The Way the World Ends

This is the way the world ends.
Not with a bang, but with a whimper.
Do not fear the light of the dying star for it will yield no pain.
It is mortal, it is ended.
Fading out like the dimming of the candle, then extinguished, forever.
No light shall ever again grace these barren lands
As dust forever billows across its scarred surface
And drinks its voluptuous seas.
Like a standing ovation,

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The dog who died

A dog died on the streets today
A well bred dog with pedigree
His coat was riddled with fleas and lice 
And his stomach was empty.
He would never bark or snap or crack.
Some would offer him food or treats
And some say he died of sadness and grief
A man died on the streets today 
One less dog to think of 
some were heard to say
On his passing away. 

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Just Maybe

Sitting in my cold room

That I fondly call my personal cell

I think about all the things I’ve done.


I see a black smoking gun

And like a coward, I grab it

My hand begins to become sweat.


My face is puffy and red,

While painful tears stream down my face

How did I get this low?


There is something inside of me


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i watch it all change and i sit back here like a child watching his parents argue across the dinner table not understanding a word waiting for it to change back or change into fireworks and butterflies but i don't know if it will. Because... It's all moved on, everything moves into and out of decay the circle of life is an ouroborus much bigger than i thought it spa...

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La Petite Mort of Creativity

entry picture

Let me bleed out a moment’s release,

from this contemptible inner peace.


my tears are too clear of midnight ink,

my thoughts are apathetic and indistinct.


I look for omens, cracks in bedroom mirrors,

for owls, magpies - among nests of unfamiliar


I churlishly spread my coquettish legs

seducing any passing stranger’s death.


To be touched - trembled by fi...

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Sea Dreams

entry picture

Barefoot she walks along the beach 
Retracing lost memories in ripples of sand
The murmur of the surf plays in her ears like muffled 
notes bowed on a cello
the sun drips down behind 
the cobalt waves casting shadows to equal those of 
her longest night 
Hushed colours paint her skin in hues of poignancy, 
her heart beats in rhythm with the tide as she glides
through the surf
Footprints ...

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Immortal Soliloquy

entry picture

They say that the worst kind of grieving

is when the lost antagonist is still alive,

whether sudden as a spring swallow’s dive

or a slow wintered bewilderment in the leaving.

Buried, burnt or butchered cruelly out of heart

that did endure with vexation and veneration,  

fear of being alone or guilt of being causation

of their final yield to the wind that blows love apart.



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words formed at waking

a muttering crowd gathers
'round a well of human tears
they lower dirt-sodden buckets to recover
the wet product of night terrors,
tumult and nascent fear

an ejaculate shower glistens
on the dead leaves and automobiles
while nature howls
then hunkers down in silence
posturing for the next kill

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Bitter Sweet Dreams

When your in my dreams it's bitter sweet.
I can see your smile
Hear your voice 
Feel your touch
Taste your kiss
Smell your skin
But when my eyes open your gone again.

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Never Ending Loop

I miss you the most on Friday and Saturday nights
Whether you were here with me or on the phone
When we would be settling down for the night 
Making plans for the weekend
Saying goodnight
Now all I have are horrible thoughts and images running through my head

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Day after day the shards of my broken heart cut deeper and deeper, searching for the piece of my soul that no longer inhabits my body.

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Coming out of shock

Everyday it gets more and more real.
When I see your name on our son's emergency contact list
When I want to message you about something dumb someone said at work so we can laugh
When I can't reach for the phone to call you
When I pass by one of our spots 
Everyday is lonely 
Everyday is miserable
Everyday I lose you all over again.

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I will crave your touch until we meet again.

All I can do now is close my eyes and hope to dream of you.

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Without You

It gets harder and harder each day. 
It's constant sadness, loneliness, heartbreak, confusion, anger and what if's.
It literally hurts.
It never stops.

So much of me went with you.

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Suddenly Gone

What do you do when such a huge part of your EVERYDAY life is just gone? A complete void that appeared instantly overnight.

You have shoes here, a toothbrush, clothes that I've slept in almost every night for the past 2 years, tons of toys/games you bought our son, things you bought me, your #1 on my speed dial, your profile on Netflix, our cat Spooks that you named, everything is still here......

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Weathered Friend

Here I am
Sad again
Empty when I should be full
I won't be sitting here, when the blood begins to pool
My body's getting colder now
I'm tipping over the stool
In this moment I'm not shy
Suppose it's time to say goodbye
Hope to see you in another life
Weathered friend of mine

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The Mother.

The day that she was told that she would die
she did a big shop for the family
and made the kitchen smell of baking bread.
she labled and then ladled into pots
then all went in a freezer fit to burst-
as meals that they could eat when she was gone.
Then, going up into the children’s rooms
she took some time to sit upon each bed
and chancing on a scattered shirt or top
she held them close ...

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The Moth

The moth, she knows the flame will burn
But back again, again she comes,
Her velvet collisions dress the air,
Sparkling against these tempting embers
Where she throws herself over and over
Upon the most flickering of fascinations,
Such senseless self-immolation 
Strips her to a carapace, 
Leaving her scorched, naked, undressed, undone, 
Beneath the tragic unravelling of her world.

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No Matter Where

entry picture

No matter where your hatred stems
Or where you spread your lies,
Beneath your feet the earth condemns
These lands you terrorise.

No matter where your hideouts hide
Or where your burrows bore,
Pointless is your suicide;
Baseless is your law.

No matter where your masses chant
Or where your fighters flock,
Immaterial is your rant -
Unnoticed is your shock.

No matter where you instill fear
Or where you...

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Words instead of Bombs

Blow me up

Blast me against the wall

Burst me with bombs and guns into a thousand pieces

Shoot me down dead

With bullets to the head

And while my blood runs into the sand

Just think for a moment

That you could have shook my hand

Said hello

Fired words at me

Instead of bombs.

You could have screamed at me if you wanted,

Shouted, screeched and yelled.

You could...

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These horror corridors, erratic,
Aged in oil, no known schematic,
Contorted without end or start,
Between the stars that ripped apart.
From out of darkness, darkness falls,
Creeps lattice floors and barren walls.
She, calculated, cruel and coarse;
No fear, no pity, care, remorse.

Past leaking pipes and daggered halls,
As bleating screens scream warning calls,
These rusted vents here warp and weep
Above, ...

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You and I met

You and I met at the most unfortunate time:

Shrieks of bodies being torn apart

Filled my ears as I looked into your eyes - 

Earthy hazel, a grounding, on which I could rely.

Hell was bearing down on us, and yet I

Did not cry; we emerged, intact, but apart,

And for the moment, swallowed the lie.


Years of companionship spent in uniform stride

Into wanton ruin where only ...

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By the light of the local Spar

Eyes snapped shut in the street-facing bedroom

lit up by the light of the Spar

that floods it's white plastic windows

illuminating each passing car



In her curled up hands a faded old photo


but the hands,once so gentle,that hold this mementoe,

are as cold,are as granite, as stone


In came Sister with a meagre tea tray

barging in,past...

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RIP Mr Murphy

A Tribute to Paul Murphy

who died today - my friend & inspiration

Farewell my friend 
For now you're gone
To sing your words
With angles strong
With top hats raised
We say so long 
You Ranter, Raver
And Poet of song

Go give God a good rant! 
RIP you nutter xxx

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The Melting of the Ice

(This is a re-post of a series of five interconnecting poems, previously blogged as separate poems. The death of my mother last year was preceded by hearing the tone poem Finlandia, by Jean Sibelius, on the radio, and it so completely described how I was feeling that it took me over, and informs the whole series.

As a big nod to Sibelius, I decided to use a loosely-based symphonic structure, so...

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entry picture



Inanimate, not insentient.

Sitting there

in sodden chair.


Receptors flooding now

they have recoiled from being,

given up, they are closing down one by


last one, gone.

Contact lost, burned through.


Strapped to the gurney,

zipped and labelled for the fridge.

The carriage nonchalantly siren-less, 

as it passes a sellers pitch.


A cold m...

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