Coat of Armor

I wear a coat of armor

A full-body suit to protect my inner self

A shield against the outside world

But, every once in a while I forget a piece

And when I do it's the most important one

So, if you see me and I'm not put together

Please be gentle and approach with care

For you see, when I do forget a piece

It's always my heart that shows.

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Tags: grief, heart, protection

The Heart

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With its every pulse, throb and beat -
This is one beast of a machine
It's the soul's companion;
the core of our feelings
It can be as hard as stone,
or weak enough to be broken
It can be soft, warm.
Big.  Kind.  Heavy.  Light
It rends, burns and bleeds
Yearns, faints and aches
It can give a home to land
and be a place to search for answers
It can ...

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Tags: heart

How do I say it?

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20 years to see
The world encompass all.
Its' messiness unbearable,
But when I caught your voice,
Its' sweetness a dulling touch.
The world and its' massive wildness,
Disappeared all to dust.

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Tags: difficulty, From the heart, heart, life, love, soul, unbearable, voice

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