Champagne by the Sea

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Take a stroll with me along the deserted shore

As the waves crash onto the baking sands

Under a welcoming crystal clear blue sky

We meander happily hand in hand

I surrender you got me completely hooked

Just can’t help my emotional self anymore

My happy heart is about to burst with joy

You I just want to worship and adore

Please let me cover you with french kisses

On the ...

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at the meting

At The Meeting

At the meeting, I was trying to find a horrific tale something

bad I had done when drunk I wanted to get off my chest but

I could not remember anything other than when ten a puppy dog

on the window sill lost its balance and fell into the yard

it wasn`t hurt, but I did feel bad.

So I told the story as it had happened forty years in the future

I legless has pushed...

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Keenie Meenie (a mercenary calling)

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There are actors



defrocked by

their naivety,



by seeing eyes 

and incredulity.


Are you one such

who masquerades?

of the mercenary calling

bought and paid?


I see your feeble heart

that absent of hate

would never start


Yet, tolerated is your presence

your cash rich ethos



Bubble bubble 


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Tags: DRC, mercs, old mercs

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Poisoned World

Welcoming blue and wispy air
The sky greets our world to each new day The white floating cotton balls
The hue of ombré at the horizon
The reflection of light across the water 
The sky stretches on far beyond us
The atmospheres above us
Fading away as the world carries more distance 
The fading of colors and hues 
The transition from sky blue to indigo
Never ending to the visible eye 

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Shadows Tall

It's a beautiful day, the sun shines bright.

No wind does blow, not a cloud in sight.

The summer holidays are now in full flow.

4 weeks off school and still 2 more to go!


But something is missing, not quite there.

No sound of children's laughter to fill the air.

No splashing sounds of paddling pool fun.

No ice creams melting under the warm sun.


Because when I was ...

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A non-hybrid hybrid

Born in the land of the Anglos
Descended from the East Asians
Cultured in both 
Clothed in both 
Fed by both
A non-hybrid hybrid
An entity with no real ground

I was floating 
You were floating
You floated into me
My home was found 
My real ground

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Oh Dear, What can the matter be?

All the passengers sat on the lavatory

So Jezza demonstrates class solidarity

Sitting like us the floor.


So not for Jezza a First Class upgrading

This ordinary bloke is out Party crusading

But, dear, oh dear, his halo starts fading

As soon as the filming’s been done.

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Also by John Coopey:


Leaving Home~ a Haiku

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Baby bird drops twigs

spreads youthful wings, flies her nest

soars to high branches

~R.M. Carter



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Tags: adulthood, growing-up, haiku, Maturity, nature

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My eyes see the beauty in every gesture
From the tenderness care of an extended hand
To the glaring beating of a loud drumming band
Even tiny movements are a special treasure

Wheelchair-bound for ten years after the accident
Can't move my legs and arms, hardly can move my neck
My mind thinks of moving but body wields no speck
So these words are my acts of your entanglement

Please see i...

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Are You My Friend

Are you my friend?

Or just someone I chance to know.

Are you my friend?

Who will be with me to the end;

Through thick and thin, through high and low?

Or fade away in time of woe?

Are you my friend?

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Tags: Rondelet

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the wordsmith

wild words he grasps

plucked from the air

thrust in the forge

he holds them there

 white with heat

as beat on beat

thought and perspiration meet

 quenched with ink

and fixed in lines

they once ran wild

but now combine

to tell tall tales

at hearts they tug

they soar and sail

and hate and love

hold a mirror

light the dark

tell the truth

make thei...

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the rabbit

i first encountered death at midnight

stumbling through the creaking pines

needles crackling under my bare feet

there lay the fallen rabbit, lit by the moon

its fur matted and stomach bloated

finally, i met death before my parents

could cut me off and sanitise the area

i poked and prodded with a stick purloined

from the tree where my urine was drying

and uncovered its si...

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I'm dedicating my entire anthology

to a local recycling centre

for casual perusal

with no risk of refusal.


Their recycling pathology

is ultlmately discreet,

no painful analysis

no creative paralysis,


and nature itself may benefit

from the material mentioned

compacted in the greedy grateful

unfeeling ground


or in the incinerating sky

that's afte...

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Also by ray pool:


jaimeson's rogues (ok: 08/20/2016)

It's been a long that that it's been a long time. 

I write you from a hotel room, the terrible fleeting truth
that I am, in fact, unkillable.

That is not to say I cannot die
which I have so many times
ripped with the pain, shaken and broken beyond
the barrier where it no longer exists
and there exists only a pulse, growing louder and 
dissolving, harmonizing my form and lost heartbeat

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Tags: unkillable jaimeson

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My mind.

I try to revise these words in a way

that you can understand the infestation

in my minds imagination.

But, no matter what mutation

I give these words.

You'll never understand my minds configuration.

Behind my eyelids

are islands of violence.

I'm suspended in a timeless test

being tested by a ruthless examiner

that's best represented by my

depressing thou...

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Also by Jacob Binder:

Society. | The Feeling |


I don't remember exactly when they came
I don't know why they came or where they were before they arrived
They have been here before
They are all too familiar
They have settled in comfortably around my soul
Grey, cold, ambiguous
They bring gifts of self-loathing, fear, emptiness
They are elusive, fluid, always on the prowl
They slip thru the reason and logic of my mind
Free to wreak hav...

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Tags: Life


In my lifetime I have seen
A countless amount of 
Unexplainable deaths,
Indescribable pain and 
Unimaginable anguish.

But never have I seen sorrow
Quite like that of the souls 
Of two poets in love 
Who in this world 
Will never belong to one another.

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Chambers of Death

Chambers of Death


     The duel,

Makes liars and cowards of each,

Sends us brave into quarrels bold of design,

     And it’s very perplexing but oh so fulfilling,

Killing the gospel, for shilling and fare,

     And we’re -

Daring the speak of the masculine soldier,

Not wanting neither the truth or the falsehood,

Battling the conscience for doubt or for ego;


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Tags: war ptsd

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A Violent Snub |

Nothing But Good

I love it when we sleep

all snuggled up like Babes in the Wood

a jumble of innocense

we are nothing but good.

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Tags: love; sleep; snuggle; innocense; goodness

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Trump Unrestrained (slight rewrite)

I’m well versed in the art

Of dealing with certain social situations,

For example, in how to deal with a fart,

Or a -as it is known in some locations-

Trump: don't hold it in place,

Even when in polite company,

-You can always pull your face,

Whilst looking around accusingly,

And holding your nose-

If you do, it may travel,

-Whilst you pose,

And listeners marvel-


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Tags: art, bullshit, fart, Trump

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I'm a Prince.
I live in castles all over from here to Germany,
I don't get what I want always.
I get what I need, somehow.
I got what I deserved.
I do not share,
I'm very greedy.
I earned this?
I earned your disgusting trash love?

My kingdom as fallen like a feather,
Torn down by the evil gnomes hunating me.
I've ruined my density,
These gnomes turn into a demon at the flick...

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Tags: fall, kingdom, mind, Prince, ruin, ruins

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Lonely Devil

I hear you screaming at me 

Haunting my good dreams 

While snuggling deep into my bad ones

If i ever had one 

I dont believe in dancing with the devil cause he got two left feet

Why dance for him when he could dance for me 

Play puppet with the weak minded 

Manipulation of the strong wheeled 

Till the go down a hill 

Offering no brakes or breaks for that deal

You wann...

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Tags: don't be hurt, embrace

Also by Jay:

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Are we not the sons

Of the destructive

Self defeating other ones

The ones who know

Who feel

Who think

Say a lot but never speak

Are we not the silent majority

Who do

But whose feelings are left behind


Imprisoned in a room of bars

But nothing to drink


After all we are taught to wave the fist

To take the initiative

To run the race

Take the ...

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Also by Martin Elder:

Retail parks | Your words |

You're the Captain

A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor. 
Don't panic.
Stay calm, or you're headed straight for failure.
Trust yourself.
Confidence is key when you're at the helm.
Take charge.
Be sure to find peace in this realm. 

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Tags: into my mind, Life, Metaphor, sailing

Save the Snails

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Also by Alison Jones:

Athletes |

If this was a movie

if this was a movie,

you would chase me down the street

begging me to forgive you

we were standing in the rain

looking into each other eyes'

and my pain would be washed away by your sincere smile

if this was a movie...if only this was a movie...



Feel free to follow me via my IG at >>

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Tags: #love #romantic #relationship #sad

Also by Ayrene:

sky at night | serene sea, lonely me | No more hope...No more faith... |



in buckskin hide

through red rock canyons

he came on stolen mustang

bareback riding mesas, buttes

dried out washes

and in this wilderness silence

he left no lasting trace

but a wake of grasshopper flights

hoofmarks on silver grass plains

hunted buffalo bones

campfire spoken story tales

of creation, birth, human survival


now under barbed wire fences


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Love is......

Love is beauty,

Love is kind,

Love is another, that's on your mind.


Love is contentment,

Love it will flow,

Love is another, you long to know.


Love is a sacrifice, you knew you could make,

Love is the person, that lights up your day.


Love is the one that can make you laugh,

You're both fully aware, that neither can dance,

but you know when you're cold, ...

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Vincent Paints Himself as Jesus

Mother, please retract your beseeching hand
find me my jumper, the plebs don’t know 
your wonder, the half of it and all my life
I’ve known, I’ve known it. I am the one.

I am the resurrection and I am a little 
cold, could you get me my jumper mother
Mary and stop pleading. Those folk can’t see.
It’s me, I am the light the son the one

and I am a little hungry a bit of fish
and bread w...

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Also by Peter Knaggs:

Frank |



Sometimes I wanna live life
Alive 24 years
feels like I got boulders
resting on top a my shoulders
and I understand why
they say think positive
cause when you think negative
only negative things happen
when you get stuck
in that negative thinking
get that feeling it'll never go away
but all it really takes
is a little bit a faith

Weightless weightless

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My Serenity Prayer

They say
that every time
a bell rings
an angel
earns its wings.

It’s hard to believe
unless you have
a crazy faith.

But isn’t
it the
sweetest thing?

Most days
my crazy faith
says and prays
that every time
an ambulance sirens
they’re not out
dry runs.

But acting out
my own real
sweetest thing.

Which is
not resuscitating
your bad breath.

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No act of contrition

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Fear grips her heart

The heart of the prisioner

As the evening approaches

And the blind-fold slips.


She begins to shake

She remembers Mount Sinjar

And the wicked Salafists 

Mocking the life-giving sun.

Now so many Ezedi women

Enslaved by the Jihadis' gun:

And still the west will not come. 

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Also by John Marks:

kampuchea |




It had been betrayal

And I knew it

As I sat on the tavern stool



In the hollow

That had been my heart

Firebrands spluttered

And several

Disconcerted presences

Were squirming

From the unaccustomed light.


When to my ear

sidled Senor Consolatio

Whispering of enthrallment


All of the physically indeterminable


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The way we were. Part 2

The house we lived in had no electricity,  we had a gas cooker,and a large cast iron range for a fireplace, it was a magnificent focal point for the front room, it was in the middle of the gable wall and a set of cupboards on either side of it,it was matt black in colour highlighted with polished  hinges on the oven door and oven door knob, I was chosen to do a weekly polish using a polish called ...

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Also by George lawson:

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The mountains are warm today,

friendly pale maroon with 

richer oranges, scavenged

from a setting sun.

Yesterday they were proud

starched collar, godly grey

spanning the horizon

like a paper tear, badly repaired

untidy jags, in angry misshapen folds.

The locals say it will be cooler tomorrow

and the pics will recline bedecked

amongst white pillowed plumes.



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Also by Graham Sherwood:

Betrayal | 5-Bar Gait |


So many years now fill the glass

Of life remembering British farce.

A time when top notch timing was all

And enabled many a perfect fall

Through doors and windows open and shut -

And helpless guffawing from the gut.

The skill and fun in all those tricks

Now has me saying "God bless, Lord Rix".


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Also by M.C. Newberry:


View From Monarch's Hotel

The morning is a castle mist,

a grey paint, ghost shroud.

Last night I dreamt we were lovers,

I took pen, paper, sealed green bottle,

wise and smiling, sucking the nib;

now suddenly I'm hunting down cracks,

placing my fingers inside and pulling-

(you said these fissures were only

a minor concern...slants

in the skirting, warm with the fading

central heating).



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Tags: 2016 Works

Also by David Blake:

Victory Hill 2050 |

How indescisive our brains have been doomed

I can't stop painting about you

these feelings we fail to remove


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Also by Youthfullyxx:

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"Mission Hall"

Walking Charles Street

A shallow canyon of shuttered shops

Seeking traces of the Pioneer Store

And the anonymous side door

Of the Fig Tree Gospel Hall.


The ‘beloved’ entered through a porch

Crammed with sweet sweat bin bags

Spilling jumble sale left over oddments,

Free for all until the rag man comes.


The usher, a farmer

Sentried the inside door

In place ...

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entry picture

I am graced

with all virtues from history

my archetype immortalised

amidst this scripture of mystery.


© Katypoetess 2016

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Tags: archetypes, katypoetess, Shadows of Magdalene

Also by Katypoetess:

Doubt | Awakening |

Nature's Lullaby

entry picture

The thrash of the ocean waves against the stony cliff,

The drumming of a hummingbird’s heart as it laps in the nectar of a gulmohar,

The howl of the summer breeze as fruit laden mango branches sway to the moonlight’s music,

The crunch of the autumn leaves beneath my feet as I walk under a canopy of golden maple leaves,

The pitter patter of rain drops against the lotus leaf as they slip...

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Tags: life and nature

Also by Geethika:

The Journey of Life |

My Telephone Week

He called me on a Monday,

Said his name was guy,

Told me of the refund

I could get for PPI


The phone rang twice on Tuesday,

The lady’s name was Dee,

She spoke of eco matters,

How my boiler would be free


On Wednesday I was worried

By an accident I’d had,

The insurance chap who phoned me,

Was convinced the wounds were bad


On Thursday my computer


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Also by Claire Baldry:

Our Digital House |


"Yes, I'm fine" says the girl who doesn't lie,

Hides it all til later when she really wants to die.

Torn between helping others, and trying to stay alive,

Reluctance every morning

when into the day she must dive.

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Also by Yenimls:

I Need a Distraction | Without | Disconsent |

The Little Lost Ghost

This poem is about the little boy called Omran whose home was destroyed in Aleppo.after hearing what happened I felt compelled to write a poem I hope you like it :) 

The Little Lost Ghost:
As the gore scars this little lost ghost,
Ashes stick like the memory that burns our mind
And the dirt that's washed away, stains his childhood dream,
And now shares a world but with only screams.

His ...

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Lucky to have someone who loves you

I was lying next to you,

wanted to hug you, couldn't do. 

Thinking about all our past,

wondering what future has. 

You were moody, did not like,

we have to lie this close all night. 

Besides your Crush slept on the bed

and I was your cock-blocking thread. 

Nothing but nights of this kind,

made me realize love is blind. 

Emotions dance a devil's jive,

Bitch tries to...

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I Had To Write This Poem

I had to write this poem 
because I thought of this one great line,
What do you think -
will it stand the test of time?

Well, I had to write it down
to deter other poets stealing this idea;
You know lines are clutched from the atmosphere,
Or they fall like apples, spill over like beer.

I had to write this poem,
Because I thought of this one great line;
Like a beat messiah,
My acid milk ...

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Tags: humor, humorous poetry, humour, lyrics, performance poetry, post-rock poetry

Also by Suki Spangles:

Duty Of Care - Extreme Combat | In-Love Doggerel |


Orange grittiness covers my fingers
Dusting my keyboard with crooked strokes
Back in the old spot
Same chairs
Same order
Same people
Heavy, my thoughts collect like goo 
around the edges
viscous and resistant
I begin
hoping to regain my agility 
Brushing off the grime 
Scraping with my fingernails
to remove the the oxidat...

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Also by Alexandra Lorenz:

Fallen |


Most nights begin with a pack and a half of full flavors, 

Hundreds nonetheless, 

Then I begin to wander down the path of self realization, 

Smoke goes in,

Self respect, loathing, and motivation to move forward comes out,

About an hour later I'll start to break off onto the beaten dirt road of hope,

Wandering, looking for a sign that things will be alright.


I've come to r...

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Also by Dalton Beston:

Words. | Time. | Self reflection. |

Angelsey for sale (2016)

Angelsey for sale,

yes please!

Only wish it could cater for all work and trade

 - salary to survive.

Imagine buying some land

and letting go of the world.

Wondering now, why anyone would want to sell up

and leave such an isle of serenity,

except for the jet skis.

Perhaps time is hard and business is bust,

as nuclear power gives way to

Japanese contracts to decommis...

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