Stockport WoL August Collage Poem

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Out of the frame comes hollow art,

Fly as high as life will let you


One hug means all the world to me


Things aren't always what they seem,

Clothing as well as beauty can be skin deep.


Things tatter in dreams

Like soaked pieces of paper


A brave sun struggles to penetrate the clouds


Red stilettos on the pier

A deck chair with no pr...

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Little Sound (Stockport WoL Cheddar-Poem)

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A sonnet drowns in love.

Patterns in Nature cling to crystal zones:

This singular look on your face

In this time and place,

Touching on the distance but never nearer the truth


Moving wedding poem gives weight to sentiments -

A wind of change blows through the trees


Holiday antics

Away from prying eyes

Of neighbours, parents and friends;

The yo...

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February 2012 Stockport WoL Collage Poem

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Strong families keep the memory of the nest alive

Music and life lasts a lifetime,

And each cloud holds a smile


I’m cold and thinking about John Denver for a while

Listening to the tumbling words that spin

I’m on the asparagus spectrum


And what with where-withal and where-without we face

And poets, when called to hate,

Are drawn to hope and love...

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