I sent you in one package they are for everyday use and never.

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a giggle for an ex-giggling St. Agnes schoolgirl

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I love to go a-wandering up forty steps

with a cement bag on my back

and as I go hope I don,t hear the sound of my spine crack

val-de-ree ee val de ra ah

val-de-re ee val de ra ah ah ah ah ARGHHHH!!!! 

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a 60,s reminisce

that look once was in my eyes

an undisguised wildness

in unkempt state,beard, bedraggled hair

feeling debonair nevertheless.


bounding along shouldering my tattered gear

devil may care attitude

take me or leave me

going my own way


a life of ambling ease

tramping the lengths and breadths

needing only a thumb

harmonica and smile

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asylum seeker

I pictured myself in your mind

sat wondering-

what the bloody hell am I doing here?

when all you do is walk about the nut house shouting

Stefan Wilde is squatting in my head!

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cut down

thrown with harsh bangs into another world disabled,rejected virtually scrapped


being looked after sometimes with care sometimes with downright cruelty hurting until you can hurt no more

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age of discovery


used in sophisticated silent economic wars 

drunks,petty thieves,prostitutes,slum dwellers


wars that kill without blood

murder with the weapons of greed

covertly  disguised as refinement,culture


new morality shall tear away the mask

which has for far too long concealed the soundless barbarism

of craven cultured fiends.

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unseen foe

how the dust of ages weighs!

from long gone precarious peaceful and mires of warring years

as we living in their shadows

wondering,wandering stray

carrying goodly lessons from costly mistakes

over ans under assumed by classic voice and spear.


legacies left by tainted ghosts,saintly illusive spirits

friends,traitors of now,of past

subjects of both fortune,bo...

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this cold blade of moonlight

across the empty bed

brings a new infliction

a terrible form of deja-vu

I am to repeatedly endure

without explanation.

silence cannot

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last chance gone

the Earth IS dying

even as we sit mumbling,whispering

our timid protests and selfish blames

why waiting?

knowing very well there are NO answers

no redemption

no phoenix to rise or

even want to-

lonely in the face of the Sun

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all old guys aint grumpy

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he drew a harsh breath and prayed

for friends

whose friendship he had gained,

battled for

through many drunken and sober trials.


he was a mans man,apart from being a lover

of roses.

always happy,even when the Soul blasting wind

shook his sparse form.


as though wanting everything in his life to hug his heart-

that was clear,laughingly clear in ...

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entry picture

bread winning hero

toiling in the dirty dark

back breakingly breaking seams

proud to emerge  fossil dusted,sweating

into daylight blackfaced,whitely grinning.


freshly tin-bathed

and child upon his grit worn knees

he sings to his small beloved in beloved dialect

lullabying her into dreams awaiting


in shirt,flat ironed and only suit

his manly la...

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beautifully drowned

first meeting you...?

...a shallow immergence.

busying me with glad unawareness-

so unaware as not to have heard the

distant approach of your love-tsunami.

now swirled and whirled I have never rediscovered

which is up

which is down.

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Pained severance

chrysalis of  babyhood transmutes

behold! the shining child

bringer of  delightful furtherings

leading to ultimate beautifulness


I the happy witness to change

marvel as you evolve.

my admirations are constant,seeing you on your way

off into the world!

....gradually seeing you less becoming hardly

yet my heart will always seek you out...

everytime I ...

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not one piece of furniture matches in my lounge.

awkward shaped,but they all go nicely together

in a very special way-

the sofa is comfortable with the big chair

the big chair is easy about the sofa

and both are happy to cosy up to the others

however ill fitting to others the others look

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same wavelength

a man

who really cares about you.

doesnt mind if you call him John

and he never preaches just teaches.


his lessons have a relevant theme

he knows the type of world this is.

this friend of all does more than those

who cram facts from dusty books.


the real meaning of life becomes clear

his tools are compassion,care and love

and shown by his skil...

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each dawns deliverance

seeking me out

seeping in through tiredly drawn curtains


yet while innocent in itself

it is obliged to carry disenchanted ghosts

of all I was,all I could have been


only nights soft armoury

of slumbering shadows

can bring reprieve 

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she was in the lounge dozing in front the box.

me? in my usual  role at that time of night-pot washer-

through the half opened door I  could have sworn I heard her say

-I love you! -I love you! -I love you! 

my tears welled up and fell onto the food remnants

I was trying to poke down the plug-hole.

maybe she was just  unusually paying me in kindness

for having painte...

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N.J. and all that

reports are coming in

that whist attending a Dallas murder scene

a police officer spotted a dyed blonde hair

on the window sill of a book depository

which she sent to forensics lab.

unfortunately it was later mislaid.

in addition to this the officer also reported-

a black mercedes passing at speed

followed by a white fiat

bearing the number plate L I Z-MI6


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