A caterpillar's tale


Today I am a caterpillar, I am knobbly and green,
I cut that path through the leaf behind me, it shows you where I've been.
I crawl slowly on my belly and I am rubbery like jelly,
And if I should slip from this here cabbage, I might end up somewhere smelly.
But soon I will go through changes, that you would not believe,
I'll say goodbye for a while to the cabbage...

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Tags: butterfly,caterpillar,change,children's poetry,growth,ks2,transformation,transition

We Visited A Rainbow



We visited a rainbow

at school the other day.

Every colour said hello

except for gloomy grey.


We visited a rainbow,

and used its arch to slide,

then when it started raining,

we used the arch to hide.


We visited a rainbow,

but never saw its gold.

Our teacher said it’s locked away,

but we think it’s been sold.


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Tags: Children's Poetry,Humour,Imagination,Rainbow

The Macabre Castle

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The Macabre Castle
The macabre castle stood on the hill
Long since forgotten as though time stood still
Just close your eyes now and picture this scene
A castle so scary no Childs ever been
The sun doesn’t’t shine on its great grey cold walls
And even the battlements look lonely in the rain as it falls
And the drawbridge resembles the teeth of...

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Tags: castles,children's poetry,fairytale,stories

My Dragon

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My Dragon
A dragon lives beneath my bed, it hides there through the day
It waits until I’m all alone and all the adults gone away
Then at the bottom of the bed, I see its tail, uncoiling round and round
Then some golden wings, a slender neck, as if its coming out the ground
Its eyes are red and its breathing smoke and its teeth are sharp and shiny

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Tags: children's poetry,dragons,magic

Four Leaf Clover

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Four Leaf Clover
I saw two leprechauns last night
Doing a dance around our garden light
So I snook out the front, and down our back alley
with my hood pulled up just like a scally
Scaled next doors fence, then over ours
with a fishing net and two jam jars
Then I crept up…..I caught the two
They didn’t know just what to do

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Tags: children's poetry,elves,fairies,Leprechaun,magic,middle earth,sad

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