during starlight

Glowing windows

stepping the hillsides,and

pooling the congregations

of their lights

in valleys

having flickered like fireflies

join the late dark.



effigies of godliness

contrasting with tenebrous surroundings

bleat vocal anthologies of pitifulness.


An owl unfolds and paley ascends

into its ghostly predatoriness.

Obscured in the fretwork of s...

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AND NOW! a free minded,unapologetic response,to closed minded pomposity

Our noses are not and never ever will be used

for looking down on ANYBODY!

they are used only for inhaling the air

that exists not just to allow EVERYBODY to live

but also for them to.........LET FUCKING LIVE!



© Pat&Stef Wilde Saturday 6th June 2015  


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Soul bonding has matured.

The final link of inner closeness

is now time forged

uncertainty,replaced by full realisation.


In stripping away superficial conditions

we have snapped the chains

binding loves freedom.


© Patricia Wilde 3rd June 2015

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To serve and neglect

entry picture


Next doors-again.

No sleep for me-again.

Coppers arrive,do nothing and go-again.

Man and wife thing-again.


Ambulance men arrive-again.

Sadly,after tonight,they won't ever need to come back-again.




© Patricia Wilde Wednesday 27th May 2015




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Arse over pip

entry picture

Uninvited as per

Mr Pear shape thinks

he can just come strolling in

free as he pleases

to deliver his mishaping intentions.


Not today!

not when I have got my walking (to determination) boots on

 which fit his backside nicely!

one swift kick and out he goes onto his stalky head!




© Patricia Wilde Saturday 23rd May 2015 


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You are the knife

that cut my heart open

and allowed love to bleed.




© Patricia Wilde Thursday 21st May 2015

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Head voice

I beg you

stop trying

to convince me

that this nights

voluminous dark

is merely a facade,

a black cloak

around my greatest fears.


© Patricia Wilde Wednesday 20th May 2015

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entry picture

(Adapted from a very old playground song)


One two three hilarah

I saw Fatimah the indoctrinated wearer

of a bomb around her chest and there

to kill American soldiers.


One two three hilarah

I saw Fatimah the futile suicidal darer

lying here and there and everywhere

among lots of bits of her own people.




© ...

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jumper on? jumper off?

These mixed-bag indecisive Spring days

with odd ball inclusions of Summer,Autumn,even Winter!

unsure ditherings.Bouts of,warmth,cold,freezing conundrums.

People without clothing clues.

Yes I've seen them,needing to cover or not (literally!)

all eventualities

wearing T-shirts but carrying coats.


And in the earth too!

Worms and Buds pondering,

having to ask each other...

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cause and effect

Dictatorily cloning the children

in their misshapened parental image.

Enforcing stunted samespeak.

Disallowing them all

to self unwrap the gift

that each one is.




© Stef Wilde Friday 15th May 2015


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His are not words expressing truth

no one is meant

to detect the devious way

in which their meanings are twisted.


This is not the pleasing singer

the beauty in whose voice

is appreciated by Heaven.

It is not the actor without a problem

of declaring his real self.

Neither is it the homeless man

struggling to define life

or the devoted Mother

with love for mu...

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Croupier of my fate

In this game of time

you have dealt me two cards


I have no need

to turn them over

because my love knows

they are both aces


one,the heart of you

I will cherish all my life

the other the diamond of your soul

I will worship for all eternity.




© Patricia Wilde Sunday 10th May 2015

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Old flames old pains

Oh!my beloved past lovers!

men,who sustained me

with pleasure,in our pleasant youth

when our young minds

were giddily inflamed


those who now sing to their grandchildren

classic songs of a lost era

and walk precariously

in clothes they defiantly swore

they would never be seen dead in



on one nearing day

in unfortunate circumstances

they migh...

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Three downfalls

entry picture

Once located

at the start line

with a lot to say 

gave them reasons

to adress the crowds


now,having a lot less to say,

now,those crowds have turned away,

instead of loudly vocalising

they have very different locations.


The very much hushed

finishing post of embarrassment

and failure.



© Patricia Wil...

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Looking for the sky

entry picture

Imprisoning myself

with a man going wrong

whose younger name

once meant a love

that opened doors

to the intimate places

between heart and soul


how youthfully naive

to have thought

loving him

could bear promises

beyond all other promises.


When will other lovers

full of song and flight

release these caged desires

revive my dying wings

and gui...

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Today is the first day

the sun cannot dress their embrace

in its warmth.


He has been closed out

from anymore of her words.

Filled with the burdening promise

of immeasureable emptiness


denied of so much more love

she had to give.


Comforts of their past

are now disregarded

put away forever without consent

and all that held their happiness down


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Flawless blush

Roses to be


to explore

and culminate

in pinnacles

of scarlet profusion



to taste

the dewy dawn

of their first day


thornily clasping

interlacing lattices






seeking the fullness

of honey toned light



by the guidance

of green

heart shaped hands

to conspire


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Our voyage

From so long ago

I have sailed

through so many storms

created by my own inadequacies.


And you

my lifes passenger

held on faithfully

no matter how rough

the journeying.


Your beleaguered belief in me

became the star

able to guide us

to a destiny.



The calm waters

of understanding.




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9teen6ties pill popping pussy hunter

entry picture

Remembering those OHHHHH! times.

My fourty year old collection

of one night stands

great bands,

neon lit lands,

of Manchester night life.


Magnetising devilish blues

belting out from the doorways

of marijuana,sweat smelling

subterranean pleasure caves

great anything goes cellar club all nighters.


Drinking of my own body weight in alcohol

every Southern ...

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Wearer of shit tinted glasses

He feels the orchards of his age

are beginning to give up

wanting to bear fruit.


Tenebrous dirges

are drowning out

his hearts song.


Gone,the suns hands on his shoulders.

The moons smile for him

really is waning forever.


He sees the promises of life

passing him by

in broken pieces.


What nightmares are gathering

for birth in his mind?

Is ...

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beer house bust up

Fighting broke out in our local pub

when a nutter threw a chair through the air

hitting a brick shithouse sized gypsy woman breaking the guitar she was strumm'u'n

who turned as mean as a grizzly bear

she blamed a small man whose name was Daft Dan,and slung him over the bar

becoming hysterically squeamish,a posh lady from Beamish phoned for a cop in a car

In came Mr Plod,a lazy st...

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Running on empty

Having withdrawn all your feelings for me

you gather yourself together

in readiness to leave.


Amidst the breakages and brokeness

of last nights bedroom maelstrom

we sit at a loss.

You glaring at me through a grid of fingers.

Those eyes! those eyes! love-dead.


And finally,something in your heart

would never have done in the past;it inspires your mouth

to hurl...

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Born blind.

He fumbles.

Finds his purpose.

Which he abuses.

Little knowing

he is in fact

re-inventing blindness.




© Patricia Wilde 6th April 2015

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The way to learn fuckall

You must

(said the wise)

forget the past.

So I took their advice

and continued

making the same old mistakes.



© Stef Wilde 2015

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Shit brained angel

entry picture

Ploughing oily fingers

through unkempt hair.

Two fingering a quiff

down to eye level.


the mirror tells me

how cool I look,

and that is all American.

Leather and sneering lipped


thats me,bike boy

delivering thunder

into one horse towns

Harley style.


A dick loving chick

eyes me up outside the diner.

Takes quite a while

before I make her sor...

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2.5 minute lasting&93 million miles away smile

entry picture

Patch of sky was made different today

by a live show put on in the cosmos.

Two stars in their element

taking part in a beautiful game

of hide and seek.




© Patricia Wilde 2015

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OH! glad I can still rock his boat!

take his mind by the throat!

blow it away!

make his day!

shock him!

unlock him!

so I might free

new things he can show me?

Would I in turn be stunned?

to recieve his fresh donation

to my sexual fund?

OH! let me believe!

let me percieve!

a greater state of flesh sucking insight!

let go of the old boring ten minute delight...

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after being on 


till late

woke feeling


had to


my thoughts out

everything within the


of my mind


threatening to go off at a


had to


up to the situation before it


me in.





with myself

needed to find the

right angle

of approach.


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entry picture

Oh I like this!

being carried on air

through clouds.


I feel angelic and reverant.

As if God himself

has placed me

between wings.



I rush up and away from you

into the rest of my life.


That like you

is getting smaller and smaller

by the minute.




© Patricia Wilde 2015

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Much more important than 'for the want of a nail'

For the want of our accidental meeting

our exchanged admirations could be lost

for the want of our exchanged admirations

our words could be lost

for the want of our words

our kisses could be lost

for the want of our kisses

our love could be lost

for the want of our love

our lifetimes togetherness could be lost

for the want of our lifetimes togetherness

our union in...

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seeing blindly

entry picture

This human being.She.

Carries me on her back.

I am barely a year old.

We are both starving.

We are both thirsty.

We are both being prepared

for death.


She continues walking,walking,walking,walking

tens upon tens upon tens of miles

away from rape

away from genocide.

Deep down she knows the situation is hopeless.


I cannot stand it any longer!

and brea...

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Paper star

entry picture

Simple satellite.

Its tassled colours

snaking about the sky

as though wanting

to free itself

from earthly attachments

and leave me

with the happy thought

that I had made

a beautiful contribution

to the heavens





© Patricia Wilde 2015 


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Greyscious in grey

entry picture

She removes the wig.

Wipes off the heavy make up.

Steps out of the youthful attire.

And in offering the whole facade

to the Goddess of time passing,

frees herself.



© Patricia Wilde 2015

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A whatever message to God knows who,from who does'nt know why

Dear Thingy,up there in

or beyond the clouds

and based on the assumption

you are what/who the gullible

say you are.


Unless you keep

your Second coming promise

while I am still here,

I intend,although futile,

to turn my back

on the acknowledgement

of this jigsaw puzzle

we call existence.


I mean-come on guy?/entity?/Mr Nobody!?

this whole scenario...

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entry picture

'Thats one small step for man

one giant leap for mankind'


Oh really?


Should lunar inhabitance

come about

will she also

receive the same damage as Earth?


Man needs to deal

with the far more important conquest first.


That of his self.

His REAL self.





© Stef Wilde 2015 

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Every days dying menu

entry picture



DESSERT-a dwindling portion of time.


© Patricia Wilde 2015

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entry picture

We two

now level eyed.

Our hearts


His mellowing

has freed me.

Gone are the old commands.

He takes charge

of nothing anymore.

We do.



© Patricia Wilde 2015

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entry picture

Pray tell why

O languishing knight

of  thy contentment

to without goodly reason

be here,shading thyself

from  glowing summers days

neath this leafy oak?


Hath gone the thunder from thy heart

the lightning from thy blood

hath thou left off thy memories

of thine own long ago actions

on many a well won battlefield?


surely art thou

aware of renewed consp...

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What goes around

I wonder,

how surprised would you be

to find out

that I actually delight

at the deviousness

in your false words to me


the misconception

of your perception

that I am thought of

as a fool

poorly schooled

in the art of manipulation.


Since unbeknown to you

I am in reality

the unloved victor

whose lips can also deceive

in the same fashion.


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Street Mother

entry picture

After he had finished

using me

I bought some things

I know you will love,

my baby.


A rattle

a teddy

and doll.


In the morning

my precious little girl

I shall put some ribbons

in your soft hair


and more love in your heart

from mine.

The kind of love

no amount of money,or men

could ever buy.


Your precious smile

will be my rewar...

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Farm girl

entry picture

Flows faster than the wind.

Two tone projectile.

Speedily diminishing

any distance.

Works the fields

with almost human conscientiousness.

To her,the heights of any surrounding stone walls,fences

or five barred gates are insignificant.


You will never ever see tiredness or unwillingness

in her alert eyes

only the enjoyment of devotion,duty

and a keen readiness f...

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Incomprehensible conversation with bush mush

entry picture

He machine  guns his speech

through a facial cluster

of almost eye level growth


I can't speak for him unfortunately

but I am getting pissed off

having to say



excuse me?


I look for the opening

where his mouth should be.

If there is a row of teeth

that have come out of hiding

between what must be the uplifted corners of his lips


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True gypsy

entry picture

Child to woman

 of the road.


A life

smelling of woodsmoke.


Untamed wayfarer

wild as the wind

hard as rock.



of the old traditions.



unburdened by time

unwearied by inclement weather.


Steeped in the priority

of loving horses

and all things natural.


Vagabond follower

of the hearts directions.



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Coming to the dregs

You'll never change.

Its always going to be

business as usual.


Cruelly staining

every day

with your darkness.


Your bullying voice


besieges my ears.


With sad eyes

I look into yours

as one emptiness

looking into another



© Patricia Wilde 2015


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For you

I shall make a sugary sung present of myself

using the brightest voice you have ever heard

stolen from an angel


It will lead you through a wonderful dream


and won't be in the style of the past

set in cold braille and aspics of silence


but accompanied with triumphal music

bonded together

with honey tones and spice

and all things much more than ...

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Truth will out!

Now of mind

by time aligned

to accept and respect

the parallel of death.


Its breath,carrying and emptying

our echoes into infinite space

a place where wrong,long held beliefs may die

in a graveyard for myths and gods that lie!




© Stef Wilde 2015

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Mr Dark and I

entry picture

Struggling up hills

challenges my age

but poses no problem

for my insubstantial companion


He can manage it

lying down!

NO aching joints

or defiant lungs

in his fleshless

boneless form


there again,

HE would find it easy

that voiceless negative of me

since it is I

who is obliged

to keep him in tow.


Despite the fact

that at present


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Water music

entry picture




Thunderous orchestrations.

Whispering adagios.


Blue green

liquid compositions


Played upon

golden grained keyboards.




© Patricia Wilde 2015

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entry picture


advanced future inhabitants.

Ultimately perfected.

Destined to exist far beyond

the suns demise.

Impenetrable to emotion.

Killer of deaths authenticity.


When we are finally exiled forever

to non existence

and returned to being just another failed experiment

in the mind of our enigmatic creator

from which we came


then so wondrous will be

the s...

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Death of a gang member

entry picture

His crying out

only adds more ugliness

to the scene

and becomes

a self made requiem.


With chaos

in his dying eyes

and bullshit heroism gone

he is discovering

how pathetic it was

to think false bravado alone

provided invincibility.


There was never going to be

a medal for your savagery to others.

This is your inevitable prize

the blade you thoug...

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