in silence

like a moth fatally attracted

fatally attracted to scalding luminosity

you summon all your charms and wit

showering her with accolades

worming your way into her heart

for there they say love dwells


then she turns into frankenstein

robbing you of  your peace

throwing many a weird tantrum

as she becomes a dangerous control freak

turning your life into...

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back hander

not throwing the baby out

out with the bath water

'speak tongue's lash

on the naked buttocks of silence'

reality delivering a back hander

on the jaws of half truths


flocking in multitudes to those places

there to be fed on sexist doctrines

men clinging to the pulpit

reviling women for the menstrual cycle

preaching messages of subjugation



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daggers drawn

God is out of it

watching isms and schisms centre stage

there in the spotlight

taking precedence


protestant god at it

catholic god at it

fanning fires of  division

papal infallibility questioned

new paths charted


lessons of love abandoned

gods of petrol bombs worshipped

gods of missiles praised

that is the essence


fighting to...

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in reverse gear

the flower has a sting

it now has wings even

starts darting from bee to bee

in search of honey


the bee now has petals

exuding much fragrance

pollen and nectar abound

the bee now waits for flowers

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searching for the ideal

flood gates closed

burst the dam wall

flow to the sea


caged bird

fly to the sky

stretch your wings


potted plant

your roots spread

shatter the vase' base

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