Future Rhyme

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Seventeen syllables

Think of something new

Or just do what those before

You do


Limit your speech 

Yourself confine

Your raised self worth 

Conflicts with mine


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Ta Ra

Eyes and teeth Cilla;

anyone who had a heart

knows that I loved you.

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Twenty, One Line Poem

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A ghostly Soldier, a Mother and babe alone, the price of freedom.

The chilled air rushes through the leaf strewn forest floor, winter's on its way.

A Mime make a rhyme, sure a Mime can make a rhyme, but who would hear it.

God is good and great, praise him now and don't be late, will decide Your fate.

The wind blows the snow into whirlin...

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Powerful Beauty

*My daughter made this brilliant poem (her words) lol and asked that I share it with you all. She is 10 and has started to experiment with words and writing. She sees me write very often and today I told her about Haiku. Explained what the structure consisted of and let her have at it. A few minutes later she handed me this :) 

Beauty has power 
stronger than anything round
You better watch o...

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Summer Awhaikuing

Stronger in numbers;

the leaves a deaf audience

clapping spring's last bow.

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Why Is It I Write

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To express myself
To inspire someone else
To send a message

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Expect, Assume

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I expect not to

Expect I assume not to

Assume, Life in words

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