No pal at school ever called it exciting

Crouched over a desk - doing Copybook writing.

With dip-pen in hand slowly following each letter

Teacher over your shoulder - willing it better.


The scratch of the nib across a notebook

Juvenile attempts at a tidy "by rote" look,

With occasional splatterings of wayward ink

To cause a kid to stop and blink -


And hastily blot...

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 20/01/15

So tomorrow I have another job interview. Another chance for something better in my life but another chance to highlight that things have stalled a little in my development. It’s not been a great start to the week in terms of my self-evaluation. Having said that, we launched a new issue of Bunbury Magazine and I am still doing my blog so thing could be worse. I have played, I think, a little too m...

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 17/01/15

I’m a little drunk off lucky dip tokens at our local bar so today’s blog will be brief. I think some of you may appreciate that after yesterday’s anti-feminism post. Though that post garnered the highest reception since I started doing this so maybe I should lay into good causes more often. Oxfam, I’m coming for you next.

As far as weeks go, it’s not been a good one this week. My productivity h...

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 16/01/15

I’m starting today with a controversial thought.

I do not agree with feminism. Now I’m fully aware that may put some of you against me right from the start of this but let me explain (and this is my own actual thoughts on the matter, as possibly ill-informed as they are.) I agree with the aims of feminism. To put women on the deserved same platform as men. To have an equal chance of getting gre...

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