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Poem for now


Where we walked is now houses,

Only the road is the same,

The road the colour of sky,

Where the eyes impatient kissed

and behind the gauze of such


are minds drift into

a poem for now

the volcanoes coughing up

it`s fire of now

We wait for the mountain to renew a

song of now,

The birds sing like feathered


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Listening to Mozart

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Play Classical for


every movment

a stealth


hear the colours

in a spectral


play string quartets


piano concerto`s



as the emotions to

tuck in and


play Bach

for me

for the strings of the


connect me to the

noise of



introduce my


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Where we read


The literary moth flitters around

the books people never read


Moments of joy may be written

inside these deserted pages


So many searching souls


Soft winds trawling through the


of love again


I become a sometimes poet

dip into a piece of writing


the literarty who published


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Turning Clouds

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When the night sky is
swirled around
inside a can
And the liquid mind
can conjure all the lost
of a day
eyes half drunk/half sober
washed away in the mundane
chores we endure
like robots
in the forgetful air
we switch on the TV
to see a language of our world
shrinking in data
listen to radio that holds
a sy...

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