Water music

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A ceaseless thunderous unfolding orchestration

subsiding into whispering adagios

blue green compositions

played out on endless

golden grained keyboards.




Patricia Wilde Feb 2016

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Earths advanced future inhabitants.

Ultimately perfected.

Destined to exist far beyond

the suns demise.

Killers of deaths authenticity.


When we are finally exiled forever

to non existence

and returned to being just another failed experiment

in the mind of some enigmatic creator

who gave us life


then so wondrous will be the structures

rising from the dust...

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Born to be Wilde

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I must keep straying

where I need to be straying

before the pot holes consume all the roads

so look out all you doddering oldies while crossing

I've enough to do squashing cats and dogs and toads.

If you don't see me coming

one of these days you'll be

by Mr Wilde from life forever exiled

unless you can jump a height of six foot three!


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Rough diamond

He always wore turned down wellies

if he wore anything on his soil stained feet.


I can see his size twelves now-clay clung.

Thankfully,that rubber footwear always shielded my nose

from his ponging,toe rag wrapped feet

sweat soaked from pushing the spade

deeper and deeper all day


except that is,when he stopped momentarily

and amazingly pulled a smouldering fag from...

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Cumulous & Co.

See how they congregate

embracing each other in white silence.


Vapourous cathedrals

softest of mountains

in a floating landscape


an ethereal endless armada

drifting en masse without destination

in everchanging shapes


weightless wondering vessels

sailing on a dry azured ocean




Patricia Wilde Feb 2016

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Midnight in Shouldbepulleddown Street

Street lamps meekly glow

in the dying hours of this night

as it tumbles past damp dominated slummish terraces

and down pungently piss reeking alleyways.


A lonely beer pleased staggerer

half whispering,half silently mouthing

wonderous promises to no-one but his inebriated self

goes on his stumbling way undisturbed

by yowling,hissing cats defending their run down territo...

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Mr Dark and I

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Struggling up hills challenges my age

but poses no problem

for my insubstantial companion.


HE can manage it lying down!

No aching joints or defiant lungs

in his fleshless,boneless form.


There again,HE would find it easy-

that voiceless negative of me

since it is I who am obliged

to keep him in tow.


Despite the fact that at present

he weighs nothing


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Dying days menu

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DESSERT-a dwindling portion of time.




Patricia Wilde

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