This chanteuse

This woman in black

This flitty bitty girl

With bouffant mad hair

Spindly legs

Eye shadow and lips

This long lost soul

Always, always on the go

No luck in love

No luck with drugs

Cracked up on smack

Booze and fags

This little girl

Who had every thing

But not enough to be her saving grace


Burned out

With little choice

The gi...

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Also by Martin Elder:

Drowned |

Eden's Loss

Where yesterday, they lay unbound within
that pit of joy: skipping pleasure's eye shone:
processing o'er the virgin stars of night.
Uncleaved, the fruit, no cloven star reveals
but split between it's equal parts, seen
in critical comprehension; what perfect
in created form: forms patterns accidental.
As the bud yields to the bee, craving the light
it opens fully in it's natural innocence: ...

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Also by jeremy young:

ecce homo | the muslim's tale xviii | the muslim's tale xvii | the muslim's take xvi | the muslim's tale xv | the muslim's tale xiv | the muslim's tale xiii | the muslim's tale xii | the muslim's tale xi | the muslim's tale x | the muslim's tale ix |


outside the well - appointed house

screened by laurel, ivy clad

in its curving crescent discretion assured


a van pulled up like a culture shock

furniture unloaded, dogs through the door

with a lady in tow taking stock


and an antiques dealer, circling and jibing,

calculations, machinations like gamblers

at a cock fight, bending probing checking comparing.



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Also by ray pool:


Walking Home at Dusk

entry picture

A moment,

a ripple in time

in the muddy waters of life.

Grey faces standing at the bus stop,


A watery sunset glows, pinkly golden,


I walk past and breath life into the scene

with a vapour of hope

escaping from my mouth,

lips stretching in a smile.

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Tags: Dusk, happiness, life, sunset

Also by Jill Ashforth:

The Waiting Room by Tindersticks |


A brightly guttering light draws me to the window.

Raindrops rebound from the sputtering street,

As a solitary, hunching figure runs, splashing, towards a waiting car,

Clutching a coat collar at the neck.

A grumbling bass growls in the darkness.

I look up again as the sky is slashed

With a streaking, silvery laceration.

A dissonant dull roaring again rolls across the sky,


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Also by Trevor Alexander:

Of Starlings | Poets Anonymous | They Are Not Gone | Event Horizon |


She’s moved in

And her panties are slouched across

Every radiator and in the kitchen

Fruit piles like windfalls and the whole

Place exhales a new freshness


Having her here for more than just sex

Has taken some getting used to


I mean

There is only one toilet

One bed side table

One lamp


She is leading me to new experiences -

Seeds and soya milk


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Also by mike watts:

Cheers! | Chicken pie | Sketches and Zeppelins |

dead canines in Spain

 Dead Canines in Spain


The Aegean Sea, another rubber dinghy sank 30 people drowned

most of them Syrians and from the hateful a smile when they are

stupid risking their life and come here wanting to live like us.

 A good Syrian is a dead one, and they did not have much of value

for a state to confiscate and none of them had a higher education just

some uneducated bodies brin...

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Also by jan oskar hansen :

murderous laughter | truth be told | wonderful Scandinavia | wildfire | wildfire | Morpheus`s kiss | Marvellous life | the lay of the land |

Passing through

Post lunch time.

Chips sit on steak pie

fish sits on chips

beans sit on chips

more chips sit on beans

more beans sit on chips

sausages sit on beans

jelly and ice cream sits on sausages

all swilled down with coffee

coffee mingled with fag smoke.

Pre shitting time.

Digestive juices kick in

knicker ballooning farts blow out

preceding the back passage exiting


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Also by Jemima Jones:

Chain cutting | Late pre Winter stroll | Assuming in mono vision | Towards rejuvenation | Ideal hunk | Void | In the headlights | Dirty girl! |

The virtue of silence

To spill a minds tortured thoughts

laid bare upon the page,

is not an invitation

to the self appointed sage. 


Yet here they come

in trivial droves

their sympathises to proffer,

as if without their empathy

naught else there be to offer.


Their insincere inquisition

repels the subjects courage,

their thoughtless selfish mission

deny’s it chance to flouris...

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Tags: etiquette, idiocy, impoliteness, Insensitivity, rudeness

Also by Wolfgar:

Eternity's sunrise | Stolen | The impatient lighthouse | An ending | Peppermint tea with Gavin Bryars | A Mother | Un-slaved | Beyond the coriolis | Reflections on enforced separation | < = > |

Black Lines

black lines under her eyes

tear stained pillow by the end of the night

and the smell of his cologne

lingering in the air for only a fraction of a second longer

she waits 


for the day that she can let go and run

out of the dark mass some call heartbreak

when she can faithfully proclaim

that she will start the next day

and end it with a dry pillow in sight


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Tags: breakups, love, sadness



Can You Smile

While Eyes Still Groggy

No One
Not One

Ever Been
This Close
Still Smiling


Was Your Signature
Beauty Mark
Lingering Fragrantly
 About You


Set Clocks Back
Once Again
Seemed They Were Done
For Good
This Time Ticking


Wind Whispers Memories
Your Smile


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Also by GeeProcessor:


4:45's horn

4:45 in the morning

a distant freight’s horn is blowing

at every street as a warning

get out of the way it’s saying

the market's wheels are still turning

I’m eating but still worrying

like hamsters waiting to be sold

to pad the pet store’s bank’s billfold

but I’m not valuable to hold

because I’m on my way to old

and my mind’s rebelliously bold

and I don’t believe w...

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A Prayer For Him

Lay him on an ocean
Rock him on a wave
Cradle his sweet head
against the tempests and the raves
He’s the one who lifts me up
When I am going down
Give him peace and paradise
Or I will surely drown
Cover him with love
To keep him dry and warm
Look down from above
Behold the angel in my storm

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Also by R Miller:

Cloud Watching | Gasping | Reminders |


fingers splayed,

copper conducts


lightning, shoots

savage forks


down clenched

fists and rigid


limbs as pulsing,

panting, power-


less we fuse

together and


filaments sizzle

in sweet spring bulbs.

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Tags: bed springs

Also by Stuart Buck:

gingko | ensorcelled | window | ak | witness | 6/8/45 | dog | ash | last | library | s/t/r/o/b/e (a haiku) |

I can't take my eyes off those silver boots

entry picture

I went window shopping a couple of weeks ago, not planning on parting with any cash, but then, I saw these beauties.  Three thoughts flashed in a state of instant wild excitement: 1. Starman.  2. Noel Fielding.  3. Give them to me nowwwwww!  And then I thought of this - ENJOY!

I will wear them down the pub
I will shop in them at Sainsburys
I went to a book launch in them last week
I hoovered...

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Tags: fashion, new boots, noel fielding, school, starman

Also by Anna Ghislena:

Feedback |

The Psychopath

Unknown Mime Type: audio/x-ms-wma

The demons swim where no one sees,

But no one hear their ill-lighted screams,

Instructions so inlawful and oblique,

Heard by no one except from me.

I see the word guilt but what does it mean?

Seems like a fictional desire that I won't feel,

No conscience to stop me from doing wrong,

A knife in my hand as they sing their twisted song.

Is it too late to say sorry now that the...

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Tags: child murder, cold blooded, dark, Death row, Execution, free verse, mur, Psychology, psychopath

Also by Bethany Mae:

The Psychopath | The Psychopath | The Psychopath | The Psychopath |

Pouring of the hearts

    There was that little cafe near the harbour remember? The exterior portraying itself   in shouting colours, the door that never seemed to be closed and the quaint interior,hazed in wonderful aromas.   You arrived late that day remember? stepping in,out of the soft fall of rain as it gently gleamed the little winding street and clinging as if tiny sparkling diam...

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Also by Patricia and Stefan Wilde:

Striped and spectorial | Knife edge | Avoidance of scotch mist | Water music | Prophecy | Born to be Wilde | Rough diamond | Cumulous & Co. | Midnight in Shouldbepulleddown Street | Mr Dark and I | Dying days menu |



They barely seem to move at all
the stars who are so shy
while you lie down to rest your head 
they glide across the sky
to say I Love You


Good seas but for a cruel moon
would lie down and find peace
by a land they all must cleave to
kiss soft and never cease
to say I love You


Of this timeless eternity
sublime shall songbirds sing
to offer all...

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Haiku | Flowers On The Ground | In The Old Fence-Post Was A Perfectly Round Hole. | Stars |

A Whiff

Lid off




‘Come here







To close




A groan













One closed

One apart


‘Is that

What I

Think it is?'


'I’ll dab some


Your ear



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Also by Lynn Hamilton:

format | EQUILIBRIUM | normal |

this hug is for when...


this hug is for when 

the roof caves in
the walls depart 
and the void within
crushes your heart

this hug is for when 

the dark creeps in
you cry at night
and the hurt within
blocks out light

this hug is for when

the day steps in
all exhaustion filled
and the tiredness within
makes you cold and chilled

this hug is for when

the roof caves in
the dark creeps in
and the day ste...

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Also by Colin Hill:

insignificant haiku | McPigeons | come rescue me | I had this dream | On Crwbin | little blonde boy blues | "a pillow of winds" | losing things |

Nonbinary song

entry picture

I've noticed recently how many more people listen to the message of a poem if I put a tune to it, so here's a recording with music.

They told me when I started school
I had to join a line.
There's one for girls and one for boys
I asked them which was mine.
They asked me if my mother raised
A daughter or a son,
They sent me to the corner, where
I made a line of one.
And the line for the gi...

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We breath air because we must

And not because we might.


Powers life to ignite.


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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Truest Wish

Diving in deep
Escaping the estuary
She leaned
On the littoral
Wiping off persona
with the towel of horizon
In the sacred sands

Reflection of her
Pulsating in
Salinity of the Sea
Entangled raven hair-locks
Murmuring moist lips
Bosom hooked in shells
And scaled turquoise tail

Words of wisdom
Learned in the
Kingdom of Marines
Safe from sharks
Familiar fins and gills
Shall not ...

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Tags: poem

Inequalities of all shades(revised)

entry picture

Inequality of all shades

By Alem Hailu



Though in dexterity my physically challenged carpenter father,

Than the physically fit proves better,as a source to his anger,

With contemporaries a level ground he enjoyed never!


From late childhood there was one thing that me used to bother, why my so discriminated father

On his turn true to cultural dictates,ill treats my d...

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Tags: Inequality discrimination racism gender disabili

Also by Alem Hailu G/Kristos:

Inequalities of all shades(revised) | Ego-rocking words | Must Your Gratitude Be A Knife? |

The Journey's Just Begun

When you're angry at the world,
Coming closer to the edge,
Just remember who you are,
And step back from that ledge

Your heart, it emanates a love
So pure, and full of light,
And like the moon, illuminates
The darkest of nights

Sometimes the joy is hard to find,
You feel you can't hold on,
Have faith in life and stay a while,
The journey's just begun

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Spin on This

Politicians mutate words for a covert agenda,

Twisting half-truths into party propaganda.

Reassuring us of change when they get elected,

Then maintain the status quo, leaving everyone dejected.

Blaming their predecessor’s lack of capability,

Creates the denial of their own responsibility.

Working for the voter was never their intention,

In it for themselves, being paid to ask ...

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Also by Rob J Mann:

Haiku: Punxsutawney Phil | Haiku: Carpet of Crocus | Silent Witness 2 (Supernova) | Haiku: SAD |



Precious time...wasted time....sands of time...

All just lost time savagely slipping away 

Like a masochistic god mercilessly ruling over us

No regard for our wants or desires

We beg him to slow down and allow us to revel in a moment

We plead with him to speed up and help heal our hurt

We cry out desperately for just one more day

We come away always ignored

His pace...

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Also by Nicole:

Richard |

February 2016 Collage Poem

entry picture


Jesus went for a rather long walk

Through magpie faeces to the slaughterhouse

In the stench of hate

Hanging with religious gangrene

Cushioned in silent landscapes

Immersed silently with broken hope


Put away like broken dishes

A poetic riddle told what it could be,

Branches creaking like hands clapping

To the answer given.



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Tags: Collage Poem, Jesus, Stockport Write Out Loud

Murmuration pier

In a bitter late winter’s light

On a smoggy backdrop of the sun’s goodnight


Score of arcade pop and sirens sound

Cameras clicking and public astound


Consume the scene, they flock, they swarm

The show is now and now they perform


Like cooling tea in morning sun

They stroke the surface then swirl up as one


Tiny fibres, they vibrate the same

The silent mu...

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Also by Isabel Hope:

The Mixture's right |

Me But Not Me

I thought I was strong

When I came across you

Lying dead in a car

And a crowd looking on


I thought I would say

‘Out of the way

she needs CPR’

I thought I would say

'Let me have a go'


I thought I would

Step up to the plate

Be calm and collected

And bring you back,

Let you fight fate


You looked so fine

No mark, just slumped

Eyes closed, ...

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Also by Michael J Piggott:

Comfy | Dog |

Inbetween Stations with David Bowie

entry picture

Laced in memories
There was a love hidden here
Trampled under
old newspapers
Buttoned down
Inbetween Stations.

A beauty laid low
Separated by the past
Drifting across
Winter coloured hills
Freckled in a shellshocked
Fading sunlight.

There was a tenderness
Blowing open mouthed
Crumbling across time
Reflecting how much
They would have
Once been in love.

Colouring in the sky

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In Crisis

entry picture

Can you spare a bit of change mate?
I'm truly am in need
I don't need a fix of powder
Or an ounce of weed
I need a cup of coffee mate
To help my bones get warm
I need a bed for the night
My sleeping bag's all torn

Can you spare a bit of change mate?
Can't you see me here?
I'm sitting right in front of you
Think I can't see you sneer?
I can't afford a bath mate
I can't afford new clo...

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Tags: Homelesness

Also by Pixievic:

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goldenrod monologue (02/97/2016)

On days where I'm tired and don't know better, I think about married life, far away from here. There's a soft, warm spot in my head where I leave at sunrise, come home at sunset to hot chicken sandwiches, cold beer, soft kisses on the porch. Cool, clean sheets. Things so far away that I question if I've drifted into the daydreams of someone else.


Maybe I've lost that chance. Maybe I'm tire...

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Tags: a pistol for paddy garcia why would i take you bac

Also by Zach Dafoe:

caps lock purge (02/05/2016) | weren't odessa 3 (01/09/2015) |

Depressed Haiku, sort of

entry picture

Is something I rarely feel
Told how much I screw up

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Tags: Depressed, Haiku, unappreciated


entry picture


Stacked up

Sentinel like

A wall of defeat

On every side



Microscopic me

Dictated to by giants


The mouse on the wheel

No destination

A thirty year chasm is inside me

Ever famished

Its mouth is wide open

Wanting my surrender

Waiting for dominance


A tiny crack has shown up

In the dam that holds back my future


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Tags: mouse life running aimlessly hope fresh hope


Loading the player…

entry picture


Oh my name it is nothing; my vote it means less;

But I voted for Labour I have to confess;

But now I am cheering where once I’d deride

Our new national champion

Cos Dave’s on Our Side.


He’s gone into battle for me and for you

To joust with those blackguards they call the EU;

He carries our torches to burn far and wide;

Now Europe is trembling

With Dave on Our S...

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Also by John Coopey:


Aberaeron (after the storm)

Surging urging, brown, dense molass,

Upheaving through harbour gap,

Foaming deluge broken, unspent,

Over angular boulder castlement,

And with weighty mass continuing on,

To swell and play,

Mongst boats,

In harbour,


From the upwelling foray.

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Tags: Nature, Storm, Wales, Weather

Las Vegas

Violation and depravity,
within isolation of this valley,
an extravagant medicine to take.


We pace the boulevard,
with no moral compass, neither
north or south in strip-sleazed haze.


Rolling violent dice
of drunken incomprehension,
morning sirens sing out my sin.


but the more I kneel before you,
the more you raise me to my feet.


What happens with us, st...

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Tags: Katypoetess, love, love poetry

Also by Katypoetess:

The Temptation of St Anthony II |

Henry & Lucille

Another day dawned,

The sunbeams wrenching Lucille back into the land of the living.

A groan, a stretch and a chance fart heralded the day,

As the dust fairies spread their wings.


She reached for her stick,

Briefly recalling that Henry always used to bring it to her

Before he'd shuffled off,

One last time,

Fifteen months ago.


It hadn't been the first time he'd ...

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Also by Jim Trott:

The Gnome and his Snakes | And the Walls did Weep |


Returning to my hotel room

the way arrayed with artless dust

settling at my wood-chewed seat

crafting a plan to hatch this eve

feeding the scar of cream curtain.


The depth of outside shatters within

voices ring out in stuck symmetry

the gramophone and a fiend's cackle

this draught declines my fervent plea

a brush so worn as to paint me cold.

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Tags: New

Oh Night

How beautiful and calm

Wind blowing ever so gently and sweet

Rubbing against my  cheeks with so much comfort


Looking up above

Stars shinning ever so bright

Though a million miles above

Stil so near.


For a moment darkness feels friendly

With fear of the unknown

Knowing for sure in a moment

The break of dawn


You only last for a while

No ...

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Being Homeless

Being homeless is not very nice,

To the people who pass you by,

They don't think twice.

They think you are a thug,

Spending what little money you have on drink and drugs!

You're not like that at all,

Just down on your luck, no-one to break your fall.

All you can do is sit in the shop doorway out on the street,

Begging for spare change for something to drink and eat.


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Thursday, Pt.2

The Prelude to the weekend

where people drink till the wee hours of the night

hoping to finally take flight away from the stress of the past three days.

Knowing that these moments never last forever

that is why families stay tighter than leather.

fly under any weather.

Distance is obsolete when it comes to this family

varying directions we may be in our lives,

yet when we r...

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Tags: drinking, family, happiness, poetry, Thursday


Faces are dull, lamps are lit, 
The room is black and I am alone, 
Dreaming something but reality is different, 
I don't know what's going to happen 

I didn't know what will I do 
Stand upon the stool
Or see in a mirror like a fool, 
But I said to myself, 'I have to be cool'

Nothing seems to be different, 
As I follow the same me, 
I have no difference nor glee in me.

Everyone has come ...

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You cannot know

isn't that the point


and, I'm not sure

how you'd react

If you did know.

Things would change


I'm sure

and I'm not prepared

to lose you,

the tiny piece

of you

I do have.

So wonder on,

be curious



Should you ask me,


face to face,

I'll laugh

look you in the eyes

smile, a...

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Also by Graham Sherwood:

Puthering |

Census Report

The echos run from the cellar
Pass through wood and brick
Mortar and strong Yorkshire stone
Touch the phantoms chatting in the lounge
The ghosts passing on the stairway
The spectres, ever astir, in the upper rooms
Over a century
Of living, breathing
Vibrant souls
Nest with me here
As shadows.
A distant but distinct trail
Of life and love
Passion and hate

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Tags: Census

Punk after 20

entry picture

I wonder what my punk mates from 20 years ago are doing tonight?

Keki's close friends.

Well we all are 20 years older.

This is what i have to say:


You don't do punk.


You are punk.


I wonder..most of them grew up,maybe. Maybe they work.

How would I know?


I'm punk. I don't know. I don't give a flying fuck.


I cry, i miss you, i cry and i do remember.


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Tags: punk poetry

The Back Bedroom

In the back bedroom,
between pillars of poetry pamphlets;
the canyon that echoes Chaucer and Poe.
Where last week’s crockery lies a fossil
and sedimentary layers of coffee show.
A wastepaper bin of crumpled first drafts,
waiting to erupt it’s potential.
Bed sheets blown over a notebook graveyard,
buried too deep to show their credential.
Crisp packets breed between clothes on the floor,

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Tags: doubt, poetry, writing

Also by Eva Curless:

An Ode to Poetry |

one day

One day her heart turned black,

It was tired of the rain,

Tired of the same echoes from different voices,


Same jokes,

Different faces,

He looked at the phone,

Screaming like a tired child,

Remembering his wife 

He stared at the ceiling,

lonely hotel room,

His heart was black 

It was tired of being left,

Same lines,

Different faces,

His h...

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Also by Nicola Beckett:

Shadows |

A Lay-By


Disappointment haunts all my days

Contradictions butter me up but

Nothing is as it was. This I know.

A green grove recalled

Somewhere around the A355

Near to Blair’s 80s Beaconsfield

Failed constituency

Or maybe it was deadly Denham

I dunno.

Not too far from Pinewood anyroad

With Kenneth, Sid, Tony, the ‘H’-crew.

Heroes just for one day

Those places, those ...

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