Over the years I’ve owned all types of cars in all sorts of colours.

From my old Fiat 127 to my racy Ford Escort

I’ve had so many laughs and quite a few bumps

in my world of driving. In between was a Lada,

a Chevette and a Datsun that lasted not a year.

Now with my Fiat Panda, all shining and new,

all in red, it will last me forever until I die.


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My old Escort is a wreck on wheels,

there’s more rust than paint, the tyres are bald

and the door lock’s knackered

but I have so much pride in my ancient car.

It came into being in 1984, at the height of the 80s

when XR3’s were king and Ford ruled the road.

Every morning it starts at first turn of the key

in a cloud of blue smoke fro...

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