Have you ever heard an angel laugh?

Or watched her go about her day, 

In a pleasant kind of way,

And realize that you are happy too,

Just because she laughs with you.


And know that if she were to ask,

You would accept her any task,

And do it with unblinking speed,

If only it was you she’d need.


Have you ever known such despair?

To always have an angel there,

Who gives meaning to each passing d...

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You sparkled like a shining star

When I first saw you from afar

You promised what I'd never known

And I sought you for my own


But love with you was not to be

You couldn't share your light with me

However hard you said you tried

The glow between us dimmed and died


Angel - you are my fallen Angel

All hope of love with you has flown

Angel - you are my fallen An...

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