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Pritty Little Boy

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What a pretty little boy!
He was born for love and joy.
Creamy, milky, marmalade,
Out of sweetness he was made.

Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)

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Butterfly & Snake

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Once upon a time on a warm sunny day

The snake has been chasing the butterfly,

Trying to catch her on its flying way.

The color of sunshine on the wings of flight,

The beauty met with the horror and fright.

The fear of being swallowed

Gave the butterfly strength.

It seemed she could overcome any length.

She flew further and further away,

Saving her life on a warm sunny d...

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My Man

I am looking for a man
who smokes, drinks and thinks
he is the best.
I’d like to share with him
the same interests. 


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Who are you looking for?

I am looking for a husband and a friend.
If they come together I’ll withstand. 

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What Is Better

Better than love
Can be only love
Which you haven’t experienced yet.

©Larisa Rzhepishevska

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The rising sun breaks the dawn…,
And at last … the mist has gone.
The caravan of the sun rays
Runs quickly on the sea surface.
The sea shines with silver and gold,
It’s a hold of different sounds
Which are the compounds of …
The seagulls cry telling “hi”,
The splashes of the waves
Loving to make new caves.
The warm breeze is so rowdy
And the seagulls are so naughty.
They dance ove...

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Our Life is Short

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It seems you forgot:
Our life is short.
There is no time to beg or…
Extort for support.
Learn how to live yourself.
Take a book from the shelf 
And…delicately leafing page after page
You will find a wood sage:
People are like books,
With different outlooks.
Some of them are good,
Some of them are bad,
Some of them are just mad,
Some of them are not sassy,
They lo...

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The Memorial Day

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It was Sunday morning, 1941, the 22nd of June,

The day of the growing Moon.

The country peacefully slept

While Hitler a horrible idea had kept.

Without announcing the war

He had given an order

To bomb the Soviet Republics border.

By unexpected military actions

The fascist wanted to capture all nations,

To turn the peoples into the slaves,

To fill the country with grav...

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Spring Meets Summer

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Today I got up in the morning

Before the dawn

And watched the spring

Dressed in a beautiful gown

Passing to summer its crown.


I opened my door wide

To watch the summer like a bride

 Accepts her sister’s presents.


The moment of love and peace,

The moment of happiness

I would love to seize.

The moment of sadness

I would love to cease.


I walked to...

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An Ordinary Fascism

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Is it a glory to Ukraine

When people are burnt so fain?

God is above all of us

And thus the guilty will get the cuss.

When people were shot for independence

It was the evils great acceptance.

When in Odessa people were burnt

We cried and much have learnt.

In networks Euromaidan is proud,

They burned people alive, they shout:

Glory to Ukraine!

But they forget the m...

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Illegal Government of Ukraine

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When paranoia the gang has,

It throws the propaganda information

And all the Russians they would hang,

As not the Ukrainian population.


When dragons and chimera

In the illegal admin appear

They write the laws of terra

Which frighten you with fear.


Their poisonous will and power

Can bring every man to death.

With every coming hour

The news runs out of brea...

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Only Once the Spring Comes

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Only once in a year the spring comes,
Only once all gardens blossom
And all around looks awesome.

That was in the blooming spring,
In the delightful evening,
When my love was singing.

His words were just priceless,
I believed him with lightness,
I thought it was my happiness.

Only once we meet our spring,
Only once our love bells ding,
A sweet breeze in the air sing.

The stars fell...

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The first or the last ...?

The first or the last,
Slow or fast …?
Does it really matter,
If you are thin or fatter,
A fool or so clever
Or never was a rot,
But love had a lot?
Will anyone care
If this case's rare?
Will anyone cry
If you live or die?
It happens often
When you are in a coffin
They say sweet words.
Now nothing hurts.
You don’t hear,
Though they are near.
You can’t speak,
You can’t throw a brick,
You can’t send ...

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I Can At Least Bark

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The dog has run away,

I have nothing more here to say,

It has really gone,

To the well known zone -

From the Ukrainian to the Russian border.

By the way, without anyone's order.

Through the revolutionary smog

Someone asked that dog:

Why are you running away?

Why don’t you want here to stay?

And the dog answered:

It’s so bad to live in Ukraine.

I am just loosing ...

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Love At First Sight

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If you don’t believe in love at first sight
Look at me once more
From another side, on the light.
This you'll surely love and adore.

Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)
February 14th, 2014

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No, I Am Not!

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Answering the question if she is friendly with alcohol,

she replied honestly:

No, I am not.

But the relationship I support.


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"Peaceful Ukraine, Peaceful Maidan"

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Peaceful citizens in the peaceful Ukraine.

Peaceful hard hats on the peaceful heads,

Peacefully breaking the slavers chain

Peacefully fight and protest.


If one is not peaceful, there’s no place here.

Peaceful slogans and peaceful “Hooray”

Peacefully kicking without a fear

Those who happened to fall on the way.


All is so peaceful, so white and so fluffy.


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Tags: bandits,fascists,peace,riot,war

My Long-Suffering Ukraine

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We live in an unpredictable world

Where everything is so much twirled.

Each new day brings a surprise.

And how easy is it to realize

What can turn into bad or nice?


The evil today is a plan of some possessed

To destroy those who were by God blessed.

To turn into the colony Ukraine,

And the main: Ukrainians - into slaves.

The empire of greed craves the grav...

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Well, tomorrow is
The only day in a year
Without mistakes.

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Love Has Burned

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Love has blurned. My heart is no longer paining.
Sitting opposite, I am laughing and joking.
- How are you? – he asked.
- I am fine, thank you.

 And how about you?

- I am happy too.
Come on! Let’s drink for our meeting!
- Ok, but just a bit.
- And… Are you married?

- Well, yes. Why not?
- Well, of course. Do you remember? ...
- I do…
- And I remember too.
- Then, it’s okay.
- You’v...

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