How I Want You

How I want you

The way I like you

Ready and willing

Dressed in lingerie

With a kinky appeal



How I want you

The way you like to

Pleasing us integrity

Showing your ability

That kinky appeal



How I want you

Lingerie and body to flow

Lips to travel down low

Tasting sex appeal

Wanting ...

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Forging of firmness in frail frigate

Unision is unlikely to happen

Cranky & cruel words spew at will

Kicking down walls of decency and etiquette

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On this very night

come friends old and new

laughing on the past.

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Love Anagram

Love Anagram
Complicated terms never drafted, they just happened
unravelling frayed threads called our relationship.
Left in denial, drowning with an anchor called your companionship, 
being on the opposite spectrum.
Teetering in constant emotion, 
like an ironic conundrum.
Where only thing to throw us a life line, 
is for us to...

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O' Rose,
my heart once dipped in
thy fount of beauty,
you were there,
beautiful and bare
in your fortified heaven,
and, woe the day
I felt your face upon my palm.

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18 years

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This poem today is a tribute to my late departed father, whom left this world 18 year ago. 

18 Years

18 years
a lifetime of tears shed for a controversial hero, now
reduced to a photo on marble stone
here in the cemetery
you can't be alone

surrounded by others
taken before their time
some young, some old, and some new
but in this place of rest
all that matters to me is you

a faded ...

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Orginally posted on







Aloofed characters we'll see

Lost in the translation to hopeless dreams

Observations of selfish greed

Never to be complete

Ending life on "E".






Longing to find "a" single character to stitch to incomplete seams


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I Met God

I had a vision! or i heard him..

I Met God

I met god
in the form of a urinal
told me he wasn't a DJ
nor did he spin vinyl
but when we made the connection
his tap into my system felt spinal
he spoke equolent, his words final:

"now keiron,
recently i haven't heard you pray
and tell me are you practicising to be good, ten times a day?"

I felt bewildered
and put this voice down to a h...

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I ve many frnds but none like u, my feelings fr u were hell true !! I didn't did it intentionally, it just happened , truly, I know u r hurt, BT girl u have to trust, plz forgive me if you (want to)can, I can't afford to loose you my dear frnd!!!

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The Junk Shop

I was lost among the old junk,
in the farthest of corners, when
I heard a clock ticking away.

It had a rhythm of its own,
though the ticks were separate
it appeared to echo instead,

and when I watched the clock face,
the second hand would twitch a bit
before jumping to the next notch.

'Must be a pice of junk,' I thought,
then I looked down and checked my watch,
and it read the sam...

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The Winter Light

How is it so beautiful, winter?
When I look around outside,
I'm reminded how precious the light,
The smiling sun letting me know
The joy in the white of the snow,
And the blessing of time, and open eyes;
How precious the light in this time of year.


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Belong To You

When, whatever you want

I'm here for you, always near

In any circumstance.

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Cold at the Pump

Cold at the pump, I rub my hands together,
But, for a moment, there’s nothing there,
And I search for the pockets of my coat,

My breath faces its very death and fades,
And somewhere in the air, I leave it there,
And notice my time is ticking away,

The cold gets in close and I feel the chill,
When I realize I’m getting mugged by it,
And shiver and shudder at the thought of it,
When all...

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My Heart

When I had first laid eyes on you days after we first met

I felt i had finally found someone I could call my own.

Knew you were different than the other women.

As months went on, I'd grown to appreciate everything about you

from your radiant smile that lights up my day

to your warm embrace when our bodies become one.

As well as your bubbly sense of humor.

It shouldn't be hard ...

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Promise Me

When my hands begin to tremble

You’ll place your hand in mine

When my eyes become hollow

That you’ll gaze into them

When I’m at a loss for words

You’ll kiss me so the silence

Can speak for the both of us.

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Is this ritual or adventure

See how quickly

The words are written

No longer anonymous

Is this a box to check

A form to fill

A contract to renew

An essential procedure

The mind indifferent

Even irritated but....

The heart restless

Insistent that this

Is not an option

Ink on cardboard

Flesh on flesh

One forever...

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I don't know where I am I don't know what to do  All I know is I'm lost I'm simply lost in you Although there's nothing simple about you There's nothing simple with what I feel A current in my heart A shock through my veins The touch of you would be the end of things I feel the closeness descend Yet there's nothing we do I'm ready to give you my all But I'm scar...

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Gone Till April

Hope I make the most of my gifts. 

I'd be damned if I stayed the same person I was a year ago

Willing to work for mine, fuck a handout.

Whether it be a full-time nine to five or freelance, I'm gunning

for the top where I oughta be.

Not a rapper, just a brother presenting a gift for the world to see

possibly change someone's life.

All I want is for my family and my girlfriend t...

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 20/01/15

So tomorrow I have another job interview. Another chance for something better in my life but another chance to highlight that things have stalled a little in my development. It’s not been a great start to the week in terms of my self-evaluation. Having said that, we launched a new issue of Bunbury Magazine and I am still doing my blog so thing could be worse. I have played, I think, a little too m...

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 19/01/15

It always makes me laugh when a person’s bio on their social media account says ‘All thoughts on this account are my own and are in no way demonstrative of those of <name of corporation they work for>. What they are essentially saying is ‘these are the things I really think, when I am being myself in real life but when I am in the office, I think what they pay me to think.’ Since when did we becom...

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A Poem A Day For A Year & Self-Evaluation - 18/01

So Sunday is the day on which I am dedicating to self-evaluation. As you may know, at the moment I am going through a bout of depression, which comes and goes and affects me to the point where I freeze at the thought of doing anything even remotely helpful. I am trying to combat this by forcing myself to do things that I see as ‘putting myself out there for the world.’ This blog and Poem A Day For...

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                                    When January wind its fist doth shake

                                    And wooden fences tear from their places

                                    When horses start, when cattle shelter take


                                    To the hearth...

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 17/01/15

I’m a little drunk off lucky dip tokens at our local bar so today’s blog will be brief. I think some of you may appreciate that after yesterday’s anti-feminism post. Though that post garnered the highest reception since I started doing this so maybe I should lay into good causes more often. Oxfam, I’m coming for you next.

As far as weeks go, it’s not been a good one this week. My productivity h...

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 16/01/15

I’m starting today with a controversial thought.

I do not agree with feminism. Now I’m fully aware that may put some of you against me right from the start of this but let me explain (and this is my own actual thoughts on the matter, as possibly ill-informed as they are.) I agree with the aims of feminism. To put women on the deserved same platform as men. To have an equal chance of getting gre...

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Three poems in Dead Snakes Magazine

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Sepulchral Body.

I forget how once
I recited your name.
Frayed blossom spent
seven thorns from seven wounds
of loving you.

Sepulchral body
rhythmic dancing
rupturing those vessels
 from the  pungent flesh of servitude
The garden – my garden
 now barren and prickly
a dessert cactus
gouging the flesh
cold and bare rock faced.

I observe those migratory birds
soaring their temperate destination
as pe...

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When You Said Goodbye

When you said goodbye
 I realised deep inside
 That this would be the final time
 I ever saw your smile.
 Time came
 And God called your name
 And you floated peacefully away.
 This is permanant
 A tattoo on the heart
 A scar engraved in my skin
 I think about you everyday
 And everyday is a losing game
 Until the next time,
 Fingers crossed,
 I see you again

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Golden Boy

Golden boy, your hair is perfectly curled, do you know that?

And golden boy I can’t see because your shine blinds me even in a room full of people

You’ll never see the sun in my eyes, like I do yours

Your blue eyes pierce into me like a fallen icicle in the middle of a snow storm

But at the same time my hands feel sweaty, like I am lost in the Sahara desert

Oh, golden boy, with hair...

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Thy pen; no mighty sword here preach
Where words, metallic, fall.
On blood-ink lines; stained city streets -
Oh time, thou horrors crawl.
Wrought freedom flits, it waxes, ebbs,
Whence censored bullets rain,
But fallow not among the dead
Doth liberty remain.

Copyright © Simon Austin 2015

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Free writing competitions from January 2015

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Alcoholic With Sick On His Shoes.

Alcoholic with sick on his shoes,
Sat on a brown wooden bench
In the middle of town
With his old dog,
Flea ridden,
Shaking, gray,
Lacking good vision
Waiting for a meal
A dropped pasty or pie
A sandwich, perhaps rye.

I, was never taught in school
To be such a man
It was always
You could become a lawyer,
You could become a teacher,
You could become a business man
Never, you could ...

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