short n sweet

celebrity, living life
with brevity, fast as catcher's mitts
fleeting as spliffs on fox trails
green as surgical gloves.

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Natural Addiction

Love is a drug,
One perspective shifting trip,
Unknowingly stumbled upon.
Now you’re consciously falling.

For a splitting second,
You’re suspended in the rush,
A swift inhale,
Heavy eyelids-
Collapse shut in suspense.
One. Last. Relaxing, sigh-
It hits you.

Their tender embrace,
Exhilaration, tumbling acceleration,
Both induced by the physical materialisation-
Of the innate fear of falling.
Into this eup...

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Also by Sharlie:

Silly Mistakes. | How it is |

The Truth

They want

They seek

To scandalise

To brutalise

The truth

To disrespect

Disrupt and corrupt

To take away your youth


How far and

When are not words

 They understand

When is a step

A step to far

To protect

To hide

What’s been said

What’s been done

By whom and when

It’s just another

Cunning ruse

Wrapped up

Carefully packaged


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Also by Martin Elder:

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Song For Jean Duluoz

Little Jack, he’s on his own

In the wild American night

Chasing down the mystic road

Trying to keep his star in sight

He last saw Neal three days ago

When he shot his arrow into the sun

Now his magic shirt is hanging down

His mouth is half undone


And the kids in all the mid west towns

Are hanging on his tongue

Jack yawns and gapes and scratches hard

Says “Jesu...

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It’s a conveyor belt for children who we assume are the same,
whether they realise or not they are part of a game;
a game that most will never win.
They’re asked to tackle the wheel of fortune
when they don’t know how to spin.

 In the real world, a board rubber can’t erase your mistakes,
no sharpener can recover a heart when it breaks,
you don’t need a fluorescent liquid to highl...

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Yellow Triumph Dolomite


Married in a mad moment of mutual agreement

Between bouts of eczema and moving house

From Hemel Hempstead to Sennen Cove

More hemp and cove than sensible reasoning

Drifted down on a late afternoon breeze

Barbequed veggie kebabs under an evening’s drizzle

Potato picking to be your salvation

Whilst looking for clues in the Sunday Times Appointment Section

No time to spen...

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every night, the same dream

the stink of diesel and of fear which
everyone’s pretending is not here
because if they do not name it, it will not be real
but in the hot bodies of the strangers pressed
around her she can feel
the tension of a panic only held at bay
like sea-sickness, with iron will, good fortune,
muttered prayers
they rise and fall, jaws clench and clench again

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Beauty, the Sight

My heart is a block of cement pavement, sadness

my poetry is prose and little more.

I have written collections of poetry but in the end

they are mostly political musings.

Yet, concrete cannot stop nature, through cracks

tiny green grass grows, or you may call it a weed.

Perhaps I have got something written that in the mass

of words there are pearls of poet...

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coppery lunch

over lunch - it was that kind of place -
she asked me which poets I admired

so I reeled off the names - but she shook her head -
apparently versifiers on t'internet don't count -

so I said blake - as he was the most likely
to pen an elegant poem in 140 characters

but then pope was also a genius at that sort of thing
- and he could be mucky - which is always a plus

with the reddit c...

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Paragram Chapbook Challenge

entry picture

Paragram continues to offer writers a wide range of publication ventures. Returning the focus to poetry this year, the all new Chapbook Challenge offers two amazing opportunities. The first is for one talented poet to realise an ambition to publish their short collection. The second will see over40 poets published in Paragram Spotlights, the 2015 anthology.

Paragram will add to the short collec...

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Towards the shoulders of a giant

There it presides

more solid than anything else

one of my favourite mountains.


Hugely squat

doubtlessly immoveable

without the need of pretending

to be a pyramid.


Permanently throned

defying time

enhancing a vast space.


Lording over the surrounding

prostrated pastoral pleasantries,

easily dwindling parishes.


I claw and scramble upwards


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Longlisted for the Melita Hume Prize 2015

Poetry collection longlisted for the Melita Hume prize 2015:

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Also by Joseph Robert:

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The Spiritual Battle

entry picture

"The Spiritual Battle"

They say he never stops,

They say the devil does not sleep at night,

That is why we have cops,

A wise man once said to me, "Continue fighting the good fight."


My flesh is weak,

I am distracted from God by beauty and glamour,

When Jesus is with me I reach a spiritual peak,

Only he has the power to remove from me, this worldly clamour.


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Standing there silently
Just having a wee
Staring at the wall
‘Cos there's nothing to see
Just wiggling it about
To alter the stream
Peace and tranquility
Is not what it seems
There’s ying and yang 
And other forces at play
The imps are at work
Set to ruin your day
It starts at that moment
When the bladders half empty
Half ...

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Also by Chris Briggs:

Put It Away |

Concrete Eyes


I need to shade my eyes

From the grit that’s

On these streets

From dirtying my windows

And setting in my mind


The nine year old

Screaming gutter abuse

At her mother

While she pats her

On the head

Caves in and

Gives her another


The compensation vultures

Circling the pool of claims

Planning their next gain

Picking out riches

From between...

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For Howlin' Wolf in Heaven

entry picture

I surf and click, then raise his complex shade,

the presence and the poundage of a man

who took care of business, transcending his name

along the road between White Station,

Mississippi, and the juke joints of Chicago.


A diminutive screen contains him,

as he expounds the meaning of the blues –

a patriarch and mason, who had grasped his letters

like thorns, until his la...

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Ghost story II update

entry picture

Ghost Story II is still developing along nicely guys and girls.

Currently it is up to Part 19 

See here for more details.

Lots of guest poets on here including Write Out Loud regulars, Hazel Connolly, Tina Ford, Natfastic (Natalie), Ian Whiteley Gray Nicholls and loads of others.

If you are still interested in submitting a guest poem, get in touch.

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Also by Andy N:

Ghost Story Part I |

A Bow

It was just a bow

A blue patent bow

Disengaged it's self

from her shoe

Disappearing into

The dark dank sewer,

I yanked at the other bow

There they match now,

Kept it twenty years

In a box

With all sorts

Of paraphernalia.



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What if this is all real?

Stumbling with great form,

As ready and stable as any other hungover,

Willfully sick step could be,

I caught a terrifying question 

Posed to no one.

"What if this is all real?"

He was a toothless mess,

Wishing he could feel as bad as me.

Longing for the self defeating luxury of excess,

And stuck with piss stained slacks,

Feeling the true bad I thought I was complainin...

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Up Marden

That evening stroll through badger wood

amid the aimless scurry and tinny cluck of pheasants,

May's green fluff adorning bare branches and

murderous ivy quenched on strangled boughs

hiding busy late trilling birds.


We warily cross brambles that arch like green surf

cascading over ramshackle fences

to hike between the wide fingernail trenches

freshly clawed by a greedy ...

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Is this what borders do?

In Algiers I held a glass

that held a face's stare

In the glass the face that stared

stared back at me in fear.


We came upon slowing traffic.

Inside the ancient bus

the standing passengers

were gently rocked as it edged

along the unfinished road.


We passed the sun-glassed occupants

of cars and busses

and the rolled-up sleeves of lorry drivers.

Tanned a...

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"Rethread; try the pattern again" I said.


More: "Rethread; try a new pattern".


Snipping maydays,

sharpening stitches,

strengthening seams,

sewing up a new scene.


I will no longer be your empty spool;

a discarded thimble on some scrappy pile.


I will peddle upright, in leisure,

sewing sequins, sunlight shimmering my style.


I will thread throug...

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I’m not a stranger of myself anymore

I am a shadow

That shines bright

In the midst of the darkness

A machine that manufactures

Thought process

In every waking breath

I’m the armor of my heart

As it breaks piece by piece

Like a shredded cloth

I’m broken enough to not feel broken

Dead enough to not feel my spirit

I no longer care for

Unnecessary conversations a...

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entry picture

Beneath this yonder twinkling isle
I laid down for a while;
Amidst this firmamental lea
I saw a pulsar shine with glee.

Soon i ventured into a dream 
and saw the lign aloes gleam ;
a foreigner to this lonesome abyss
I savoured every kiss of bliss.

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Smoke screen - written Sweet Green tavern 2004

Smoke Screen,


Ever had a lover fill your head with lies yet you still cant resist them?


Can't rest tonight

can't settle in my skin

Full moons out high

the past keeps telling lies,

Feels like I am always runnin,

away from somethin'

Its that reoccurin' dream

It's that smokescreen,

fog around my feet,

keeping me sweet,


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If Cameron Came To My House (audio)

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Here's a poem I wrote a while ago, I never realised that in time it would become dated so I've decided to push it before it becomes redundant after the next election.

I even considered changing my vote so I could use it for longer, but, as I'm working class, northern, short and slightly over weight they have deemed that i can only have one vote.

So here it is...

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Also by dazzer:

Deansgate Bridge (audio) |

The Thoughts Inside My Head

Do not presume to know

The secrets of my heart

Neither could you hope to understand

The thoughts inside my head


Don’t expect a welcome

As you try to probe inside

For the thoughts that are mine only

Are the thoughts inside my head.


So don’t be so upset

When your questions are unanswered.

My heart is locked and forged with steel

As are the thoughts inside m...

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Also by Steve:

The Ballad of a Middle Aged Man |

Haiku: Revelation

Brevity of words;

No rhyme within its reason.

Haiku uncovered.

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Wearer of shit tinted glasses

He feels the orchards of his age

are beginning to give up

wanting to bear fruit.


Tenebrous dirges

are drowning out

his hearts song.


Gone,the suns hands on his shoulders.

The moons smile for him

really is waning forever.


He sees the promises of life

passing him by

in broken pieces.


What nightmares are gathering

for birth in his mind?

Is ...

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Springtime Haiku


Waky Waky haiku

Sleep interrupted
by gardeners probing fork
cringing hedgehog stirs.


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entry picture
Living in London now, I missed this last week...

Toward Morpeth’s Gathering,
    Either side of Great North Road,
Daffodils gleefully showed
    Their stalk-dressing flowering.

And then, at the Gathering,
    Another great flowering
Of English heritage, showed
    Through competitions that glowed
With competen...

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Thank You Dorothy

Thank You Dorothy
This much I know to be true:
I am not a morning person,
though I have tried to rise at 5
to sit in meditation,
feeling myself spiritually superior,
I have failed dismally
and now resign myself 
to the need I have 
to eek out 
My only mantra,
as I open my eyes to 

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VI. Little Fish

VI. Little Fish

Dive and swim in the pond.

Drift by smoothly, feeling the sun.

Be happy and free with no bond. 

Swim and float by because your journey has begun.


Swim my dear little fish

For this is your granted wish.

The bowl feels too tight

It has grown too small.

So I will set you free

Maybe one day you will come back to me.

Struggle against the ripping cur...

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Also by Camille:

V. The Passing | IV. Coffee | III. Conquer | II. The Night |

Always to Never

Always is a long time

But together its lovely

Constant fighting

Don’t want to be alone

Everyday without you would be pain

Forget about me

Got to move on

Have to forget the memories

I will face what's new

Just move on


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Also by Aly Hatcher:

HAPPY | LOVE | (untitled) | Live Long, Die Old |


The second hand goes flicking by,

Hurrying us on to the time we die.

The minute hand follows close behind,

Without a care if we should mind.

Till sixty minutes defines the hour

To remind us of time's passing power

And adding four hours to a score -

Each day tots up to twenty four;

Multiply one day by three six five

To mark each year you are alive.

In life there's so m...

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Sitting On A Chair Arguing About Computing

A little poem written with the help of my nine year old son Rhuiridh.


A young man who likes computing,

His Mum thinks he likes it too much,

The boy says he’s not on machines all the time,

Mum says that he talks double dutch.

Boy on the chair says, what does that mean.

His Mum says it means you talk such rot.

That isn’t fair the boy child said,

I’m not on computers a lo...

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Also by Jacqueline Phillips:


The ghost in the room

I'm a person that i'd never thought i'd be...
All the mistakes that I've made 
All the love that I've given away..
My soul has ventured realms no one could ever begin to fathom
and I have seen myself die in many form... now I am the ghost in the room,

a hundred people surround but inside I'm nowhere around...

I'm in a constant search for answers to questions that cannot be answered..


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entry picture

 (an older post)


They’re shutting our shops in the High Streets

Through losses and lack of new orders

But saddest to date I have to relate

Was the closure of Davygate Borders.


I used to pop in and delve through the shelves

Then leisurely lounge in the chairs,

Pick a novel or three to accompany tea

Which you took in the Starbuck’s upstairs.


I’ve done Bernar...

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Also by John Coopey:


Something To Say

entry picture

Something To Say.

I’ve got something to say about everything -
the bloody Tories and the bloody liberals
and that blood Farage with his bloody racism
and what about the bloody workers
and stop the bloody NHS cuts,
give us all a bloody living wage,
stop the bloody bankers bonuses,
plenty to say about benefits Britain
about the state of the nation,
about the house of lords,
about fracki...

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Tags: #firmagainstapathy,apathy,general election,views,vote

Also by Ian Whiteley:

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Chords of Aberration

An new poem of mine 'Chords of Aberration' has been published on Andy N's Ghost Story II blog.

It's stirring stuff this blog

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on my back staring upwards

from the ground

the ceiling looks so much wider

from the ground

its cracks seem much finer


the paint peels -

minute flags, off-white surrender;

the paint peals -

egg shells of heavy footed plunder...


revelation fall free

on this soul that has been bound

revelation fall free,

release this pretender from the ground


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Let Death Have For You No Fear

Let Death Have For You No Fear

Posted on April 14, 2015 by Tomás Ó Cárthaigh


Master Greene was a Ballinalee schoolteacher who learned the Irish Traveller cant and ended up teaching it to the grandchildren of the woman who taught it to him, who had it forgotton… he died at the ripe old age of 106!

That we all may live as long… and as well!

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The Little Flower Boy

The Little Flower Boy


The little boy he found a seed that may become a flower.

He took it home to keep it safe within an ivory tower


He placed it on the window ledge in bedding made of soil

Then gave it food and shaded it so sunlight would not spoil


One day he saw a sprout of green, week later, tiny leaf

Hopes that once where dreams to him gave birth to true belief


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Hillsborough 96

entry picture

Hillsborough 96

Pissed on
Shit upon
Stolen our pride
Fiddling the statements 
Of those that you let die

Gone past  the cut of point of caring
Who was left in the pile?

Leaving the ambulances revving
No need to push through
They're only football supporters not like me and you

Conceited and arrogant blaming the dead for dying 
Hats off to those who never gave up trying.



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Also by David R Mellor:

THE LAST..LINE | The Thin Thread |

For Fox Sake!

They hide behind words like tradition and sport

there’s no sport in it for the poor soul who’s caught

only teeth ripping flesh to the hunter’s delight

it’s barbaric, archaic and it’s not bloody right!


For fox sake vote labour and keep the Tory hunts out

tell Vote-OK is not OK and never been in doubt

we’ll sab the hunts, keep wildlife safe and defend the ban

tell Cameron t...

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Tags: fox hunting,UK election

The Hero A Nation Forgot

entry picture

A soldier stands alone among a busy city crowd,
no longer is he strong and no longer is he proud,
he put his life on the line for the country he loved,
for the people that he cherished and each of us,
he was sent to war where he fought long and hard,
his body now broken, his mind tormented and scarred,
now that the government have taken away his rights,
he no longer has a safe place to rest...

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Tags: abuse,Homeless War Veterans,Homelessness,Poverty

Also by Tony Kasazkaja:

Are You The Business | Nothing |

Everyone knew but me.

I wondered why that set
Of Mediterranean sky
Was domed between these whirls of weather we get,

Why - through the jibs
Of the low oaks -  the sun-shafts
Kept digging me in the ribs,

Why I could feel
The shock of spring seas pounding against a far coast
Vibrant under my heel –

The sudden toil
Of all kinds of coming-alive things
Stirring in the soil.

What was it the breeze

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Poetry video - Weyfarers magazine

entry picture

This poem, The Hole of Truth, was first published in Weyfarers Issue 110 (Guildford Poets Press 2011) and is soon to be republished in my forthcoming poetry collection, A Model Archaeologist (Eyewear Publishing) as a bonus poem. Anyway hope you enjoy! Leilanie :)

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Tags: Eyewear Publishing,performance poetry,poetry readings,poetry videos,Weyfarers Magazine

Also by Leilanie Stewart:

The Proletarian Poet part 2 - A Philosophical Approach |


Today I woke up like I should've not

Wishing, hoping that it's but a dream

To my dismay it's not at all...

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Also by Lost:

Home | Love | Unspoken | Passion and Determination | Growth |


I want love
I want it 
in the depest parts of me
I want it 
to crack my bones
I want it
to recreate my soul
I want it
to overwhelm me
I want it
to consume me
I want love
nothing but

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