after an early supper

grey night shrinking without sunset settles
in like a moth on paper - as rainclouds
swaying full gutted and black scut tittle
the moon in malicious jest - for night
knows best - knows the hidden corners
of our shadow - collects our shrouded
self in sleep and pours in those things
often misforgotten - often slight -
but grey as this shrinking into night

when we look again through the win...

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The floating voter song

(A timely re-post - with extra stanza - ....Add a stanza..anyone?).

I`m a floating voter

Can`t make up my mind
Who I`m going to vote for
I`m just the wavering kind,
Tory, liberal and labour
Are worried where my one vote goes,
But I`ll remain a floating voter
One of the great don`t knows.

When I`m feeling upper - classy
To the Conservatives I drift,
But when my mood is red and sass...

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Flour, a dense weight,

in the hand weightless,

should water be dry

it could be flour


© Graham Sherwood 05/2015

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Trev does Texas again 2015: San Antonio to McAllen

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Image: Receiving my copy of the RVIiPF anthology ,

Boundless on opening night from founder Daniel Garcia Ordaz


23.04.2015 – 110) Sun poets last night,

As usual a great delight

Perfect end to the day,

Listenin’ to what other poets had to say

An’ the guy who said it was his first time

In front of the mic doin’ his rhyme

He made a start reciting from the heart

He was g...

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Box set

The one with the girl whose hair I like
The one with the man that looks like you
The one I fell asleep watching
The birthday present one
The one your mother gave us
The one I watched when I was ill
The one from that afternoon
The exercise one I couldn’t do
The one no-one liked but you
The dubbed one
To name just a few
I boxed, and got rid of
just like you

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Also by Michelle:

My Love |

Look At Me

What do you see when you look at me,
a girl with paper dreams that
break free, like dandelion wishes
into the vast space between earth and sky.

Do you see the girl who cries,
about love and loss
and loves lost behind
a veil of disillusion,
a wall of secrets and confusion.

Messed up, guesswork,
do you undress me
with your pleading eyes,
not for gratification
but validation that
a drum...

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I stood in the shadow of that historic Tower

Before a rain-drenched sea of red

The glistening ceramic poppies like a shower

Washing clean wrongs and lives long since dead.


From out of the gloom marched a Warder

(With a young guardsman bugler in tow)

Who soon called the living to order

And read out the names we would know.


We were witnesses to the sort of weather


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Undying Swan of Russian Ballet

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The greatest Russian star of ballet,

About herself she used to say:

I didn’t betray my friends,

I didn’t offend neither men nor animals.

Dealing with the professionals

I worked hard to improve my skills,

Always paid my debts and bills,

Thanks to my nature

And life full of adventure

I endured all and didn’t break

For someone’s crazy sake.

I have never given up


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Razor blades

I was sitting uncomfortably in a sexual health clinic

Having had my urethra probed

When I picked up a magazine and began

Flicking through it


There was this two-page spread about a guy who’d

Spent almost an entire life

Dipping in and out of jails and institutions


One day after driving into town to score some dope

This guy decided to pick up a Tom

Take her by the...

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We walk together in the shadow of her pain,

me going slowly, she as fast as she can

and where we exist

is a place of rest where we learn

to respect that special test.

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The Seventies

When summer meant

music blaring from

open-top cars

T.Rex at Belle Vue

shoes bought from Dolcis

Mary Quant nail-polish

shopping at Biba

working on Saturday

lunch times sunbathing

(Norris Bank Park)

Wimpys sometimes

Anne's house other times

bus queues and heatwaves

no threat of rain.

Charts filled with Elvis

always the best of them

Mungo Jerry, Rod Ste...

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Is this what borders do?

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[In Algiers I held a glass

that held a face's stare

In the glass

the face that stared

stared back at me in fear.]


We came upon slowing traffic.


Inside the war-torn bus

standing passengers were gently rocked

We drove along an unfinished road.

unfinished roads, were you

become convinced

that each rock and pothole

were placed carefully in order


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Another One Born






one born






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So strange.


That I should be jealous

of Noboby.



Because Nobody

will be where I have always

wanted to be

tonight and every night


lying next to you.

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Poem 194 of 230:  CULLERCOATS - SPRING 2002

    Harboured boats,
Caved crescent,
    And classic
Metro-sound -
    On a round-
Trip to the,
    Then, calm sea.

(C) David Franks 2003; from - 

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Anarchy runs through my bones, A sanctuary, a mind set in stone, No worth in a life without purpose, Enough people around me trying to surplus, Without reason or must. Society isn't run from home, We're fed a diet of lies and bad omens, A curfew on our personal time, Cursing those who brave past the line, Fucking with your mind. Sobriety is harshly overrated, When the priority is to...

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After the storm
the beach lay thick with seaweed,
like the ocean had had enough of keeping it submerged,
and so had spewed it up for all to see.
That first day it was still shiny and wet, leathery in the sunshine,
and we picked our way carefully through it trying not to let it touch our feet. 
Alone, he looked for treasures, every now and then stooping...

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Hidden Acrostic Poem

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Flawless blush

Roses to be


to explore

and culminate

in pinnacles

of scarlet profusion



to taste

the dewy dawn

of their first day


thornily clasping

interlacing lattices






seeking the fullness

of honey toned light



by the guidance

of green

heart shaped hands

to conspire


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The Proletarian Poet part 3

Third instalment of my poetry comic strip - The Proletarian Poet part 3 - It's not a hobby!

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THE EYE OF THE NEEDLE (I Don't Intend to Die Rich)

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I’ve never had very much trouble Making money throughout my life

It seemed to come to me easily Without great endeavour or strife.


There’s really no secret to money It’s just commonsense, indeed;

Identify who is your buyer And then have the thing that they need.


It might be some goods or a service Your brains or your labour, indeed;

You offer them a proposal Then sell...

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