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Good grief!

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Here we are again

somewhat reluctantly

exaggerating our sympathies

in this sinless,sunless

incensed last stop

for the dead


trying to outdo

each others

sad facial expressions.

Soundlessly mouthing

the first of many

long winded hymns,

being dutifully lead

by the Vicars

Heavenly aimed voice

booming out

with an overbearing volume.


Then co...

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Sky dancers

en masse.


naturally choregraphed


of charcoal'd participants

as one

before fracturing

into thousands.



raining down.

Leaving behind

the death of twilight.


Filling trees

with chatter


merging into 

the singularity

of blackness.


It is in car parks,

shopping centres


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head the ball

I'm imperfectly

sane enough

to know

I'm perfectly mad!



© Stef Wilde 2014

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little man BIG!

He speaks

few words

but they build

a mountain of meanings.


Short sentences

he writes

read as if

an encyclopedia.


Small of stature

yet his presence

makes the whole world



With such

rare skills

in his hands

He is able

to reshape imperfections

into miracles.






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where ARE those zzzzzzzzzz's !!??


should I lie here

and continue listening

to the shit

my head voice

is pouring out

while waiting

for the knock out blow

from the sleep

instigating sheep

I hope

will soon be


over the douvet hills

my raised knees have created?


slide beneath

a flat flowery silken field

and into the

hot water bottled

dark c...

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War?-UGH!-YEAH!-what IS it good for?-absolutely fuckall!

The means

to an end

that will never end


we use

other means



©  Stef Wilde 2014

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Out of nowhere

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Unreeling from silence

high born winds

scatters the invisibility

of its swelling self.

Tossing in disarray

the celestial hierarchy

into billowing pandemonium.

The clearness of day

breaks through

and begins to live


© Patricia Wilde 2014

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Each time

I return

from bitter scenarios?

There,with fire

of your smile,


Epitomy of all comforts.


What more

can I say

of someone who,

entered into

by every meaning of love

can wrap my pains

in the cotton wool of her devotion?


who can

soothe my heartache

with just a soft glance

and show me

the way to heaven

between two open a...

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Mr.Bond-can I borrow your license?

Just home

from a back breaking day

on site.

Slurping on a well deserved beer

which I will piss out later

in a figure of eight

on next doors house wall

where the benefit bandits......'live?'


A hundred

of their kind

woud'nt amount

to a grain of clay

from under the nails

of my old mans calloused hands.


Thinking of those

cornball chickenshits


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Truly not Julie

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(A side)

Old sods and old gags

pensions,bus pass'es

strong windy days

lifting skirts of the lass'es

exposing their pantie pads

held on by wings

these are my dead good favourite fings.


Progs for the living

on just a few channels

road raging with older people

so I can kick in their panels

cd's by Metallica,

never EVER by Bing (ugh!)

this 'eres a list t...

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Once upon a time

there existed

a Mr Me

who used to live

on one side

of the minds division.

On the other side

lived Mr Myself.

All Mr Me could hear

on a daily basis

was Mr Myself shouting-

don't come over here

everything is TERRIBLE!


So Mr Me

stayed where he was

and stayed and stayed

getting thinner and thinner


Mr Curiosity came a...

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Raining in the changes

Streets become gullies

feet become sponges

rivers become insurance claims

cars become pedestrian sprayers

umbrellas become new limbs

waterproofs become top fashion

buses become mobile saunas

hosepipes become redundant

chemists shops become community halls

houses become tumble dryers

dinghys become taxis

sandbags become best sellers

weather reports become stuc...

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Poor payback for a soul soldier

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Born into tenement life.

Povertys prisoner.

Child of 'take your pick'Father

Child of 'Mother for sale'


Ghetto kid turned G.I.Joe.

Napalm junkie.

Gook hunter.


Thought he could

take it out on the Vietcong.


gave him a wheelchair

for life.


Pain mocks his thoughts tonight.

He is till fighting a war

and only allied this time

by stimulan...

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