Brevette Poems (Second Edition)

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I wrote this second edition at the suggestion of M.C. Newberry



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Night Out.

I keep telling myself not to take it so serious
All this time wasted and I’m left delirious
As old as bones and as cold as stones
Now I’m not sure I should be left alone
Free to think of me with wealth
Drunk, stoned and stupid
And in perfect health

Step out the door
Leave the brain on the shelf
Tonight I don’t see it being much help
A thought there then here
‘What was that?’

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A Memory of Schooldays Cargoes

A Memory of Schooldays                                                                                                       


Quinquireme of Nineveh from distant Ophir,                                                          ...

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What dark threads did you choose, my Mother,
To weave on the loom of your life, For you loved gold and silver, my Mother,
And I remember your singing and laughter.
I remember your courage, my Mother,
For you were always in pain;
And I remember your fear.
You never swerved from the straight, my Mother,
Though you struggled on a stony road.
What was the cost of your choice...

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Once in a land faraway

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Once in land far away
Was a woman 
she knelt to pray
She prayed for a child who could be
The key to a new dawn of ages

The baby was conceived
Naturally of course
By union of bodies 
By lustful souls
The scrolls foretold the child would grow to be
A pawn in the game of prophecy

A peacemaker
A son of the goddess 
Most high
Her diamond ,glowing  bright in the sky
But there woul...

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Tags: alienpoet,epic,finale,Land faraway,poem,poetry,story

Green and wherwell priory's cockatrice

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Born of a ducks egg
Hatched by a toad
The dread cockatrice uses wherwell priory as its abode
Don't be caught by its steely glare
Or be made into stone statue
If it catches you with it's eyes
So don't look run 
Or be overcome
It eats and causes destruction wherever it flies
So watch the skies with fearful eyes
But wait a man called green 
Seeks the four acre reward 
He polishes a pie...

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Food Banks Are Bad

Some Advice From Edwina Currie, Former MP

Don’t give thanks
for local food banks
they encourage
the feckless
the greedy
the emotionally needy
the reckless
the addicts
the idle-by-habits
the drunkards
the hopeless
the gormless
the homeless
the wasters
the smokers
the cheaters
the faceless
the indigent
the immigrants
the lazy
the crazy
the tattooed dog owners
the debtors

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By: Yvette Howie
I got home and I was alone
My thoughts whispered and America teemed
Across the street dreams tasted like ice cream
First dates ended in forever partners
My belly cried for food and love
I had no food or love
My phone forgot I existed
It laid dormant
Without so much as the soul of an earlier phone call
Games did not amuse me

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Four Floors

Her face was peppered with white powder,
The prouder part of her slender frame
Lay still, a weary head on a pillow
By an open window four floors away.
Eyes of glass catch hazed reflections
From the direction of London lamps
Lighting themselves one by one,
But she does not smile at their amber gleam
Whilst the seams of her soul come undone.

Vague melt solidifies natures crime scene.
Unheard screams echo thro...

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