(A gentle riposte to the modern obsession with "paedos")


Pausing high above the beach,

I watch the children out of reach,

Racing down the golden sand,



Children dancing in the sea

Remind me how I used to be,

Free from care and full of fun,

A happy boy beneath the sun.



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The following is a personal view.

To my mind, producing poetry can be like the art of cuisine.

Content of poetry (like food) can be varied - to be entertaining, pleasing, able to stimulate

interest and debate beyond the reach of safe and sacrosanct expectations.  Sassoon and

Owen used content powerfully and it survived the forms they used to reach the public

palate.  Not always easy...

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Julie Andrews is eighty today

The ageless voice that sang "Doe ray"

A child talent they called precocious

And that other word ending in "docious".

She's given people so much pleasure

Not just a national...a GLOBAL treasure

Bright as the sun - nothing need persuade me

To say "Happy birthday - My Fair Lady"!


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For the living grief is such relief

The dead don't care cos they're not there.

But they might ask in retrospect,

To be excused from cruel neglect.

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I have to admit I was pleased as hell

To read of the descendant of I.K. Brunel

Who had followed in the tracks of his great forebear

To rediscover what he'd done - and where.

And to crown it all, came the news from afar

That First Western is renamed G.W.R.



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In biblical times JC and his band

Sought to lead folk to a Promised Land

Despite the words and reported miracle

The people rejected his religious empiracal

Disbelieving, disappointed and at a loss

They saw him put upon a cross

Now full two millenia later

Our own JC (establishment hater)

Preaches his old/new style religion

(Common sense? - perhaps a smidgen).

I suspec...

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As migrants make momentous decisions and from far-off lands set forth

I consider the role of the global news media that sees them head west and north.

Why don't the common religious beliefs, shared histories and word of mouth

Instead see them making the decision to point their feet east and south?


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You'll have to have been where the mail doesn't drop

Or where the papers and TV don't find you

To be unware of "black man shot by white cop"

Ad infinitum - just to remind you.

But the absence of the following has my mind in a whirl

"Black man shoots white TV news girl".


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Spiders spin a silken web

in pursuit of passing prey;

Women weave a perfumed web

to catch men while they may.

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Right from the first time that I met'cha

I told myself I'd never let'cha

Slip away from me.


Each day I'd find a way to get'cha

Close to me so I could pet'cha

With you on my knee.


Any place you go I'd come to fet'cha

There's just no way I'd ever let'cha

Forget my lovin' plea.


Here's my promise, girl - I bet'cha

Up or down - my love will ket'cha

Hey ki...

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When I of solitude's measure drink

And of your precious person think,

I wish my lonely loving cup

Was with your own sweet self filled up.


But hearts' desires with passion sought

Are always better won than bought

So I consent to be content

With consolations I am sent.


I live this life with you in mind

And from your treasured image find

Sweet solace for an emp...

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How is it ethnics can proudly boast

of the rights of their community,

Whilst if the English do it they're burnt toast -

Scorned as racist with impunity?

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My love told me you took my song

And made the words your own

That time you tried to capture her

When you two were alone.


But I won't talk of any blame

For what you tried to do

In your place playing your game

I may have been like you.


But here is something you should know:

She loves the melody.

As for the words (she told me so)

She prefers them mouthed by ...

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With you...

With and each tomorrow

With you - in your grief and sorrow

With you - when you're bowed with care

With you - when the words aren't there

With you - hoping that you stay

With you - when you go away

With you - when you're on your own

With you - when I'm left alone

With you - when you close your door

With you - now and evermore

With you...

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In Oxford, home of the gleaming spire,

A wish to rewrite history abodes

The subject of this outraged ire:

An ancient statue of Cecil Rhodes.


"Take him down...remove the oppressor

He has no place in my view of things!"

We're told in this land of Edward the Confessor

And the shades of far more murderous kings.


The demand comes from a history student

Annie Teriba ...

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Images of obesity appear to define the age we live in.  Despite knowledge of nutrition easily obtained about

cheap healthy food (sardines, eggs, beans, bread, salad, soup, fruit et al) to be found everywhere, there's

this perversity of purchasing food in modern life that sees it becoming a deadly lottery of "weight and C" for

those unmindful of self-care.  Today's NHS is overburdened with...

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No pal at school ever called it exciting

Crouched over a desk - doing Copybook writing.

With dip-pen in hand slowly following each letter

Teacher over your shoulder - willing it better.


The scratch of the nib across a notebook

Juvenile attempts at a tidy "by rote" look,

With occasional splatterings of wayward ink

To cause a kid to stop and blink -


And hastily blot...

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There's a female conceit found in girlfriend and wife

That they are the shakers - the makers of life.

Not meant to be funny but there's diversionary sense...

Taking minds off the money - daddy's massive expense.

And let all remember there's no procreation -

Empty vessels - unless some male makes a donation.

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Now that the evenings are lengthening and the beauty of the coastal South Devon countryside returns

to fill my mind, come with me along the old metalled path from the end of the lonely road high above

Kingswear - marked by a solitary tree - to pass the watchtower looking out over the land as it drops

down to the beautiful River Dart estuary and the ruins of the WW2 coastal battery that st...

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There's this thing about each "honours" list -

It's more about the names "they" missed.

True talent, service...gone to their grave

Left out in life to which they gave

Great gifts that time alone will know

And stay when their owners have to go.

Perhaps these things need no applause

Their legacy sufficient cause

For delight in generations yet to come

No medal or title need...

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There's many a heavy heart down in Devon now that a singular voice has been stilled by the march

of time.  Brian Carter was a one-off: a gifted artist, writer and poet whose talents were to serve the

cause nearest to his heart - the care of the countryside and its content.  He wrote a column -

"Carter's Country" - for the local Torquay Herald Express and it became a "must" for its readers...

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You'll find them among most types of mob

With shuttered mind and open gob.

You'd be forgiven for wondering what they do for a living

When they prefer to be taking rather than giving.

They'll shout you down in your own small protest

And you think they might actually be seeking arrest

From the ranks of police that wearily try

To make sure the peace doesn't go too awry.


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I took it for a paper scrap

Upon the carpet's dull brown nap,

But bending forward I could see

It meant more than a scrap to me.

Diminished in death it was the mouse

That shared with me this ancient house

And which had often passed my way

An early morning blur of grey.

Then I recalled a recent night

When I had seen a slower flight...

Much slower than the previous run


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To the ranters and daubers in their Pools of Red

Let these enquiring words be said:

Is the unexpected Sea Of Blue

Middle England saying "F... You Too"?

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In the Public Record Office down in Kew

Is a report to interest me and you.

Scottish nationalists back in World War Two

Made an approach to you-know-who;

To gain advantage of their choosing

In case the Allies looked like losing.

Scots nationalists sought a Nazi deal

To protect their interests (this was real !)

Just in case the English lost

And Hadrian's Wall was there to...

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entry picture

I stood in the shadow of that historic Tower

Before a rain-drenched sea of red

The glistening ceramic poppies like a shower

Washing clean wrongs and lives long since dead.


From out of the gloom marched a Warder

(With a young guardsman bugler in tow)

Who soon called the living to order

And read out the names we would know.


We were witnesses to the sort of weather


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Have you ever stood on a city street

And watched the pace of passing feet?

How quick they go as if they dare

Not to be seen to linger there.


Their owners trapped in headlong rush

That takes them to another crush

Of hurrying humanity in its need

To avoid attention by its speed.


How different from the village street

When people pause and actually greet

A passe...

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The second hand goes flicking by,

Hurrying us on to the time we die.

The minute hand follows close behind,

Without a care if we should mind.

Till sixty minutes defines the hour

To remind us of time's passing power

And adding four hours to a score -

Each day tots up to twenty four;

Multiply one day by three six five

To mark each year you are alive.

In life there's so m...

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One of the more fondly recalled aspects of my working life was occasional employment

at Lords when test matches were played back in the 70s and 80s.  Great days.  Richie

Benaud was as much a part of the scene as that world-famous famous venue and, just

like Sir Peter O'Sullevan in racing, his voice was synonymous with his chosen sport. 


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THE PRIMROSE - a re-post for the renewal of Spring!

Peeping from beneath the tree,

I heard the primrose speak to me.

Winter's done, I heard it say,

Warmer days are on their way.


Mother Nature waits on me

(The "First Rose" is my name, you see)

While other flowers lie abed,

I welcome Spring and show my head.


Then, with the golden daffodil,

I gild the countryside until

In turn the other blooms appear,


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A country vocal recording by the excellent Marcie Summers from Bristol is on the Hotdisc April issue.  Watch out, Dolly Parton!


1.   My sure he knew everything

      Bragged a Bachelor of Loving Degree

      But love taught him and now he knows nothing

      That matters a nickel to me.

2.   My...

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The terrible air crash tragedy in the French Alps was a salutary reminder of the fragility of the human

mind and the catastrophic effects on others that it can inflict it undetected, untreated and out of

(self) control.


Who knows what filled that pilot's mind

So high in Earth's bright air

Or if he even sought to fi...

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TREES - a re-post to welcome Spring

Springtime trees are newly born,

Their buds soon bursting through;

They wake at nature's New Year morn

To bid the Old adieu.


Summer trees are tall and green

Like children growing with love;

Responding to a force unseen

They praise the skies above.


Autumn trees are red and gold:

In majesty they stand;

And wear their colours - bright and bold

To decorate th...

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Do you remember my England?

When people said "How do you do?"

And most of them were folk you knew,

And everybody joined a queue...

I do.


Do you remember my England?

When people seemed to care and share

And it was just not done to stare,

And barbers used to cut your hair...

I do.


Do you remember my England?

When "addict" meant a pinball fan

And workmen ...

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Tax evasion

Moral choice...self-persuasion.

One is legal, one is not,

For keeping money you have got.


It's common sense to use the law

To keep the wolf outside the door

Protecting precious hard earned dosh

From heavy hits by the taxman's cosh.


So - here's the gist of my personal plan

To keep as much as I possibly can;

Tho' I know for sure the...

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The bells of hell go ting-a-ling-a-ling

For you but not for me

O death where is thy sting-a-ling-a-ling

Be off your guard and see!


The likes of IS and their kind

Serve corrupt ideology

Money or murder - they don't mind

To them - it's charity!

(And funds FOR GUNS, you see).

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I was there that bitter cold day

When Winston Churchill passed my way;

Keeping watch beneath Admiralty Arch,

I breathed to the beat of the funeral march.


About the man no more need be said

Long since called to arms by The Glorious Dead;

But I was there that memorable day

When Winston Churchill passed my way.


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Too often it seems there is this sense

Of those too keen to take offence;

Indulged with ill-informed applause

Rude champions of an absent cause.


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Do the Scots celebrate William Wordsworth

Who lived not far from their border?

Do they eulogise John Keats or Lord Byron?

If not, then let's call them to order!


Why should we bother with Burns Night

Who are as Scottish as spaghetti bolognese?

Spare us the haggis and the drone of those pipes

And hangovers that linger for days!


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We live in the world of the global media

The contest now is who is speedier

To bring to the insatiable TV screen

Much that once was left unseen

In days of wireless and bakelite phones

When news was read in sepulchral tones

And private grief was left alone

For those within the family zone

Now criminals parade their grief

With crocodile tears that stretch belief

And the...

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Where are the moderate Muslims...

Why don't they protest with their feet?

With "Moderate Muslims Against Barbarism"

Banners to wave in the street.


The countries that offer them freedom

Are owed a duty of care

By all those who seek the privilege

Of planning their futures there.


Let them turn their backs on the killers

Who attack freedom from within their ranks.....

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Despite the incitement towards "cheer" 

And forced bonhomie that mirrors fear

From hordes of humanity pressing near,

I have my doubts about each new year.

Sometimes it seems that they suggest

A challenge amounting to a test.

Now - looking back at all the rest,

I take the view that each LIVED is best!



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