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Ghosts to
my left,
Ghosts to
my right.

Ghosts in front,
oh what
a fright.

Ghosts all around,
How did I
get in this
Ghostly town?

I look at
my hand,
What is this
what do
I see?

Oh My
I can
see right
through me.

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Tags: ghosts, Poem, Silly

The Power of Persuasion

The Power of Persuasion

Was that a trick of the light?

A phantom in the hall?

Was that the scream of a poltergeist - or the sound of a crying child?


There’s a face I can see in the shadows,

The smell of a haunted lover,

The moaning of a Cromwellian soldier screams on Marston Moor;


A door that creaks-

The roof that leaks-

The sink that taps at night,

The pow...

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Tags: ghosts, hauntings, persuasion

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