By the light of the local Spar

Eyes snapped shut in the street-facing bedroom

lit up by the light of the Spar

that floods it's white plastic windows

illuminating each passing car



In her curled up hands a faded old photo


but the hands,once so gentle,that hold this mementoe,

are as cold,are as granite, as stone


In came Sister with a meagre tea tray

barging in,past...

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RIP Mr Murphy

A Tribute to Paul Murphy

who died today - my friend & inspiration

Farewell my friend 
For now you're gone
To sing your words
With angles strong
With top hats raised
We say so long 
You Ranter, Raver
And Poet of song

Go give God a good rant! 
RIP you nutter xxx

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The Melting of the Ice

(This is a re-post of a series of five interconnecting poems, previously blogged as separate poems. The death of my mother last year was preceded by hearing the tone poem Finlandia, by Jean Sibelius, on the radio, and it so completely described how I was feeling that it took me over, and informs the whole series.

As a big nod to Sibelius, I decided to use a loosely-based symphonic structure, so...

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entry picture



Inanimate, not insentient.

Sitting there

in sodden chair.


Receptors flooding now

they have recoiled from being,

given up, they are closing down one by


last one, gone.

Contact lost, burned through.


Strapped to the gurney,

zipped and labelled for the fridge.

The carriage nonchalantly siren-less, 

as it passes a sellers pitch.


A cold m...

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