Far Away

Is the high worth the pain?

Or for the sunshine is the rain?

Stuck between this world and yours,

Both of my feet in different doors.

Quiet and desolate desert night,

My soul thirsts for your love's light

Restless and weary as I lay, Far away, Far away.

The whistling wind and blowing breeze,

The moon, it sets my mind at ease

The sun radiates through my soul,

Warming wh...

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Poem 71 of 230:  ME AT 33

Gandhi-glasses with twelve-years of wear,
    Clubfoot, slight scoliosis, thin hair;
I have a goatee, am built quite lean,
    And in golfing-clothes I’m mostly seen.

Single/once divorced, with no children -
    Except one sponsored with World Vision.
Back in Manchester, my place of birth -
    On that World Cup day, for what it’s worth.

Sound at exams, moulding,...

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Confessions of a vinyl addict

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love the sound of crackle
I adore the sound of hiss
People thought it was a dying trend
But its a sound I'll never miss

The sound of a new vinyl
Is a sound I love to hear
So pull yourself up real close
And lend me your ear

Now some people like  jazz
And others like rock
But the only time I get sad
Is when my records are outta stock

So if you see me playing records
Don't look at ...

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Thoughts about You

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I remember the late nights I lay awake thinking about you.

Your smile
Your eyes
Your hair

The way you looked at me when I was heavily intoxicated.
You were laughing.
Not the “I’m sorry for you laughing”
But the genuine laughing.

(With a smile that could light up the world)

The memory makes me think we dated
But that’s a silly thought.
So many of my thoughts surrounded you.
It w...

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The New Normal

The sad little man with the bulging face,

his sense of victory is Britain’s disgrace.

Voting out tolerance, electing hatred in its place,

by reducing complex issues into ones of race.


“The war is over, and we have won,”

says the phoney, slimy, suited hooligan,

knowing full well the conflict has just begun –

all hail our unelected pound-shop Napoleon.


As he soaks u...

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My Life/ Crossing the Streams

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Logs lost in a stream.

Drifting away,

but they were destined to bring,



and the American Dream.

But wild horses buck when they see the reigns.



Logs lost in a stream. 

Wading out

to make a route,

towards the newest scene.

Build a house with memories,

a heavenly theme.

Build a set so you can act out 



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A Tale Of Reincarnation

6th December



There was a monk
well, a former monk
and he was handing out free cups of tea
to passers-by
As he did he spoke of
Great Energies
and letting go of material possessions.

I took him up on his offer and we conversed
but then he asked me about my job
and I ashamedly admitted that I felt down
I work for a corporation
but he held me in a s...

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A Loan Man stands


Awkwardly in a conference room

Through corrugated glass slats

Cracks reveal stacks

of printer paper, standard size

Promising- so bright and white

And towering

Taller than he

Behind which he hides.


Closes his eyes.

Hand to forehead

Elbow to stack

A prayer recited: "Is it five o'clock yet?"

"Somewhere", he thinks

And ther...

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Snake Oil Sells the Economy

From the front of the conference room

He wraps us in a voice born of the pulpit

Buttery and gravelly and low


He floats down from the makeshift stage

Tells of the flying fish

Gives us magic sunglasses

So we can see through water


He's here to talk about new eyes

To see what under(lies)


He's selling a new language

In it, we write our morality on the wall


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She'll take them back

The stones cut carefully and stacked against her

Her winds find ways through the cracks

She'll take them back 

All content property of Chandra Mossine

*This original poem was published by the Columbia Art League in their 2014 Interpretations collection

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A sharp stick

In rough hands


Searching plains

To make bodies temples


Over wood fires

Quietly smokes rise


To industry

(and thanking, we ate)


Today struggle becomes clammy fingertips

Yearning for


The slick touch

Of some ancient bones

That time had turned to sludge


But we're

Always seeking

Always making new temples


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Every thing

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Anything and everything is what I want 
Life and love is just for us 
Like Kings and queens jealousy is unjust 
suspicious trust patience has no rush 
distinctive characteristics 
Like the talented and Gifted 
On a impossible mission 
To find someone with the purest of intentions


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The Abundance of Pleasure

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Do not be subjected to the selfish objectives 

of single serving soulmates out to leave you rejected. 

Left wondering why you elected to stay this connected, 

instead of using your head, choosing to prove,

you knew we would lose this connection


So stay strong and focused, it won't take too long to notice, 

that your modus for selection, can be bogus so focus your weapon 


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Dear Bob Dylan

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"Dear Bob Dylan is a collection of letters written over a ten year span. The letters encompass a literary endeavor by the author as a means to hone her voice without boundaries, to express all that is insoluble and alive in her life and like any philosophy, lend to a new perspective for friends, fans and critics alike."

I am thrilled to announce the publication of Dear Bob Dylan.  Currently ava...

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The Treasure that is Treva

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Nothing compares to the treasure that is Treva

No underestimating fate when it comes to Pleasure.

I might be talking forever, I find this girl super clever

Not a soul does it better, the time is now or never.


Her style is leather and feathers and if she changes direction

She’s a proper showstopper winning Prom Queen elections

Her sense of humor’s infectious so I establish a ...

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Sunrise Lover


Sunrise lover from

Soft, warm darkness.

Light filters in at sunrise and

Rises from the floor and spreads to the ceiling.

As the room brightens, his form slowing comes into being,

Emerging from the rumpled pile of bedclothes.

Smooth, soft, dark and lovely.

I lie with him, my face resting against his.

In the half light I can just make out

His eyelashes, resting on h...

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School Days - Best Days Of Our Lives?


The pallor of the parquet floor
Brings recollections of
School, its classrooms, its corridors

Somehow the pattern pulls
Me into a journey through
Time; conjuring images

Of art and assemblies,
Of laughter and lateness,
Of parents and pupils and plans:

For a future unknown;
For escaping the lessons
And the chill of those changing rooms.

A mishmash of memories,

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When I was young I learned to dance.

Early on I took the chance to swerve,

To have the nerve to move my hips,

Have the balls to move my lips and shout.

There never was a moment of doubt

I would be the one to blame.

I would have a claim to fame.

I would be the one who’s always brash.

I would be just Northern trash, with attitude.

The one who’s r...

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The Way the World Ends

This is the way the world ends.
Not with a bang, but with a whimper.
Do not fear the light of the dying star for it will yield no pain.
It is mortal, it is ended.
Fading out like the dimming of the candle, then extinguished, forever.
No light shall ever again grace these barren lands
As dust forever billows across its scarred surface
And drinks its voluptuous seas.
Like a standing ovation,

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A War for the Ages, A Battle of Titans

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I believe it’s the truth; when I listen to your story,

Because what kind of fool would let someone else destroy,

The preconceived notion of what it means to feel joy and

Give someone the power to make you scour the void


For a moment of smiles, for some semblance of hope,

Someone in this world that will, remember your jokes

And those resembling friends, they’ll assemble your ...

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The Death of a Connection, Life of Protection

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My Hands cover my face because I’m ashamed,

And the pain too much for me to sustain

The game didn’t change us, we’re all still the same

I blame myself, I couldn’t handle the fortune and fame


All the kisses exist on other lover’s lips

In my mind I remember the list when I reminisce

Finding out the best of this was yet to come

Today could be a different day, if I’d only suc...

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Two of a Kind, A Perfect Match

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Two of a kind, a perfect match,

an excellent pair, why couldn’t it last?

Too many theories and silly conspiracies.

Seriously, who cares if she happened to be,


somebody meaner no deeper no cleaner

than you would’ve thought she’d hoped she’d be.

She misrepresented an unpleasant version

of sexy in the streets and freak in the sheets


by freaking with ev-ery geek that ...

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A Transitional Break/ Until Each Other's Dying Day

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I cut myself with your pictures, when I feel alone,

Scarring part of my heart, with your cellular phone

You’re the backdrop for heartache this week and the next

Your contact was cathartic ‘til I started failing tests


The one where I’m strong for the longest haul

And I don’t get jealous when your exes call.

I’m imperfect, yet I’ve proven my potential for hope

My moods not ...

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Radio Interview with Melanie Manchot

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My interview with the artist Melanie Manchot for Brighton's Radio Reverb. You can hear me talking about the back story to Zones of Avoidance which won the 2013 Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry

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A Poem For Spring - Ms. Shannon Frog

Ms. Shannon Frog
(By Paul A M Palmer)
Wintering in the dark
Beneath the rock
Beneath the stone
Beneath the bark
She sleeps
Dreaming of Spring
Amongst the males
Amongst the grass
Amongst the green
She sleeps
No thoughts of fear
About the fox
About the crow
About the stoat
She sleeps
Then in the Spring
Beneath the rock

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Bindweed Magazine: Charles Rammelkamp - 5 poems

Bindweed Magazine: https://bindweedmagazine.wordpress.com

Charles Rammelkamp - https://bindweedmagazine.wordpress.com/2016/05/13/charles-rammelkamp-5-poems/

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Phoenix on the Mend

Rebuilding sanity starts with destroying memories.

Regret on your shoulders, don’t let it crush you for centuries.

The pressure someone else has forced upon you is gone

Your shackles are broken, time for you to sing your own song


You’ll find truth realizing potential within yourself

Like surviving a painful experience with little help,

will allow you to channel creativity fr...

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Holding on for the Long Haul

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Life between us moved a little too fast,

I'm wishing that these aching moments without you, would pass

and hope they don't last for more than we need,

because I'm wildly wondering and quietly mumbling

stumbling and tumbling, my words always fumbling

it’s humbling to be headed toward our destiny

while the rest of me needs to succeed with my team.

You're the reason I’m sleeping ...

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Tips for my Daughter, How not to get raped, pt1

There is a time to please, to appease, to apologise

For the tease, for existence

To apologise for the breasts, and the audacity

To want ownership, to be landed gentry of the manger

To pray less than politely for a lack of invitation from

The testosterone laden entitlement

When you trust him, the deceit still sits

In that firm space between gender specifications and stereot...

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New Tv and Film Haiku Review

I have been trying to challenge myself to write in a variety of poetic styles. Most of Sunday has been spent playing around with Haiku; somehting I have always previously avoided as I found the format far too restrictive.

As a result of todays efforts I have decided to combine my Haiku writing attempts with my love for TV and Film. I have since created a blog of TV and film Haiku Reviews which yo...

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My Three-word Admission

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You're my peach, juicy and delicious,

Slur my speech, make my knees weak with kisses

It feels fictitious but it's factual, see

I've got stitches from Mrs. Love, actually


The scars are more like beauty marks after dark when you start

tweeting feelings like meadowlarks my heart Roars like a muscle car

Torn apart, put back together, it weathered being severely severed


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The Epitome of Aphrodite

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This riot doesn’t subside, just because you wish it

Sometimes we need a medium just to take the trip with.

You think that you’re equipped with all the right equipment?

I’m thinking that you’re tripping, and this is all a figment


Of your imagination, try to stick with being grounded

Founded in this new creation, you and I are quite astounding

Please re-main calm, intense plea...

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A Birthday Dedication, to LM

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A woman, no mere mortal,

sent by lady fate

Her eyes are but a portal

where ideas lie in wait.


Her ambience is a hurricane,

it occurs to me she’s novacane

and it certainly ain’t hard to see

why this addiction is inside of me.


Lidice, you’re a waking dream,

You’re amazing me with your crazy schemes

I’m trying out, I hope I make the team

I hope by now, I’m n...

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The Cataplexic Laws of Nature

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Love isn't tethered to a standard model

The universe operates on massive throttle

Engage this new Enterprise to warp speed,

Because our love transcends all the warnings


No one warned me about infinite possibilities

Make the challenge seem more than torn at the seams

Bored with the schemes, reporting that scenes

seem more than just an ordinary score for the team.



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The Neuroscience of Cryptographic Numerology

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I'm the neuroscientist, working on your tiredness

She's inspired and defies the liars despite the lack of confidence

Recklessly they beg and breed, they see the need for love and peace

They pieced together these policies that aren't for you or me.


Leave us in our anarchy, we'll make the best of what we need,

Survivalists in spite of greed, we wipe our sins by smoking weed.


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The Scandal That is You

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She opens her palm and his hand, he hands her

Time for a spin, some sin on the dance floor

I’ve got plans for us just how much can you handle?

Passion’s the mantle,

I’ll make you my Scandal.


Beautiful body, mental combatant

Amazing Agent of style and fashion

Miss passion with the most passionate

habits that are old fashioned


like manuscripts written by candlest...

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Psychological Nudity

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I'll always write you more, my nighttime beauty,

I'd see it as a privilege, if it is my lifetime duty.

I wish you could truly, feel a bit of what you do to me.

It's new to me, I love our psychological nudity.


No descent into mutiny, 'cause our lives are intertwined.

Got a fire in my life, it's light is keeping me alive.

You’re a beacon in the night, a guide to protect and su...

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My Adjective Addiction

entry picture

If you were on recovery from an Adjective Addiction

then "Good" would stand as an accurate description.

And since I'm coasting on this west coast slippery slope

Using the “totally dopest” ways of boasting

I'm hoping you don't mind I list additional features

that lift asses of enthusiastic masses off the bleachers.


Make literature teachers opine that my lines are finely laid


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The Storm of Boredom and Greed

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When life tries to test ya, create a light just like Tesla

Cremate the fate of your future, try losin the truth, it’ll catch ya

So loosen the noose of attention, and form a slew of intentions

And use your noodle to doodle your message on the edge of invention


Be the new innovation, that renews situations

face them head on. It’s onwards towards a new generation

Then face them...

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Lady In Red

Lady in red, baby I'm head over heels

Maybe I'm deaf dumb and blinded by the way that I feel

Maybe I'll scratch claw and climb my way into your good graces

but face it, Complacent can't explain why I'm so jaded, it's basic

I taste the nectar of life when I get struck by your light

I breathe a sigh of relief feeling for the signs that you like me

see the white's of your eyes, you'...

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My Heartstrings

Gorgeous and Mysterious,

I'm completely serious,

A girl that has my heart and from the start there was no fearing this.

Finally, I feel so free,

there’s no more locks and chains for me

No more anarchy or strings, or clinging to my wishful thinking

everything I want and more, Everything that I adore,

all the gifts that life provides, pale when com-pared to her eyes.

To her h...

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WS: Seven Ages of Man

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I need to remember It’s ok, being comfortable and content

With the impact that you make, 'cause even the smallest dent

Can resonate the eternal energy you project

It gets displayed and makes all these people connect.


Think on a deeper level, where we accept there’s a devil

We’ve seen imperfections, and left them on another level

Of acceptance, where feeding kids an untested ...

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52 Pickup/ or; Diamonds over Queens

Your friends all wanna get with me, and I’m not really interested,

So I’m just gonna sit here with, my mind infatuated with you.

You’re the reason that I sleep so well, I’m sorry I can’t stop myself

I’m lost without the proper help trapped inside this hell missing you


Breathing was so easy when the dudes you met were sleezy

Now the quality is higher and you end up shining brigh...

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Girl Crazy for Attention

With so many different ways, to display my affection

I’m checking Pintrest and Instagram to find a selection

Of adorable gestures, unique approaches that mention

How you’re incredibly tempting, your presence has my attention


And you're the perfect receptacle for my mental imagery.

Listen Missy you're my muse, like Mona Lisa to Leo D.

It’s easy to see, I’m infatuated with the...

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Flying My Birds

I fly the birds around this place

We chat amongst the trees

The wildlife up in this place

Contains a rainbow breeze.

The truth rises to the top

A quiet frozen mountain

I fly my birds up to the top 

To chat and to surround it.

Discussing the monopoly,

Folks with greed in mind--

I'm the messenger of truth

Sending my birds to fly.

The Greed-ridden dictators 


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Battle of One

To the death, we say,
Breath licked with flame, spits to my face;
His face.
Racing temples pump furious blood
Through ferrous veins,
Manes rise, eyes blister with relentless rage;
Then, clenched fists draw clotted blood
Through plum knuckles.
My neck buckles,
His neck,
Cracking bone like tinder,
The interweave of puffed ribs and scarlet skin
Glisten with fetid sweat;
I rea...

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The Moth

The moth, she knows the flame will burn
But back again, again she comes,
Her velvet collisions dress the air,
Sparkling against these tempting embers
Where she throws herself over and over
Upon the most flickering of fascinations,
Such senseless self-immolation 
Strips her to a carapace, 
Leaving her scorched, naked, undressed, undone, 
Beneath the tragic unravelling of her world.

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Tags: addiction, death, love, Moth, nature, poem, poetry, punishment

With an open eye

And she will always reflect

the hidden traits 

in which you already possess 

~ nicoline ~

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Lisa C. Miller's Books and Poetry


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