Abide or Untie

Biding their time. Defining what is and is not define. Priming and pruning your mind for a life coloring within the lines. You cling to their lies; nothing exists behind the boundaries they've devised.

Hear the truth buried in every lie, all are Devine. Hug this world tight and define for yourself what it is to be alive.

Is it fulfilling to be tied to the desires if the subconscious mind? Yo...

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Tags: consciousness,destroyer creator,devine,expansion,time,truth

Beat to my own drum - NaPoWriMo Day 5


Saint Stephen's tale

It's Friday, sweets from Mrs Smith

Degeneration X and anarchy

Frankie's words: two tables, four chairs, suspension.

Discovered passing the buck, and thus passed it.

Stole the show with Twenty-one Questions, four dancers, and a singer.

First girlfriend changed everything, "You're young, she has baggage - get rid..." … did...

A pla...

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Tags: Anxiety,Arguments,Birthdays,Candle,Childhood,College,Degeneration X,Depression,DX,Fathers,Fights,Friends,HBK,Homelessness,Hostel,Light,Lord of the Rings,Loss,LOTR,Love,Memories,Memory,Mordor,Mothers,NaPoWriMo,People,Phoenix,Poetry,Primary School,R+B,Rap,Rebirth,Rejoice,Sauron,School,Secondary School,Sisters,Stories,Suicide,Syllables,Tale,Teachers,Tolkien,Truth,Wrestling,WWE,WWF,Years

the Dark Side to each other's Moon

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Ripples in the water. Forever bouncing. The transformation from Sea to Land. The water. a Constant Surge. Pulsating Tides. those Building Blocks. Keeping a foundation grounded. The motive behind the pen.


Are we all just words in a pictionary born again to have meaning? The reality I belong t...

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Tags: 17,22,baked thoughts,building blocks,clouds,dance,funnel,great,Love,mississippi river,MNtality,question,sap,storm,Timmy Mitulli,truth,write

I Miss You

Hello there,

Angel from my nightmares.

Devil from my dreams

a grey spirit that weaves

its way through my existence.

What a Dementor does to souls

or a Dalek to a human heart.


Even a superhuman heart

can break.


Just ask Logan,

a force so strong

a returning phoenix

could not reignite remnants.


I miss you.

Whatever y...

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Tags: alone,angel,Daleks,demon,devil,Doctor Who,eternity,feminazi,feminism,forever,ghost,her,him,internet,Jean Grey,Kingdom Hearts,Logan,loss,love,memory,miss,mutant,Phoenix,radfem,religion,satan,silent,spirit,superhero,superhuman,them,Time Lord,together,truth,tumblr,Wolverine,X-Men,you,zealotry

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