The Sad Tale Of The Reckless Rhubarb

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'Twas on a clear and moonlit night by Castleford's green fields,

The stick of rhubarb's mind to thoughts adventurous did yield.

And turning to his nearby love, he made a solemn pledge

To sail away, like Hemingway, and live life on the edge.

His love, a slender leek, was anxious for his safe return,

But with a brave and loving smile, disguised her grave concern,


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I remember Kandahar, flying low across a golden landscape in the door of a Blackhawk, the sun a red ball sinking behind jagged mountains. The goat herders below us, waving their sticks upward, flashing huge toothy smiles. Seeing the sand whip up around them as we roared over and passed them. 


The sheer beauty of it, the thrill and wonder of being alive in that moment. Seeing The Gates ...

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When Darkness Falls

When darkness falls upon your dreams, be brave
Allow your inner light to stay aflame,
Do not relinquish hope to night time's grave.

Hold tight your heart and ride the shadow's wave
Don't be seduced by dusk's possessive game,
When darkness falls upon your dreams, be brave.

Surrendering will leave you but a slave
Your life exposed, a mark against your name,
Do not relinquish hope to night ti...

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Tags: depression,formal,life,villanelle

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that secret

italic Sundays run with a poisonous doubt

a wronged wash in the what might have been

where we fidget like fleas on a rabbits hide

and verses drafted in the cross stitched sky

cannot disguise the well-practiced curses

with the pre-packed presumption of lilies

and static

abstract amongst the sheets

your limbs offer a confusion of choice

where context is lost

besides the arch and coil


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Tags: longing,love,lust,unobtainable,wishful

nr. 2

Humanity She is bound. Held down by the hands of many, all exclaiming innocence whilst the gagged girl lies fragile fallen flawless, in all but reputation. Meaty hands grope her broken body, caving into primitive desire that destroys virgin innocence, peace defunct.

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Tags: desire,humanity

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I hear you in my statements and see you in my face, Constantly I search for this place that doesn't exist, Where I was of worth to you, Instead I am an obstacle in your path, You have chosen to discard me all in the name of love, Or so it would appear, but it is clear it is only your fear that has left me here, In a disarray feeling betrayed, because of you I never measure up, You taught me ...

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Request of a Lady


and upon touching,

let a wanton look

dress your skin,

pressing its wants-

as in a gentle grip-

shaping my tongue,

to press tales

of soft request,

and taste the very giving

response of that same skin,

adorned and- to touch

its naked candour.


words and foto Tommy Carroll

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"Sixteen Again"

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got on my bike

first time this year

fast as you like

in the top gear


“…things in life are not played for keeps

if it makes you happy it will make you weep…”


rode up the pavement

leapt from the curb

just for one moment

feeling superb


“…and if you want some more practical advice

if you can't think once then don't think twice…”


remember sta...

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Self improvement

It has been suggested

I look for the 'good or beautiful'

deeper within all things 'bad or ugly'


I have adopted and make regular use of a better suggestion.


If the 'good or beautiful'

are not to be seen in the 'bad or ugly'

no matter how hard I try,


with the tool of my heart

in the hand of my soul,

I must put them there.

'There' being every day of my lif...

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Elusive it is the dream of peace

and the Burundi the president is seeking a third term,

but the people say NO, and fight for

a fair election, in dusty streets.

Africa has had enough of presidents who will  not

 give up power and lucrative ill-gotten gains.

People of Burundi, I salute you.



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Until Rapture Melancholy

Inside we struggle for relief

And lose our minds trying

To accept this as our permanent


We think we know how we

Arrived here with all our stuff

But sometimes we’re not sure which

Narrative is true

About how we crossed over

The threshold into a new home

We brought everything we love

With us and we are adapting

To a world we didn’t dream was possibl...

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I was there for the suffering of a clown,

watched too closely at the hosing down.

Never saw the tears washed away

but the laughter was there

just like today.

With my threadbare bag of tricks

clutched a little too tight

I like to amuse, I need to do it

on many a lonely night.

I queued for normality many a time

but never quite reached that open door,

so just like Cha...

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Arse over pip

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Uninvited as per

Mr Pear shape thinks

he can just come strolling in

free as he pleases

to deliver his mishaping intentions.


Not today!

not when I have got my walking (to determination) boots on

 which fit his backside nicely!

one swift kick and out he goes onto his stalky head!




© Patricia Wilde Saturday 23rd May 2015 


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Napkin 3 (5/23/15)

A partner in crime
blowback better days

bought in parts
instead of by the hour.

How alien:
touched mid-post, mid-text, 
pyrex glass, winning
new old west.

a reign ended in splinters
busted in the heated crucible
of the apocalypse. 

Yet here we are
survived, only by ourselves for certain. 
never buried, close the curtain,
a history wrote by us as best
as best and brightest ch...

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Tags: no kisses here to speak of

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Never to be (for Oscar Wilde)

I want to reach you.
Want to touch you.
Spend time with you.
But if I tried to, I'd fail.

I'm desperate to speak to you.
Long, so hard to caress you.
Splash out and spoil you.
But the truth is, I know I'd drown.

Any tactic I try, would fail
I'm not up to the battle.
There's too much between us.
Too much history.

They say time heals.
It doesn't - it kills.

You lived before me.

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Alan (Henning)

Its Saturday night at the taxi rank

street angels are steering girls to the cabs;

legs over tits like a Picasso and

it’s wild, and it’s laughter, and songs are buzzin’.


So can you hear the people weeping?

can you see the children dying?

All you knew was love, Alan, all you knew was love

as you drove your taxi through this world.


And the laughter and the love in t...

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Tags: Alan,love,peace


I thought I saw what I just saw

On second thought, what if I didn't?

What have I missed with that one glimpse

Or have I not have seen at all?

I thought I saw but I did not

Been fooled by me, myself, and I.

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Poem 13 of 230:  UNDERDONE

At the age of twenty-one,
Art and culture were just done.

At the age of twenty-one,
Adventure and sport were fun.

At the age of twenty-one,
For Paris, I was underdone.

(C) David Franks 2003; from - 

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Hung out to Dry

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Altitudes unfigured

Adroitly measured

Doubling in the distance


Peering into scenes

From ancient books


Ripening in prophesises

Trespassing on our future


Buried under bent grass


Hung high even now

Even in the shadows


Creaking into silence

Like going out to your own funeral

Left out to dry.



(For Michael Gove - wrote after readi...

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Battered Napkin

I wrote on a napkin the lyrics of my love for you
My intention never being to give them to you
It was only to get them out of me
I just wanted to scribble this madness on this 
 white, disposable paper--
Hoping in time it would break down--
 taking my words into the ground with it
But once they were out--
Once they were written--
Once they became so real and I realized just 
 how a part ...

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Tags: love,secret

birth of a nation

I always did what charlie said
never played in disused fridges
always looked both ways because tufty told me
and ate birds-eye burgers to be like ben

- yes I was a good boy
who believed the cavalry would save the day -

so it was a shock
- when dipping half a fish-finger
in the residue of bean juice -
to learn from john craven
   that saigon had fallen
   and america had lost

there was ...

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Fill your lungs with air, smog

petrol fumes mixed with human sweat

and once white walls, urinals for men

whose zippers come down, in public eye

relieving themselves

for some it could be the only time

their cocks stand up

breathe, dammit it

take advantage of the few trees still left

chokeheld by urban, modern ideas

of living

breathe in the dust 

some earth still ...

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something i must hide

Breasts are something to be ashamed of, something to hide,
Yet something that a kid will suck on just to stay alive!
Something everyone once depended on once in their life
Yet something evil, something I must hide
A man's nipples are useless and yet just fine
The woman's are lewd tho to a hungry baby divine

To wear one layer of clothing!
A sin God forbid despite the sweltering heat
The s...

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Tags: breasts,evil,human,nipples,shame,society,tradition,woman

Silent Killer

They made you feel so wanted. 
They took your heart and bathe it on roses
They caress your old scars with kisses 
Make you believe there’s nothing else more beautiful than their existence.

They look into your eyes and touch your soul
They make you crave for them more
They say one word and it vibrates your heart in whole 
Make you fantasize you and them growing old.

They made you feel l...

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Summer Worries

The warm and jolly streams of wind 

Are finding paths all through my hair

Just to escape the summer sun

And hope that it won't find them there.


They played this game all through my past,

But for today I couldn't care.

I have a problem on my mind 

Thant won't disolve in boiling air.


I dream of rest for broken minds.

I dream of peace inside my head.

The one I ...

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Tags: anxiety,lost reality,summer

Severed Connection

The connection between us
The communicating
The friendship
The love
The joy
It seems entirely gone
Just like our form of communicating
Or the internet
Or soon, my silver chord
Which holds my soul onto this plane of existence
This unbreakable cord
Just like the red string
Just like me
Has been severed

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Tags: confusion,emotional,hate,Love,sad

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Today I will sleep in late

Today I will just sit and sit.

I will breathe deep.


Today I will clear my head

And supine on a bed, feel the folds

As they turn in and hold me still.

I will be still.


Today I will run outside

And with arms open wide,

I’ll feast on a sky wide and clear.

I will face my fear,



Today I will look and look,

I wil...

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Shadow Boxing

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The closest my dad ever got to poetry

was when he savoured some word

like pugilist, or the tip-toe springiness

he sensed in bob and weave,

his unalloyed delight in the flytings

and eyeball to eyeball hype

that went with big fight weigh-ins.


I, too, might have been

a contender when I did my stint

in the ring, my dad convinced

I had style and the stamp of a winner.


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The key to success for a Champion

Is to start the day with a shag,

A hand-lowered shite of 6lb weight,

A can of Long Life and a fag.

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I realised i was me

I didn't realise how bad life could be 
Until I realised I was me

Naked in front of the mirror
Bulges where there shouldn't be 
Time wasted, time wasted, time wasted me

I didn't realise how quickly the clock of time could 
Cover me, leave me, breathless, and not

how it should be

Me up a tree
Me with you Carl creating Marvel figures before tea

Time wastes, time wasted, time wa...

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entry picture

You say that I'm a dreamer

and so I may well be

but the dreams I have

aren't just for me,

they're for you and all to see.


The dream is of love,

of life free from harm,

a dream of peace and

shelter from the storm.


The dream is the lifeblood

flowing deep in our veins,

the dream will always be

for all to see

and all that remains.


The dream is t...

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Aionios Charis by Danny Metcalfe. 

“Metcalfe weaves rich, earthy imagery with vast dreams of the cosmos. He explores the inner through the outer, provoking visions of eternity, gracefully leading the reader through the edge of the solar system into the infinite abyss and back into the depths of the ocean bed. Love is emphatical...

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Have you ever thought about this girl?

The girl that does her hardest to please you

To go out of her way.

To take a fall to take a shot

But all you do it block her out

Hurt her to the point of no returning.


She decided that being silent is the best way.

No one will bring her to her knees

Making her want someone to see.

What exactly she needs.

The silence t...

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Tags: Love

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I took it for a paper scrap

Upon the carpet's dull brown nap,

But bending forward I could see

It meant more than a scrap to me.

Diminished in death it was the mouse

That shared with me this ancient house

And which had often passed my way

An early morning blur of grey.

Then I recalled a recent night

When I had seen a slower flight...

Much slower than the previous run


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Take hands and march

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A protest song I wrote recently. It fits to the "Prince of Denmark's March".

Out with a world of contracts to cheat us
Out with the lords who hoard their gold
Out with a world of sanctions to leave us
Starving in the cold

Take hands and march to show
Our strength shall grow
And we shall not fail
Take hands and let them know
Society is not for sale

These are the dreams of safety and j...

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Falling apart

You were supposed to be my knight in shining armour

You were supposed to prove them all wrong

Cause back then you were young, and dumb, and stupid

But now you are old enough

To know that you can’t be out here breaking hearts

I guess that’s where we fell apart

I was too busy trying to protect us

And you just didn’t care at all

Making me look foolish over and over again


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Tags: alone,foolish,fuck you,grew stronger,heartbreak,love poetry,platonic friends


Today I am the immovable object,

A dented can of who-knows-what

Adorned with a loud sales tag

That screams, “I am less than I was.”


My worth has been discounted,

My status redefined: damaged.

My life has been provisionally shelved.

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I Know |



Thrust me - palmfuls of treasure.

Woo me - waterfall words.

Blunt me - fickle full stops.



Steep me - leaves in a teacup.

Break me - set me free.

Block me - wicked white coats.



Flower me - pink carnations.

Lift me - red balloons.

Pop me – barrage of blunt pins.



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Emotion without words
How does that work?
Display happiness with
A smiley face
Slighty abuse
Or amuse with 
A winky face

Show sadness with
A downturned U 
When you are so 
U don’t even know U
Are U


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In search of Eden

I went in search of Eden

to worship Gaia once again

but had to join a shuffling queue

stood sodden in the rain.


I’d had to leave my car behind

parked up two miles away

and trudged along mesmerised

to a sunken pit of clay


They said I’d need a ticket

to enter the gigantic balls

where habitats from everywhere

shared space with waterfalls.


The price w...

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The Sands

I made sandcastles here as a lad.

I’ve walked and ran with the dogs,

Faced the rain and the blustering winds,

Dozed in the summer sun,

And beachcombed.


When I die, burn my body like a Viking God

And bring my ashes to the sands.

When the tide turns and the wind blows hard

Then empty my remains.

Let the wind take them across the waves;

And watch while the sea foams...

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Tags: life,Lytham St Annes

Don Juan in his decrepitude

                       (a lamentation)                                                                                                                       

                       Who would have thought that I,
-Who`d always worn the badge of what I was
Flagrant on my face - would turn dissembler,
Become - (would you believe it!) affable -
Sought after for advice - much given
To long and ...

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I'm Turning

entry picture

Hi. I'm turning TWO and so is my dad I think. Must be, he was born on the same day as me. It's the guy on the left with that boring mic.

Here's the deal: We will celebrate this properly in Hampstead Heath, picnic, drinks and all, just opposite the athletic track. Early. Then the adults pack it up and go play a college punk rock gig at The Church O'Neills, Muswell Hill. They consider that fun. W...

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I wish I were a butterfly 

And could have enjoyed the creativity of God 

And would have been able to fly 

To capture in my eyes the beauties of Lord.


I wish I were being sat on a flower 

Doing nothing but dating it with Love 

All the time enjoying the beauty of the flower 

And giving limitless hugs to express my love.


I wish I were been collecting honey 

By kis...

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DARKNESS-a battle of a kid |

The heaviness in my eyes after our lips would unattach controls me. It's all that I think about, the feeling of wanting to kiss your lips again, wondering if I could just one more time have those heavy eyes..

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28 Years Later

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Can you imagine infinity as a 10 year old?

Yet now, 28 Years Later, I think it’s no time at all

I know you’ve been with me, all this while, watching, 

I grew from a child, into a girl, then a daughter.


There were times when I wished you weren’t there,

private moments, intimacies, melancholic memories,

I silently searched for you to surprise me,

my wedding, a fatherly hug ...

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Tags: childhood loss,grief,hope,loss

The Blazer That Won’t Come Off

Ties tighten on those who pass the gates as their eyes kiss the pavement and want to remain in its company until the bells ring 

Sins and sins and hearts concerned wave and praise and hold out their hands to passers-by as they turn their backs on those stood still 

The grins, chuckles and crooked pointed fingers remain in the playground from days gone by and circulate like chalk scattered by...

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Sittin in my room, this! this heartfelt.  room full of doom.

Out of this world. Shroom. ……. Pause. 
Dope, coke, broke, choke, toke. this is my life.nothing but a joke. 
World revolved around making doe. Public doesn’t know. 
Influenced by the tube. 24 years old and feeling like a noob.
To Love.
Think about that, All your soul wants is to be loved.
The feeling you get...

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From Lexus To Flames

Helping other people can become infectious
so if your wealthy enough to drive a Lexus
consider the impact of gifts to a poor family
let those generous ideals bring hope willingly
to all that are struggling without fault of their own
for decent jobs are not there for all as is shown
by the queues at food banks and rooms to rent
as all the income they have is far too soon spent…

Wealth is ...

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Tags: family,gifts,Heaven,Hell,jobs,Poor,rich



I kneel before the altar
I raise my hands in surrender
I shut my eyes as my visage gazes upon THY Glory and THE Heavens
I see Jesus
I see Angels
Is this my imagination?
Or am I in the spirit as the Christian believers claim and say everyday?
then why not start to make my supplications to the King - Jehovah Adonai
Oh Lord, bless the known knowns
the known unknow...

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