Nothing Pure, Unbroken lasts

Nothing pure, unbroken lasts,

The world changes innocence,

It's best to disregard the past.


We're fated to don the cynic's mask

In spite of life's condolences,

Nothing pure, unbroken lasts,


Despite our ill-reaching grasp,

Or self-preserving countenance, 

It's best to disregard the past.


The body decomposes fast,

we lose our precious permanence,


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Tags: hopelessness,impermanence,villanelle

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Sounds of a breaking heart

Sounds of a Breaking Heart

Was it the shattering of the glass?
Or the howling of the wolf?
Was it the crying of the wind?
Or did the rain fall heavier?
The ticking of the clock?
No, sounded more like gunshots to the ear.
The thunder rumbles ever so near
And the river seems to be running wild
Was it the crackling of a blaze?
Or an extinguishing gush of the flames?
Sounds like the break...

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Poem A Day For A Year - 27/01/15

Well once again it has gotten very late so once again it will be a short one tonight. I do promise to give you something meaty to get your teeth into at some point. As you have seen though, it’s been a very busy few days for us here at Bunbury. It didn’t stop tonight as we had our weekly Do The Write Thing meeting. As always, the writing was phenomenal. My mother’s in particular was a tour de bril...

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"Night will Fall"

entry picture

 For those who are alive

To see the British newsreel

And remember the spring of 1945.


The British army entered Bergen-Belsen,

The heart of Germany -

The town of beauty and harmony.

Neat gardens, rich farms, …

All around seemed to have only charms.

English soldiers began to admire the place,

In any case, up to the moment

When they felt the smell.

It looked lik...

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Tags: holocaust,humanity,peace,war

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So here's a shot for freedom, although why should i pretend. With a broken heart inside me, and the drugs im getting in.., theres a bottom to this bottle, and along with all my friends. we can make it in this world, just as being bubs till the end.

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Tags: bestfriends,bubs,family,friendships,loners

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F#ck your depression, F#ck your hope. | i dont even know | aha sidny. cx |



Is our childhood a past life? Or a dream?

A place where we left a piece of our soul behind, at the playground, on the swing

A soul left behind, picked up gently by the wind;

&Then I wonder if time steals our innocence, or if its society to blame

&Suddenly nothing was the same.

&The pain, you wouldn’t believe the pain

The pain that lay beneath ...

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New magazine seeking submissions

Ashvamegh magazine is looking for writers and poets:

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Should I have lived a life

Without upsetting anyone

I’ll sulk in my grave


Should I have lived a life

Without the madness of love

Bewails will rot my coffin


 Should I have lived a life

Of politeness and good manners

Howling wind my voice


Should I have lived a life

Not seen the beauty of a snowdrop

Black soil and blindness  

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A 360 turn

The revolutionary ardent
Bordering on a prophet
For democracy's advent,
Up on grabbing
The rein of power,
With a superb
Acrobatic bent,
For a tyranny
Example set
For political tugs to emulate!

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Tags: To orator politicians who don't mean what they say

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Partly Political Broadcast


Campaign season yet again
Booted, suited women and men
The time of party politics
People delivering rhetoric
Schmoozing, smarmy, politicos
Kiss babies heads, why who knows?
Press all the flesh that they can find
Of people whose views align
Tense photo opportunities
Results in passive immunity 
Scenarios are composed
For those with views juxtaposed

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Tags: politics

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Empathy for a stooping shadow

The fog

of our differences

is long gone.


Our roles

sadly reversed.


Some might say

it is a duty

that I perform.

Yes it is!


But I infuse it

with pride and a passion

in Mothering my Mother

as if Mothering a Saint.


Never forgetting

how she

in her broody days

with her

pecking-at-us concerns


I now know to be

her very be...

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Gone Till April

Hope I make the most of my gifts. 

I'd be damned if I stayed the same person I was a year ago

Willing to work for mine, fuck a handout.

Whether it be a full-time nine to five or freelance, I'm gunning

for the top where I oughta be.

Not a rapper, just a brother presenting a gift for the world to see

possibly change someone's life.

All I want is for my family and my girlfriend t...

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Tags: hope,motivation,poetry

Her parted lips

entry picture

Folded gently like

the hidden memory

of her smile,

Her parted lips

in silence

said more than

spoken breath.

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Hearts & Thorns

Hearts & Thorns


Romantic hearts will always bleed on Narcissistic thorn

Ad infinitum this occurs until compassion born


So those who give but little should not ever see a lot

Some riches can be found in seeing worth in what you’ve got


A reach too far, a want too much, will make a rich man poor

He fails to see things he holds that others may adore


GT  27/01/1...

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Hide and seek


You've played your
Used your best
And all
Silly little tricks
You've howled
To the sky
Sold your soul
More than 
And you stand 
Before the forest
Searching for
The shadows 
The wolves
Have eaten 
All your
And you lost 
Your way home
A long time ago

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Gone unto

entry picture

Revered assemblage.


of truly undesired

meagre plots.


Eternal sleepers


haphazard weeds

long decayed wreaths

and wilted flowers

rain soaked cards

of condolence


between rooks and magpies


wading through

strangling overgrowth

I see

half submerged tilting headstones

insulted by lichen and moss

the carved br...

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entry picture


They were young
and cowering in an alley,
fearful for the future,
as sirens screeched
around them.

The sky a molten white
of churning clouds.

Everyone running,
colliding, jostling,
trying to be anywhere
but here.

She turned to him
with moist eyes
and lips the colour
of arterial blood.

When he tilted
her chin upwards
her gaze never left
the yellowing smoke

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Tags: end of days,eviction,kiss,love story,mankind,nuclear blast,richpix,sci-fi

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Too bright, the flame

reaching high, leaping

as if, a warning,

to portend

of impending darkness.

Sputtering, dying 

plunged into inky stillness

blanked out,

midnight blue

the candle burned out

before the night was through.

You always turned the wick up,

too high, 

at par, with the bitter moon

searing me in your revenge.







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Scurrying like rats in the sewers,
Swiftly hiding from the flashlight.

Tree-climbing tailess monkeys,
Grinning mischievously down you.

An orchestra of laughing, screaming, crying, playing,
With a mad conductor presiding over them.

A football, a skate board, a stone, a stick, a leaf.
Digging in dirt or becoming superheroes.

Ignoring pleas for calm and quiet;
Unwilling to tidy, clea...

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Tags: Children

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A bag of things |

Wonder Woman

This one is not your shiny superhero(ine)

She emerges from Earth

a mere mud and blood smeared 

hair matted


But she is the one you'll want

to lead you through the darkest Dark;

to tell you tales of following

deer deep into the Deep

and finding there the

Resting Place of Innocents,

where a child still awaits you.

And when she leads you into battle

hers ...

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A Stranger's Smile

Someone, whom I didn’t recognise,

smiled at me today,

a smile that seemed to meet her eyes

as I passed on my way.

And even if of little depth,

a gesture which costs nowt

put a spring into my step,

there can be little doubt

in returning her ready smile

my walk became worthwhile.

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We worship different prophets,

listen in earnest to their devout words

and marvel at the miracles,

that some say are smoke and mirrors.

So are we foolish to be fooled?

If there be gods, with real omnipotence,

then surely we would seek to bring them down

in favour of more friendly deities,

that sit with us, that feel our pain,

those gods that we can touch

in common dre...

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*2 0 1 5*

Depending on where you are I T can be pretty on the outside but then again not.

I dont know how exactly but Ive mangaged to survive.

There are wars but peace lives next door. 

There's hate running amongst I T's grounds but love is always somewhere floating in the air.

It drives me insane how individuals like myself can become so settle

I T took me damn near twenty long  years to STO...

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Depression Is A Killer

Do you ever feel like you could just scream for eternity
Every thought you cast upon yourself contains pure negativity
People wonder how you can feel so low, but they don't know,
Reality to you is completely different to that in which they live
Every night you go to bed, you wish that it would be the last
So many sleepless nights you're plagued by insomnia,
Suicidal tendencies play upon your...

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Tags: anxiety,depression,hurt

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entry picture
Poem 223 of 230:  SERIOUS SERVING

We were taught “stand in-plane, like a golfer” -
    Who started this “aim at the umpire”?!
And, when setting, why bounce the ball at all?
    Why not look-longer at where it should fall?

(C) David Franks 2003; from - 

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My Heart Is A Level Crossing

Does your heart stop
when confronted by beauty

Out walking on an autumn evening
a train intersects the low setting sun
crossing a bridge over the swollen river
our worlds' perfection is exposed 
so clearly

And my heart stops
like a level crossing
my heart stops
in that moment

I take a breath
a deeper breath
reeling in that moment
let the beauty in

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Tags: beauty,nature,stuff

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Do the Scots celebrate William Wordsworth

Who lived not far from their border?

Do they eulogise John Keats or Lord Byron?

If not, then let's call them to order!


Why should we bother with Burns Night

Who are as Scottish as spaghetti bolognese?

Spare us the haggis and the drone of those pipes

And hangovers that linger for days!


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From the trench to park bench

entry picture

My first book of poetry published in paperback. Available on Amazon and all bookshops .

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Tags: poetry army

Homecoming Battle

Battering drums of feet hitting pavement,

Cackling cacophony of shrilll gossips treats,

Shoving past war painted, birther's of terror,

Occasional screeching's of insincere greets.


I hold my position and scan the horizon,

No movement of forces, no sighting of ranks,

Opponents and rivals move inwards towards me,

Pressing in at my sides, and sniping my flanks.



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Tags: childhood,love,returning troops,school,son,war,world war 1

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The Light of Faith

entry picture
















I tend to

hide my

faith. I am

afraid of

being criticized.


But do not

follow my example.

Do not hide

your light.


Let your light

of faith shine

bright for all

to see.

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Tags: faith,Light,shine

The college years

Enter the pretty young things

With fresh faced blue jeaned legs

Their hair long and blond

Flowing free

Not yet tied back

Tied up

Not yet constrained

By babies, lovers, soft furnishings

Hard decisions and crushed dreams


Their conversation glittering awash

With all there is to do

Bags and coats

Eyes ablaze

With questions, thoughts and ideas

Not for them...

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Celebration |




I used to buy toilet paper

for 4 now just for one

so I get the 2 pack

the half loaf

the small pack of marge


Open the door of my

one bedroom flat

make a cup of tea for


listen to songs by people

missing someone


Make my single bed

turn round to see no one

wake up, kiss no one goodbye

shed tears that no one

will see


Come ...

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But it was so easy to love me...

entry picture

I only had to hear from your lips

a phrase of love,

or have loved me silently

as one loves God


To love me...

It would have been sufficient that you moistened my body,

navigated between my lips and my back,

seen a tiny gesture that would teem my soul,

and as a desired psalm,

love me again and again

until feeling the fire entering the arena of my skin


To lo...

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Tags: love poem

Also by Noris Roberts:

Remembrance... | I write because... |


You see, life and death are endlessly in love

Life, hurt from seperation, frequently gives death eternal gifts

Death, lost in passion, takes these gifts and keeps them with her forever



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Also by Summer:

I Saw You |


entry picture

A sharp inhalation of breath.  Mine.
There!  Did you hear the snap of a twig?
Wishing you are not on you own?  No, I’m fine.
Pressing on.  Carefully.  A small touch of fear
That thrilling nervousness.  Presaging excitement.
Is it possible someone is near?
I can’t see anything.  Only hear.
Where are the others?  I don’t want to know.
With their inane chatter banishing the magic
Of moments ...

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Tags: alone,Dark,fulfillment

The Sermon of Reverend Collier

entry picture

Drumming across windows
In both of the toilets
Banging could frequently be heard
Dragging chairs under the stairs
In the entrance hall

Thawed in the cheesy music
Leading to the main bar
Twitching across your back
Like a whistle blower
Drowned out by the noise

Over the sticky floors
And watered down lager
Curving into a maze of bodies
Aglow in a series of frantic lights
Sweeping d...

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If You Don't Know Me By Now

you always hear them say this,
whenever they've survived some great natural disaster,
or a terrorist attack, or a nuclear explosion,
or even when they've won the bloody EuroMillions.
"it was just an ordinary morning;
no different from any other day."

Jean's husband had been up and about for thirty three minutes:
singing out of tune to Absolute Radio
and forgetting to rinse the shower.
thirty three wasted m...

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Tags: adultery,marriage

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Love life

The way your hands attach themselves to my body

The way your lips stick to mine

That breif moment we stop and look deep into eachothers eyes

Trying to find forever

Love is mixed

Along with friendship



Together it made a clear view of our future

Take my hand

Take a risk

Lets start off our life

Somewhere new

Repopulate the world

Make it our ow...

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Tags: Happiness,Love,Relationship

Also by ashley-monet:

silence |

Autumn Division (1/18/2015)

a house of churches: banners of lament
built of pills, blood, love and cement
flags at half-mast, although
good intentions never fall
reaper-kind, what good we sow.

roads that spiral inward
shattered like glass
rewrote like victor's history
great minds losing likeness
drawn up into a mystery.
bridges burnt at sunrise
our compass, an impasse.

meeting's on sundays
the foundation of a so...

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Tags: fence shuffle posse death is innocence lost lost l

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Instability. (Or: Apathy [leading to anarchy] in the UK.)

Instability, we've already got it globally; but here

in the UK we're still okay, so far. But what happens when

a combination of apathy and self interest have eroded  our 

stability away?

We take democracy for granted, but I'm hearing today, on 'BBC

Democracy Day', that in the last general election, 17 million

eligible voters (1 million more women than men) failed to

exercise t...

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Tags: BBC Democracy Day,global instability,sleep walking,the super rich

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Mountains of Facts

So very many of them,
far beyond, far far beyond,
way beyond
any one individual's ability, 
beyond the capacity of any person
to read, to absorb, to grasp,
to know,
to understand.
Too much, too much
by a mind-boggling margin
as billions of new facts
are created every day.
Fresh mountains are added, whole ranges,
and you and I can manage
to take on board just six or seven
or ...

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Also by Dave Bradley:

Metaphysical musing |

Cold and Broken

-the ramblings of another young girl-


  This empty sky, 

starless and dark,

reminds me of my heart..

and how you left it cold and broken 

and rotting in my chest.


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Also by .L.m.P. :

iloveyou |


entry picture


                                    When January wind its fist doth shake

                                    And wooden fences tear from their places

                                    When horses start, when cattle shelter take


                                    To the hearth...

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Dead Man Walking Blues

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If we are lucky, we grow old; if we are wise, we will remain forever young.

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Tags: Old Age,Spoken Word poetry


Emotions trickle out as two worlds collide


Forces pulling at every muscle

Making you want to smile day in and day out

For the rest of your life

Butterflies beating softly against your stomach

Attempting to escape

Knowing if they build up any longer

He will know of your excitement and overwhelming happiness


There is this funny thing we call fate

A single invisib...

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Also by Caitlyn Olszewski:

The Glimmer |


Their lips meet in a soft kiss 
She touches his face with tenderness 
As he draws her body near, their future from here is very clear 

Forgotten now, the world outside as you can see the passion in their eyes. 
His kisses warm, helped to escalate the firm connection they often debate. 
We have all night so don't go to fast, I want this sensually to last. 
Make love to me, ignite that burning fire as you...

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Stars of Eros.

The stars under my feet, the white country songs of 
the marble sun morn the western flight in waves and 
white robes and I see the other side with eyes of long 
veils. There in the eastern cave of serene shades the 
musk of Eros lingers in fair springs. O fair maid! O 
little heart! Ever watchful and woeful in the folly of 

I shiver in the starlight. Come, lily dreaming weeping...

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Three poems in Dead Snakes Magazine

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Waiting for Nancy (XVII)

entry picture

Untraced in the darkness
Of bloodied roses
Over the next two weekends
My footsteps
Launched arrows
At various birthday dos,

Raw from realignment
Copped led
Pretending to be a tram
Ina turmoil of movement

Losing myself
In the acoustics
Of tender fingers
Lost in clenched fists

Polishing words
Falling through dust holes
Bottled up in hazelnut emotions
Of the birth of another re...

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Also by Gray Nicholls:

waiting for Nancy (XVI) | Waiting for Nancy (XV) |

Indian Summer

Indian Summer


An Indian summer in October

A non uniform day in the dirge of dreariness

In you swept unannounced

A hurling hurricane

A sea of calm

A pocket of promises waiting to be unearthed 

You found me in the dearth of my moldy life

You scalpel scraped the pallet clean

Sprouted taste buds where once before lay some withered woes

Alas, you’re an avocado!


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