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Poem 47 of 230:  A LOSS FOR HUMANITY

Summer's end, '97,
    A car crash in France;
Then thousands of cut flowers -
    Some bearers in trance.

For Diana broke-even -
    Now resting in peace;
A loss for humanity -
    Her caring did cease.

For, while taking her perks
    (Perks there should not be),
She gave greatly of herself
    In kind-charity:

Charity good state...

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Hive Mind: Seeds I

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      Domestic internal I hate conflict garden of pacifism that never bloomed an orchard of hope obstructing intolerance grew instead,  Sequenced inheritance socially adapted structure of guiltless embed seeds appalling sown in terrifying opinions which sprout hate; In yet another generation of... Today

In lieu of our participation in,
Planting violence within

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I still picture your eyes and think of how I felt when you looked into mine. I remember your lips but it breaks my heart to think of the person now kissing them. The truth is,dying is better than LIVING MY SAD LIFE WITHOUT YOU...and remembering that you don't love me anymore. How long and fruitful is it to live this live in tears,knowing that you will never walk in to my lonely heart? ...

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My experince with Odin

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Please forgive me if there is typos.


I sit at the altar, waiting for his reply,

Humbled by his presence.

I feel him there, his overwhelmingly strong, yet respectful vibe.

"What is it my son" He asks.

" Why did you choose me father"

He replys " I saw before you were born, by the fate of the norns,  what you would be. I saw how much courage that heart of yours holds"


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Waking up to reality

Tripping past the newspaper

In the hall

Doors open,

The glare burn my eyes

But even the "sun"

Won't stop me getting my fix

Regretful breathing

Softens the feeling

Tiptoed on iced slate

Misty monring

spit into the grate

No one can see

This early morning im free

Only in the early hours I'm free.

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Glimpses of equilibrium


of a swallow

clouds away.




sauntering nearby.


A freeness



my thinking


carries away


of so many.


My mind

is pardoned



from watching


unbalancing itself


in a way

I can do

nothing about

except pray


but hope God


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Heartbreak Hotel

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Well since Sir Alex left us

Old Trafford’s citadel

Is not the Theatre of Dreams it was –

More like Heartbreak Hotel.


Well since old Fergie left us

The men have played like boys

We never blamed the players though

We just blamed David Moyes

We thought him a phoney

He talked such baloney

When he bought Fellaini

I could cry.


Well since young Da...

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Bus Pass Virgin | RYAN AIR |

August forenoon

August Forenoon

There is a sale on in the dress shop bathing trunks reduced up

to 40%. It has been a good summer and few local people have

died but the price of coffins stays the same....

 So beautiful a forenoon, I drove on my moped to visit a carob tree

I used to sit under when lonely

 Its thick branched protected me from the world. Under it now

two elderly women -on their...

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Fairy Tail


Manchester's gay hamlet

has long since been a sanctuary

for parlor princesses to sway their tits free

from thick veined impalers who skirted the moat;

their hot swords smoking from pint piss.


One often forgets that

cemented with the secret elixir

 of man's love for man's folly;

it was a safe and sordid Avalon.


Often lulled by the music

or some other...

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Also by CathyLCrabb:

Raineth |

Water and sand

Think about
This fountain
It is water
From the sand
It is the movement
Of the moon
It crashes 
In waves
It breaks
And it falls
And it moves
And within you
You like it
Or not
We are water
We are sand
And we can 
Build castles
And if 
You think of
One thing
Before you sleep
The ever changing
Of the desert
And think 
On it 
A while
Those dun...

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I had to remove this from my samples due to my beliefs being completely different from when I first ever published this but thought Id keep it on here.
Looking back at all these poems and you can tell how immature I was, very simple poetry, not saying I can do better but didnt want to dispose of this due to me feeling it at the time....many a year ago

Gods got my back.

Is anything there

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Links Between

There's a part of your brain
Yet to be further explained
A beautiful mystery begging for more
You may think not on things such
But scientists admit to as much
There are these matters still to explore

Links between scents, songs and memories
Aroma of fresh popcorn fills the stands
Takes you back to whistle-blowing refs, heckle-howling fans
High-top sneakers squeaking up and down the ...

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Tags: brain,death,love,memories,music,scents,songs

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Poem: Show of Hands

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Despite the differences of skin color
and our cultural upbringings,
we're more than brothers of Mankind -
Technically, we're kin.

Go to the mountain
preserved by ice and snow
where the revelation of Ararat's secret
is available for everyone to know.

For the ark's existence
proves the global flood story is true
and being our brother's keeper...
Is still a right thing to do.


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Trimming insect-laden hedges
I discern a slowing growth
as sunlight rations rampant shoots;
a shift and shedding has begun.

The grass will grow more hesitant
and idle blades forget their foe.
Spades will lean to spiders’ work
and mine will more or less be done

though respite heralds damp decay
and masking mists, and
ankle deep in slicking leaves
again, my efforts are undone.


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Also by Travis Brow:


Fruit Fool

The kumquat sobbed upon the shelf,

A fruit somewhat benighted,

Despite the verse he'd sent his love,

His love was unrequited.

You see the fool was unaware

He'd got much too excited;

His muse turned out to be a plum,

For kumquats are short sighted.

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Well now, maybe I’ll tell now some of my story

No glory here though

I was a fifty’s baby. A lucky baby maybe

Some would say when everything was grey

I was born to it

When you wore a suit  to go for a shit

As long as it was grey, or black

Looking back it would seem I was part of

Conceived at the start of

A changing, rearranging youth.


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Take Me Home

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Take me Home

I’m waiting for the bus
To drive me home
So that I can cry alone

Leaving behind
A beautiful face

One I trace now …
On the …

back of this leather seat 
knowing that there’s nothing that can bring you back 



for the bus…

To drive me home
So that I won’t be alone

With words that we’re though

Ticket collector stares 
at my watery eyes...

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Tell Me Who Cares |


If the Scots become the late departed

Will we English be downhearted,

Knowing they're gone beyond recall

On the darker side of Hadrian's Wall?


Or willl we sing aloud in praise

For leaving us our longer days

And New Years free from haggis and Burns

With wailing pipers taking turns


To make us deaf to proper tune

And gentle voices born to croon.

Let English...

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Tags: independence,Scots

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Not old enough to vote or wed

or give consent,

but old enough to be transferred                   

by men to men;



Not old enough to drive a car,

have overdrafts or credit cards,

but old enough to be exchanged;




Not old enough to live alone or own a home,

but old enough to be deceived;

to be percei...

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Broken Love

Broken Love

A rose whose petals have fallen

Where once was sweet, is now bitter

Where once was a crown, is now a ring of thorns

Where once was friendship, is now emptiness

What was once a kiss, is now a memory

What was once exciting, was my downfall

What was once love, was yesterday.

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My Lady in the Meadow |

Blessed are we

Blessed are we

As the morning night, does turn to grey, We see the coming of the breaking day
Birds will sing their morning cries, to welcome back the morning skies
Fluttering their wings up in the trees , enjoying the touch of the morning breeze
Clouds will drift and float away, bringing the promise of a beautiful day
Creatures that moved throughout the night, disappeared, now out of sight

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Made In Correspondence

My cat, beside me takes up 


And I say that although

It isn't true

Because it sounds better

Than sitting alone

A year or two of empty

Lunch table

Brown shit chairs

With cold legs

That stare back at you

Evil experience of your lunch-face

While me and my PMS Lucifer 

Lay comfortably on the edge

Feet curled up on the wood holding 

A lumpy mattr...

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She smiles and walks towards me

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Everything is repeated, 
remaining un-resolved
at the same time,
I then step back.
. ï»¿
words and foto  T Carroll

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The Rules

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Do not describe the sunset, regardless. Never
write about the buttery moonrise,
especially near the beginning: everyone
just switches off, and if they don’t
they should.

Do not mention war; any of the many.
Those possibilities are nothing to do with me.
They belong to others, to a family friend
who knows mountainsides blooming
great mushrooms of dust.

Everyone has had enough of tre...

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Ting Tongs in Bong Bongo Land.....

it's all becoming clear.

UKIP's policy statements

were penned by Edward Lear.

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Also by Attila the Stockbroker:

(untitled) |


they shared each others juices

they shared each others gas

both thought of perpetuity

something which didn't last

both found other partners

the years rolled quickly past

but juice and gas and earth-i-ness

are things that sometimes clash

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Also by Philipos:



Your considered indignation

drives the hearse

carrying the corpse

of my sorry, spent infatuation

towards its unmarked grave.

As I see it interred,

from a discreet distance

my wizzened frame, hollowed out

falls like a paper bag

spilling crumbs of pathetic prose.

These littering skerricks,

tumbling unheard

you deftly sweep with bare toes

into the vacant tomb


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Show me the Moon

So you have the sun,

that's fun,

I have the moon,

You think you can lie,

When there's no smile in your eyes,

The laughter's overated,

The smile outdated,

The jokes heard  before,

another time, another shore ,

freedom is a state of mind,

what's been done in the dark

shall be brought to the light.

we all have our plight,

midnight blues,

yesterdays news,


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to be of love ............. |


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Seaward Pool of Life, music city

built on trade of shame, by river-sea

sundered from your Celtic heart.


Decaying foothold of a wayward race

littered with shells of drug-discarded faith

salt-winded strand for jetsam peoples


weathered haven

of  continents and centuries


gulls calling, ever calling

though no ships call today

for trade in tea and men


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Ice Ice Baby

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Hey good people what’s going down
Iced water is flowing all over town
Everybody tells me it’s just a craze
It’s got me in a complete daze
Why haven’t I yet been nominated?
I am becoming increasingly frustrated
Cold and soaking wet is the way to go
You too can be the star of the show
When am I going to make a splash
And be relieved of a load of cash
Could it be my lucky day maybe?

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Heaven Help Us (Robin Williams R.I.P.) |


These memories fade into me

Each time I gather

They become seamless


They've woven themselves into the stars


Beauty as they are

It is my past


To the melody of my soul

I caught them dancing

As if they didn't mind the memories that cried

They thought them loveliness


Please watch for when they fall

That is you or I falling to harmonize


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My Amazing Free Advanced English Dictionary App.

The science of computing and internet technology is a

mystery to me; it either works or it doesn't. Recently, on my

very flaky mini laptop, shortly after it had come back from the

repair shop, my Kindle Reading App got the chop from the computer

gremlins for the second time, just after I'd pinned it back up again

with my ebook library

I've been working my way through the Delphi C...

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The Shadows On The Wall

I fade into the darkness, like the shadows on the wall Nobody hears my cries, nobody notices when I call
Although I scream I am here! the words just won’t fall
I fade into the darkness, like the shadows on the wall.   When the night comes calling, then you might see me,
Just a mere reflection of the man I used to be
My life is now over, the end is yet to come,
I am the man in the ...

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Tags: Anthony R M Andrews,Bullying,Heartbreak,loneliness,Pain,Suicide

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Oh! My Dilemma

The moment you shown dilemma
Whether to stop or to move on,
Has put me on to a dilemma
Whether to stop or to move on.

Life looks playing a mock
And wants me to weap,
That seems flirting with luck
And made me to wait and peep.

The moment you shown dilemma
Whether to slap or to smile,
Has put me on to a dilemma
Whether to be sorry or to smile.

Your innocense seems hurted a lot
And has made me to be sorry,
But the...

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The Blessed Man

The sun rose bleakly

But the old man said,

“Hail to the morning!

I am not yet dead.


I have music to hear

And words to be read;

Enough in the cupboard

To see me fed.


Through the march of years

Many tears I’ve shed.

The closeness of friends

Has long since fled.


But at close of this day

I may lay my head

Upon the sheets

Of my own warm...

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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

Wishes |

Force of Nature

Lay me down in river's rush,

carry me to the shore,

dry my skin in the smile of the sun,

-leave me wanting more.


Take my hand through meadow's mist,

scent my hair with flowers,

show me love with one sweet kiss,

share with me night's hours.


Dress and clothe me - leaf and moss,

be my love forever,

take me far but keep me close,

- nature bound together

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Forse | Forse |


entry picture

for Grant Tarbard


Northern kids, their futures

predictable, they grafted dourly

five days a week down pits, in shops

and on the factory floor –

paying their way with some left

for vinyl, speed and threads.


Travelling miles by train each

weekend with a change of clothes

and a box of classic tracks

– minor hits and rarities

by blacks the charts ignore...

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For Stefan Kiszko

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And always the silent smell
Of music follows
Each time his name is mentioned
Never justice,

Covered in ignored pleadings
With pinpointed accuracy
Constantly kicking
The ladder away
From his freedom

Evidence suppressed and misplaced
For 16 years
In cross currents
Of ignored medical reports

Miscarrying justice
And innocence
Constantly brushed
Under the carpets

Drawn back on ...

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Wilfred Owen Montage |

A Librarians Concern

A Librarians Concern



     Once the word has been written,

You cannot necessarily erase it,

For no matter how hard you rub

The page,

     The word remains.


     You could if you so wished,

Rub so hard that the page itself,

Becomes tatty and frayed,

Leaving blemishes

Upon the page underneath,

A page that may have been

A future not yet...

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Tags: Big Brother.

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How Dare You

How dare you say

That everything turned okay

That my dreams didn’t diminish

And that the pain could now finish

How dare you say

You would take away my fear

Give me a place to call home

And begin a dream here

How dare you say

It wasn’t you that betrayed

Whether it was the love of a daughter

Or that daughter’s real father

How dare you say

I would make it ...

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Suncream, Sandwiches, Sea and Sand

Warm sheltered rock-pools on the beach

This British green and pleasant land

Where Donkeys'  poo and Seagulls' screech


Grandad’s hanky on his head

His rosy cheeks a shade of peach

His Daily Mirror long since read

Where Donkeys' poo and Seagulls' screech


Grandma’s at Bingo every night

Her handbag with her like a leech


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Tags: beach,donkeys,holidays,seagulls

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Amongst the bitten twigs and fur caught,
low shrubs where each of us
is half in the tree and half in the rock,
a skull the thumb size of climbing sleeps.

If you do not come back
I will untie the ribbons
from my hair and open the hollow
parts of my head to the wind.

You said I would do that
enough myself  -  my teeth cut,
my goose feather torn  -
no excuse for you 


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Pink Tree |

Pre-Loved Skin

entry picture

Barely worn,

impossible to tell,

the previous owner,

wore it well.


Callously made,

so you can you feel,

rich and successful,

sexy and ideal.


So this season!

Screaming to appear,

on catwalk and red carpet,

at awards and film premiere.


Dying to be worn,

bequeathing the thrill,

of impressing at events,

and dressing to kill!



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The heart

Deep inside, where the beat goes on, 
The pulsation of life, where the beat is strong
The heart is the place, the foundations of trust,
The place of emotions, Including, passion and lust. 
From the day we are born, to the last moment of breath, 
It will keep on beating, until the, inevitable death.
The mixture of emotions, That defines who we are, 
The feelings that dwell w...

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-The rablings of another young girl-

written: 8/20/14

People are such selfish creatures. 

They say they love picking flowers.

But when you pick a flower, you kill it. 

People take another living things life,

just so they can have the pleasure of looking at it. 

People pick things, and will pick them, untill they destory everything 

..and that, is just so very sad.


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Roy of the Rovers

entry picture

He'd not expected to find much.
To tell you the truth he was just killing time.
Lanyard flapping as he walked down Wood Street;
the plastic branded shackle on his neck.
A badly pixelated photograph
that makes him look a bit like a convict
who'd both shat himself with a death glare
at exactly the same time.

As he entered the shop,
he could hear the old Ferguson radiogram;
just like th...

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Tags: comic books,football,Nostalgia

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How kind the rain

to tiptoe


my window pane

As I lay down to


How kind the breeze

to whisper


the autumn leaves

my eyes in slumber


How kind the sun

to cast a


golden, tender

making way

for a glorious, glorious

sunny day.









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(untitled) | Nobody came | Why | Metro ride | I am |

Look at me

You look at me and what do you see

You look at me all the time

With that supercilious grin

Scanning me from head to foot

You pass no comment

And yet you say it all with your eyes


They say that every picture tells a tale

But you never draw, paint or photograph

What you see

You never describe or make a photo fit

Instead you just stop, blink and stare

You lookin...

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memory | Somebodys son |

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