Song of the Sunflower

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Was it the yellow of your bright petals
or the way you danced in the breeze
that I brought you home from fields?
Was it the strength of your upright stalks
or the camaraderie, your solidarity?

There in the sun you sang hope,
songs that filled a mourning heart;
there in the wind you whispered
plaintive farewells on conflicted air-
fill this grieving with consolation.


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Srebrenica - Сребреница

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Will humanity ever learn? Europes worst war crime since World War II brought home the fact that its not just Cambodia and distant places where massacres occur, but anywhere that there is hate.

This time the Serb units in the area were in the wrong. Courts rules the Serb state as it was and is was not responsible. Last time it was the Utasha, Skanderberg SS an...

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Just Because They Once Were Victims

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This is not an anti-semetic poem, or anti - Israeli poem.

This is a protest poem, in protest at the violation of human rights in attacking ships laden with aid and medical supplies bound for Gaza.

Israel has the right to exist... fact.

So does Palestine... fact.

Israel cannot starve out the Palestinians.

A colauge of mine from the Iris...

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Tags: aid,convoy,Gaza,Gaza Strip,Israel,Palestine,war

The Reluctant Volunteer

My dad, no hero, didn't look

for punch-ups. When the call came

he signed for the pay corps. 

But the look on his face

sometimes got him into bother.


He couldn't quite stomach the drilling,

or hide what he thought

of the shouts, the how's your father, 

the moustache and tiny eyes,

the whole bloody rigmarole of the sergeant major. 


One nigh...

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Poem 'Airborne' (Sang by Antony Owen & Jacob Roberts)

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In memory of Private Jeff Doherty of Airborne Parachute Reg.

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You know it well that feeling,

hating that you’re leaving.

You’ve GOT to go.


First your inhaled breath teases your lungs, not to be regained

till an ever so minute enlightened spark enflames

your tingling nerves endings.

The ach is unbearable as jealous hands squeeze tight your heart

They the same killers and spillers of poison from cupids dart.

The po...

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