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That other place

Drifting into overwhelming

and obligatory strangenesses.

Leaving behind the command of time.

I am beyond the touch

of its unexplained momentum.


Here many visions

inscribing themselves in ripples

on the shadowed fluidity

of nothingness pulsating

in its own excellence.


Awakening day breathes a newness.

Enigmatic magicality

having performed so many d...

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lesson in fighting

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He is beyond

the enigmatic brink

of deaths malice.


With our reverance

his spirit forever redeemed

unconfined by the encumberance of sin.


Nor will mortal time

consign his name to dust

for his touch upon our hearts

is immortal.


Blessed with courage

how bravely he clung

to the withering hours

of imploding light.


We shall recall

as ...

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Born to be Wilde

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I must keep straying

where I need to be straying

before the pot holes consume all the roads

so look out all you doddering oldies while crossing

I've enough to do squashing cats and dogs and toads

if you dont hear me coming

one of these days you'll see

that by Mr. Wilde from life you'll be exiled

unless you can jump a height of six foot three!   

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Cumulous and Co.

See how they congregate

embracing each other in white silence.


Vaporous cathedrals

softest of mountains

floating landscapes.


An ethereal endless pale armada

drifting en masse without destination

in everchanging shapes.


Weightless wandering vessels

sailing an azured dry ocean.




Patricia Wilde

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Leaving sleep behind

on the wombs sweet pillow

you came embedding

the treasure you are in every day.


Each one burned and burning

onto the slide-show shelter of memory.


Go to it little beauty

move onwards as you must

and leave us to find you tarrying

just by closing our eyes.


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you must said the wise forget the past. I took their advice and continued making the same old mistakes. 

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What right does she have

this somebody else

to imprison you?


to use your mouth

for her cruel words

to use your eyes

to stare at me angrily

to use your hands

to push me away.


Again I shall use the key

of  patient love

to release you.




Stef Wilde

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Questions for the ascended one

I have always loved you man

albeit from the greatest of distances.

but the thought of meeting you too early

scares the shit out of me dude.

Is there any chance you can allow me

sufficient time

to find enough people to put the blame on

for all the sins I'm almost sure

I didnt commit.


If not can we do a deal?

I'm very good at feet washing

or maybe you need a ...

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En masse sky dancing

swirling swerving

starling shadow

perfectly choreographed

gathering of charcoaled participants

as one

before fracturing into thousands

darkly raining down

leaving behind

the death of twilight

filling trees with chatter

until sleep and

the singularity of blackness

are one.


It is in car parks

shopping centres

that I remeb...

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net twitching

a kid in his bmx heaven

wheelies past our gate.Outside number thirty

two balloon dressed gateposts

tells me it is someones birthday.


A bullying wind

is deciding which direction

the roadside trees will sway.



when all the lit windows are peopled

I will be watching

a multitude of realities

all at the same time again.


A little flock of sp...

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A helpful poem

These tips will save you money and time

both I think you will find spot on

first dont waste money on tooth floss

just use a piece of cotton!




if you own the old type  refrigerator

one that isnt frost free just bung in two (or more) full hot water bottles

does the job in half the time-you'll see!

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Street Mother

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After he had finished using me

I spent the money

on some things

I know you will love

my baby.


A rattle


and Doll.


In the morning

my priceless girl

I shall put some ribbons

in your soft soft hair

and more love

in your heart from mine


the kind of love

no amount of money

or men

could ever buy.


And your precious s...

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Night walk

On the blackened heights above

a singular and solemn tree

ravaged by winters indiscriminate cruelty.


Its skeletal silhouette reaching

as though trying to merge

with the last dregs of daylight

that are slowly being darkly swallowed.


Such a bewitched sight.


An imitation of a regretful soul

clinging to the final day of life. 

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Comedian of birds

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Winters iconic ruddied illuminant.

Intensely pipping,prancing.

Stalking the summer gardener.

Spade handle poser

looking for a trusted worm filled hand.


Pot bellied tail flicking

red waist coated cheeky comic.

Life enhancer

welcome builder of eccentric nests

natural deliverer of hearts comfort. 


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After you first chucked me

Another deadened day 

another traipse

through your absence

the days first thought

of your abandoning me

brings on a fit

of sheer unadulterated vindictiveness.


My hurling of your leering photograph

disintergrating  against the wall

makes a most pleasureable sound.


Ripping noise of shredding

the flimsy nightwear you left behind

becomes a venge...

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Exile in waiting

Inevitably shall come

and with such destruction 

dark wings

to scatter our days.


On the lonely side

of the impenetrable door 

deepest of relegations

into the darkness

of a new unwanted beginning.


A stripping away of all that kept us together.


Where torturing silence

indiscriminatively will increase

day by day

a brandishing

of he...

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Knife edge

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He's lying there

in agony.

Being made to wait

for a miracle or a priest

an angel or a beast

flames or a feast.

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striped and spectorial

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Coming back

from too much of a party.


The car thirsts to a stop.


We push

attempting  to cover

the last few yards

of the steeply challenging gradient


trying to reach the teasing top

from where we can have

a long long free wheeling descent

down into our village.


Suddenly a badger peers out

from the roadside undergrowth

tilting it...

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to beyond the hills

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Shouldering the late sun

we return

brightened enlightened

with the rewards

of having again accepted

the simple permanent offer 

by nature

to venture into its everchanging embraces.


Beloved permanence

free inspirational bounty

instilling in us

fulfillment for the soul

whose even greater

most everlasting of journeys awaits.

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payback for a soul soldier

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Born into tenement life.

Poverty's prisoner.

Child of 'take your pick Father'

Child of 'Mother for sale'


Ghetto kid turned G.I. Joe.

Napalm junkie.

Thought he could take it out

on the Vietcong.

They gave him a wheelchair for life.


Pain mocks his thoughts tonight.

He is still fighting

and allied only this time by stimulants.

False happiness is bett...

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so much for civilised man

Initially blind.


Found greatness.

Then  distorted greatness

by unknowingly

 re-inventing blindness. 

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To let(anytime and forever)

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Extremely well heated apartment 

in very spacious subterranean condominium

24/7 secured incarceration guaranteed.

Only God haters need apply.

A lifetime of sin will be required as a deposit

plus the cost of a soul

spread over every eternal calendar month.

A thirty pieces of silver service charge

has already been submitted on behalf of the successful applicant.



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Haversham sleb

I see this jaded pretender

still trying to wear the young woman

who has long ago fucked off into oblivion.

Try as she may this archaic queen to maintain the me me title

by using cheap metaphorical gimmickry

to keep her cosmetically tampered with head above loser crowd

along with her faded bullshit tank girl image

all is in effect doomed to failure


so yeah



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serve and protect? yeah right!


next door-again

no sleep-again

coppers arrive-again

man and wife thing-again

usual thing-again

coppers go-again 



a bone chilling silence

I dont ever want to experience-again 


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every dying days menu

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DESSERT-a dwindling portion of time.




Patricia Wilde

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on the tiniest of engines

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Not long shall it be

till we are listening to

the small talk

the high chitterings and

relentlessly humming of sleek little wings

in aerobatic pursuit of well deserved sustenance.


Those wondrous spirit lifting sounds

pleasuring our ears

linking to our thankful souls

from far corners abroad

bravely undauntedly

bringing their beautiful nonchalant paradings


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Australians are so clever!

Because they can stand upside down

and still be upright at the same time!

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natural greetings

Slowly beaming with pride and sureness

high starts the suns break

and night is dressed down

leaving cold breathings on glass

discreetly dissipates.


An inversion of evaporation

is soon opposed by solar warmth.


I am unable to express fully

how great my adorations are

of all that is becoming newly lit and beautiful

once more.


In such a wonderous way...

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different destructions

The battered bench  on the pier

scrawled all over with teenage ignorance

still holds a welcome for us

despite a threat to its identity.

The waves also say welcome

despite the threat to their identity

by much more powerful vandals. 

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one sure way

Pious hopes


swept away


in one trigger pull

bringing the same relief 

the cornered fox knew only too well

being spared from

the savage jaws of the baying pack.            

In the heaving chest

the heart pounds.     

Courage and cowardice combine.                   


Blast!           ...

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End game

Idyll days of youth

outshining the sun.

With young pleasures sown                

we held onto assumptions 

of reaping an eternal harvest

not the cruel short lived sheaves of reality.

Yet  still believing

in naive promises to ourselves

we danced on

not wanting to notice

that we were moving

towards the  exit of happiness

where time the destroy...

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fighting here

fighting there

fighting almost everywhere

and so it will go on


because nobody is fighting

the real enemy-


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praising Patrick

My Irish Uncle.

Rapid,almost incoherent talker.

Digger of English earth.

Strong spade gripping hands

clay stained.


wellington protected

against years of muddy submergences.

But unprotected against

thousands of skin blistering downward pushes into the ground.



A stout Stout drinker

I have supped with on payday nights

in many a rougher than ro...

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prized possession

Like many people-I-

have the everyday everythings

I need to get by,

and my health

genuine happiness

the capabilty and the will

to help others who have nothing.


But for the grace of God

would I also have nothing.


Another kind of nothing,

I mean,my love

the kind when time stops sharing

the everyday everythings

of you,with me.


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sad interruption

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As hours eat hours

I am moor walking.

A sudden panting fox,chased

crosses my path

instantly freezing my whole body

I'm hoping my stilled pose

doesnt look threatening


Will his sensitive nose,searching eyes tell him

I am not part of the verdurous scenery?

more than likely.  


Such is the loss to me

not only of his possible early death

but also...

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Coming back to cosiness

I came in

from the cruel world.

There by the fire,


a figure of all comforts

entered into

by every meaning of love.


What more can I say of someone

who can wrap my hurtings

in cotton wool

soothe my heart

feed my soul

with just a single glance

and the offer of two opened arms?





Stef Wilde

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Again he was going on and on

about having nothing.

I asked him

to show me this *nothing*

that he was going on about.


The only nothing he could come up with

was the nothing

he could'nt show me.

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Winter mornings

when one doesnt exactly leap out of bed.

I psych myself up into rising

by having a hundred second countdown.

But the problem is when reaching ninety nine

the cold fearing inner voice of opposition

keeps on demanding a recount. 



Patricia Wilde

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Dallas nightmare

The dream-a bad one.

I am crouching at a window.

A rifle is in my hands.

People are running everywhere.

Somebody is lying back in a limo with a bloodied forehead.

Mafia members and Teamsters are applauding me.

John Kennedys ghost suddenly appears laughing and waving a photo of Jack Ruby in my face.

Marilyn Monroes ghost then appears with a syringe in her hand.

The President...

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Silver lining

Can be downright dangerous at times,

using nicknames when referring to....well anything!

Take for example,my asking an enormous cage fighting husband

of a very dishy wife,who was stood next to him holding their cat....

is it alright if I stroke your wifes pussy?


Reflecting on my mistake as I lay in my hospital bed

minus both my knee-caps

I decided to think positively...

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In sheeps clothing

Toy gun aimed at friends.

To him,they are the 'baddies'

playtime fodder for invisible bullets.


Each trigger pull,each exploding cap

and seeing them pretend to die

plants an overwhelming feeling of power

in his subconsciousness.


Its just a kids game-thats all.

But little are we able

to determine what dark dark seeds propagate

and in which minds.



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fuck off tick! and you,tock!

Go on life clock,

stick some more years on !


our feelings are only going to take them off! 

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