War Boys

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War Boys


We’re going to war boys,
we’re going to war,
Lord Kitchener asked us
so we formed a corps.
Joe and Jack from the factory,
Ted and Jim from the farm,
the recruiting sergeant assures us
that there’s little chance of harm.
We’re part of the great pals army
and we’ve fallen for his charm
as we march away to war.

We’re in the war boys,
we’re in the ...

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now those eidolic dread horses have scarred your slumber, passed 9, passed 10,  and even your furniture has silent, open mouthed, nightmares over the too soon dead, dead school friends who never ended their crossings and see, see, she stoops, in shroud  ghastly knelt as in prayer but you can’t see, see through the tricks  of light that scream “she is there”, your crumpling chest  boiling as the bo...

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Ghost Story Part IV


Carrying on with its journey
A trail of carrier bags
Follows the tram
Springing to the Lowry Centre
Like the end of a wedding dress,
Leaving half heard words
Burshed windswept
Over the edge
Of a deserted platform
On a chilly sunset
Touching the boats
Slowly passing by
Begging for a speedy divorce,
inbetween life and death.

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