guest lists and they're punctuation

"...the number of guests was, were, including Mr and Mrs X Was 8, 8 or 6 and the second meal..." What date? "the 3/10 or 12/9" The second had 6 guest" Any veggies? " Veggies"? Moving forward did they have cauliflower? "who?" Any guests at the third dinner that had cauliflower? "none we had a Chinese from the corner of the street". Moving forward: How many guests at the third meal... on the 7th? "8...

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A Delicate Talent

Happiness Surface embracing Sinks stinging Price and prize A Chase in maze Happiness Varied means Varied meanings Now here Nowhere A delicate talent

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I'm ready therefore I get up and go because God is a part of it, 

Sick and tired of this pity party and feeling lethargic. 
Some things and people you set free and let be loose, 
It's this thing called life and I'm not trying to make an excuse.  
If Jesus went through it, why not you?
Definitely hard to hear and understand but it's the truth. 
Plenty of advice is given...

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Shadows dance upon a face that I once saw as home

But now the shadows dance no more now that I am alone.

The light is gone and darkness occupies my only space

Now someone else is witnessing… the shadows on your face.

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