Big Fish in Masvingo Lake

There’s a big fish at the bottom of Masvingo lake.

Old, fat, and ugly, it won’t be caught


I glimpsed it once, on the end of my hook;

Thought I had it, saw its cruel, fierce eyes


The fishing isn’t good in the lake.

The big old one has eaten almost all the others.

People still come to try and catch it


Maybe if the lake dries up

It will be found there at the bottom


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Sandy Denny

A blonde-haired witch, an alchemist

transforming old English ballads

and Dylan bootlegs

into something precious, priceless


Magic and mystery,

Liege and Lief playing

on bank holiday trips to the Surrey hills,

down lanes like dark tunnels, full of possibilities:

 Peaslake, Ewhurst, Abinger Hammer, Friday Street


Her voice, water bubbling over pebbles...

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Andy Williams

When I was young I didn't get it:

the crooning, whining, almost girlish voice.

Middle of road, gotta die before I get that old.

Music my girlfriend's parents danced to,

Waltzing with stern expressions and stiff backs


Thirty years later, watching them still dancing,

I thought, if we could only move like that.

Wouldn't it be wonderful? And then I understood.

Andy Williams, so smooth, the ...

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