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Blanched death throes of the year.

All about slowly being locked down

being made to await Springs key.


I can walk on water,see through trees.

In these coming glare white mornings

my mistily yawning away of dreams.


Christmas will soon present itself

in all the colours of a childs wishes.

Hearts will merge as one

and beneath the angel topped tree


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Uncle role model

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Another exciting

Sunday visit!


Here again,

to continue filling

this small heart of mine

with his wild,almost

brotherly persona


my tall,twinkle eyed,

grinning,crazy jester.

My silver starred hero.

My rough,around the edges diamond.

The rock,on which I was to build myself.


How magically,

he gave the music

of himself

to the dance,of my days.


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Three wise men,less two,plus the old Queen crawling home for Christmas

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# We are freaking out in our car

sat-navs broke,don't know where we are

stuck in motorway queueings,roadworks my head in is doing

workforce are laying tar.


Ohhhhh!....what a bummer,Stefs mood is shite

cos I've not put the CD in right

traffic heaving,we might be weaving

in and out of bollards all night!


We got home in the morning,at quarter to three

effin 'ell!....

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Even when we are no longer here our love having wandered with us will never bow out but continue in the presence of our days beyond its aged self unwanting to change. And provide its inclusion in a future drawn from the bottomless well of eternity *************************************** © Patricia Wilde 2014



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On another worst day of Christmas

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On a blah blah,blah blah blah

my then true love gave to me

a small bottle of water

half a bag of crisp's

and a scratched (yesss! phew!)

Barry Manilow cd.

On the second day of blah blah love gave to me........


**************************** ***********

©   Patricia Wilde 2014 

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Come eventide

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the Sun's


and of nothing,



An unintended,

black simulation

of  snow.




can be enclosed.




where, Moonlight,

is acknowledged.




© Patricia Wilde 2014

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Subverted selling

The reason why

marking up costs

are never finely detailed

on some clothes price tags

is because

there are not only

too many sweat stains

but also too many

shameless stains

to openly list



© Patricia Wilde 2014


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Calendrical conclusion

Tried to hold onto today,

but,it got away

and became a member of

the yesterdays gang,who

being pursued so much,by so many

decided to escape

by helping the last of the months,

and his older relations

to complete the ending flight

of another year

on which,they all flew away.


©   Patricia Wilde 2014 

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Space junk

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In blasted off visions

I have flown

where the weird,the unknown

endlessly teem

among galaxies,dark planets

sped along,long Moonbeams.

Seen Asteroids passing

gas trailing at pace

spacial perfections,imperfections

reflecting in my black visored face.


Black holes,dead stars

Martian skies,red bloodied

imploded debris in Pluto's ring's

icy and muddied.


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