sun is on your side.

How they smash at the windows

With claws as long as memories.

Letting out screams that sound as familiar as

The one sided talks we used to have.

Syncronised soul squeezing life out with my last wheeze,

Choosing to fight no more this disease,

You see, maybe you cried for me.

But maybe you didn't

And that's not something I'm willing to risk.

Kickstart the stop,...

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I don't know if

In time, you'll want to be mine.


Not mine, but associated,

Not mine, but loved by me,

Not mine, but kind of, sort of, maybe, mine,

Or not mine, but sleeping with me,

I guess I should've clarified what I meant by "mine",

Before I used the opening line;

I don't know if

In time, you'll want to be mine.


I don't know if

It's k...

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I've never written a love poem before.

I've never written a love poem before,

But I can't continue to write the horror I have done anymore.

Writing my darkness has become so much more of a chore

Than just giving up and loving you and yours.

No, I've never written a love poem before but I can try,

Why deny my smile as I write this time,

Goodbye negativity growing in my minds-eye,

That suffocated vine, pulv...

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Don't Get So Upset


That’s what I tell myself.

Don’t get so upset,

But in my nightmares I’m caught in the drift net,

Of a tide I could never fight from the offset,

Cold sweats, another piece played in a chess set,

Lost to the other player,

Falling through the multilayer.


It doesn’t matter.

Through the never, forward into forever,

Whosoever found you,

Became only ...

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Is that you?

Looking at the gravestone, from unimaginable heights,

Shows less and less of the fight you put up to avoid turning out the light.

All those maybe's and mights,

Like an equation you just couldn't work out quite right.

Is that you?

I threw the question to the stone,

My fingers slowly glossing the golden lettering; still alone.

Is that... You? Cold bone and structure lo...

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I have only ever loved


That feeling of infection like some unnecessary injection,

That now knows less of hearts racing

And more of little fucking needles stabbing me.

Skin held in the mould of other skin,

Innocence as tall as glass,

Begging to know more of what a melted heart looks like.

You see love was kind,

Love never said ‘I told you so’,


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Welcome to hell,

It said.

Feet dragging,

Motions emotionless, moving us along as shackled angels lacking beat,

Heat like silence packing sheep,

Bound to a conscience, never able to crack or weep.

It’s all about strength, is the whisper in the queue.

Knowing that some day the target will fall on you,

Too much not to go insane, twists the brain,

It’s noth...

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Tonight? I’m going to kill myself.

I swear to god, this time I’ll do it!

This time,

When I clench the plastic handle tight in a sweating fist,

Take in the silver blade that protrudes like a peacock tail

Into the peel-away layer of separating atmosphere,

I will tell myself that my stomach would look beautiful with a razor driven straight through it,

And I wouldn...

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"HERE" slam poetry.


Watch my video. If you want that is. It's alright.

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