The Bracelet

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Ten burnished java beans strung on a native chain
shining in the desert sun, squinting in the rain,

Ten brothers all a’grin confront the world at large
chiselled from the precious wood of an unlit fire.

Ten faces linked by ear, in temple and cheek bone
metal pins in every eye, painted lips each one

Ten sets of sculpted teeth, war bonnets and turbans
detailed so a child might trace...

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soviet bombers fragment

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Silver-plated mothertruckers! Yey. The Russians have bombed Georgia targets inc a Black Sea port, oil pipeline, military targets, civilians, etc. 2 jets have been shot down, 1 pilot/aircrew killed I no of. I’m not sure of Georgian air force strength. They got 29 Su-27 flankers back in 92 when they left the Soviet block. Any jets since? All will be Russian kit. Russi...

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BLACK BLOOD - a poem for the Great War

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My father survived the Western Front and the Italian Front in the Great War, promoted from the ranks to

2nd lieutenant, 1st Battalion, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, attached to the 5th Division.  He was in

uniform again for WW2 and died aged 50 of TB when I was five.  I have a book about the 5th Division left

by him, containing some handwritten recollections of that terrible con...

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"Peaceful Ukraine, Peaceful Maidan"

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Peaceful citizens in the peaceful Ukraine.

Peaceful hard hats on the peaceful heads,

Peacefully breaking the slavers chain

Peacefully fight and protest.


If one is not peaceful, there’s no place here.

Peaceful slogans and peaceful “Hooray”

Peacefully kicking without a fear

Those who happened to fall on the way.


All is so peaceful, so white and so fluffy.


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Hurricane fighter plane dives through clouds towards the ground,

he goes down through the thick grey murk, no one can see him or knows

where he is going.

His wingmen landed some time ago and still there is no trace of him.

Is he gone, his plane so many smashed pieces of metal or burnt ash?

The dogfight was fast and swift with many planes turning and rolling

for a...

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