It’s late

actually it’s early


brain never stops

mix between good thoughts and bad

this should be over since the end

of my drinking life 

my marriage 

my dogs life 

is this one of those nights I’ve been waiting for?

what to do…???

my best pal comes to town tomorrow

happy about that

maybe this shouldn’t be over

maybe this is just the beg...

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By the Bay

Pulling Wire


I worked a summer in San Fransisco 

Sacramento street 

pulling wire 

they all stared at us 



aliens in their sterile tube 

sorry my ladder is an in convenience 

I could see their computers 

money traveling through space

mixed with twitter and “The Bachelor” clips

cubes with confetti and pictures of Hawaii

photos of baby Bro...

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When we speak

When we speak


Why you gotta look that way?

why you gotta spit on the stage?

you see we are young wolves 

and we’re hungry for the last guy outside

come see us when we’re walking

they don’t know our kind of night

Sick and wear our hearts outside

on our sleeves

and we just can’t take no more 


Yet the skies say we should come back home

I remember in disguise...

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She hurts


I tell myself to let her go

Is it her I miss?

just the idea?

just the company?

actually i miss them all

they all still hurt

soft skin

sweet thoughts

kindness to strangers

weaker creatures

makes a man comfy 

just for a little while

then they hurt

they tear my gut space

suddenly I’m the Sunday funnies

and they lose weigh...

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Tags: heartbreak, love, social commentary, Social Observations

Maybe Two

Maybe two


I’ll admit

I create stress for myself

even on vacation

I’m working on it 

“simmer down” they say

Am i that bad?

even the pope takes an angry shit right?

everyone has to worry about something

nothing but truth,

I’m not comfy unless I worry

I envy those who walk without baggage 

how do they do it?

I can make it a day 

maybe two

then she scr...

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I don’t wanna be on of those guys 


out of place 

emotional problem solving, constant

it sounded good on paper

now just more different 

she this 

he that

beautiful children!

he’s being such and such a way

they don’t know where things are

why are they even arguing?

what people are we?

is today the same as yesterday?

yesterday as in when...

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The army and fucking

The army and fucking



Folks just need to know

The army will get you shot

Why the confusion?

Commercials don’t impress me

guns are loud, and blood is depressing

héros are human

bullets are real 

Life is a deep breath you don’t wanna lose

young men with no options 

thanks for your death

I can buy contraception

from a man from a country who shot you

I s...

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Read Me!!

Read Me!!


Read me!

I’m different from all the rest 

these words will change you

stay with me

important info is to follow

the world is on fire

the mountains are moving

Susie has a gun

buy this, sell now!!

stay with me 

This is an interesting group of letters

people like you.

and me.

heartbreak and iTunes

Facebook and menopause

things to grab the ...

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Bleach and cork

Bleach and Cork



Darts, endless darts

a passion I never desired

guitar and words don’t heal the soul

no such luck for darts 


I saw a blonde haired woman in a van today

I needed cigarettes and human contact

Thanks to her for making my drive

I suspect she will stay in my mind all day


What if she had car trouble and broken dreams?

More importantly: who...

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Tags: darts, poetry, Social Observations

The Bench

The Bench


I sat on a bench for an hour

ugly dogs and sad people 

grey men with bad backs 

carrying shit and ancient thoughts 

I wonder about a blonde lady

was she the one who gave blowjobs and never made you call her

I wonder how long he will take to realize he’s gay

or hates his father

or both

how much of that college degree do you really use?

do you feel pre...

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